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Entertainment Worx , the publisher behind many iOS app (Sports Betting™ ,Gamblers Palace), brings Sports Betting™ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Sports Betting™ app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • the emphasis on sports betting is intentional and thought effectively..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Better than losing real $$$.
" Defiantly the best sports betting app around.
Beside that I love the site.
Definitely feels amazingly real.
I've been playing this game for a while now and love it.
Love the latest update.
This app is really wonderful.
Fun & Engagingc93
This game is awesome.
Keeps getting better all the time :.
Production Valuesc100

Very useful for knowing what's really going on in sports. found in 1 reviews
multiple mobile devices supported with a single account. found in 1 reviews
Better than losing real $$$. found in 4 reviews
Fun way to stay in the game and challenging. found in 1 reviews
" Defiantly the best sports betting app around. found in 1 reviews
There's always games around the world to play with. found in 1 reviews
Just updated for iPhone and Kindle. found in 1 reviews
Beside that I love the site. found in 1 reviews
I recommend this app highly and look forward to the upgrades -Jeff. found in 1 reviews
made for sports fans and betting enthusiasts alike. found in 3 reviews
I play the game mode and consider it "fantasy gambling". found in 7 reviews
One of the best apps on my phone. found in 1 reviews
Makes it alot easier to track the latest odds and updates. found in 1 reviews
Great betting app for beginners. found in 1 reviews
I have been searching for an app like this for a long time. found in 1 reviews
harmless and fun way to keep up with all the latest scores. found in 1 reviews
It gives me a real life experience of a Las Vegas Sportsbook. found in 2 reviews
I really like the app I find it enjoyable and entertaining. found in 1 reviews
Love the latest update. found in 1 reviews
I refuse to pay for no reward. found in 1 reviews
New update would not allow me to login. found in 1 reviews
Why is no motor sports. found in 1 reviews
needs more sports /games. found in 1 reviews
That messed me up the first time I used it. found in 1 reviews
They make it impossible for you to withdrawal your winnings. found in 1 reviews
Don't let them steal your money. found in 2 reviews
This game is a complete scam. found in 1 reviews
You need to fix sign in problem. found in 1 reviews
App is just trying to send me to USA illegal sports betting. found in 2 reviews
TOTAL SCAM DO NOT GET. found in 1 reviews
I wish I could give this zero stars. found in 1 reviews
Don’t download unless you want to get hammered by telemarketing calls. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Sports Betting™ for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.9 MB to download. The new Sports Betting™ app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Sports Betting™ check developer Entertainment Worx`s website :

Experience the thrill of real sports betting With Sports Betting you can bet in real time on all your favorite sporting events with live odds, reduced juice and multiple betting options - without risking your ...
They will not return your money I deposited 250 and never received my bonus money After playing for a month or two I attempted to withdraw my money only to be denied     Thieves They're Theives
This app has been lots of fun and great lines for all sporting events Customer service is great and always respond to issues I highly recommend this app Mike                     Great app 5 star duckshel
Don t use this app they will never send you a dollar of your money and they use your credit card overseas on unauthorized charges     DONT USE SCAMMERS cynful007
It will take your money easily but won t let you cash out So your just giving your money away DON T USE     Won t let you collect Xdlt
I ve always used the onside sports app over this one because of the available information and forum capability of onside If this app could move that direction and integrate users and give us somewhere to comment and provide info to each other and onside won t last another day on my phone I m begging for an onside replacement they are horrible with keeping up and supporting their app Get with it y all             Shows Promise Kuntzie13
Can t even get in now after last update Won t load Contest options were broken They had raised minimum bets so you have to win at least 5 dollars increasing your bet on a heavy favorite Don t even think about using a deposit bonus You will NEVER get you money out if you do Run away     Terrible Zero Stars Guest-13
You can bet on teams and win money but you can not withdraw your money     Scam JBellagio
Robux                     Free Help 😭
They have no website or contact information I ve tried to log on numerous times and I m not able to verify my account I have deposited money and have been burning as a guest but still haven t been able to log on no one has gotten back to me while trying to reach out to them     Rip off Markcb22
Decent app but i am curious about options how to deposit and withdraw winnings Help             Sports Betting App Druddz29
I like the app until it comes to withdrawing your winnings I can not find anything on app where it allows you to withdraw Does anyone else know             Trouble withdrawing Ceejayfresh15
Love this app I ve been using it for over two years I use the game mode please add NBA props and team Totals Maybe horses to great app                     Great App Please Update Rj13rydjfsf
