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Description - Strategy & Tactics: World War II

HeroCraft Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Scrubs ,Wordshift Academy: word puzzle ,Zombie Derby ,Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics ,Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics Deluxe ,Plancon: Space Conflict), brings Strategy & Tactics: World War II with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Strategy & Tactics: World War II games has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • One of the only great WWII strategy games for apple devices..

Overall Satisfactionc78
One of the only great WWII strategy games for apple devices.
This is a amazing game.
One of my favorite games.
Best score ever heard.
Wonderful game.
Fun & Engagingc72
This is an awesome game that really gets your mind working.
Download this game its tons of fun.
Very Fun and addictive.
Simple and Fun.
Value for Moneyc19
It didn't ask for real money.
Replay Valuec56
The AI is challenging on some maps.
A great game for those new to strategical warfare games.
Production Valuesc63
The game play is enjoyable and mostly intuitive.
Ease of Usec75
Simple and Fun.
Awesomely simple.
Easy to learn fun to play.
The game play is enjoyable and mostly intuitive.
Updates & Supportc27
Lite version is good at getting a feel for the game.

one cross platform multiplayer mode via wi fi map. found in 1 reviews
fight your way through eighteen missions with an ex x441. found in 1 reviews
It's a little complex. found in 2 reviews
the following content is available in premium version. found in 1 reviews
The AI is challenging on some maps. found in 2 reviews
Love the game guys keep up the good work. found in 1 reviews
This is a amazing game. found in 5 reviews
Best WW2 game on the AppStore. found in 2 reviews
Download this game its tons of fun. found in 2 reviews
Turn based military strategy games are a passion. found in 10 reviews
It's an entertaining war strategy game. found in 2 reviews
not paying for premium. found in 1 reviews
He and I are always thousands of miles apart. found in 1 reviews
Played it nonstop and its been really fun and challenging. found in 1 reviews
Easy to learn fun to play. found in 1 reviews
You can conquer the world without getting arrested. found in 1 reviews
Great time killer. found in 2 reviews
Great for passing the time by the fire pit. found in 1 reviews
multiple skirmish mode maps with various customisable game settings. found in 1 reviews
until you realize that you can't win some missions without in app purchases. found in 1 reviews
It's both challenging and requires some thinking. found in 1 reviews
Almost impossible gameplay without spending $$$$ buying resources etc. found in 3 reviews
Not a bad game. found in 4 reviews
Needs interface work. found in 1 reviews
Fun but annoying. found in 1 reviews
$ 10 for the full version is a rip-off. found in 3 reviews
Fun but glitchy. found in 1 reviews
Needs a bug fix. found in 1 reviews
but the ability to win is VERY difficult. found in 7 reviews
Then the actual game came and I can't even pass the first level. found in 1 reviews
Crash bug. found in 1 reviews
Please fix for return to 5 stars. found in 1 reviews
Don't bother with this one. found in 1 reviews
Nice game - but slightly flawed. found in 1 reviews
Wish you could have more than 12 units in an army. found in 1 reviews
Needs some work but good. found in 1 reviews
Ok game play but a battery hog. found in 1 reviews
unless you purchase. found in 2 reviews
put stats for units
Worst strategic game I ever played it was disgusting. found in 1 reviews
and no micro transactions. found in 2 reviews
Wasted 7 bucks. found in 3 reviews
This game looks very nice but is highly inaccurate. found in 2 reviews
Crashes when loading. found in 2 reviews
Can't even play the game it. found in 3 reviews
The game crashes and some levels are impossible to complete. found in 3 reviews
one scenario is impossible to win. found in 7 reviews
Looks like great game if I could play it without it crashing. found in 2 reviews

The Strategy & Tactics: World War II is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Russian. It weighs in at a hefty 116 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.0 has been released on 2014-11-13. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Strategy & Tactics: World War II in HeroCraft Ltd.`s Official Website :

