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PlayFirst, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Dream Chronicles 1 ,Diner Dash Rush ,Hotel Dash Deluxe FREE ,Alice`s Teacup Madness ,Avenue Flo ,Cooking Dash Lite), brings Wedding Dash with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Wedding Dash games has been update to version 2.18.4 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I really like time management games and this is a great one..
  • Awesome appp I love the diner dash wedding dash series..
  • Like all the Dash games it is great mindless fun..
  • After playing numerous time management/ Strategy games..
  • This is one of the best simulation games I've ever played..

Overall Satisfactionc88
I love all the dash games and I'm really happy I bought wedding dash.
Love all the dash games but I won't buy them anymore.
This game is really fun and addicting ^_^ i love it :D.
This is one of my favorite games --I play it over and over again.
This was my favorite game until I couldn't play it anymore.
I would recommend this game to anyone who is in for a little challenge.
I cannot recommend this game for anyone to buy.
Extremely entertaining and I would recommend it to anyone who likes these kind of games.
Has this happened to anyone.
Wonderful game I enjoy it I play all the time.
there are a few bugs that need to be fixed.
Thanks for the new levels.
Fun & Engagingc90
This is the most awesome game I have ever played.
I find myself playing this game when I should be cleaning.
This game is really fun and addicting ^_^ i love it :D.
These time-waster "dash" games are super fun.
Thanks so much for a super fun game.
Addicting and fun you can spend hours wasting.
Fun and challenging especially when you get to the higher venues.
All of them are addicting and hard to put down.
This game is soooo much fun and so addicting.
Ever since I got it its the only game I play.
this game i play it like 100 times a day.
I love this game I play it every day I will never stop playing it.
I love this games I play it every day every second.
Value for Moneyc23
I wish we didn't have to pay for in app purchases.
Replay Valuec75
I would have hoped for more levels after the initial purchase.
It's already 3 bucks I refuse to pay for more levels.
Should have more level or another verison of it loving it.
Please add more levels and the game will get 5 stars.
Fun and challenging especially when you get to the higher venues.
and I play it over and over it never gets old.
Super fun and challenging at times.
Excellent quality and it has plenty of replay value.
Production Valuesc62
The new graphics made things better to see.
The new graphics are awesome.
I luv this game keeps me playing for hours.
but now the game keeps freezing on one of the levels.
Ads not Intrusivec61
Updates & Supportc68
I first got the lite version and I love this game.
Definitely worth purchasing the deluxe version and the extra venues.

so I'm excited I'm able to play it on my iPad. found in 3 reviews
Wedding Dash is such a fantastic and addicting game. found in 79 reviews
This game is the awesomest game in the whole universe. found in 7 reviews
Wedding dash is lots of fun for the kids too. found in 2 reviews
Cooking Dash & Wedding Dash are awesome games. found in 935 reviews
This is one of my faves. found in 4 reviews
and something that definitely passes the time. found in 3 reviews
This game is a blast and fun to play. found in 4 reviews
I thought this was a fun and cute game. found in 4 reviews
Easy and fast pace wedding story game. found in 8 reviews
I love this gamee. found in 3 reviews
Loads of fun and I use it as a stress reliever. found in 4 reviews
By far the best game Eva. found in 3 reviews
Totally makes the time fly by I can play for hours. found in 5 reviews
THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD. found in 2 reviews
Really good time passer :. found in 5 reviews
always want the best weddings for the bride and groom :. found in 7 reviews
can sit and play for hours on end. found in 4 reviews
I know that I'm doing it all right-seating people right. found in 2 reviews
The graphics are stunning and game play keeps you on your toes. found in 8 reviews
Can't get the new venue "can't connect to the ITunes store ". found in 46 reviews
My only concerns are:
Needs new levels. found in 4 reviews
still cannot connect to iTunes store to buy new levels. found in 60 reviews
•Its lagging a bit
This game is sooooo much fun but crashes quite a bit. found in 5 reviews
My WD won't connect to iTunes so I can't buy more levels. found in 60 reviews
The game doesn't allow me to go pass level 1. found in 10 reviews
the game crashes RIGHT before it saves my progress EVERY TIME. found in 12 reviews
I just wish you didn't have to pay more maney after you already payed. found in 7 reviews
Gets harder to the point u can't play anymore. found in 8 reviews
not a way to keep charging your current customers. found in 3 reviews
Won't let me purchase new venues. found in 11 reviews
That definitely needs to be fixed. found in 9 reviews
I can't even get past level one since it freezes. found in 24 reviews
so stop putting ads for another game in between the levels. found in 3 reviews
Love all Dash games just wish the levels would keep going. found in 5 reviews
Can't get the new venue "can't connect to the ITunes store". found in 7 reviews
Latest upgrade doesn't connect to store to purchase latest location. found in 40 reviews
Don't make us pay for more levels its a rip off. found in 5 reviews
Needs more upgrade rewards and more FREE levels. found in 37 reviews
I really want to purchase new levels but i cannot. found in 40 reviews
but now the game keeps freezing on one of the levels. found in 19 reviews
therefore we cant purchase the new venues. found in 113 reviews
It says "cannot connect to iTunes store" Please fix. found in 60 reviews
but it keeps freezing on the same parts on certain levels :. found in 13 reviews
This needs to be fixed ASAP. found in 9 reviews
Freezes during advancing to the next level. found in 15 reviews
It's ridiculous and makes you not want to continue playing the games. found in 16 reviews
but not only do you pay for the game once. found in 57 reviews
It crashes every 10 secs so it's impossible to finish a level. found in 19 reviews
Can't connect to the app store to unlock the new venues. found in 24 reviews
Quite difficult to get by level 10 - give us a chance. found in 38 reviews
Playfirst needs free updates. found in 11 reviews
Game crashes and freezes. found in 12 reviews
keep getting an error message that it can't connect to iTunes store. found in 60 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Wedding Dash for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Wedding Dash app version 2.18.4 has been updated on 2014-11-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Wedding Dash check developer PlayFirst, Inc.`s website :

