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U.S. Postal Service , brings USPS Mobileâ„¢ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. USPS Mobileâ„¢ app has been update to version 3.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Could use a refresh button for the package status update..
  • Scanner feature is a definite plus..
  • VERY user friendly and useful for tracking packages..
  • Great tracking functionality..
  • but it's handy for someone like me with a small business..

Overall Satisfactionc46
thanks USPS.
I love being able to keep track of my packages.
I need update for iPhone 5 support.
better than UPS or FedEx for sure.
Way better than the website.
Fun & Engagingc42
I use tracking and hold mail all the time and it works perfectly.
iPhone 5 Awesome Update.
Good app that saves time when looking for a drop box.
Handy and helpful app with all the necessary info.
Ease of Usec78
but now it works great and is super easy to use.
Very easy and helpful.
What about a barcode scan feature.
Security & Privacyc28
Updates & Supportc35
Way to go USPS and welcome to the new information age.
Awesome customer service and a handy app.

Handy and helpful app with all the necessary info. found in 1 reviews
A great app for your eBay business. found in 2 reviews
I tried choosing a different shape like Letter or Large Envelope. found in 1 reviews
finds the nearest post office or mailbox with pick up times. found in 11 reviews
They got smart and added 1st class rates to this app. found in 3 reviews
Great app very useful USPS HAS FINALLY STEP UP THERE GAME. found in 4 reviews
the "USPS Mobile Support " link above takes you to USPS. found in 2 reviews
Happy in Maryland. found in 1 reviews
#1 Website shows an arrival at unit. found in 3 reviews
Great utility with a very well thought out interface. found in 2 reviews
Moderately useful. found in 2 reviews
It is great for ordering free priority boxes. found in 3 reviews
Great time saver. found in 5 reviews
Closest box location with pickup times -that's a great idea. found in 5 reviews
This is what iPhone apps are supposed to be like. found in 2 reviews
Responsive and good looking. found in 1 reviews
The scanner doesn't work for usps barcodes or QR's. found in 16 reviews
however the scanner needs to be fixed doesn't work. found in 3 reviews
needs real time updates not updates every 10-24hrs. found in 1 reviews
But the " scan barcode " feature doesn't work at all anymore. found in 26 reviews
if it had " Change of address " and "Mail forwarding" capability. found in 8 reviews
Most of the time the scanner does not work. found in 10 reviews
why can't us iPod touch 4th gen users use the barcode scanning functionality. found in 6 reviews
Specifically the ability to sign in and schedule carrier pickups. found in 12 reviews
they refuse to address the issue even after several updates. found in 32 reviews
but a great feature would be a shipping price calculator. found in 6 reviews
After the last update it doesn't scan anymore. found in 5 reviews
Please add the option to purchase stamps under the supplies section. found in 7 reviews
Needs push notifications for tracking updates. found in 5 reviews
I get the following: "Error: Ship Date must be within the next three days. found in 17 reviews
Nice App but I can't buy stamps from the app. found in 23 reviews
FIX TRACKING UPDATES TO REAL TIME NOT EVERY 10-24hour update. found in 11 reviews
Why on earth can't you buy stamps from this app. found in 23 reviews
Please bring back the " order supplies " feature. found in 35 reviews
Locations of post offices and blue drop boxes are inaccurate. found in 180 reviews
App needs to provide " expected delivery date " like the desktop version. found in 26 reviews
Impossible to track packages and mail on a daily basis. found in 154 reviews
scan most if not all packages and provide tracking information. found in 55 reviews
Not able to scan barcodes after printing label from USPS. found in 26 reviews
It doens't scan the tracking numbers - neither barcode nor QR. found in 145 reviews
Doesn't do much- needs a way to schedule pickups. found in 21 reviews
Please fix the barcode scanner and this app will be perfect. found in 27 reviews
tracking feature is worthless. found in 22 reviews
App needs to provide "expected delivery date " like the desktop version. found in 26 reviews
App crashes when you attempt to calculate a postage price. found in 28 reviews
Scanner doesn't recognize 1D or 2D barcodes using iPad Air 2. found in 23 reviews
Update: the app crashes every time I try to track a package. found in 30 reviews
Please add the " hold mail " feature. found in 43 reviews
This app works great but doesn't have push notifications. found in 31 reviews
This is no easier to use than the USPS web site. found in 24 reviews
My phone prints and yet I can't make a shipping label. found in 26 reviews

The USPS Mobileâ„¢ is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new USPS Mobileâ„¢ app version 3.4 has been updated on 2014-11-28. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about USPS Mobileâ„¢ in U.S. Postal Service`s Official Website :

