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Walgreen Co. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Walgreens Connect - for Well at Walgreens connected devices ,Walgreens for iPad ,Walgreens ,Duane Reade ,Balance Financial from Walgreens), brings Walgreens with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Walgreens app has been update to version 3.1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Super Easy way to refill my Rx without waiting in line..
  • This app is worth five stars alone for the prescription refill feature..
  • I love being able to refill my prescriptions with a quick scan on the barcode..
  • Never been easier to refill prescriptions-- love the scan feature..
  • Love the photo upload options and the prescription refill..

Overall Satisfactionc89
I love love love being able to scan in my prescription refills.
I absolutely love the refill by scan feature - it is so easy to use.
Refill By Scan feature doesn't work.
I love being able to refill my prescriptions with a quick scan on the barcode.
I keep having to go to login to re -login.
Thanks Walgreens for making this app so user friendly.
easy to use over all Good job Walgreens.
I love the pill reminder feature and the ability toke shopping lists.
This is the best drug store app that I own.
One of the best retail service apps I've used.
Fun & Engagingc93
The Walgreens App is awesome and quick.
The Walgreens ap won't open anymore when I switched from iPhone.
The app is very convenient and this scan is awesome.
We love the simplicity of the current Walgreens app and use it all the time.
Fantastic App it saves time in my hectic schedule.
Is easy to use and very helpful in making shopping list.
Walgreens is great and the employees are so friendly and helpful.
Love this app for everything from my shopping list to photo prints.
Very useful and convenient and the photo processing is fast.
This app is pretty handy and useful for a lot.
This app makes everything from refills to shopping so much easier.
Love how I can send pictures to get developed saves time and money.
Family Friendlyc81
I transferred all my family's prescriptions in about 5 minutes.
I can fill and keep up with all my family's prescriptions.
I love that I can order refills for family members.
while the app says I can refill for family members.
Ease of Usec87
Super easy to refill prescriptions and lots of other great and useful features.
I keep having to go to login to re -login.
Easy to refill Rx using the number on the pill case.
So easy to keep track of all of your prescriptions and your history.
It's easier to re -order my prescriptions that with the phone.
I've attempted to renew my Prescription twice via app.
Super convenient for quick refills and contact information.
Is easy to use and very helpful in making shopping list.
Fast and convenient for refilling prescriptions and printing pictures from my phone.
Refilling my prescriptions have never been so easy.
Prescription Scanner doesn't work and wastes my time.
Ads not Intrusivec100
I can also look at their sales ad with this app.
and I love it the convience of the sales ad.
Security & Privacyc56
Convenient way to store my Walgreens account information.
The scan to refill and refill from account options are very helpful.
Zip code for a new password in general.
Updates & Supportc100
Walgreens continues its great customer service with this great app.
Great customer service and have nice things available while wait.

The Walgreens app makes pharmacy life so much easier. found in 1979 reviews
Really like the app can find what I need or want to find. found in 15 reviews
This Walgreens application made easy work of viewing my prescriptions. found in 72 reviews
Walgreen's app makes it easy to manage refills. found in 172 reviews
Easy for rx refills and texts me when they're ready. found in 448 reviews
I find it much easier to use and I use it every month. found in 21 reviews
Very user friendly and only sends necessary alerts. found in 832 reviews
I do all my prescription renewals through this now. found in 32 reviews
This app has made my prescription management soooooo much easier. found in 20 reviews
Nice features--you can scan your prescription bottle for easy refills. found in 117 reviews
This pharmacy app is easy to use and so convenient. found in 157 reviews
I absolutely love the refill by scan feature - it is so easy to use. found in 801 reviews
This app makes ordering refills one less thing to worry about. found in 202 reviews
I love the pill reminder feature and the ability toke shopping lists. found in 75 reviews
It's a perfect time saver to refill prescriptions. found in 517 reviews
Fantastic App it saves time in my hectic schedule. found in 177 reviews
I used my Walgreen app and ordered my medication. found in 209 reviews
Love the scanner for prescriptions and the pill reminder. found in 345 reviews
This app is wonderful for me to refill prescriptions quickly. found in 29 reviews
Took me a minute to upload and the pick them up in an hour. found in 41 reviews
Thanks Walgreens for making refills on current scrips SUPER EASY TO RENEW. found in 206 reviews
push notifications and the app doesn't wven work with that. found in 14 reviews
Good app but having issues using coupon codes for photos. found in 45 reviews
App quits before fully opened on iOS 7. found in 33 reviews
Very slow if going to shopping cart. found in 13 reviews
But scanner doesn't work on itouch fours latest update. found in 17 reviews
But turning off the location services generally fixes that. found in 18 reviews
Just wish you can choose multiple photos and place order. found in 22 reviews
I downloaded latest version and app won't launch. found in 8 reviews
The app crashes every time I try to upload photos from my camera roll. found in 19 reviews
Wish you could select different sizes of photos in an order. found in 20 reviews
I think they should fix the photo scan for the iPad refills. found in 16 reviews
Wichita I could up load photos right to their site. found in 28 reviews
The uplink to Walgreen is always reported as temporarily unavailable. found in 24 reviews
the scan doesn't communicate properly with the pharmacy. found in 11 reviews
Like the ability to renew prescriptions & find information easily. found in 83 reviews
It would be perfect if having iPhone 5 support. found in 14 reviews
I have submitted this issue to Walgreen's Tech Support - twice. found in 14 reviews
But please update for iPhone 6 Plus. found in 9 reviews
Photo print - unable to select multiple photos. found in 22 reviews
I'd really like to load photos from my iPhone vs. found in 28 reviews
I'm pretty disappointed with the photo part of the app. found in 108 reviews
I am only able to load one photo at a time. found in 38 reviews
Great features available but the digital coupon feature does not work. found in 18 reviews
Your App takes way to long to load pictures. found in 28 reviews
Every time I tried to upload photos there was always a problem. found in 22 reviews
Print Photo App has been " temporarily unavailable " for months now. found in 24 reviews
The photo portion of the app is really frustrating. found in 44 reviews
If you have on just Location Services on you are fine. found in 18 reviews
But freezes when you put in the coupon code. found in 45 reviews
Why can't we upload more than one pic at a time. found in 39 reviews
App freezes all the time making it upload pictures from my phone. found in 26 reviews
but unfortunately I had some issues with the photo ordering functionality. found in 101 reviews
Even if you delete your credit card from the file. found in 18 reviews
Compatible with Mail Order. found in 23 reviews

