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Razeware LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Wild Fables ,Battle Map ,Instant Poetry 2 ,RPG Calc HD ,Math Ninja HD Free! ,Instant Poetry HD), brings Wild Fables with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Wild Fables app has been update to version 1.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Autistic Preschooler Loves It..
  • My three boys love these short stories..
  • Love the art work..

Overall Satisfactionc90
My 3yr old loves interacting with these stories.
My eleven year old loves these and wishes there was even more.
my boys absolutely love it.
Wonderful art.
Wonderful Children's Book.
Fun & Engagingc100
They play it over and over.
Awesome graphics.
Interactive stories are awesome.
Very fun and useful.
Family Friendlyc94
Great story book app for kids.
Will enjoy these with grand kids and look for more free.
The whole family loves these stories.
Amazing app for quality time with family.
We have over 50 kids' books on our iPad.
Production Valuesc96
A very polished and well -done product.
Amazing graphics and design.
Awesome graphics.
Fantastic animation.
beautiful and cute sound effects and music.
The animation and interactivity is top notch.

A pleasure to read. found in 1 reviews
What a great way to create memories :. found in 3 reviews
Educational and engaging. found in 1 reviews
We have over 50 kids' books on our iPad. found in 1 reviews
do Goldilocks and the Three Bears next. found in 1 reviews
Will enjoy these with grand kids and look for more free. found in 3 reviews
My son laughs and laughs. found in 1 reviews
I highly recommend this app for parents and teachers too. found in 1 reviews
UpDates and More Stories. found in 1 reviews
Beautiful artwork and awesome interaction. found in 3 reviews
The best interactive story book I have came across so far. found in 4 reviews
The whole family loves these stories. found in 2 reviews
She loves it because she is able to interact with the stories. found in 3 reviews
Game works great and is a fun game for my eight. found in 2 reviews
Beautiful way to introduce Aesop's Fables. found in 5 reviews
my 6 year old went wild for wild fables. found in 15 reviews
My three year old loves this interactive book. found in 5 reviews
Can I download somewhere without paying for it again Thx
Sandy. found in 1 reviews
Beautiful and Entertaining. found in 1 reviews
I only wish the font were bigger. found in 2 reviews
and that's worse cause i want to know what will happen. found in 1 reviews
I wish they can add this option soon. found in 1 reviews
i just wish you didnt have to buy each other short story for. found in 1 reviews
Can't restore purchases. found in 2 reviews
but so far no response from support. found in 1 reviews
i go through half of it and it crashes. found in 1 reviews
Cute but need more fables kinda boring. found in 1 reviews
but I do wish the books weren't separate entities. found in 1 reviews
The only problem is it keeps crashing on the Ant and the chrysalis story. found in 1 reviews
Hope they add more soon and drop the price of them. found in 1 reviews
Please try to fix this bug. found in 1 reviews
Unfortunately it does not have a read it to me option. found in 6 reviews
This was a great idea but needs some work. found in 1 reviews
doesn't have at least one thinking activity per page. found in 1 reviews
My only suggestion would be to add voice as an option. found in 1 reviews
Dumb game. found in 1 reviews
Stupid - skip this one. found in 1 reviews
Needs Upgrade. found in 1 reviews
The ant and the chrysalis crashes. found in 13 reviews
lousy character design. found in 1 reviews

The Wild Fables is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 12.1 MB to download. The new Wild Fables app version 1.6 has been updated on 2014-11-03. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Wild Fables in Razeware LLC`s Official Website : http://www.razeware.com