USPS Mobile gives you instant, on-the-go access to the most popular tools on Track a package, find Post Offices and collection boxes, and look up ZIP Codes any where you go. WHAT CAN ...
What good is it to tell you to expect your package on a date and then doesnt come for another two days If the package is delayed it doesnt even tell you that and forget about trying to find out why or when This app is about as helpful as calling the post office and trying to speak to a human being Dont waste your time or money shipping with the USPS will be shipping either UPS or FedEx next time     Useless dont bet money on it
This app was great for the tracking and keeping numbers Cant X them once delivered wont update and wont add new numbers Please fix        Tracking is broken
App is no longer any good     Crap
This used to be a simple well functioning and amazing app until the last upgradeupdate They went completely backwards and ruined a perfect app It stalls constantly bugs out erases my tracking history ridiculous amount of steps to delete anything used to just be slide and delete and so much more Please bring the old app back This right here is the reason I dont update my apps often Grrrr     No Stars if that was possible
This was my Go to App for Tracking USPSbut now the new update has really made it to almost worthless It frequently freezes during tracking updates and then has to be reset You can no longer just look at the list of packages to see if there are any updates now you have to open each tracking individually to see any status changesWhat a step backwardPlease fix it or put it back the way it was        What Happened
The app is the most basic functions of the website It needs to have the capability of My USPS to see expected package delivery at the users address as well as notification capability to alert the user of new deliveries        Needs My USPS capability
No way to TRACK What is this put in your tracking number then Scan BS     Theyre joking right
This app was great before the update My order history is now gone I cant track ANYTHING Time to delete the app Dont download youre better off using your browser     WORTHLESS
Keeps on force closing     Bad
I love the US postal service Its not a nationalistic lovebut a general amazement at how such a huge and bureaucratic institution can deliver time and time again for such good prices And I used to love the app tooit was easy to use and convenient But whatever the US postal service did the last time they updated the app has rendered it completely useless The tracking functionality is completely screwedup Dont people test these things before they release them     New version makes app useless
The app is as dependable as the post office is Delivery times are always incorrect and it wont show shipment details most of the time 0 stars is the accurate rating     Terrible
Ive used this app for several years However it has gotten worse with each update It was OK to start but now I can no longer sort I used to check daily and sort based on when to expect packages I give up and now use Delivered That app includes notifications and sorting capabilities Its not perfect either but but than this USPS crap um app Now if only I could get an app that combines both     From good to poor
I dont know why this app has such a low rating Its a decent app and does everything it says it can do well Ive never had any problems with it The only reason that I didnt give it 5 stars is because theres now way to log into my usps account to print postage order shipping supplies ect But it doesnt claim to do that I use it mostly to track stuff I buy and sell on eBay              Good app
I agree with everyone else App was really awesome latest update completely ruined it No longer use since it never works Please fix this app it was great once Leave it to the government to screw up something that was completely fine     Crap
Only one bad thing theres nothing good about the app Waste of time to install Use uspscom     Only one bad thing
Im amazed by all the crabby people griping about free software they dont control not remembering their pet package names from prehistory to present The new interface is different state selection drop down has moved for instance on zip code search But overall it works fine You can use it to buy stamps and ship packages those buttons just take you you uspscom where you log in and do your biz Works fine                 Does what it says it does
Terrible now     What a mess
Practically useless now It was a good app before recent update Please fix it back to what it was     Better Before Update
Overall the look and feel works for me but the latest patch is causing annoying issues When trying to go to tracking page it does not stay on that page it just slides back to the home page before I have time to look at the tracking statuses Same goes when wanting to add a tracking number I may be entering the number and it will pop back over to the home page Hopefully they are listening to us and working on a fix        New version has issues
I use to use this app a loti just delite itcoz its useless and doesnt work at all     Useless
I reviewed this app awhile ago stating that the bar code scanner needed to be fixed Theyve finally done it Scans scary fast now I wish my grocery stores scanners were this good Only 4 stars because I did experience one of the bugs mentioned in other recent reviews lost tracking s It was only temporary though 2448 hrs later they mysteriously reappeared Also you CAN rename tracking numbers I dont recall it ever not being available However I dont rename them all the time so I may not have even missed it if it was temporarily unavailable              After many tries Im finally giving it 4 stars
Went from ok to worse The tracking feature is horrible Half the time when I tap on Track my tracking numbers that were previously there fail to show up I have to close and reopen the app multiple times to finally get it to work Also the transitions between screens is not very smooth     Try again
I really liked the previous version of this app Even if the estimated delivery dates were off sometimes you could still open the app and see where your package was by its location en route That has all vanished now The tracking facet of this app has been stripped of all of its functionality rendering it virtually useless I cant imagine what they were thinking when they came up with this upgrade     This Update Destroyed a Good App
This is a bad app it does not work at all and it never really work I weather just track my item online worst app in the Apple Store thumbs downdeleting now and never installing again     HORRIBLE
