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iTot Apps, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Toddler Numbers Game ,Toddler Counting (Free) ,Toddler Food Game ,Toddler Things Game ,Toddler Flashcards (Free) ,Toddler Shapes Game), brings Toddler Flashcards (Free) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Toddler Flashcards (Free) app has been update to version 2.24 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I love that the flash cards use real pictures..
  • Great for Tots..

Overall Satisfactionc90
simple interface - my toddler is entertained for hours.
and my son loves that he can change the picture himself.
Our 16 month toddler loves to flip back and forth.
Keeps them entertained and at the same time they learn.
Family Friendlyc100
This is a cool free trial of a great app for young kids.
educational app for young kids can be like.
Production Valuesc100
Beautifully simple user interface.
beautiful sound effects.
Ease of Usec95
Beautifully simple user interface.
Updates & Supportc71
The new version is fantastic.

I wasn't sure about downloading the paid version. found in 1 reviews
My 3 year old twin toddlers love this app. found in 1 reviews
Our 16 month toddler loves to flip back and forth. found in 2 reviews
simple interface - my toddler is entertained for hours. found in 3 reviews
She loves the animal sounds :. found in 1 reviews
The new version is fantastic. found in 4 reviews
she already knows how to navigate through all the catagories. found in 1 reviews
my 3 year old son loves it as well. found in 2 reviews
My 4 yr old loves it. found in 1 reviews
This is a cool free trial of a great app for young kids. found in 3 reviews
Excellent pictures and great spoken words & animal sounds. found in 3 reviews
great voices and sounds. found in 2 reviews
17 month old son loves it. found in 1 reviews
Best early language learning app. found in 2 reviews
the app will crash and reset itself. found in 1 reviews
and let's face it. found in 1 reviews
Don't try if you don't plan to buy. found in 6 reviews
Freezes my Ipad. found in 1 reviews
If he swipes between slides too quickly. found in 1 reviews
Also does not reflect on other apple devices. found in 1 reviews
the developer/app support website doesn't work either. found in 1 reviews
It's trash. found in 1 reviews
Only has five flash cards available before it asks me to upgrade. found in 2 reviews
Complete rip off. found in 1 reviews
Don't waste ur time with this app. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Toddler Flashcards (Free) for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 9.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.24 has been released on 2014-11-03. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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Now you can try the hugely popular Toddler Flashcards App before you buy it. 16 cards, animal sound effects, and spoken pronunciations in English, Spanish, French, or Chinese -- if you like it, upgrade to ...
I was searching for a flashcard app and couldnt be happier with Toddler Flashcards The free app was an instant hit with my kid and I was happy to upgrade Clearly built by a parent who understood the need The free app and the paid app both deliver exactly as promised a clean welldesigned app thats simple educational and captivates your child                 Clean and simple
The idea of this app is great However Russian version has a lot of misspelled words and pronunciation of some words is pretty terrible        Misspelled words
Four cards then a pop up asking you to buy then back to main menu Worst app Ive ever seen     TOTAL JUNK
Only has five flash cards available before it asks me to upgrade Five is not enough even for a lite version app Bothersome when Im trying to read the cards to my toddler     Bothersome
I made an in app purchase for the upgrade and I never received the upgrade I reinstalled the app to see if it would apply the purchase and it did not I have several children educational apps that I have purchased and this is the first to have ever taken my money without delivering a product     Paid never upgraded
Only allows to view 5 pic have to pay if you want to see more     no use
Love this app 17 month old son loves it Nice pictures speaks clear and my son loves that he can change the picture himself Wish it had a choice to take the speaking off Buying full version                 Saswell
While most light versions actually allow you to play with the app a little this is so limited that it would frustrate any child nearly immediately After only 3 cards in any category an ad pops up for the full version ending your childs trial of the app I cant tell after three cards if this will keep my childs attention so its a nogo for me        Dont try if you dont plan to buy
Worst free toddler app ever Only 3 free slides for the kids Total waste of downloading time     Only 3 free slides
Not that great           Freezes my Ipad
又是打着限免的旗坑人 进去就叫你升级收费     可恶
How come I cant redownload the app once Ive paid for the full version I accidentally deleted it now I have to pay again for the full version My 2 year old loves this app but I will not keep buying it It will not get a 5 star rating until I get the full version back without buying it           No redownload
Beautifully simple user interface I love that the flash cards use real pictures and not cartoons Besides all the different languages supported are perfect since we are trying to raise our children bilingual Fantastic thank you                 The new version is fantastic
Merely an ad for the paid version     Dont install
Dont waste ur time with this app They only let u see like 4 of the flash cards then they ave a stupid pop up to make u up grade Its trash     LAME