They matched my initial deposit of 100 I ended football season up 425 Tried to cash out and was told because I accepted their gift i still had to gamble over 1600 worth to make a withdrawal How does that math work Go F yourself They took my money easy enough Good luck getting it out 2 months later and my initial 100 still has not been refunded Now they want my credit card statement to prove they never refunded it What a joke Find a bookie It s safer     Good luck getting your money mbots
App charges really high fees to withdraw money If you withdraw by bitcoin there is no fee who uses bitcoin all other methods take anywhere from 2 to 14 days and have fees from 25 and up I just tried to withdraw 1400 by WU and the fee was 85 lol They have a debit card that has a 25 activation fee and a monthly fee of 5 App itself has pretty decent betting options better ones out there User interface is very amateur Bonus options are fun to play with just make sure you understand the terms I wouldn t recommend this app to anyone     Fees fees fees Jbuha
I used this app for a while and on multiple occasions have lost or pushed on wins I just pushed on an 11 5 point line Would never trust the casino associated with this app                 Multiple Errors Jx2alluponu
Do not use they seriously never payout     Horrible Kay ell
Why can t you cash out FRAUD SCAM     TheReal_Pjizzle
This site is a total rip off They will take your money but never pay out your winnings Only lies and excuses but they never pay you It s a Chinese rip off site using Costa Rica so you can t sue Find a legitimate site unless you want to be robbed by Chinese mobsters running this site ANYWHERE but here if you care about your money RIP OFF     Never pays out BEWARE Luigizamorini
FIXED Thank you for putting the real betting back into the app instead of having it open Safari Much more convenient and very appreciated                     FIXED bones boy
A terrible app its nothing more than a scam and should be removed immediately when you do win it takes forever to get a credit for what u have won and sometimes playing the free version u never receive at all i played the free version and won but they would not credit in time for me to bet on the next game 35 mins and they still did not credit now I ask u what if that would have been a real game would not have been credited the money they owed me to play and I would have had to put more money on a CC and had not even received what they owe me some now I am in more trouble SCAM SCAM SCAM     SCAM harley8647
If this is not a scam please publish a way to collect If it is a scam please other readers prepare to class action I have notified Apple to verify No way I can see to withdraw     Scam 2103Stratford
DO NOT USE This service I have a considerable amount of money tied up with this account and cannot get access to my account I updated my phone and cannot log into my account as the phone kept the credentials to log in Trying the forgot password prompt and they do not recognize my email Also no phone number to contact them directly and their website is barely that Check out the contact support button above for their website I will leave this review here until it is resolved as this is my last option to get their attention     Scam ddemeree20
Fees to withdraw your money are way to high     High fees General Gump
Using real money on this app is a bad idea Withdrawing any winnings is like jumping through hoops They give you the run around and make you fill out ridiculous forms By the time I get the money if I even do it will have been a month after winning     Dont use real money
No risk of losing your own money This app helped me understand how sport betting works Thanks                 Great betting app for beginners
Really fun with the game mode just like Vegas without the money              I like it
The game mode is fun and easy to use                 Cool App
I was actually thinking of betting actual money I used game money and bet the NY Rangers straight up No spread to win for 100 Rangers won 32 This was a game played on May 25th they said I LOST No contact number to fix this What a joke You can keep my fake money but youll never get my real cashsorry     Joke
I wish that there were more sports to bet on than the ones listed I enjoy golf and also love on track bettinghorses Otherwise its a lot of fun              More sports
It seems that if you want to place real money it does not run it from the app always goes to an outsourcing website within the app which is crap To bet in real mode like that I have hundreds of nicer websites to choose from When I have asked them about this situation I got told that it would run from the app They were lying to get our money into their scheme DONT USE IT UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET RIPPED OFF     Not whorth it
A great app                 AAA
Love the simplicity and easy to understand layout of this app great for beginners like me Helps me to understand and learn the the challenges of sports betting I recommend this app highly and look forward to the upgradesJeff                 Fantastic app
Dont work on my iPhone 5s     Crashes
Great applove it                 Sports betting
I use it in game mode primarily because it is so hard to get money into the real account but it gives you a lot of betting options and you can set up parlays for when you cant decide what to bet on It is also a quick way to check the odds if you need to do that                 Works great and it is fun
Scam They make it impossible for you to withdrawal your winnings If you withdrawal 100 of your winnings they want 50 This app should be shutdown DO NOT DOWNLOAD     Scam
Nicee                 Heho
Outstanding In sync with Vegas odds I only wish I could spend all my winnings I guess I could buy an imaginary car                 This is the one
A great app just to have fun with fake money they should add something that tells me which teams Ive been betting on and making money and losing money on                 Cool Concept
