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Dan Miller-Schroeder , the publisher behind many iOS app (Song Key Finder ,Womb Sounds - Baby Heartbeat Monitor - Doppler Baby`s Fetal Heart Beats in Pregnancy Obstetric Stethoscope or Ultrasound when Pregnant ,Scientific Sci-Fi Scanner ,Sonic Hardware ,Vigor SpO2 | Pulse Oximeter for Sleep Apnea, Asthma, and Blood Pressure ,Knights Arcade), brings Sonic Hardware with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Sonic Hardware app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is a must get app for die hard doctor who fans..

Overall Satisfactionc63
Thank you for taking the time in reading this Allonsy.
I totally recommend buying this app and unlocking everything.

REALY fun :D. found in 1 reviews
99 purchase for " current and future everything ". found in 2 reviews
lots of planets have a north including this one. found in 1 reviews
double tap drag to rotate and pinch to zoom and rotate. found in 1 reviews
Allonsy. found in 1 reviews
I think you shouldn't get it because it only gives you basic. found in 1 reviews
this app has earned a 5 star rating. found in 1 reviews
The only reason the TARDIS changed is because of copyright reasons. found in 2 reviews
GET THIS FREAKEN APP. found in 1 reviews
it is a great sound FX and really fun. found in 1 reviews
Thank you for taking the time in reading this
it's just a phone booth. found in 4 reviews
but it keeps glitching and crashing. found in 2 reviews
disappointing though that is. found in 1 reviews
but it definitely needs improvement. found in 1 reviews
and there's quite a few tech errors. found in 1 reviews
You can't even do anything without paying except for one sonic screwdriver. found in 1 reviews
but I'm not going to complain on and on about it. found in 1 reviews
It's great but if I double tap the screw driver disappears. found in 3 reviews
Please fix and I will rate 5 stars in a heartbeat. found in 1 reviews
This game needs more free stuff but it's still good. found in 1 reviews
If you go into the menu and back. found in 1 reviews
But just don't update unless you wanna lose your tardis. found in 1 reviews
Update has ruined app. found in 1 reviews
Needs a tweak or two. found in 1 reviews
But it's Doctor Who is I guess it's pretty fantastic. found in 1 reviews
Freemium Game -disappointing. found in 1 reviews
Waste of Mega Bites. found in 1 reviews
needs repair or refund. found in 1 reviews
What the heck happened to the tardis. found in 1 reviews
Won't let me use the screwdriver. found in 3 reviews
Won't let me purchase. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Sonic Hardware for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 26.6 MB to download. The new Sonic Hardware app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Sonic Hardware check developer Dan Miller-Schroeder`s website :

