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Description - Stupidness 2

 ORANGENOSE STUDIOS  , the publisher behind many iOS games (Stupidness 2 ,Stupidness 2 PRO), brings Stupidness 2 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Stupidness 2 games has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Funny game that keeps you entertained in every way..
  • Super fun and great for making your friends feel stupid..
  • So mind boggling how easy some of the answers are LOL..
  • Buuh overall a pretty fun and entertaining game :..
  • Its really fun and makes your brain work..

Overall Satisfactionc81
Cool game need common sense to play it though.
This is the most fun game ever I love this game it's so fun.
Just wished there were a few more stages.
Amazing game so entertaining-will probably buy it.
this is one of my favorite games out of all my iPod touch.
Wonderful game of you really want to feel stupid at times.
I recommend this game for anyone who loves a good challenge.
Fun & Engagingc89
Awesome game love it everybody rate five for it.
Cool game need common sense to play it though.
Super fun and great for making your friends feel stupid.
This game is fun and challenging and tests your knowledge.
One of the most fun and addicting game ever.
This is the most fun game ever I love this game it's so fun.
Very fun game to play by itself or with a lot of people.
This game is so fun and hard at the same time I love this app.
I'm in love with this Game I play it every day.
I can play it every day.
Family Friendlyc88
very fun and entertainment for the whole family.
and an entertainment for the whole family :.
Awesome my kids loved it.
Kids loved it.
Great fun for adults and kids.
Fun for adults and kids.
Value for Moneyc49
s for u to answer with out buying them.
Replay Valuec83
test your iq level with the stupidness 2 game.
Cool game need common sense to play it though.
Paying for more levels is definetly work it.
There needs to be more levels for free.
Review for stupidness test 2.
The title says it all a stupid test.
It's full of really awesome and clever brain teasers.
This game is fun and challenging and tests your knowledge.
This game made me think and kept me on my toes.
It makes me use the hint thing to figure it out.
Some of the problems can't be solved unless you use the hint.
Ease of Usec71
This game was really easy to beat and didn't take long.
It's so funny too see my friends try to beat it.
This is a really fun simple yet tricky.
Fun simple app.
Easy breezy with hints lol.
Easy breezy beautiful.
Go to options and reset the game to play again.
Updates & Supportc67
Wish you could keep playing though instead of having to buy the full version.
but are then forced to buy the full version.
could use more questions on the lite version.
I don't really like the lite version.

Fun-interesting-I'm NOT smarter than a 5th grader. found in 3 reviews
this game is just a awesome brain challenger. found in 7 reviews
That's the best time killer ever. found in 38 reviews
I love this gamee it's so fun :. found in 8 reviews
This is a very very nice game for kids and adults. found in 11 reviews
It challenges your brain with pictures and mind games. found in 29 reviews
This is the awesomest game I've ever played. found in 10 reviews
This is the most interesting game I have played. found in 34 reviews
Funny and mind blowing game. found in 11 reviews
I love this game so much fun and enjoyable. found in 4 reviews
It's a cute game that challenges me. found in 18 reviews
Great way to kill time and keep your mind sharp. found in 5 reviews
A really good time passer in the morning :. found in 21 reviews
This game is fun and challenging and tests your knowledge. found in 103 reviews
Great way of making ur brain exercise. found in 12 reviews
This game is so craaaazy worth the free download. found in 4 reviews
Had a blast playing it and laughing at my friends failing. found in 5 reviews
test your iq level with the stupidness 2 game. found in 299 reviews
Great mind boggling game. found in 19 reviews
Not a bad game for the free version. found in 23 reviews
It waz not even hard dat game needs to be harder. found in 8 reviews
I think it's totally awesome man but needs more questions really. found in 15 reviews
Some things are impossible to figure out without deducting your score with a hint. found in 142 reviews
Fun game but some questions don't make sense can become annoying fast. found in 12 reviews
Look up impossible test hardest test about 80 question. found in 84 reviews
it's definitely addicting but also frustrating at times. found in 11 reviews
Stupid questions really dont have anything to do with IQ. found in 22 reviews
good way to waste some time on a bus. found in 53 reviews
Glad it gave answers but wish I could play it more than once. found in 9 reviews
Very fun game but would not let me play a second time. found in 8 reviews
Makes y0u feel stupid haha but that's the best part. found in 15 reviews
Some of the answers make u feel really stupid. found in 9 reviews
For a stupid test it was actually kind of challenging. found in 191 reviews
Fun game needs more levels and chance to play multiple times. found in 263 reviews
The game was way to short and the Q's were kinda stupid. found in 48 reviews
Does make you feel a little dumb but good way to waste time. found in 53 reviews
This was very amusing but some are almost impossible without the hints. found in 23 reviews
Needs more levels but overall cool and funny. found in 251 reviews
This reminds me of the impossible quiz on addictinggames. found in 50 reviews
I don't really like the lite version. found in 19 reviews
sence I cleared the level I'm not aloud 2 play anymore. found in 10 reviews
Why did u invent that its stupid and confusing terrible game. found in 11 reviews
I hated this game and it's the worst game ever. found in 24 reviews
Good in the beginning then just plain stupid. found in 10 reviews
Impossible test is better then this. found in 17 reviews
The questions don't make sense and it brings down ur self esteem. found in 12 reviews
asks trick questions that can have many different answers/approaches. found in 16 reviews
Dumb questions and you can only play one time. found in 9 reviews
but are then forced to buy the full version. found in 181 reviews
Pretty dumb game and no not because I did badly. found in 20 reviews
Wish i cud play more than once on the free app :/. found in 47 reviews
You can't play it again once you beat it. found in 10 reviews
To know this is stupid. found in 48 reviews
These questions have nothing to do with iq. found in 22 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Stupidness 2 for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 9.1 MB to download. The new Stupidness 2 app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-19. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Stupidness 2 check developer  ORANGENOSE STUDIOS `s website :