This is the best betting app that I have found I think it could be better by adding outrightsfutures to it and also all soccer friendlies That would make it perfect                 Great
I only use the fake money part of the app I really like the app I find it enjoyable and entertaining I wish there was horse betting in more prop bets on the fake money                 Free app and fake money
All you need is highrollerplayscom Just my opinion           Not my cup of tea
Why is no motor sportsnascar is pretty big betting wise Beside that I love the site              kush
In game mode the money line bets are not correct you win way more than in reality probably to get you to play for real money        Wrong
Ive been playing this game for a while now and love it from straight bets to parlays its all here if youre looking for the thrill of Sports Betting without risking your hard earned money look no further 5                 Best sports betting game ANYWHERE
Overall its a great app It has a game mode and a real money mode Ive made good money using the app I highly recommend the app to anyone Just study before you bet though Enjoy              Sports Betting
By and large this app is good I really only use is for the game mode which is fake money My only qualm is that the spreads arent listed next to each game as you scroll through you can only see the spread when you click on a game which is frustrating              Solid App
Just updated for iPhone and Kindle Great entertainment for all sporting events                 Great app
I got this app thinking it would be a simple sports betting app but the interface is slow and complicated Even worse they have a rollover rule meaning that when I deposited 50 to bet with actual money I learned that I wont be able to request to take money out until Ive bet a total of 1000 20x what I put in It didnt tell me that anywhere before I made the payment and Ive lost the majority of the 50 so really they just steal whatever money you have in your account If I had known I wouldve deleted the app and found something else Its a scam     Not a fan
You can gamble for fun or real bread Fun nonetheless especially if you into have knowledge of sports Theres always games around the world to play with so dl it have fun                 Dope app for
Latest version is quite good                 Improved
When I first got this app I thought it was fun to play bet on different games It gave me a chance to learn the lines and to use fake money as entertainment It was like having a stock portfolio with fake money to measure yourself against the market and others Then the calls started Im now getting HAMMERED by texts and telemarketing calls from sports betting operations No matter how many times I tell them I am on the Do Not Call list they still keep coming DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET HAMMERED BY TELEMARKETERS I wish I could give this zero stars     Dont download unless you want to get hammered by telemarketing calls
Excellent way to simulate betting on sports Now if only there was a way to bet on sports for real                 Very good
This app would be great but when you are playing the free part of it and you run out of money in your wallet then you are doneIt will not give you anymore money until 24 hours and then that will only be 20 and you cant win anything if all you have is 20 to betneed more money peoplethe odds that I have seen so far have been way way off on college games especially the SECnot sure where they are getting those atSo I would keep it but just no money when play free and too long of wait before you get anymore and for that reason its a dud an I will delete it     Harleyman1
It is too hard to get online I think it might be the state I live in But trying to bet with live money in impossible           Live betting
I play the game mode and consider it fantasy gambling Its a lot if fun and the spreads are generally spot in                 Great app
Vvvvvvvvvvvvgood แอฟเกมทดมากสนกสดๆ              Bet
Fun for free                 Great
Love it they have game mode betting or real betting Its fun to do both and the lines are great                 Me
Niceee                 Tsbin
Very helpful with novices trying to learn a little about gambling                 Awesome App
This is one of the best sports app I ever used definitely recommend                 Sports app
no credits from freemyapps     lies
Add              Fun for Free
Dont let them steal your money     Frauds
If you are planning to bet real money do not download this app It is IMPOSSIBLE to collect your winnings and there are extensive fees included with cash outs I wanted to withdraw my 100 in winnings and it cost me 35 in fees On top of that they wanted me to send in a bank statement a photocopy of the front and back of my debit card AND a photocopy of my drivers license to receive my money DO NOT DOWNLOAD     DONT DOWNLOAD YOULL LOSE YOUR MONEY
This is a cool little app You have the action without the stress of losing real money It does freeze at timesYou just need to power offThe layout can be a little confusing when it comes to what team is at home Looks a little antiquatedStill lots of fun           Action without the stress
这就是我要给的评价                 5星垃圾
Love this app I love the idea of betting on any game or match around the world                 Great for on the go
Hello Your Beautiful And I Love You                
I really enjoy the betting app Better than losing real                 Good App
Love playing this game Feels real without the Real Risk              Great AppReal Fun
They basically steal your money Super easy to deposit but extremely difficult to withdraw and some how 200 went missing from my account and they blamed my bank     Thieves

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