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squarepoet, inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Christmas Piano Songs ,Tiny Guitar ,ET the Ear Trainer ,Galactic Guitar ,Tiny Piano ,Japanese Learning Game - Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji Fun!), brings Tiny Piano with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tiny Piano app has been update to version 1.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Now I will practice piano on my iPod touch every day..
  • I think you guys should make a tiny trombone app..
  • it is so fun to listen to songs in piano version..
  • Super fun to try to master the timing..
  • Very cute and kid friendly game..

Overall Satisfactionc94
One of the best piano apps in the app store for all the reasons.
Make more free songs of Taylor Swift or any popular singer.
This game is awesome I can play my favorite songs :.
best musical app in the app store to date.
This is the worlds most amazing game in the world.
My daughter loves it at just 1 year old.
Learned some music and makes my son loves playing it.
My friends think I'm actually playing it its way better than magic piano.
Fun & Engagingc94
Make more free songs of Taylor Swift or any popular singer.
Awesome game for all ages and cognitive abilities.
Super fun to try to master the timing.
This is the best app ever and a awesome way to learn the piano.
Loads of fun and helpful when doing simple arrangements.
It's a really fun app that's reallly entertaining.
I play it all the time and I really want new songs on here.
This app was tons of fun and helped me learn piano.
I really enjoy this app it helps me learn new songs on the piano.
I play piano and this app really helps me learn new songs.
Teaches you up to date songs and famous ones too.
best musical app in the app store to date.
This piano app is a good game I play it everyday.
I play it everyday and it never gets old.
super fun and useful for piano players like me.
This is a rly fun and useful app.
Family Friendlyc94
This game is fun and encouraging for kids and adults all ages.
The grand kids love it and they love making music.
This is a very fun game for the whole family.
Replay Valuec72
Hours of entertainment :.
Some are really easy to play and some are more challenging.
just make it a bit more challenging.
Ease of Usec87
So fun and simple to play wide range of songs as well.
It's fun and simple and entertains you c:.
I have even taught myself a couple of simple songs.
Very simple and fun for basic simple songs.
It has really recent songs and it is super easy to play.
It's super easy to play and there's so many songs.

Tiny piano is awesome it's fun and enjoyable. found in 3238 reviews
Great & easy way to learn how to play piano on the go or just for fun. found in 1285 reviews
Would be better if it gave you the rhythm of the song though. found in 10 reviews
i would recommend adding Can't Hold Us by Macklemore. found in 8 reviews
It needs party in the usa by Miley Cyrus. found in 6 reviews
Great fun awesome but needs more songs. found in 14 reviews
Just learning to read music so that would be really helpful. found in 20 reviews
This game is really fun I wish I could play it all day. found in 6 reviews
This app is really cool but it needs something more. found in 9 reviews
Like the app but wish the keys were a little bigger. found in 10 reviews
Awesome but I wish they would have more songs for free. found in 5 reviews
But it NEEDS more modern songs that a lot of people know. found in 6 reviews
I think it's great and cool but I wish they had better songs. found in 7 reviews
I wish that the app forced you to hit the right key. found in 75 reviews
all the right notes are played even if you hit the wrong key. found in 34 reviews
Man I love playing this but the keys are too small. found in 10 reviews
More popular songs would be nice like All Of Me by John Legend. found in 12 reviews
I love this app it just needs newer songs. found in 5 reviews
Add more songs: Don't Stop Believing. found in 8 reviews
but missing one KEY feature. found in 8 reviews
Wish the keys were a little bit bigger. found in 22 reviews
Great but needs some country songs in its next update. found in 18 reviews
you dont need to press the right keys to play it. found in 16 reviews
You don't actually play the keys. found in 7 reviews

The Tiny Piano is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 7.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.4 has been released on 2014-11-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Tiny Piano check developer squarepoet, inc.`s website : http://www.tinypiano.com/

