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Yahoo! Sports , the publisher behind many iOS app (Yahoo! Sportacular ,Yahoo! Sportacular Pro), brings Yahoo! Sportacular with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Yahoo! Sportacular app has been update to version 2.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best app for sport followers of any league..
  • Hands down the best app for sports lovers..
  • By far the best sports tracker out of the whole bunch..
  • This a great app for sports fanatics on the go..
  • Allows you to get instant updates on whatever games you're into..

Overall Satisfactionc90
It's the best sports app out there that covers all sports.
very disappointing since was the best sports app out there.
It is much better than ESPN app which is slow and bloated with ads.
Has more sports and displays tables and standings much better than ESPN ScoreCenter.
It's one of the best sports apps out there and besides it's FREE.
Just add college baseball and it will be complete.
I cannot believe this App does not hsve college baseball.
I can keep up with my favorite teams news and scores wherever I go.
Need NCAA baseball scoreboard and more current NASCAR coverage.
If you like NCAA baseball don't waist your time downloading.
Thanks yahoo for making it easier Suggestion.
Thanks Yahoo for ruining a perfectly good app.
Fun & Engagingc92
Awesome sports app helps me keep in touch with my favorite teams.
An awesome sports app that every sports fan should not be without.
2012: Was my #1 sports ap but lousy now.
Great app use it all the time for my fantasy sport.
Everything you need in a sports app and a very easy to use.
It provides the most up to date information and has great performance.
I just love it helps me keep up with my favorite teams.
has all up to date news articles on the latest for every sport.
This is the greatest sports app there is It covers everything.
I couldn't imagine a more useful sports app.
Production Valuesc100
The easy interface allows fast switching between teams and sports.
Very easy interface and great content.
Ease of Usec92
Great customization for alerts and quick access to scores I want.
Uninstalling and going back to score center if not fixed soon.
Good notifications Accurate updates Accurate spreads Easy navigation.
The easy interface allows fast switching between teams and sports.
Great clean easy accurate.
Scores and stats seem pretty well organized and easy to check.
Clean layout easy to use - better than espn.
Ads not Intrusivec49
Now stop asking me to rate you.
Security & Privacyc47
signed in with my yahoo account and brackets were immediately available.
but I may just make a new yahoo account.
Updates & Supportc53
I think this app is much better than the ESPN version.
This is way better than even the prior ESPN version.
Glad I have pre- Yahoo version.

but that and the stupid loops are annoying. found in 9 reviews
The new update has no way to check the BCS rankings. found in 16 reviews
this app requires a facebook login to save favotites. found in 9 reviews
Now you can't even load scores during a football game day. found in 24 reviews
Since yahoo took over this thing crashes every 2min. found in 91 reviews
This app has been going downhill with every upgrade they release. found in 9 reviews
Needs tennis and the coachs poll for college basketball. found in 8 reviews
It's kind of annoying to always move to the current week. found in 19 reviews
Needs NCAA baseball and it's about 5 min behind real time. found in 101 reviews
I would like to see men's NCAA hockey scores added. found in 32 reviews
Why have MLS but not include women's world cup soccer. found in 14 reviews
Was great til Yahoo ruined it and made it slow. found in 40 reviews
Pretty good app but slow and alerts don't work. found in 43 reviews
Needs college baseball scores and rankings. found in 282 reviews
Needs mma and boxing results. found in 10 reviews
Needs to have Women's soccer and sometimes closes for no reason. found in 9 reviews
Please add ncaa baseball and other stats to the MLB. found in 108 reviews
Would have rated 5 star if college baseball scores were available. found in 289 reviews
Good but wish they would bring back the chat option. found in 11 reviews
needs soccer push capability to be 5 star. found in 7 reviews
Don't bother setting your favorite team alerts on this app. found in 42 reviews
why no men's NCAA Hockey Also. found in 32 reviews
News stories don't update unless you exit the sport. found in 48 reviews
Sports app needs iphone 6 plus resolution support. found in 26 reviews
App has been total crap since they deleted the chat feature. found in 32 reviews
This current update requires connection to Facebook to save custom settings. found in 31 reviews
No longer allows me to set alerts. found in 38 reviews
Please fix the hockey playoff results and playoff brackets. found in 41 reviews
Can't sign into YAHOO sport app with YAHOO account. found in 40 reviews
Please fix the bracket bug - it's March Madness. found in 70 reviews
But since yahoo took over it's slow buggy and unreliable. found in 91 reviews
App will not load and claims I have no internet connection. found in 31 reviews
App not bad but LPGA & Women's NCAA basketball & no auto racing Really. found in 39 reviews
After ios 7 update app crashes and doesn't load anything. found in 56 reviews
Very slow to refresh at times during peak MBB game times. found in 90 reviews
I paid for Sportacular Pro to get rid of ads. found in 29 reviews
Not to mention that Yahoo ruined this app in all the predictable ways. found in 40 reviews

