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SkyCharts LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Active Checklist ,SkyChartsPro ,LightBox Extra ,SkyCharts Heli ,SkyCharts XC EFB geo-referenced plates and charts ,SkyCharts), brings SkyChartsPro with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SkyChartsPro app has been update to version 2.9.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • SkyCharts is a beautiful moving map display..
  • Fantastic GPS Application..

Overall Satisfactionc79
I love the fact it supports pph and uses the last inputs until replaced.
Charts do look amazing on the ipad.
Everything a pilot needs for a briefing/Flying.
I really like how organized everything is.
Production Valuesc100
It looks and feels very polished.
Ease of Usec100
It's easy and intuitive to use.
Updates & Supportc100
Outstanding app and customer service.
the author actually listens and responds to requests for enhancements.

download charts and plates for offline usage. found in 1 reviews
the author actually listens and responds to requests for enhancements. found in 1 reviews
I've been using Skycharts Pro for about three years. found in 7 reviews
map has vfr ifr lifr color coded metars with orange tafs. found in 1 reviews
Outstanding app and customer service. found in 1 reviews
Must have for pilots kneeboards. found in 3 reviews
Looks great on both the iPhone5 and iPad with retina displays. found in 3 reviews
Didn't realize the app has IFR charts and approach plates too. found in 11 reviews
Great app for VFR flights. found in 4 reviews
It allows simple flight planning and gets you METAR info. found in 10 reviews
like KATL for the Atlanta airport or the latitude + longitude. found in 2 reviews
The two best features are the price and the support from the developer. found in 1 reviews
Heikke is quick to answer questions and make suggestions. found in 1 reviews
Approach plates and airport diagrams look gorgeous on the iPad. found in 1 reviews
I love the fact it supports pph and uses the last inputs until replaced. found in 1 reviews
providing a wealth of information on a nice large iPad display. found in 2 reviews
Great unofficial electronic flight bag. found in 2 reviews
and Distance to waypoint features are all invaluable. found in 1 reviews
I love this app for it's simple graphical user interface. found in 1 reviews
I don't necessarily consider that to be a bad thing. found in 1 reviews
okay but needs georef. found in 1 reviews
But the downloaded maps aren't high res. found in 1 reviews
No more free updates. found in 1 reviews
That is where the problem lies. found in 1 reviews
Charts open in PDF reader of choice. found in 1 reviews
but there's a learning curve that should have been eliminated by the developers. found in 1 reviews
Outstanding but a few updates could make it out of this world. found in 1 reviews
which is disappointing for such large downloads. found in 1 reviews
Kind of irritating. found in 1 reviews
It's ok if you don't want to take it serious. found in 1 reviews
First 5 mins of every launch are spent dismissing alerts. found in 1 reviews
I uninstalled it and will try another app. found in 1 reviews
no frills app that gets the job done. found in 1 reviews
the biggest problem seems to be in the ipad gps limits. found in 2 reviews
removing all existing maps. found in 2 reviews
After the final update any future attempts will erase the cache. found in 2 reviews
the graphics are crap. found in 1 reviews
The "less charts" feature in the latest update renders the app useless. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download SkyChartsPro for $19.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new SkyChartsPro app version 2.9.5 has been updated on 2014-11-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about SkyChartsPro check developer SkyCharts LLC`s website :

Fastest in flight usage of all iPad EFB's- simply double tap on ANY airports to bring up A/FD and approach plates for that airport. Plates are automatically bulk downloaded when caching IFR charts. Charts have ...
