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Apple , the publisher behind many iOS app (iTunes Movie Trailers ,Find My Friends ,Podcasts ,AirPort Utility ,Apple Heart Study ,Cards), brings WWDC with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. WWDC app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I love the iCloud sync..
  • 2x playback..
  • Definitely need offline mode..

Overall Satisfactionc48
Thanks Apple :.
Thanks for fixing the bugs from iOS 8.
Ease of Usec91
informative and easy to access.
Beautiful and Simple.
The design is intuitive.
it was very convenient to watch missed sessions with this app.
Thanks for fixing the bugs from iOS 8.
Security & Privacyc20

This app provides everything you need to see what's going on. found in 1 reviews
Hi mom. found in 1 reviews
AirPlay not working. found in 1 reviews
keep up with the latest news get important notifications and see daily photos. found in 1 reviews
Wrong AudioSession for video playback. found in 1 reviews
Same as last year. found in 1 reviews
iOS 7 icons. found in 1 reviews
Beautiful and Simple. found in 1 reviews
Apple hit it out of the park with this app. found in 1 reviews
and even the playback position of videos. found in 3 reviews
I'm so excited for this Apple Event. found in 3 reviews
Update the screen shot. found in 1 reviews
You learn new stuff on every video. found in 1 reviews
Really Easy To Understand For First Timers. found in 1 reviews
informative and easy to access. found in 2 reviews
Video Session. found in 1 reviews
The WWDC App is the epitome of app design -- clear. found in 1 reviews
clean and informative. found in 1 reviews
Love the content but the app continuously crashes. found in 1 reviews
Needs offline mode. found in 1 reviews
DON'T TURN ON CAPTIONS. found in 1 reviews
Videos stopped working. found in 1 reviews
Can't watch any video at the moment :. found in 5 reviews
Great App but broken on iOS 8. found in 7 reviews
2. found in 2 reviews
If you attempt to watch a video. found in 41 reviews
Only problem is that the app doesn't work on iOS 8. found in 6 reviews
Keynote is over and yet I can't watch it. found in 11 reviews
But you can't watch videos on iOS7. found in 2 reviews
Filter settings doesn't persists after resume app or video finished
but why don't make one for Mac. found in 1 reviews
Missing some features for iPad. found in 1 reviews
but this is app from Apple. found in 2 reviews
but need 2x speed. found in 2 reviews
Every time I've tried to open a video since I upgraded. found in 3 reviews
Two complaints about videos. found in 1 reviews
Cannot log in to watch this year's videos. found in 2 reviews
wwdc icon is messed up. found in 1 reviews
Unusable on iOS 8. found in 4 reviews
Can't login from iPad mini iOS 6 or 7. found in 4 reviews
Crashes every time I attempt to play a video. found in 13 reviews
now it crashes whenever I try to watch WWDC videos. found in 41 reviews
the app is broken on iOS 8 for watching videos. found in 7 reviews
2 app crashes when I attempt to view any videos. found in 6 reviews
but it won't accept my valid apple developer credentials. found in 5 reviews
Consistently crashes on iOS 8. found in 10 reviews
Crashes on iPhone 6+ when attempting to play video. found in 13 reviews
Now when you select a video it crashes. found in 4 reviews
I am registered apple dev and can't watch the videos. found in 11 reviews
it asks me to log in. found in 5 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download WWDC for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 6.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about WWDC check developer Apple`s website : https://developer.apple.com/wwdc/