The Yahoo! Sportacular is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 14.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.4 has been released on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Yahoo! Sportacular check developer Yahoo! Sports`s website :

Fast, personalized and easy access to live scores and information on your favorite teams, players, and leagues. Includes free game alerts, the latest news from Yahoo Sports plus much more. Customize your alerts and get ...
Freezes especially when the ap remains open and you return to it Quite annoying     Update freezes
Since the last update the app has been super slow and constantly crashes     Slow and crashes
Crashes all the time     Garbage
Since the update on Saturday 912 the app runs like garbage It is very slow and then crashes I dont think Ive ever had it crash in the 4 or 5 years Ive been using it prior to this update Yahoo Needs to fix this fast Because switching between nfl and MLB usually takes forever and if it does switch it crashes     WAS my favorite app period What happened
Now it just delays and crashes So disappointed     Used to be the best
Used to be good but now crashes more than a demolition derby     What happened
Latest update essentially makes the app not usable Awful     Unusable
Lately the app keeps freezing up After launch it takes 45 seconds before you can interact with anything on the screen Even when you just switch away from the app briefly and then switch right back the 45 second wait reappears Very annoying and makes it borderline unusable     Frozen
The current version on iPhone 5 is awful It hangs and crashes constantly Ive moved on to ESPN Cant take it anymore     Crashes Constantly
I normally love this app but with the last update it is VERY slow to react and crashes A LOT Please fix this        Bad Update
Ive been using this app for several years and it just keeps getting worse and worse The app crashes all the time freezes up my iPhone constantly as of late and is extremely slow Might be time to search for something new        Use to be great now is borderline just ok
I used to enjoy using sportacular But now its not even usable at this point Every time you back out of the app leaving it running in the background and attempt to open it up again the app either freezes for 30 seconds or crashes completely Very frustrating Also whenever you are making picks particularly for college football or basketball games when you back out of the game view it resets to the top of the page This is also frustrating since you have to scroll back through all of those games to get back to the place you left off I will be using the ESPN app until these fixes are made     Was enjoyable Now its absolutely terrible
Used to be great Now it always crashes on opening And then reopens on its own After 30 seconds I can finally view sports Useless     Crash after crash
Every time you come back to this app even from just clicking away to another app it takes a long time before you can interact with it again Was a great app before this bug Please fix soon     Why is it so slow now
Updates have made this once fantastic app totally worthless If you do get it working enjoy the 20 seconds of sport scores before it freezes and crashes Dont download     Once greatnow unusable
Wont stop crashing after opening and adjust sitting there for 45 seconds frozen     Unusable
Ill change this review when they finally fix the bug Crashing freezing everything on my phone otherwise its awesome     Constant Crashing
Love it Have had no problems              User friendly
Fix your App make it usable again     fix your app Yahoo your freezing me out my Phone
What used to be my favorite app that Ive used has now turned into trash Whenever you leave the app running and come back to it the app either freezes up to a minute or crashes Also looking more in depth on matchups then backing out it moves back to the top which makes you scroll down through all the games once again Will find another app until this is fixed Truly was a great app at one time        What it once was
The last update destroyed the app Now every time I click on the app it crashes and I have to reload It also freezes every time I come back to the app and then crashes again This app is now useless Fix this ASAP Was a great app before     Crashes and freezes all every time
Constantly crashing Devours my battery Needs a fix and soon     New version is broken
Its ok for a free App                 Mr Ararat football
Whatever this last update was supposed to do it didnt do It constantly crashes and takes forever Used to be the best sports app out there Right now its so worthless you may as well delete it and hope they do a quick update to get it back to like it was before I mean seriously did people not test the new version before it was released Just release this POS to the public I have not talked to ONE person who hasnt been having issues since the update not one     Beyond horrific now