Relive the greatest battles of WWII in this grand strategy masterpiece. Take command of the Axis to conquer Europe - then command the armies of the USSR and Allies to retake it. In Strategy & Tactics: ...
This is a good strategy game first off don t complain it is hard it was made like that to give you a challenge I like how the creators made this game it is good and fun to play for free time Plus it is no Junk or a Scam It is real Okay the creators of this game have other games you can play on like World war 2 or Medieval wars those games are awesome I love this one the most though it s all about strategy and defense                     Awesome Mrjoojoo
I dont get when your playing against bots but cant change anything and its way to hard     Why do you need premium to do anything Yyhnj
The Spanish and Italians have more military power than the USA         Powers not properly weighted MJBofDCA
Ok     Needs more levels and cost less money SuperS1213
As other reviewers have said it takes some learning in the beginning but it s fun and has logistics issues in the game which is fun and realistic                     Learning curve Odie720
Not bad but to expensive for a basic game like this             Review Silverthane7
Since I cannot restore my purchase of the Full version of the sandbox game ill write my review for the Sandbox version here First off let me start by saying this app is amazing I bought the full version and downloaded the free version to try to unlock all countries I eventually did unlock all playable countries I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to beat Poland s objectives and had a lot of fun trouble shooting and strategizing on how to conquer the world as Poland For anyone with trouble as Poland Czechoslovakia Holland Yugoslavia etc just relocate your armies to Spain and work from there conquering Africa Then work your way into Europe by invading Italy After you subdue Italy you should have enough power to conquer the weak points of Europe Now unto the the task at hand I would have LOVED to see a political option in this game This would include allowing the player to join a faction at the country selection menu Playing as the Soviet Union in the Axis or France in the Axis would allow more replayability and would make the game feel different with an alternate history twist I don t like how nations join factions at random and if a nation is non aligned it still joins the war This doesn t make sense I was also wondering if you guys over at herocraft would be interested in working on a WW1 version of this game You could include Asia Europe and maybe even Africa or North America US vs Mexico Ive always wanted a map based ww1 strategy game on IOS and i believe other people would play good money to play that game as they did this game                     In regards to sandbox version nemesis008
The game is great fun and interesting I ve played countless hours on the sandbox version of the game which i suggest getting in addition to this My question is is it possible to play multiplayer or is it just for the deluxe version of the app and if it is for this version can you play between users of the free app and the paid app                     Great game just a question MisterAflac
Good times like the old axis and allies over game                 Fun Reno Dangerous
Fun strategy game The symbol that shows you can t build troops at a factory needs to be added to the in game info Took me a bit to figure out that s what it meant                 Pretty cool jtw90
I got this app about a week ago and it was pretty fun until I found out the full version of the game is 8 00 and not to mention the additional in app purchases if you don t get the full version you can t change any setting on online gameplay or when you play against the ai you also get only three missions of the story mod the developer should lower the prices but until then DON T WASTE YOUR MONEY     By happypancakes0 Happypancakes0
I was looking for a game that reminded me of an old PC game I used to play Conquest                     I really like this game Jesterplayer
Muy buen juego                     S per fboris97
It takes a while learning effective strategy but it s not too bad Just won first battle after several tries so now we ll see if the game gets better Tips block off retreats for enemy always maintain a retreat for yourself and guard your Air Force by keeping them at least one province behind the front         Not too bad crwood078
I want more DLC maybe a German invasion of the USA with Japan kinda like man in the high castle style and I would like to play Russian invasion dlc with the two player mode                     Plz more dlc Fjkgerhjjiufddthjjkiggg
I fondly remembered the lad board games like Blitzkrieg and was astonished to find this game I am in love with it sic Highly recommend it                     Strategy as it should be markel97
I ve played some of your other games like Strategy Tactics Sandbox and the Medieval War game but this is my personal favorite because you play small yet pleasantly challenging levels through a campaign I call the levels short in comparison to the Strategy Tactics Sandbox game In the sandbox game you are given very few objectives to guide you and it is much more challenging depending on what character you choose In Strategy Tactics if you choose USSR you have quite an easy time surviving and meeting your objective If you choose to play as Latvia you will die at the hands of the USSR immediately I enjoy this game because it uses many objectives to guide you and it also uses common terms that most people know such as how in level 2 or 3 the game tells you to blitzkrieg to strategically bomb enemies right before rushing them with troops tanks and other armored vehicles to catch the enemy while they are dazed to deal a fatal blow I can t find anything else to say at the moment because I m tired and it s around 4 5 AM where I live but to the developers if you are reading this 1 This is one of my favorite games under the category of military strategy games my absolute favorite category of games even though the first military strategy game I played was Risk which I also enjoy does not compare to this both because they are so different and because this is so much better 2 I know you probably won t but I will ask considering your WWII Strategy Tactics franchise series is so popular were you planning