Couldnt listen to anything and there are only 4cards to look at     Waste of time
I downloaded the free version and was annoyed by all of the prompts to buy However I thought it was the best flash card app Ive seen and bought it on the spot My 4 yr old loves it The design is simple and easy Theres flexibilityyou can just do shapes or shuffle across all categories              Free version a commercialpaid version great
My kids both used these cards when they were young and now I keep it on my iPhone and iPad to show other parents what a great educational app for young kids can be like No ads no cartoons no flying birds and scheming pigs kids can really learn lots of different languages                 amazing for little kids great voices and sounds
Do not buy this It ripped me off     Rip off
If I could give this app zero stars I would I paid and upgraded to the full version of this app However there is no way to restore purchases for this app meaning that the app is requiring me to pay again for each Apple device that I own Unbelievable     Scam
I had posted and earlier review with 2 stars citing no restore purchase option I was able to finally restore the purchases buried within the faint i icon on top right corner Taking one star out due to hard to find options Otherwise this app itself is great for babies and toddlers              Restore purchases option found it was hard to find
It is truly a trial you only get a few pictures before it asks you to buy the full version look for a truly free and functional ap I will be removing this one     Dont bother
I cant get sound to work     No sound
The free version just seems like an ad for the full version There are only 4 cards in only 4 categories available You cant even flip through them without an upgrade ad popping up Its not worth your time     Unfortunate
I purchased the paid version a while ago but it does not work as paid and still appears as the FREE version Also does not reflect on other apple devices     Purchase but does not reflect as one
I loved the app when i got the paid version but my son accidentally deletd the app and now i dont have the full version when i download it It prompts s to but it again        paid for it and accidentally deleted it and now it wants me to buy it again
We love love love this app The only thing I wish I could change is I wish I could remove certain cardswe are trying to break the bottle with our 14 month old and every time we get that card he remembers he needs one              Love itbut
I love that this app uses real photos instead of cartoons And the support for 10 different languages makes it really great for bilingual families like ours                 Best early language learning app
The images are sharp and the voice sounds clear Very few cards in the free version so think of this more as a try before you buy rather than a full app It does NOT have the option to edit or add cards that would give it 5 stars              Great voice and photos
They need to get someone whos ACTUALLY French to read the words and not someone who just LIKES French The accents were totally off and they should have included the prepositions The Chinese is spoken too low to really get the nuance of the language which is crucial in Chinese Some of the words that were said didnt match what was written Every once in a while an English word would pop up during a French session They really need to work out the kinks and rerecord the foreign languages     BAD FRENCH
We paid the couple dollars for this app definitely worth it Our 16 month toddler loves to flip back and forth looking the cards and mimicking the words Thanks for making this app                 Great for Tots
My 3 year old twin toddlers love this app Keeps them entertained and at the same time they learn They repeat everything which is great because their speech is delayed Wish it had a few more pics for each category but its still pretty awesome                 Great app
I downloaded this then paid for the full version It worked for a little while then stopped working altogether I reinstalled it it still doesnt work and what I purchased shows locked To top it off the developerapp support website doesnt work either Dont bother with this app     Doesnt work
My son loves this app We use it every day and he has learned many words from using it however it is CONSTANTLY crashing If he swipes between slides too quickly and lets face it he is 17 months old he isnt going to carefully flip through the slides slowly all the time the app will crash and reset itself Really annoying because then I have to navigate him back into the set of flash cards he likes If this was not an issue I would gladly give 5 stars and probably even buy the Spanish package           Great but
You only have like 6 cards then it pushes you to buy on each category           Not what I expected
Love the clean pictures simple interface my toddler is entertained for hours and learns while doing it                 Great app
I purchased the app because Im a bilingual teacher and I am disappointed that after being accidentally deleted by my toddler it wanted to charge me again to reinstall it Most apps can be deleted and reinstalled after being purchased but for some reason you have to pay again for this one To be honest I was utterly disappointed after buying it in the first place because the voices reading the cards were inconsistent but now even more so PLEASE DO NOT BUY     Complete rip off

Toddler Flashcards (Free) Education Toddler FlashcardsToddler Flashcards (Free) Education Toddler FlashcardsToddler Flashcards (Free) Education Toddler FlashcardsToddler Flashcards (Free) Education Toddler Flashcards

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