The easiest way to play piano, guaranteed Have fun with 100 famous songs & scales. Touch anywhere on the piano to play the next note in the song. You are responsible for the timing and rhythm, so ...
Love it so manny amazing songs                 Wow
I really like this app I hope that it goes far this game is super fun and easy to play                 Coolest game
I love pianos                 i LOVE it
Many free songs to teach you                 Great game
This app taught me piano to play simple songs and make peers think you have had years of lessons                 Fun
Great fun and simple to use              Piano
This app is just SOOOO amazing                 I love this app
Lol                 So cool
Nice                 Cool
Wow this app is so addicitng I love it                 App
I just downloaded for something to mess around with Enjoyed it so much that I went and got a keyboard Then I found out that this is a great way to practice on the go              Fun with learning
this is so fun to play                 so fun
Awesome game Very entertaining                 Tiny piano
It is a fun game no glitches                
Yeishdkdid                 Tis very pretty an goood
Brilliant                 Great
I have enjoyed playing this AP its a good game Need some newer songs                 Tiny pino
Thank you for the good app                 Nice app
Cool app                 Awesome
Its awesome it helped me with some more music on piano Especially for KR                 AWESOME
Fun app but not a good piano teaching tool Also I think Ive had the full version for a year now and there have been no new songs posted Where did my money go           Fun but rarely updated
I love this app so much                 Awesomeness
I am like soooooooooo addicted to this game i play it in the middle of school when i get a chance Great Game                 WOW
This is a lot of fun especially when you know the tempo of the song Entertaining for a young person                 Love it
I love piano and I love listening to it Tiny piano believe it or not helps me learn how to play songs I love this app plz make more modern songs I want u guys to have those songs Thx Plz this would be great THANKS                 LUV IT
There is only one problem with this app It only detects when you touch the screen not by which key u press over all a good use of my time I LOVE IT YAYYY                 LOVE THIS APP PLZZZ READ
This is a great app i loved it liked it and its amazing                 Gr8
The best game Ive played                 The best
My daughter loves this app                 Love
I can now play my fave songthanks for this                 Great piano app
The tiny piano is a great game because you get a lot of free songs if you cant buy them                 Great game
I like it           Tiny piano
Excelent app                 Excelent
I love this app                 BESTEST APP EVERRR
Great app totally addicting                 Great app
I live for this piano Its not even a game for me I play it everyday and my friends are like whose playing the old lady music Haha SHUT UP I really do love this piano 3 I would love it if you added a this is Halloween by nightmare before Christmas so I can play a Halloween song this October Thanks so much for reading                 Its so Amaze
Pretty darned awesome once you get the hang of it Selection of songs is pretty great too                 Worth it
its a cool game                 Cool
Its awesome though I wish it had popular songs now a days                 Best game
amazing game actually helped me learn how to play the piano                 wtfbryan
Good                 Tiny piano
I love this game and if you get it you will fall in love with it immeaditly                 AWSOME GAME
I like tiny piano it sounds good and you can play whatever speed you like                 Great game
I love it Easy simple and fun way to learn a song or play it your way                 Love it
I have A suggestion for a song and it is asdf movie I Like Trains                 Love It
You can play many popular and well known songs with it Furthermore you can learn how to play many new songs with this little piano                 Wonderful little piano
I really do enjoy this game I love that there is no designated speed It is perfect for beginners I just wish they put a Steven Universe song                 This game is great
I absolutely love this app so fun to play                 LOVEEE ITTT
I love the app it helped me to play the piano without lessons                 Love it

Tiny Piano Music Tiny Piano Love ThisTiny Piano Music Tiny Piano Love ThisTiny Piano Music Tiny Piano Love ThisTiny Piano Music Tiny Piano Love ThisTiny Piano Music Tiny Piano Love ThisTiny Piano Music Tiny Piano Love ThisTiny Piano Music Tiny Piano Love ThisTiny Piano Music Tiny Piano Love ThisTiny Piano Music Tiny Piano Love ThisTiny Piano Music Tiny Piano Love ThisTiny Piano Music Tiny Piano Love ThisTiny Piano Music Tiny Piano Love This

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