I have nothing but good reviews I did have a few problems but the fast and great support helped me out And the problem was NOT on there end but mine As a Pilot I recommend this as it does have offline plan route section so no net needed 5stars                 Great App Support
Sure it downloads a little slow but Skycharts runs on my orphaned first generation iPad 511 which IS slow Even so select your charts for download and let it go its fine The entire western half of the country downloaded in about 45 min No complaints The fact it runs on 511 means I have a cheap backup for my mini and dont need to buy paper charts Who cant handle 4 every 28 days Good grief A SINGLE low chart or TERPS will cost double that Skycharts is a great value I just came off an 8day trip over 4800nm and 43 tach hours Skycharts performed flawlessly I over taxed my limited iPad memory a couple times aggressive zooming and crashed the program but I figured that out and it wasnt a problem Read the faqs and you will be very happy with Skycharts I know I am                 Simple Functionalality
I have used SkyCharts Pro for a several years including three cross the USA flights and constantly here in Alaska Its easy and intuitive to use I cant imagine flying without it now Although it is not quite as fully featured for instrument pilots as ForeFlight its much cheaper and a better choice for strickly VFR pilots My only criticism is that I wish that Canadian charts were availible                 The best for VFR pilots
This app puts your plane on a moving map I keep my iphone in my shirt pocketa terrible place for a gps I take it out tap screen and there I am Plane may jump a fraction in 1 sec it takes to wake up and get the signal from being in my shirt pocket A moving map and course to keeps it simple and useable on an iphone Other apps are too complicated for an iphone screen The maps drag instantly and zoom smoothly A region only takes a me a few minutes to download on wifi Most people wont need more than one region I have been using it below 3500 ft agl Accuracy has been very good I usually lock the rotation to keep the map from pivoting back and forth Price is very low for what you get                 It just plane works
This was the first aviation app I purchased As I remember WingX ForeFlight etc did not exist yet For many years the periodic updates were free It is a great app that may lack some of the functionality of competing products but the price is significantly lower I now use it as a backup to another app and after iOS 6 came out it became handy during a flight that for some reason my main app stopped working Having it on both my iPhone and iPad is a great backup option                 Cant beat the value
This is garbage do not waste your money Among countless other issues the graphics are crap If you zoom in at all it is so blurred that you couldnt possibly read anything I gave this a 1 star rating because I couldnt leave a zero or a fraction of a star     Garbage dont waste your money
This is more than what I wanted for a very good price I get the moving map with the track upnorth up options Termianl Area charts METAR and TAF AirportFacilities Directory and many other things I especially like the ability to interface skychartspro with the newly released xplane version 10 This is very useful as I can learn and get accustomed to using the application while in a simulated flight rather than having to learn the application while learning to fly in the actual aircraft Excellent                 Simple and Effectie
Love the new world ONC charts Now day dreaming of new places to fly to                 Awesome
Ive been using Skycharts Pro for about three years It has performed nicely all that time I use it for all my charts both VFR and IFR No it doesnt have all the features of the competition but it provides all the charts you need I use AOPA on line flight planner and for weather both ADDS and VAF services along with XM in the air Download with DSL is slow but just start it at night and it will be done in the morning Heikke is quick to answer questions and make suggestions Buy Skycharts for the charts Its all you need                 Great App
Didnt realize the app has IFR charts and approach plates too Jus double tap to bring up plates Love that the TAC charts are complete Awesome                 Love it
This is a decent app simple and easy to use I actually prefer it to ForeFlight because it has nicer looking interface thats not so goobered up with tools But the downloaded maps arent high res when you zoom in close they are blurry which is disappointing for such large downloads I understand if they were sharper it would take more data honestly Id like to have the option for larger sharper maps Also the app is rather choppy and scrappy looking just saying And it doesnt have an opinion to use automatic compass orientation Perhaps this is a failsafe against faulty hardware leading a pilot in the wrong direction but if that were the case why do they have rotate button et al        Needs improvement
Last week I would have given 4 or 5 stars There are a lot of moving map apps to choose from This one has basic functionality and is fine for the casual pilot It was a fair price at 20 when it included sectional updates Unfortunately the purchase policy has recently been switched to a subscription with a charge for map updates I am much less enthusiastic about this app at the new price        Price hike
My subscription runs until 28 May but the app tells me I need to buy a chart The chart itself has an ad running on the lower third rendering the chart useless for flying Why did you intentionally screw up your product Why do I have to pay for data Ive already paid for        New format and subscription
SkyChartPro displays FAA charts of several kinds with your route Your only way to enter a route or direct to destination is by entering the correct location codes like KATL for the Atlanta airport or the latitude longitude You can display codes for about 9 airports near you by tapping the direct to symbol That displays the nearest nine or so airports Pick one or a series for route then go back to the map to enter the codes at the top of the map page Pick GO to see your route drawn on the chart of your choice such as a sectional chart or IFR chart If you want to go to an airport a state or two away then you need the airport code such as KATL for Atlanta GA You can find a non local airport code by scrolling the map to find it That is not as easy as being able to enter an airport name or city name or another search term You cannot create and save user waypoints You can enter the latitude longitude of a point as part of a route definition Approach plates airport diagram departure procedures and the like can be called up from a list attached to the airport that you tap on the chart They display crisp and clear but your position is never shown on those The weather METAR for a location can be displayed by tapping the location on the chart No area depiction of weather is provided That is all you get It is just the basics But its a fine product for situational awareness during the enroute phase I wish a similarly economical app was available that showed your position on approach plates The name distance and bearing to the nearest airport is always displayed at the bottom of the screen Thats an excellent idea                 SkyChartPro