on making a WWI based Strategy Tactics I know it could be hard to integrate trench warfare into the feeling of Strategy Tactics but my idea is that trenches will act as normal provinces but they will be extremely fortified and split so that two trenches will be in a province Germany and the other central powers will be the only ones allowed to buy mustard gas at the beginning of the game so they will have the advantage over trench warfare in the early game Britain and the allies are the only ones who can buy tanks but Germany can salvage allied tanks after battle and reuse them whisper and maybe German technology branch could include the ability to dissect and learn how to build tanks wink wink Germany should have zeppelin which are invincible unless a province is conquered while the zeppelin is in the airport there or they are hit with a missile from a plane I don t know how you would make Austria Hungary as bad as it was in the real war but you could try Also make it so that part way through the the war the Russian civil war happens and the Bolshevik controlled provinces do not attack the central powers Other than that I don t what else to say because anything else would be too obvious to add                     One of my favorites of the Strategy Tactics series Zaratoid the reviewer
It takes a bit to get use to but it is fun to play                     Challenging but fun Kooljoe BDS86
First off don t expect to master this game on your first play through There is a learning curve and the game can be rather difficult but that s why it s so fun It took me a couple of play throughs to master the game and the game is still very fun Money well spent Also the game is not pay to win The only reason to spend money in game is if you aren t willing to put the time into actually getting good at the game The learning curve is what makes it fun Don t buy resources Just practice To Herocraft s credit they fixed a lot of the issues I was experiencing with this game The two expansions used to crash upon loading but they both work now The bones of this game are very good and it is a fantastic play through for a strategy fan Consider purchasing one of their newer versions but I do recommend contacting their customer service if you have any issues or before purchase They have been very prompt and helpful with any issues Definitely a five star game for gameplay depth and replay value                     Very good strategy game for real strategy fans Fixed a lot of problems Brandon Levi
After the tutorial the game is mere impossible I couldn t get past the first map The game was interesting and challenging just too challenging         Tough game G.D.71
The last update was pushed with no actual changelog just an ad for the in app purchases The game itself is well designed but ruined by being pay to win Fortunately there s also the deluxe version which has no in app purchases is properly balanced and is much more enjoyable Get that instead         Why the update Peanut butter pixal thing
Won t go beyond the developer name screen Trash     Doesn t Even Load Holland B
I had this game a while ago but deleted it because it had extreme crashes I redownloaded it hoping that the crashes had been fixed yet I cannot even get past the hero craft loading screen You say that it has been fixed and that we should update it to see the changes but there are none     Crashes Concobar
Crashes spoil the fun         Some campaign scenarios crash at start Abdul Abulbul Amir
The game hasn t been updated ever doesn t work with modern IOS and isn t supported     Not updated Dudeimboss
WARNING DO NOT GET THIS GAME The game crashes every time it opens     Worst Game Ever Jhituudc
Loved the first game thought the second part would be better the app won t even start I tap on it it displays a tank then closes the app totally gut wrenching was really looking forward to playing this game     Let down Chrisperez413
This game is pretty great                     Game Dude this game
Works well and playable to fill gaps in my day On iPhone 7 plus iPad Pro and iPad 2 it crashes when in re enforcement mode about every other time Lite version limited scenarios but very playable                 Fun with medium strategy Knot2knight
Crashes frequently Ads are distracting and cover key ui elements It isnt clear that different units have different strengths             Could be fun but MerleCorey
I like it                     Dig it Sinnadass
Im biased against touchscreens especially small ones but I find the command interface irritating After a battle my thumb is always sore because I have to tap a whole bunch for each order I spend a lot of time deselecting my accidental selections like planes vs infantry However the gameplay is good even novel in some ways for me I do wish retreats were more obvious I thought defending troops were getting mowed over              Needs interface work
Good game very fun to play on long car rides or at homebut its almost impossible to unlock all nations in pack 1so I was just going to buy it but it wants ten bucks Even though I only need the last country Why cant I just pay two or three dollarsi would be happy to spend ten and unlock everythingbut not for a single country please fix              Fun but broken purchase structure
Great game                 AWSOME
You cant get past level 3 without spending money its impossible I dont want to spend money on this its not worth it     To much money
The game is decent enough if you like turn based strategy games Its a little slow with the movement controls but one of the better tablet games Ive found I do hate everything with in app purchases and refuse to pay for them Not sure how long Ill get to go until Im forced to quit It was free so far so Im happy with that           Not bad for a tablet strategy game
Like Axis and Allies                 Excellent game
Great fill in for Axis and Allies                 Great game
Good strategy for the price        Ok freemium
Challenging but ultimately winnable if you learn from your past mistakes and defeats Fun                 Strategy Tactics WW III
Love it                 Great Game
Broke my hand so this is almost as fun as beating off                 Fun
I hate the game because I cant even move a troop when u tap on it it does nothing     Hate it
Great game loads of fun but Im annoyed by inapp purchases especially AFTER Ive paid for the game           Inapp purchases make this five a three