Top app in many countries after 2 days release: 1st in Free Apps (Canada) 1st in Free Apps (Australia) 2nd in Free Apps (UK) 1st in Free Apps (Greece) 1st in Free Apps (Singapore) 1st in Free Apps (HK) 1st in Free ...
This game is soooooooo awesome is keeps entertained for about 20 45 mins every time I play it                     Idiot test KissesRN
I think its alright             It s alright dirkdigglerthetickler
As soon as you re stumped on a question and hit the button that says something like View answer here a white rectangle appears on the screen that does not go away and stops you from being able to press any buttons on the game and stops you from playing I exited out and went back in and it is still there It happens with the stupidness 3 and the first I even deleted the app and re downloaded it and still when i entered the app the white box doesn t go away no matter where you click on the screen There is no answer it s just a plain white box Highly do not recommend for that reason only Completely ruined the game for me as i cannot play any longer     MUST READ Kellster1100089635z
This game is rely hard but I like it     Rurumart
This is a very bad app because it always seems to pull up a add and it makes no sense     This is terrible Yay😃👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
This is stupid you re stupid Let s eat some cake     Stupid Dj nfluence
It s just a regular game     This game is stupid Miszyoshi
35 tests and then buy more Also it freezes up     Freeze up Lppartridge
You have to reboot every level It s just not worth it Don t waste your time on downloading     App LOCKS UP every level IbleedUKBlue!!
Not a smart app at all     Lame Beatmarkie
Most of the time I found I had to look up the solution for answers and when I saw them they were the weirdest things that nobody would think of And halve the time any tap of mine caused the timer to go down faster I don t recommend this game     Dumb Dakota.Rineer
Waste of 99     Continually locks up Mrs.Anderson731
Freezes anytime I ask for a hint     Interesting Starry motte
This game is fun                     Fun Your boy596
I was trying to reset my score but it does not work please fix the problem         Needs some improvements July/29/2014
This game is not working from level 12 and solution button doesn t work Please read my comment and get it fixed coz it seems fun     Needs fixing Game Smart
This games freezes and crashes to much on my iPhone 6 This used to be one of my favorite games now it s my least Favorite game     Bs Would give it no stars at all
Lots of people like this game I m not one of them             Not impressed Pepper Jack King
Fun game but some of the questions are really confusing which doesn t make it fun             Good but hard s Sophiesoapbar
It is hard but really really fun                     Totally deserves a 5 D.I.Y girl
I didn t really like this game because it didn t really make sense to me I m deleting it     Me no likey Wifuvi
I love it i thought i wouldnt be as fun but when i played it i could stop playing it                     Best game ever 308407
It shows how dumb you really are you can also prove how dumb your friends seem to appear                     Tricky but i like it 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻👌🏻
I really enjoyed this app great job                     Great time KenyettaGray
See how low their own iq is     I feel like the creators of this game should take the test Gavin230
It tests me                     It is great Music 'On' World 'Off'
I can t get pass 33 it won t let me             Really Teambudder
On the level turn the light off you have to turn your device slowly I did that so many times and it still did not work     Can t even get past a level Acmawesome
Crashes frequently     Useless game Jessieeeeeeeee :)
Yeah he did                     Deji sent me here SuccessorOfFate
Follow me on Instagram incorrectgrammar                     Faze adapt played this Fazefanboy12343234565
Almost every time I fail I have to completely restart the game because nothing I click on will take me anywhere even though the show me the answer acts like it wants me to click on it         Creative but crazy buggy Rayten
Fun game until you complete it and want to play it again to see if you can get a higher score When you click play it won t let you and opens multiple tabs to buy the full game When you try to reset your score it freezes and crashes     It was fun until Turtlepokin'
I hate it         Good game Ellbella001
Oh dang 2011 this app should have comeback                     Hope Anonymoususer12344
The game kept freezing every time I typed in the right answer SO BAD Don t get it     SO BAD TotesCutie690
Orangenose is my favorite but this game disappoints me You guy can do better             No what i was hoping Ad 147
It is a kinda tricky but fun game                     Good game Blahhh I'm a monster