Great App I use it every time I fly                 Great App
I have had this app for some time and use it when piloting in my 182 RG and when using the XPlane flight simulator to plan new flight routes It is a low cost 20 lowest cost electronic flight bag that effectively replaces the need for paper in the cockpit I have thought of just buying the big name Foreflight product but then conclude I have everything I really need A feature that is probably not well appreciated is the link with XPlane I can fire up the simulator take off and have SkyChartsPro track my course on the iPad just as i do in my real 182RG I am planning a trip to the Southwest and can compare my position on the sectionals in SkyChartsPro with the landscape that I see out the window in XPlane Sure there are areas for improvement such as adding weather that is becoming more popular and having georeferencing on approach procedures However this product keeps things simple and easy to use There is a lot to be said for this The product support is excellent and they respond quickly and stay with you until your problem is resolved It is well worth spending the 20 and giving it a try                 Great App and Support
How about offering the option for an annual renewal vice the monthly update fees     Annual renewal option
It has great functionality for the price but this most recent update looks like it dropped the ability to tap the red dot and view SUA such as MOA info Maybe someone else can fill me on where that feature went edit The developer helped me and told me how to fix the dropped SUA info You have to suspend ie completely close down the app and then reopen it It works great now and Im very pleased with the current version                 Good App
I originally bought this product and I was satisfy with the maps and the fact that you can soon in and switch between charts for a better picture of whats going on If you purchase this app you will not have the helicopter charts which are great if you buzz around a busy class b airspace     Missing charts Do Buy
Its a toy for the beginner pilot     Skycharts
If Id wanted to pay for an app on an annual basis I would have gone ahead with ForeFlight The appeal of a onetime purchase was enough to make up for the comparative deficit of functionality but I am not sure that I would make the purchase again if I had known that the developer was going to change the paradigm        Disappointed with shift to subscription
Works great again After resetting my iPad the app works as advertised Thanks for the quick response from Heikki                 Great app
I have been using the app for some time now and have always thought that it was the best bang for the buck for VFR I also own WingX and Foreflight Recently I was flying to Mexico and realized that none of the iPad Apps were very useful south of Nogales After a few email exchanges Heikki believes that he can give us at least partial functionality for Mexico He is also planning a significant upgrade to the whole app in NovDec Thanks Heikki                 Outstanding app and customer service
Nice app Maps load scroll zoom quickly Charts open in PDF reader of choice Really like the weather depictions which remain available offline Only thing I dont like is the gps own ship position only updates every 10 seconds Older versions updates were once per second Not a problem just the app falling behind           Slow position update
Easy to use and doesnt force you to upgraderenew You can use old charts and renew whenever you want Highly recommended                 Great App
Had an issue with my Bread Crumb Trail not emailing Sent email to Heikki and had a response and the fix within an hour Unbelievable Cant say enough good things about the app                 Great Support
Save 100 a year by spending 20 once Yeah You dont get everything a subscription to foreflight garmin or flyq But still It has everything I need                 AWESOME
I use this in x plane 10 and it works great I also use it in a real helicopter as a backup navigation system in VFR flight with a Bluetooth GPS receiver and an iPad Great program for planning flights                 Helicopter pilot review
Great appeasy to useon the ground and in the air Thanks                 Solid app
I used to use this as my primary aviation app When it first came out it it did about what the competition did This has unfortunately been left in the dust I dont necessarily consider that to be a bad thing The devices have gotten faster the apps requirements have remained the same and the result is a lightning fast no frills app that gets the job done I wish I could disable all the start up warnings but they arent too intrusive I guess For a one time price I have a backup of anything I might need incase my primary app gives me any trouble              Backup app
Great app for VFR flights I have had it for 2 years and it has never crashed I have tested Garmin Foreflight and Jeppesen and this is still the best for me                 Excellent
So it went from 20yr to 50yr For another 25 you can get WingX that has way more features Skycharts was my first moving map app sorry to have to uninstall it     Too expensive
I bought this program to use on the iPhone 4 as I do kit have an iPad yet As a current CFI this is a great tool to help show students what to expect as well as to show how accurate their flight planning was in reference to course and ground speed I love the double tap to bring all the approach plates and airport diagrams as its easy to get a student to see what exactly they are doing without carrying a bag full of charts Its a great back up to ensure they have the correct freq and to stay out of controlled air spaces The only bad press I see is the download time You have to be connected to a high speed wireless as the cached charts are large files and do NOT try and download them on a data plan That being said to download the MI area takes about 15 mins on my wifi I have 15 meg broadband The only difference between this and the more expensive programs is the approach and taxi position overlays But since the FAA does not produce these as geo referenced charts this program does not have them and your paying a lot of money to have someone do just that As for doing rubber and routes its just as easy to to type a airport or fix in between to bend the route Worth every penny as a situational awareness tool when flying g VFR                 Great product
Very good resolution so helpful it will be great to include Mexico charts VFR at least                 Great App at reasonable price