Please send all feedback/issues to the support email This is a work-in-progress and I need your input to make it better It`s like regular hardware only it`s...sonic. This fully-manipulatable 3D sonic device includes 9 functionality modules ...
I absolutely hated it its not addicting nor is it fun     This game sûcked
This app is awesome but some of the features dont work for example the open rift doesnt work along with shattering glass Please fix              Good but
Best sonic app On the market So they had to change the tardis to not get suedif you were in their position youd do the same Stop complaining about something no one has any control over Tardis aside this app had better graphics and still more options even without shatter that I shall keep it and love it and call it George                 Ace on ncc1701D
Its okay but Im not gonna waist my money on the TARDIS because its not even blue plus you can see right through it        Okay
You can only play with one object from the movie you have to buy everything else in order to play with the other cool stuff     Not good
This app is stupid dont get it     This app is stupid
Cant even switch sonicscrewdriver     Horrible
This app has been interesting enough but I have read reviews and 9out of 10 reviews say that you changed the tardis Why There are loads if doctor who fans including myself that are FURIOUS about how you changed THE tardis into a stupid RED little phone box that floats in spacechange it back an I will love you forever not literally but figurativelyyou will get 5stars when you change the tardis back Thanks              Cool app but
This isnt approved by the bbc at all Its nothing to do with doctor who Im amazed its legal for it to be on the store in fact I doubt it is     Crap
I understand the whole Phone booth copyright thing so that doesnt bother me I really wish Shatter worked and Compass does nothing but show a zero not sure what its supposed to do anyways I kinda wish I didnt buy all the features only cause Im just now realizing this is a silly thing to waste money on even though it is kinda cool I like the flashlight bit Love the different choices for the actual sonic itself too           Fix Shatter please
I try to change the screwdriver but it just shows up some random thing but cool                 How do I do this
Every even seen the tardis huh Because I know its not red     Wheres the tardis
Why did u replace the tardis with some ugly boring not doctor at all red telephone box or whatever it is Its not the tardis so if you want the tardis dont get this Why But if u need a sonic screwdriver then you need this thing          
This app needs a lot more to be worth the 300        This app isnt to good
Dude everything in the app is Amazing but the tardis is all modern and it has to be blue also your not supposed to see through the tardis Cool but watch the shows your looking for BEFORE you make an app about it           Tardis
I got this app because Im a crazy doctor who fan and this app is good BUT dont buy addons The app is all about the sonic screwdriver and TARDIS but its just stupid to pay 4 for all that     Dont buy addons
Amazing simulator Only one thing that gets me Down I bought current and future everything and am sad to report that both rift and shatter do not work This makes me a little irked but Im not going to complain on and on about it however please fix this ASAP As for the thing that everyone dislikes the non tardis I understand what you did by making it a red phone box there are many copyright issues that would have caused              An idea or two
Yeah theres a update but why did you change the TARDIS What made you change it Because of copyright or something I dont know but please change it back              Hello What happen to the TARDIS
In the app you start with the 10th sonic screwdriver but when you want to change any thing on it you will have to buy it You can buy it all for 4 dollars     Good idea but bad app
Its fine except for the red telephone box Thats bloody rubbish              Good but
I think it would be in your best interest to change the tardis back              Tardis problem
This is such a wonderful app I recommend it to anyone Ive really enjoyed this app The sonic screwdriver is just like the real one My reasons for making a review 1 This app is great for anyone 2 To say that the creator did an excellent job 3 Life is supposed to be filled with fun and this app is definetly fun 4 Ive heard you get a sonic screwdriver if you write a reviewmy favorite is the 9th doctor I play on this app all the time with my friends my family and sometimes by myselfThe reviews at the top that say this app isnt great are not true And you can prove them wrong and write a review as well This is all why the title says to anyone                 To whovians and others
Not worth it one bit Makes you pay for all the stuff     Only one feature
Even though Im American I love the doctor who show and I love this app I think you should make a Dalek app too              Idea
Played with it for a couple minutes then deleted the thing Really unless youre willing to buy ANY of the extra features this gets boring fairly quickly Then there are banner ads I wouldnt mind that so much if maybe the basic version kicked in SOMETHING more than a noise maker     Meh
This game needs more free stuff but its still good              More
I have ten dollars but the stupid app wont let me purchase any in app purchases     Wont let me purchase
Sorry I didnt put this in my last review but it just came to mind that you could let people customize their own TARDIS They could choose through a variety of different colors the amount of windows and wether they are tinted any color they choose or if they prefer a see through window you could even let them chose the amount if panels on the TARDIS Thank you for taking the time in reading this Allonsy                 TARDIS
You should be able to use any screwdriver and do more for free        Well its pretty cool but
I just bought everything and WHAT THE HECK The TARDIS isnt blue and it doesnt look like the TARDIS What is shatter supposed to do Why wont my sonics extend Please make a new update where the TARDIS is the TARDIS shatter does something and the sonics extend Please              WHAT THE HECK
I LOVE the APP My most handy tool but Wheres my BLUE TARDIS in Allonsy Please Bring Back the TARDIS BLUE BLUE BLUE Please Change It or Give the Option Its driving me Barmy              Love It But Wheres my BLUE TARDIS
Please add more free things like different sounds or something              Sonic screwdriver
Having the TARDIS in there has copyright issues                 He cant put a tardis
This thing is pretty cool but pretty boring tooIt does nothing but glowsI am not paying for the full version because I am not going to play a game that is not even a gameI only use this to look at     Pretty but predictable
You cant do anything but make the screw driver buzz and light up You have to pay 4 dollars to do anything cool this a stupid app and a waste of time     Stupid
I got it for free and then I found out all you could do is make a blue light from a sonic screwdriver unless you wanted to pay 10 bucks for all the features     Freemium Gamedisappointing
You have to pay for the 11th doctors sonic screwdriver Not saying I dont like the 10th doctor but seriously ALSO YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE OPTIONS TOO SO IM STUCK WITH A SONIC SCREWDRIVER THAT DOES NOTHING Other than that good app           WHY
Whats up with the tardis just let people design there own and how do I warp time and space my tardis only makes lights and sounds and flys around in the same spot other than the tardis its all good              Tardis
They should have free stuff                 Cool
I use ios703 on iphone4s And the shatter Does not work Plz help                 There is a bug
I rly did not get wat the purpose of this was and was rly disappointed to see how I couldnt use the Mark VII But its Doctor Who is I guess its pretty fantastic        Wat is this 4
ALL links broke can Or upgrade pls fix        Links broke not able to upgrade
Does this have the masters sonic screwdriver If not can u please add it If u add it I will rate 5 stars              Question
It glitches way too much it slowed down m whole phone dont buy the in app purchases you font even get them     Bad
This is a cool app but the TARDIS is red and clear Considering the TARDIS is something you have to pay for this is not cool People who bought the TARDIS before the update when it still looked normal got ripped off I still think this is a good app though because the screwdrivers are cool              Cool screwdrivers but the TARDIS isnt right at all
if you buy somthing and delete the app you must buy it again        DO NOT DELETE
I cant even get the sonic screwdriver to make a sound but it lights up and when i purchased one of the packages from the store it didnt even have any of the stuff i bought on it and it still took my money My review is I dont like the app     This app hardly works
It doesnt work for me Really sad Im a huge Whovian and all the different versions wont work Does anyone know how to fix this It says the connection must be wrong but Im in a perfectly good wifi     Disappointment
You can only get nines sonic and it doesnt work in the US its pretty stupid If they would change this I would gladly give this 5 stars        RAGE

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