The Walgreens is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.1.2 has been released on 2014-11-16. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Walgreens check developer Walgreen Co.`s website : http://www.walgreens.com/default.jsp

With the official Walgreens iPhone app, there's a way to order prescriptions on-the-go and prints of the photos you just took on your phone. Using your phone's GPS, we'll help you find the nearest Walgreens ...
I do not like this new app     Usage
Love itsimple to use                 It just works
Beats having to bring the weekly ad section of the newspaper with you shopping                 Good useful
I will give this rate this app 100                 This app
Worked a few years ago Last two years45 messages that RX cant be refilled by scanner then it would scan Last year it doesnt work Now it wont scan message says to turn on camera in settings It is on every other camera using app works fine Walgreens is as user friendly as the phone company you end up having to call for everything while listening to the ceaseless recording telling you how wonderful the app is Phone is worse than trying to cancel ATT service They think their ads will sell something it has caused me to avoid this repulsive store whenever possible     Cant refill by scan
I love this app and use it all the time Great for scanning and reordering my prescriptions I also use the app to check out the sales I would recommend the app to everyone                 Great app
This app is perfect Automatically notifies me when medication is read for pickup and I can instantly see how many Balance Rewards points I have accumulated                 Awesome app Excellent prescription reminders and BR info
Use this app for everything from refilling prescriptions to ordering photos Great time saver                 Love this app
Every time I try to print photos to pick up it closes and I have to start from the beginning I give up on the photo part Ugh So frustrating        Frustrated
This app really exceeded my expectations I use it to print photos from my phone refill prescription and even to chat with a pharmacist They even took the time to give me tips and encouragement on giving medicine to my babies So thankful for that 2 big thumbs up from this mom on the go                 So Helpful
Overall it is a useful app The biggest problem and inconvenience I have is the refill reminder This needs improvement ASAP I got a reminder that my prescription was ready for refill today So I replied to refill After awhile I got a text saying it wasnt ready So I called to find out why I was told it was to early to fill I said why am I getting text stating the opposite This is very inconvenient and misleading It was about 8 days to soon Since I dont carry my medicine on me I didnt have the date last refilled Come on Walgreens you can do better than this It is very frustrating           Text and Refill reminders
I love the convenience of refilling my meds by scan but the new upgrade was a step backwards Far less easy to use than the old version If Walgreens cares about its clients they will give us back the older easier to use version           Convenient but complicated
We use five meds on a daily basis in our house The refill by scan is so awesome My review is only for refill by scan I dont use the app for anything else                 Refill by Scan
One of the best pharmacies I have ever dealt with in 60 years Great app however there have been more than a few times when the app logs me out automatically when I have the settings set to keep me logged in Also another major glitch is the fact that after I pick up a script at the store and leave the store within 2 minutes or less my cell phone goes off saying from the app at WalgreensYour prescription is ready for pick up Very very annoying When you first get the app it takes several days at least to learn how to program all your medications and the times when youre supposed to take them If you make just one mistake I have found no other way to correct the one mistake other then totally delete all your medication information and begin all over again Other than those three items I can say quite honestly that this is really a terrific app just because it has so many different capabilities and functions that I have ever seen Once they stop the STUPID UPDATES THAT ARE NOT REALLY NEEDED LIKE THE LATEST VERSION WHICH COMPLETELY CHANGED NOT ONLY HOW THE APP LOOKS BUT ALSO EVERY LOCATION TO DO WHATEVER IT IS YOU NEED TO DO HAS BEEN UPDATED AND NOW I NEED TO HUNT FOR EVERYTHING SERIOUSLYTHIS WAS THE SINGLE BEST APP I HAVE FOUND BUT UNLESS THINGS LIKE ALERTS FOR WHEN TO TAKE MEDS Rx REFILLS Rx HISTORY AS WELL AS JUST ABOUT THE LOCATION OF EVERY FUNCTION GETS PUT BACK WHERE IT WAS THE ONLY RATING I CAN GIVE IT NOW IS 5 TO ALL YOU NON MATHEMATICIANS 5 is the same as LESS THAN 5              Awesome NOW NOT SO MUCH SO
Obvious major bugs Poor quality is especially troubling for an app with this level of personal info        Needs to be tested BEFORE release
It works perfectly for keeping me up to date with my mothers meds Love              I like
I use to use this app to compare all others and wonder why other apps couldnt be this good But now you have fixed it when it wasnt broken and I hate it Why oh why           A top 10