Great app Gives you VFRIFR charts approach plates airport diagrams Everything a pilot needs for a briefingFlying Love this app                 Great App
The developer actually states this app was never intended to be a one time purchase Find someone who purchased SkyCharts vs SkyChartsPro and youll have a better understanding of what you are about to invest in If you read the Details of this Program all the way to the end you will discover you are paying for only 1 year of map updates After the final update any future attempts will erase the cache removing all existing maps and require you to update to the current version of SkyCharts otherwise known as purchase before the update will continue SkyChartsPro slow to update current hourly weather Ive started the program several times in the past with weather displayed thats over 24 hours old The App Store notified me of an Update for this application and now METARs are over 42 hours old     Retired
Was a great app that I upgraded to pro for the free updates now they charge for updates Im guessing its 4 a month to go with the FLIP cycles Still cheaper than Foreflight but if I have to pay I might as well pay for Foreflight which is more robust        No more free updates
This is a great app simple and convenient but distance circles would be a great addition              Needs distance circles
Ive had this app for a couple of years I use it a lot in my job I received an EMAIL several months ago about having to subscribe to receive the updated charts I didnt like it but I guess i can live with it My problem is that in order to use the same subscription on multiple devices you have to enable Breadcrumbs which then sends your location to their servers If I read this correctly even the APP is not running in the background it sends your location to their servers No thanks you They dont need to know where I am           Use on multiple devices
This is a great app Please be more specific as to what we get for 399 Is it for a year Six months One update period I cant buy unless I know exactly what Im getting Thanks                 In App Purchase
Sky charts is a great app for what it does and for the money I love the feature of calculating pounds per hour which is so useful in my job The charts are snappy and crisp nothing beats having a whole book of plates at all times with you Wish theyd streamline the download process some it requires lots of data and the progress bars are very slow to update leaving you no idea how long you have left Many times a box will pop up saying the download process was stopped with no explanation as to why or how This area is the only true negative of the app                 Great flying tool
Id say this app is an amazing value but that wouldnt be fair because its not only amazing for the price it just amazing even if it was double the price It does everything sports app does but that costs 120 bucks except taxi ways Its always updated non stop Love it Tachilow ifr weather reports etc Everything is here Must own for any pilot Awesome app Awesome developer                 Amazing
Ive used the two biggies extensively and keep coming back to this one I just never fumble with it in flight It has fewer bells and whistles but I just want a map charts and GPS tracking For weather I use a wx app For extensive flight planning I use a real computer This is really a great app and value                 Easiest to use in flight
Looks great Found a glitch When trying to put in a flight it said the originating airport was invalid but was listed in info Perhaps operator error too as program is new to me              Opps
Takes three times longer to download the same charts when compared to foreflight     Download Takes Forever
This app has almost every functionality that other apps like Foreflight have VFR and IFR charts approach plates etc It also has the TAC charts with the legend included that allows the pilot to read VFR arrivaldeparture procedures Cant beat the price                 Everything you need
You simply cant beat this app for the money 20 gives you 95 of the capabilities found in the basic 75 foreflight subscription Foreflights layout is a little more snazzy and you can file as well as connect to external GPS and ADSB pucks However Skycharts offers a clean simple to use interface for those looking for an inexpensive simple solution for charts weather data cached or obtained in flight with cellular data and approach plates The app works flawlessly on my iPad Mini and has become a trusted companion in the airplane As a side note foreflight offers georectified approach plates but it will bump your yearly fee up to 150 the 75 membership does not include this According to the SkyCharts FAQ approach plates are not currently released georectified ie it has to be done by hand after each release although the FAA is working towards this Once plates are provided georectified georeferenced they will be included in Skycharts The sooner the better I found that with the iPad mini laying flat on my knee with an approach plate up Skycharts was constantly redrawing it manifested as disappearing momentarily and then reappearing This stopped when I tilted the iPad up approximately 30 degrees I contacted the developer who suggested I lock the display orientation This worked perfectly and I have had no further issues Great app                 Excellent app and a great value
Great app for quick and simple access to charts                 Great Value
This has got to be the worst aviation app available I want my money back Do not do not buy this app     Worthless
Ive been using Skycharts Pro for more than a year I use it before flying to do planning and route selection for both VFR and IFR flights during flight both as a backup to my primary navigation and as a replacement for inflight charts and after flying to review where we went and what we saw during our trip I love the easy access to weather reporting data when connected to the Internet the speedy response when operating offline with locally cached charts and the ease of updates versus paper products Skycharts was the reason I bought an iPad in the first place and while I use the iPad for all manner of things when Im not flying I still find it to be an exceptional aid in the cockpit versus a dedicated portable GPSmoving map One other thing I find unique about this program the author actually listens and responds to requests for enhancements you are not dealing with some huge company here just an active developer with a long list of ongoing enhancements that appear driven by the user community                 Easiest most flexible chart program

SkyChartsPro Navigation Offline Usage Fast DownloadSkyChartsPro Navigation Offline Usage Fast DownloadSkyChartsPro Navigation Offline Usage Fast DownloadSkyChartsPro Navigation Offline Usage Fast Download

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