40% sale for a limited time only Wedding Dash is a fun action puzzle game that is difficult to put down. With 50 fast-paced levels, you will have hours of play time. The puzzle ...
I love this game Fast paced creative challenging and so much more This game is just a great way to wind down for me after a crazy day                 If only real weddings were like this
It could add more levels when you buy it for 99 instead of buying it for 599           Love it
Super fun and cute Its nice for passing the time                 Fun
Please stop                 Stop asking us to vote
This game is so much fun Its so awesome to get to make people dreams come true by planning their dream wedding I want to be a wedding planner someday so this game is really awesome for me I know youll love it as much as I do                 So Much Fun
Had a lot of fun its just really hard to get 3 stars              Fun thus hard
It is the most awesome game I have ever played How about you purchase it But purchase wedding dash first And dont forget have fun                 Wedding dash deluxe
Fun and enjoyable                 Wedding Dash
I really enjoy this game I think Wedding Dash is a great game Challenging                 Great game
Im addicted                 Love it
its good                 fun game
Love it                 Wedding dash
best game ever                 amazing
This game is amazing I love it so much and it is for sure worth the payment Its my favorite game atm                 Best game ever
This game is very tricky but I highly recommend this game to people who work good under pressure              Weddings
Love it fun and entertaining                 Love Wedding Dash
I brought the game cant stop playing                 Love it
It s very good                 Wedding Daah
This game is so much fun but they desperately need to create new levels Id gladly shell out another buck for another level They havent had any new ones in years Its a missed opportunity           Needs new levels
Best Game ever Please more levels now                 Loving it
This game is sooo addicting that I deleted it am starting all over again PLEASE MAKE A WEDDING DASH 2 Its such a fun game                 LOVE LOVE LOVE
I love all of the dash games Wedding Dash Hotel Dash etc and when I like it and play it a lot sometimes I will get the deluxe to be able to play more I love this game and have a lot of fun playing it I also like the designs and challenges of the weddings                 Wedding Dash Deluxe
I love strategy games and this one is fun and it keeps you busy when you have down time                 Fun game
This game can be played non stop                 Fun Fun Fun
Love it                 Love it
i love this game                 awesome
Love this game I like all the dash games                 Fun game
I love it so much It is so addicting I cant stop playing it You will love it                 Best Game Ever
Its fun and relaxing              Planner
Super fun time management game Getting the seating right is the most rewarding feeling ever Lol you can definitely kill some time playing this simple dash game              Love this game
The game is addictive but the pop up ads are annoying              Fun
Love this game wish they would make more play first games like this Dont really like the newer play first games like the older ones better                 Wedding dash
Super fun and addictive I started playing Diner Dash waaaay back when on my PC and when I saw all of th Dash games for iPhoneiPad etc I couldnt have been more happy Ive bought and upgraded all of the games and I hope they come out with either more levels for this one or a Wedding Dash 2                 Love it
I love this game and the story line I would like to be able to create a second user Once I finished the game I had to delete it in order to start over Minor issue overall this game is great                 Cute game
So I have thoroughly enjoyed this game but I have encountered a glitch that makes it more frustrating than enjoyable The guests dont always show up At most it shows 6 people at a time but sometimes it shows only one or two When I seat someone someone in the invisible line takes there place and theres still several spots others could stand in I cant judge how to seat them if I can only see one person at a time Please fix this           Needs an Update
Super fun and addicting                 Love it
One of my absolute favorite games Thank you for making this an app I used to play it on my pc                 Favorite
I have this game on my computer now I have it on my phone LOVE THIS GAME                 Love it
I Love all of the Dash games I would just like more upgrades and newer versions                 Melzie
I love this game so much So addicting                 Amazing game
To me its fun and challenging to me and my mother we play it all day everyday and we get stumped at stages every once in a while                 Fun and challenging
Insanely addicting                 Just cant stop
I love all the Diner Dash games and this one is really cute Not quite as repetitive as original diner dash The only thing I could critique it on is I wish it would keep the attendees in order They tend to get mixed up if you let them stack up Also I got to a very high level and then had to delete the app for an update on my phone When I reloaded it it started me over from the b beginning Sad day              Fun
this game is really fun it so addictive play for hours i hope they make more games like this good game                 wedding dash
This Game is Awesome                 My Rate
Love it get it                 Love it
I love this game                 I love it
Love love love this game So creative The bug is on level 6 Ballroom Bash I have tried 30 times to get expert rating or three stars and still have not gotten it I have played farther in the game and looked up walkthroughs and cheats but still cant get it All the other levels are fine Kathryn              Bug would like an update
Love the dash games                 Addicting
Fun way to kill time Just like the PC version              Fun

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