Make the most of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference with the WWDC app. Even if you can t join us in San Francisco, you can still follow along each day session videos are just ...
Guys it s impossible to go back to previous screen after choosing any video on search result screen There is no navigation bar             No back button on filtered screen Kirpi4team
There s a lot of videos to watch I d like to see the option to speed them up so I don t have to sit through all of them                 Would like to see an option to speed up videos ILikeTau
Apple at its best write crappy code that never gets properly finished This app is an insult to quality software It does not work properly and never really did Some of the problems remained for SEVERAL YEARS in a row like the pb with 2 videos playing at the same time or the pbs with the unreliable downloads this is a disgrace     There we go travelingmonk
It s been more than a week since iPhone X launch day but this WWDC app is still compiled by Xcode 8 not full screen on iPhone X Ironically Apple uses WWDC app as an example to teach iOS developers how to program for iPhone X I believe it s unacceptable for Apple to have apps not adapting to their flagship product         Still not support iPhone X roovent
Not working on iOS 7     iOS7
Nice update navigation is much simpler and the UI is also better The Apple Watch integration is also pretty good One major drawback is that there doesnt seem to be a way to view session times in your local time zone This needs to be addressed for those of use who will use app to watch live sessions or are coordinating with colleagues attending WWDC UPDATE despite claiming to address time zone issues in the latest update sessions are still listed in event time zone and not device time zone forcing those of us who arent attending to do time zone math           Nice update
Wish there was an additional filter option for videos to filter out videos I have already watched                 Awesome but need one more feature
Crashes every time I try to watch a video     Terrible
When I open the app I get a message that I need to update When I go to the store the button says OPEN instead of GET or UPDATE           How do I update
Nice to see and be part of Apples planned obsolescence game An app that all it does is pull videos from a server no longer functions in iOS 7 and they are asking me to update to the latest version of the app Ok that shouldnt be an issue except the latest app doesnt run on iOS 7 Well good luck with THAT Orange I will stick to iOS 7 for Im not replacing my iTouch every 2 years because the new OS will grind it to a halt Nice try though     You gotta be kidding me
My current version stopped working with a message saying that its no longer supported and that I need to update Then when I try to update the app wont install on iOS 7 So I have no access to any WWDC videos anymore even though nothing has changed on my device     Doesnt work on iOS 7
21 Apps that crash will be rejected     21 Apps that crash will be rejected
iPhone 6 running iOS 802 app crashes when I attempt to view any videos        Broken on iOS 8
Always crashes in iOS 8 when u r trying to open a video     Crashes
Is this the canonical example of irony Apples content showing us how to write good iOS apps itself is broken Not sure why they havent pulled it acknowledged it or updated it        Still broken on iOS 81
Apple you need a session about data persistency for your own engineers     Lost all viewed favorite flags
This app is good but needs to be updated for new events for when devices come out and have weekly videos of when devices do come out Please asap              Ok
This application is very helpful especially at WWDC We got to see the schedules so we knew what we could do in the mean time But this shouldve been the first app with iOS 8 Touch ID support                 Helpful
Works again Very handy                 Works again on ios8
In the past few months this app crashes when Im trying to watch any video and downloaded videos are also liked that But now accidentally that problem is clear I didnt update this app but now when I try to watch a video its pop up detail is there again                 Now this is good
Great app I love that it has subtitles Search functionality is super handy as well                 Great App
Good otherwise I guess but videos are the whole point of the app postconference        Video controls stick on screen
Great App Please allow for adjustment of playback speed 15x and 2x                 Great App
Watching WWDC videos is so important and this is the only way to do it offline on iOS devices and a good way to do it online So its really disappointing that it now crashes on videos It hasnt been updated since June It also sets a terrible example for developers and for the firstever Swift app is very ignominious     Crashes constantly needs update
Super silly that you need to download this app to stream the WWDC which I believe stands for World Wide Distasteful Conceit App is nice enough 3 stars           Silliness
Thank you very well done                 CVL
Its frustrating that when I start playing a video after some time its interrupted by an alert stating cant open Apple is great at building perfect experiences but it always fails in doing that with this app        Great content within frustratingly buggy app
This update is good with iOS 8 but needs some more support for iOS 8 features like the Touch ID login Overall I love learning new things from the videos and seeing the pictures from the last WWDC              Good but needs updating
When I choose a video or an event it will crash No lucky     Crash on iOS8 all the time
This layout shows whats to come with iOS 7                 iOS 7
Events cant be favorited over cellular data networks unless you are signed in to iCloud Drive AND have Use Cellular Data turned ON Of course the app doesnt tell you thisit fails with the wrong error message Also when adding events to the calendar the wwdc URLs attached to the events dont work from Calendar        Sloppy
I cant add any favorites An error pops up saying that an iCloud account is required I have an iCloud account and my phone backs up to iCloud so whats the issue No settings page to change iCloud accounts or anything           Cant add Favorites
Loved the app when it worked I love the idea of being able to watchlisten to presentations while Im on the go Only problem is that the app doesnt work on iOS 8 If you attempt to watch a video the app crashes Its sort of ironic really Anyways this app is the only reason I have not upgraded my iPad to iOS 8        Great app bad on iOS 8
Not open any link or video downloaded     UPDATE PLS CRASH CRASH CRASH
It craaaaashes every time I try to play video        Crash on iOS 8
After installing this update the battery life on my apple watch was almost cut in half Uninstalling fixed it     Battery killer on apple watch
It used to work but the app now crashes when trying to play any video on iPad 4 running iOS 81     Doesnt work with iOS 8
Apple Inc I love your devices and everything but like many others have voiced about this app It works great until you want to load or download some of the videos to watch You guys should be receiving crash error info to be able to correct this issue I am excited to see a fix for this issue App Developer for WISPAH           iOS 8 Issues
All iCloud content causes the app to crash Please fix     App crashes whenever I try to watch content
All about Apples app nice on and on Ok I give the five stars                 Always NICE app
Since I updated my iPad to 81 it crashes all the time whenever I launched the app     Crashes all the time
The only thing I wish this app had was a filter switch for videos that are downloaded to the device Other than that it works great              Needs filter for downloaded videos
So much for the brilliant architecture showcased in a video     Increadibly buggy
Just got a new iPad Air 2 and this app crashes every time you tap on a video to start playing it I reinstalled app same deal     Crashes when tapping to play video
Really helpful app                
Come on Apple fix your apps     Terribly broken on iOS 8
Loved it for a week until I upgraded my devices to ios8 Kinda funny that Apples own apps dont work in their own ios8 Fail     Crashes in iOS 8
Amazing content Sad that it crashes in iOS8 Would love to watchstudy on the go again     iOS8 crashes
Crashes on iPhone 6 when attempting to play video It also doesnt have 6 support so everything is zoomed Id love to see that fixed as well as double speed playback     Sadness
Pros Convenient access to the content Cons Searching for a Video by title try Whats new in on iOS 8 froze the app           Content is great searching needs some attention
despite claiming to     Cant watch 2015 videos
Love the content When the app isnt crashing I cant watch anything anymore it just crashes How did this app get approved     Great When it works
I have Automatically Download apps set to NO on my Apple Watch This should prevent apps from being installed on my watch automatically The WWDC app disobeyed this setting I guess Apple doesnt need to follow its own rules        Autoinstalled on Watch without permission
Apple fix your game So disappointing the app that crashes each time you use it is apples own     Unusable on iOS 8

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