Estex juego x ex una h poLkeria x tex dare x plop x plo x seh me h despeina x el dubi hx     Literally a Stupid test Tu yal'hx
Good                     Great Pilasamito
Yes     Crashes when clicking view solution Djangolove
I ve tried several times to play I have even deleted and added it back but it will not open up any hints or pause so maybe I just really don t know what I m doing     App problems Stacyhop
Great game                     Stupidness Bear21NY
I love this game if i cud give it more stars i would                     How much I love this game Aaa sow fun
I really like this game                     Review Duicifejifdjjt
I don t really like it because it s really glitchy and I don t even know how to play it     Ugh ~Xoxo~ ^_^
Penis     Penis xX_🐔🐔BR🐔🐔_Xx
Great game                     Ucfduffickfdhrhjfcy Hffifrurydxcgiggighuc
Loved it mann                 Best IQ Game EVA 3
Like it makes you think out of the box but seriously Whats the use for look for solution if it freezes the whole game when u click it          
Fun to play                 Great game
Really good game buy it                 Good
There was a solution button Ive never noticed that before My iq was 125                 Great
I love this game if i cud give it more stars i would                 How much I love this game
This is awesome                 So cool
I really like this game                 Review
I really like this game Its very fun I used the hints a lot though Hey for pay the exact price use two fingers to rip the price tag in half Then it will only be 24                 This game
It made me feel like an idiot     I hated this game
Its really stupidlolso funny                 Stupid
Its an okay game but its not that fun I did finish the while thing though           Idk
I love it i thought i wouldnt be as fun but when i played it i could stop playing it it was the best game ever                 Best game ever
It was awesome                 Stupid test
This game is cool to test how stupid u are              Awesome
I like this game I like it a lot                 My Review
Luv the game                 Asome
This game is a good game I like it because it is a little challenging                 Awesome
Penis     Penis
This game messes with our mind but it is fun              Hard and fun
I liked it and disliked itThe game almost made me rage quitIt feels like I could have broke my iPod I was so mad              Cool game
Sometimes but really its fun I wish the pro virson was free but if u like this game dont be stupid go get part two                 Its fun but annoying
Im on the border line of liking and disliking this game I took one star away because I think it unfair to ask such outrageous questions then take time from you I would tell others to try it though I gave it the amount of stars it gave me           Like the game
Great game                 Stupidness
i really like this game but everytime i press show solution it freezes my whole screen im not sure if i am the only one with this issue but until then its 4 stars              I Love it buuuut
Fdtgdyegb                 UFC
I love this game but I have tried every way to beat level 13 but I cant figure it out Please help me figure this out              Awesome but trouble please read
Yes     Crashes when clicking view solution
It was okay but it seemed fake           Review
Great game                 Ucfduffickfdhrhjfcy
This is the crappiest game I have ever played it doesnt let you find a solution Some people mAy like it but I dont Im just stating my opnion     Boooo
It was ok I wish there was more qustions           Hi
Its dumb because u have to buy the game whoever bought the game is even stupider then the game     Dumb
I likey                 Cool
Ive tried several times to play I have even deleted and added it back but it will not open up any hints or pause so maybe I just really dont know what Im doing     App problems
This is a great app but Im stuck on the pay exact amount question Someone please help                
I like it                 This game
Its alright        Ok
Alright but could be better              Fun
So wacky I love it Rate 10                 This is awesome
Im only writing this because the app told me to But it was fun So 5 stars                 Ok
The only but major concern is that it is extremely buggy Whenever I tried to press either pause see the answer or options it simply freezes        Fun concept but needs a smarter developer
I dont really like it because its really glitchy and I dont even know how to play it     Ugh
I love this game I never Thought it would be such a fun game                
So cool                 Belen
This is a fun game I would buy the second one if I had the money to                 Good
Quick easy way to kill a few minutes I finished all the free levels in ten minutes Fun though           Easy quick
Amazing game love it                 AWESOME

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