Yahoo needs to focus on user experience The need to verify links work for both stories and videos           New version UnImpressive
Ive had this app for years and its my favorite it the last 23 days have been awful please fix     Awful freezing and force closing of app
Latest version is extremely slow     Very slow
Current version crashes constantly Great app when its working        Great When it works
Wont stop favorites alerts no matter how many times I go into the apps alerts buttons and turn game start off It just alerts me to game starts for each favorite over and over again no matter how many times I go in and make sur everything is off Consider app to be deleted permanently     Wont stop favorites alerts
Yahoo sports used to be a great sports app Please fix this as soon as possible The espn app is much worse and I hate to have to use it but you have left me no choice Please update so it actually works Its constantly freezing and doesnt let me go back to a previous screen without making me close out of the app entirely     Used to be great
I rarely write reviews but this was necessary This USED to be my go to app Now you can not go 5 seconds without it freezing and crashing I will not be using this app until they update it     NEEDS UPDATE
App will cause phone to freeze when launching Gets worst with every update     App crashes
Too slow to load game action           Review
Agree with everyone was okay but now freezes every time u go into it Need to fix or virtually unusable     Very annoying
I personally havent found any difficulties navigating of using the app and it seems pretty stable Heres a feature request please add the ability to toggle a star or something onoff next to the games that I care about so I can easily find them when scrolling through all of the college football games on a given week Seems like an easy feature to add Thanks              Solid App Recommendation for App Improvement
Agree w some others here App crashes on opening freezes slow to update scores etc It used to be a quality app What happened     What Happened
I signed out uninstalled the app reinstalled then tried opening the app Now it wont even let me sign in It keeps giving me an error message that it cant find my information But yet Im getting game updates from an app that wont open Thats it for me Im done with this     Im done
I use this app every year to keep track of my football scores but it is really glitchy right now Very slow to load and it crashes constantly Please make an update to fix these things     Ummm what happened
New update freezes my phone Please fix     Freezes
The last update just ruined it and made it worst I constantly have to restart the app        Horrible Update
This app is so slow now and constantly crashing This used to be my favorite app Please update soon     Used to be great
new update keeps crashing and freezing up phone It used to run smooth before     Crashes
Freezes all the time Deleted it     Awful
Great app But slow load up and lagdelay between clicking different sports Can techs get big fixes update to speed up app Lagging when returning to app after leaving app needs new update for bug fixes The app in the past has been very fast and reliable but this last update for bug fixes seemed to really slow it down Needs a new update              Needs a new update
Nice app freezing my phone lately though had to delete it until further notice Also why did they take out making loops That was the best feature of the app           Useful and easy to read
Iphone 5s running iOS 81 After the sep 9 update my phone started freezing and the app kept crashing Then I deleted the app and my phone was back to normal Somethings wrong with this update do not upgrade I use to love this app but now I use this other app called TheScore best app out there     Unstable
Latest update has made the app sluggish and difficult to use Hangs or crashes every time its opened NCAAF dropdown list rarely works        Buggy update
App crashes keeps freezing needs update asap     App crashes
The functionality for changing the months for a teams game doesnt work well Like that they include the channel the game is on and the spreads     Okay

Yahoo! Sportacular Sports Action From Yahoo SportacularYahoo! Sportacular Sports Action From Yahoo SportacularYahoo! Sportacular Sports Action From Yahoo SportacularYahoo! Sportacular Sports Action From Yahoo SportacularYahoo! Sportacular Sports Action From Yahoo SportacularYahoo! Sportacular Sports Action From Yahoo SportacularYahoo! Sportacular Sports Action From Yahoo SportacularYahoo! Sportacular Sports Action From Yahoo SportacularYahoo! Sportacular Sports Action From Yahoo SportacularYahoo! Sportacular Sports Action From Yahoo SportacularYahoo! Sportacular Sports Action From Yahoo SportacularYahoo! Sportacular Sports Action From Yahoo Sportacular

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