I usually always louse cause I eather got 1 state left or I built an army and I run out of time please remove that and I got a new idea that will get me to rate 5 stars zombies              No time limit and zombies
Really fun and awesome                 Great game
Lets see what happen on the way Then ill let u know        So far so good
Didnt realize I only got the freemium version when I downloaded I had a great time playing but will not pay 7 for the rest of the game If they dropped the price to 2 I may take another look              Great game not paying for premium
I love strategy games and this one was really fun However Shame on the developer for charging 999 and then making inapp purchases a must to continue deep into the game I dont have a problem paying 915 for a full game but I get really frustrated when I spend that much and it is as bad as a broken free to play game that is trying to siphon money to make the game playable Please dont purchase until they fix the payment structure Free to play with app purchase or a full beatable and fun game at 999     Please dont purchase
This is a great game Ive been looking for a game just like this Either its too hard or Im just terrible at it                 Great Game
This game is great Been looking for a good turn based strategy game and really excited about this And its got good graphics AND WW2 Really worried about when they ask me to pay for the full version              Turn based
Great game Reminds me of playing Risk as a kid                 War and tactics
Add new buttons that allows you to switch alliances and others              Add
This is an awesome game that really gets your mind working I love this game it is so fun I am glad I got it                 Awesome
Would give 0     Terrible
The game is a fun strategy                 Great game
This game was AWESOME the way you play you can conquer worlds and its awesome                 Boooooommm
Great game but takes time to learn it                 Its Risk on my IPAD
This game took over my past three days My neck now hurts from hours and hours bending over my phone Crazy good The full package is a bit pricey though and some of the controls are klunky and over designed              Too addictive
This could be a very good game if 1 The online play actually worked 2 The unit capabilities were defined with inplay menus 3 The battles were more accurate and not tilted toward the AI to encourage paytoplay upgrades Some of the campaigns pit you at 21 ratio with AI which besides historical inaccuracies are impossible without plunking in quarters to bolster your forces 4 It needs updating It hasnt been updated in almost a year        Great game idea Poor execution
Only a few missions available for free        Fun but Im not paying
Once you learn how to beat it it is just repetitive Routinely beat the Reds in UK scenario in four turns        Learning is all there is
Itle pressure you into buying reinforcements the first mission u do dont be week just delete the game     Peer pressure
Love it              Love the style of game
I used to play conquest you just use dices but this is what i was looking for A more interactive game of strategy I have like 2 hrs of game time so far Very good                 Time flies
Some better placement of text tips would help For example when buying reinforcements Also needs a bit more refinement of graphics              Needs some work but good
I bought this app for 699 two years ago and have loved playing it but today when i entered the app after an auto update they had taken away all of the maps and campaigns that i had before and said that i had to buy the 999 deluxe version to get them back     How can they do this
Terrible Eats up a lot of battery and near impossible to keep up with everything     Bad game
A great strategy game                 Lots of fun
Perfect                 Perfect
This is a very cool game and I love the Risk feel The problem is if you want to progress past the third mission or so be prepared to shell out some money I personally despise if you want to progress than pay Id be happy to spend a few bucks and get a beatable game rather than be swindled and leeched dry     Freemium trap
It is good so far           Good strategy game
doesnt glitch no fancy graphics works well Tutorial is tedious not very helpful              not bad for free
Just beginning but excellent game so far                 So far so good
Worth downloading              Great game
I liked it at first but then found many times you have to buy credits to win a level but those credits wont roll over to your next one This will nickel and dime you to death        Nickel and dime
Tougher than I thought its a fun game              Rating
I have been waiting for this game a long time Turn based military strategy games are a passion but most have fallen short of my expectations This game combines strategy and great playability making it challenging and good fun Would love to see a strategy manual Please keep adding to this game                 Very playable
Download this game its tons of fun Turnbased strategy The only downfall is that youre limited to storing 12 units per territory would be nice if you could build up larger armies              This game is awesome
Great game but when I got in to it It wanted me to pay to actually continue the game I hate when games do that especially good games like this           Money to complete
Good game Good play effects Need to have better awards rate Some of the missions purposely set you up for failure unless you purchase with real money more units I dont have a problem buying credits but not if it requires this much just move on Please remedy this           Good game

Strategy & Tactics: World War II Games Game SettingsStrategy & Tactics: World War II Games Game SettingsStrategy & Tactics: World War II Games Game SettingsStrategy & Tactics: World War II Games Game SettingsStrategy & Tactics: World War II Games Game SettingsStrategy & Tactics: World War II Games Game SettingsStrategy & Tactics: World War II Games Game SettingsStrategy & Tactics: World War II Games Game SettingsStrategy & Tactics: World War II Games Game SettingsStrategy & Tactics: World War II Games Game SettingsStrategy & Tactics: World War II Games Game SettingsStrategy & Tactics: World War II Games Game Settings

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