I had issues with tracking numbers not showing up the app but a fresh install of the app seemed to solve the problem Works fine now           Has Issues but Fixed Them
The APP wasnt bad before but now its horrible But thats exactly what I expect from the federal goverment take something usefull and make it worthless by improving it Let me guess they will fix it by forming a commitee employing a programming team of hundreds working on it for years and in the end it still wont work     What Happened
Useless said delivered but not delivered     Wortless
This apple is very however its feature set is limited I give it five stars for simplicity                 Functional but sliggish
I have used this app for many years and loved being able to track my packages compute rates check zip codes hold my mail order supplies etc With the new update the app is now USELESS I send and receive a LARGE NUMBER OF PACKAGES and like to stay on top of whats being delivered as well as track the items Ive sent I also loved being able to create a name for the packages rather than having to keep a separate report for tracking numbers and item name I had several entries stored in the app and all of a sudden I have 1 package in my tracking results The rest vanished and Im not able to enter new numbers or track any other packages The app simply wont take the tracking numbers NO MATTER WHAT I DO After years of using the app I DELETED IT along with ALL OF MY STORED INFORMATION Good Riddance Now looking for an app that can take care of my tracking woes Thanks USPS     Useless Now
I cannot access my tracking now When I select track I get a blank screen        USPS tracking
Older version was much more useable and user friendly You cannot add name to the tracking feature until the package shows up in the Postal system Quite useless and difficult to use FedEx and UPS starting to look more appealing     Crap
Cant even open the app It just crashes immediately Completely useless     Doesnt work
This App do not accept all tracking info for Domestic Shipping or International I had to load 12 tracking s it has a limit of 4 tracking WHAT WE NEED TO USE IT FOR IF LIMITED Customers should be app 10 tracking numbers only allowing 4 Please Fix the problem ASAP Thanks     FIX TRACKING
Need fixing up        Need fixing up
With the latest update this app no longer works Please fix it     Please fix
I USED to love this app After the update it is of no use to meonly frustration Can no longer track packagesthe trackenter button now says Scan and is trying to access the devices camera If you want to track a package you must exit the app and go to the full sitewhen using a mobile device My prior 445 star app has been ruined When is the developer going to fix this     Rollback to prior versionPLEASE
Work at a contract post office and my customers love it and so do I                 Great Love it Dont understand these bad reviews
Please go back to the old version that actually worked and functioned smooth Wonder how this recent update even passed     Completely Useless
All changes that have been made make this App worthless Not being able to enter in a package name is beyond frustrating Do you honestly think I am to remember 510 different numbers and who they were going to Not only that I now have to click on the number to get an update of where it is at While this wouldnt be a major problem this app runs incredible slow and takes forever to open up the tracking info Go back to your last version it functioned and did its job properly Having worked for the post office Im not surprised they rolled out a nonfunctioning update they constantly rolled out new standards and procedures that wasted time and energy for the carriers and clerks     Horrible Update
This upgrade fixed some things but took away more functionality than it added 1 Scanning Works MUCH better now An improvement 2 Assigning Nick Names to packages We LOST so much functionality here Right now you can scan a barcode and it is stored in the app but you can NOT rename it UNTIL the stater acknowledges the package This can take hours to days So now I have to remember what tracking number is what until the final show the status of the package Thats fine for Grandma sending one package to little Billy on his birthday but not useful at all for sellers shipping large volumes of orders or receiving large amounts of supplies PLEASE FIX THIS 3 Assigning Nick Names to packages Longer names can be assigned WHEN you can finally rename a tracking number in the app 4 The previous version used to slide to delete or refresh and words overlapped all the time if you just touched the screen so this has been improved 5 Cant order supples through the app now which was handy Please please fix the rename feature Thank you           Does not work right since last upgrades
The current version is slower and more bugs Before every tracking number entered would be stored and appear right away now you have to do ten useless steps for the history to populate Completely useless Its better to just utilize the website going forward     Go back to the previous version
App crashes constantly     App crashes constantly
app is just like the service you receive from the usps zero stars useless app remove from app store doesnt do nothing not even track     No login info
Not much to say other than the title The old versions worked well If its not broken dont try fix it     Useless
FIX ITit does not work at all cant name my packages and cant track them     WORSE UPDATE EVER
Super easy and extremely helpful in so many ways If your a need to know person or an infrequent user this app takes all the guess work out The USPS app is a must have app on my devices                 Great App something for everyone that uses USPS
The USPS app wont use my Tracking Number as printed on my sales receipt The Sales Receipt directs me to a website but IGNORES even mentioning the iOS app     Cant Track My Package Despite Having The Tracking Number
Like others have said it would be nice to be able to name packages before they show up in the system Also I cant seem to get the widget to show anything beside the app name Seems like the Dev team for this app needs a QA team           Missing functionality
This app is slower than the previous version           Slow
With your new update I am not able to track packages anymore The app was great until the latest update I am very unhappy with this app since the update     New update

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