Don`t just read a story - play along Save a lion, leap for a grape, and watch Aesop`s fables come to life with unique and fun interactions on every page. More interactivity than you`ve ever ...
Well done A very polished and welldone product Please add more tale                 Quality Product
Would be good if they worked The Ant and the Chrysalis story cuts off near the end        iPad 3
Can you make spookly the square pumpkin                 Spookly
This is such an entertaining application Our grandchildren love it and cant wait to see it any new fables have been added Very interactive and imaginative A                 Wonderful Fable App
My 15 month old makes us read all of them to her every night We even bought the others cause we got so tired of reading the same ones We def recommend it Cant wait for more                 Great books
Its like a game in a book my favorite story was city mouse and country mouse                 LOVE it
Nice to see a lovely collection all together                 Lovely
I like this app but would to know how to get the read to me version              I like it
I havent used this app in speech therapy for awhile because of the crash problem Frustrating when you plan a great lesson and you cant get to end of the story Looking back at the reviews people were asking in 2012 to please fix this and still it continues to crash Cmon it is a great app I would like to read more fables with my students              Well done but
Does not work Ive tapped every possible option including Start Fable Over and it only plays music No story     No Story Only Music
I wish this app had been available when my daughter was young                 Very cute
My six year old loves this app When I loaded it on my new iPad however my past purchases did not show up I dont think I should have to repurchase the extra stories on every device I would have given the app 5 stars if not for this issue           Need to be able to restore past purchases
This is such a creative well done app my daughter and I both love it AAAA                 Wonderful
It is soooooo fun to read but it wold need some new books and I love the books that are just so cute                 It needs a update
Its the best fables everget itlove it                 There wild
I love the illustrations and the way the fables were told They are very good I enjoyed and Im 55 yrs old I have 2 degrees in art and illustration Only the old fashion way pencil and pen Will enjoy these with grand kids and look for more free As on a fixed income and cant afford to buy Do keep up the good work Be proud                 Fables
Is a lot of fun for my little beginner readers They have fun with the animation              Kids love it
You should make it so we can restore past purchases other than that its great           Change
Interactive animation that my students love Works every time without glitches I will buy more of these fables                 Wild Fables
Cant express just how beautiful this app is Just perfection however somehow I have disabled the read aloud feature At ideas on how to get it back would be appreciated                 Lovely
This is a great idea and I found that most of the stories work but the crashing is a major problem I am a teacher and thought this would be a great moral story app for my younger kids but we cant use it if it crashes all the time and then we have to reload and forward to the page we were on Would also be nice if the stories were narrated for us Keep going then I will give you more stars Thank you           Needs an update
We love this app Why so long in adding more                 UpDates and More Stories
We love this app You can move the characters and learn a valuable lesson in the process When will more come                 Famous fables
Very fun and easy for children to use Only problem it only gives you three stories The rest you have to buy              Great app
My special needs daughter was so intrigued with this app Beautiful artwork and creative movement Nice job                 Komster
My six year old loves this app Wonderful classic fables are interactive I sometimes use these to read to my son as a bedtime story An app well worth buying                 Love it
This app is great My children love it The only problem is it keeps crashing on the Ant and the chrysalis story Please fix this I am using an iPad three        Keeps Crashing
We love this app the design and colors are beautiful The only problem is the story ant the butterfly shot down the whole app before the story ends Please fix this bug           Great app
I cant figure out how to restore earlier purchases Ive written for help but so far no response from support Too bad because it was a favorite of my oldest who was trying to show it to baby brother Update no response after contacting developer again What a disappointment     Support is Nonexistent
I am extremely impressed by the design of this app That being said it crashes on the same part of The Ant and the Chrysalis right when the third page with the butterfly opens I would gladly buy the rest of the stories not included in the free version if this and no other problems like it were included with the app           Amazing if it didnt crash
Ant and chrysalis crash which is annoying Also too expensive to pay 99 cents per fable each one is very short in length Would be nice if there was a narration option so it would read to my child too           Not worth it better story apps out there
My granddaughter just loves the stories Wish there were more                 Wild Fables
Aesops fables are classic The themes are relevant today The animations are clever and help to hold my sons attention It helps to put a thumb down on the screen to disable playing with them until the child finishes reading I only wish the font were bigger              Classic Stories with Themes Relevant Today
Finally have a iPad for a few weeks Remembered ur app it is great Love it Hope all is well with u and urs Let us know how u r                 Great
Would that they were all free Morale what appears free often is not              Nice fables
Downloaded the app and didnt get much further than that Its frozen Gave 2 stars because it looks like it would be fun and its free        Frozen
It is sweet cute and fun I love and recommend it                 Cutie pie
Very but until the problem with Ant and the chrysalis is fixed I will not purchase additional stories              Very good but Ant and chrysalis crashes
After first posting a review 2 yrs ago the crash occurring before final page of Ant and Chrysalis had not been rectified Such a shame Prevents me from purchasing your beautiful storiesas well as getting a 5 star rating              Super interactive apps
Cute but need more fables kinda boring              Cute but
Just nice thank you                 Nice
My two youngest kids ages 4 and 7 love it They play it over and over My older kids are not as fond of it The art and movement are very enjoyable                 Wonderful art
Its fun to read it I wish they were all free only 3 of them are free              Fox and grapes
Every story costs extra     Rip off
I have bought all the books for the iPad and cant get them on my phone Its annoying and Im not willing to pay for them again              Cant restore purchases
We think this app is super duper cool Mrs Galicias 1st grade class                 Ready set awesome
1st story we tried to read with the ant crashes after the butterfly Thats around page 6 or so Havent been able to finish Keeps crashing same page        Crashes
gotta say its really good But whats the point if u cant read and u start to loose interest                 Ok
My 7 year old daughter has loved these fables for a long time Please release more                 Awesome app
Of the four stories we had The ant and the chrysalis crashes The lion and the mouse now says i need to repurchase I am afraid to purchase any other fables because they might not work and the company seems to be unwilling or unable to do anything about it even after being contacted on 3 separate occasions The app is a lovely concept but i would save my money and pick any number of other apps that are at least as engaging and actually run The NO customer support also really pisses me off because it basically communicates that they couldnt care less that they ripped you off Buyer beware        Buyer beware

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