There are a few glitches every now and then but overall its a great app I use it mostly to refill my Rxs and never had a problem with that part of the app                 Great app
The Walgreens app is great and saves a lot time refilling prescriptions But the workers at my local Walgreens are even better Service is outstanding Satisfied customer Tom                 Walgreens
I use this almost solely for the reminders Id give it 5 stars if that were easier to get to              I wish the reminders were easier to get to
Its a life saver Keeps me on top of all my meds and get a discount with the rewards card Would totally recommend                 Awesome app
Awesome app SO helpful                 Fantastic
The last update to this app has broke several things First it no longer accurately tracks my medicine The pill reminder used to be very accurate keeping track of how much medicine I have left in a prescription but now it may miss four to five Dodds a week for each medicine my family is taking Also it used to be easy to see what medicines were low at a chance as the amount remaining showed in the medications list Now you have to open each medication to see how many pills are left I had given this app 5 stars when I first started using it and will gladly do so again once these problems are corrected           Latest updates a step back
Being able to scan your script bottle for a refill is one of the coolest things EVER                 Coolest thing ever
I use this app all the time It makes getting refills faster and easier If I have questions about a drug I know that I will find the answer here                 I find this app useful
Makes my life much easier Easy way to refill scriptsreminds me to take medsremindse to refill meds and pops up my rewards card as I walk in the door Love it                 Best app ever
I like the app a lot when it works but sometimes it doesnt refill prescriptions when it says it will and it has been really inconvenient a couple times When it does work I really like it though           Missing medicine
Why did you have to go and change a good thing This app was perfect It WAS so easy but now you updated and changed the site and made everything more confusing and difficult Go back to the way it wasPLEASE     Bummer
The app was greatthen it was updated The weekly flyer is 3 weeks old and wont change so disappointed I go to Walgreens all the time but without knowing the sales I havent been        Used to be great before the update
Great app Thanks for continuing to make it better                 Love this app
The Ad will not update at all Tried using different store locations and had the same problem           Ad Issues
good stuff in there                 its aight
Love this app so many ways to earn points adding coupons is my favorite dont have to worry anymore forgetting to use them                 Shallock
By far the easiest way to refill prescriptions                 Prescription refills
Fabulous pharmacy I was CVS for years and years and received no respect as a patient I will never return to CVS Walgreens keep up the pleasant and very accommodating environment A                 Walgreens
Im not sure why they thought they needed to change the app so much I cannot find anything I want on the new app It wont stay logged in to the pharmacy subscription I cant find my prescriptions that are now available for pick up I wish they would change it back I used the app all the time for my prescriptions Now I cringe at the thought of opening it       
Great place                 Place
Great App Saves me many a step and mileage getting my prescriptions filled                 Walgreen
After update it left 12 my meds off my profile so I could not order refills And since that is the reason I have the app it has become useless Oh and by the way the on line chat people cannot help with that     New update
This app is so wonderful I especially like the refill by scan Also the the text when scrips are ready for pickup                 Such a great app
I love my Walgreens                 the Corner of Happy Healthy
Great app it and very user friendly                 Perfect for Rx help when on the go
Just looking through my photo album to upload photos the app keeps crashing I have to quickly select only a few photos at a time before it crashes on me Getting super frustrated        Constant Crashing
Easy to use and dependable which is what you mostly want from an app such as this The updated version is even more intuitive and capable of automating many relevant tasks Great improvement over what was already a great and useful app                 Excellent tool for Walgreens customers
Great app try it                 Walgreens App
I use this all the time Love the easy refill features Coupon clipping is easy                 Great App
Every time I try to scan my meds I click scan meds it closes app USLESS APP For IPhone     Very poor app
Love this app They have refilling prescriptions down to the least amount of effort possible Well done                 Refill scans the best
LOVE the new user interface The app has always made managing my ridiculous amounts of prescriptions easy but now it literally takes me less than 2 minutes once occasionally twice a month to managerefill my prescriptions Love it                 Takes all the stress out of Rx refills
Walgreens has the best Rx App                 LOVE THIS APP

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