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Saavn , brings Saavn Music with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Saavn Music app has been update to version 1.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best Indian radio app..
  • Amazing mind blowing app for Indian music..
  • Many playlists to discover new music similar to ur likes..
  • online mp3 player..
  • Never have to download music again..

Overall Satisfactionc90
This is by far the best app for Hindi songs.
It's one of the best app for Hindi music keep it up.
This is one of the best music apps for indian songs.
Great job with sound quality and choice of songs.
The sound quality is poor and it sometimes looses signal.
Didn't think I could love Saavn more than I already do.
Dis app rocks i can listen to all my favorite old n new songs.
audio quality could be better while on a wifi connection.
Finally an app that streams Desi music better than pandora.
Fun & Engagingc88
Superb nice collection of songs updated regularly with the latest albums.
Poor collection of songs and buggy app.
Awesome music Would like an upgrade every three months.
I listen to it all the time.
Very simple @ up to date will all new songs & happening.
I use this app everyday at work and on my commute.
Listen to it everyday at the gym.
Very useful and convenient.
Production Valuesc100
Great interface Great app.
Very intutive and well designed interface.
well designed interface - love it.
Ease of Usec91
I like their new design and their easy navigation system.
New interface is more user friendly and easy to use.
Very useful and convenient.
Latest update causes app to crash on startup.
It does work with iOS 7.
Doesn't work with iOS 7.
and great preset playlists for all types of listeners.
Security & Privacyc27
Updates & Supportc26

Awesome app for Indians away from India. found in 10 reviews
this app beats all other online music streaming apps. found in 12 reviews
Didn't think I could love Saavn more than I already do. found in 47 reviews
It's one of the best app for Hindi music keep it up. found in 306 reviews
This is the best app for Bollywood music. found in 270 reviews
I just put on saavn music and listen to varieties. found in 21 reviews
It's definitely the best streaming app for Bollywood fans. found in 19 reviews
This one is hands down the best app for Bollywood songs. found in 232 reviews
Its a very good app for hindi music lover i love this app. found in 171 reviews
Too many hindi movie songs are missing. found in 11 reviews
Hangs sometimes but is a good app overall. found in 4 reviews
App continues to crash and doesn't open at all. found in 9 reviews
Realized I could no longer use air play while streaming radio. found in 3 reviews
would be even better if it had landscape mode support. found in 2 reviews
Good app for Indian songs but needs some fixing Can't find some songs. found in 4 reviews
Juss wish i could download it from here as well :. found in 3 reviews
Other than annoying ads. found in 4 reviews
Some groups of songs don't load properly. found in 9 reviews
Cons - Skips songs midway sometimes. found in 8 reviews
Marathi collection needs some aditions. found in 5 reviews
Keeps crashing after iOS 7 update. found in 2 reviews
However sometimes if ends songs automatically in the middle. found in 9 reviews
App crashes all the time ever since I upgraded to iOS 7. found in 4 reviews
When deleting a song from the player. found in 5 reviews
Saavn does not work with Airplay anymore. found in 1 reviews
Great app but needs improvement. found in 3 reviews
Some areas you could improve:
Is not working after iOS 7 update. found in 5 reviews
Great app but crashes at times. found in 4 reviews
Good free ap but user interface and search function need improvement. found in 14 reviews
It doesn't have the newer songs anymore. found in 6 reviews
Also if I play songs from a playlist of 7 songs. found in 15 reviews
the app crashes when I try to delete a song from my queue. found in 16 reviews
If you try searching for a song from say Dabanng movie. found in 8 reviews
And i cannot play music offline. found in 6 reviews
several songs previously available no longer come up in search results. found in 5 reviews
Songs repeat randomly and collection needs to increase. found in 6 reviews
Latest update causes app to crash on startup. found in 9 reviews
Login issues and it crashes. found in 5 reviews
Crashes on swipe deleting a song. found in 5 reviews
But after I upgraded to iOS 7 the app became too buggy. found in 7 reviews
Crashes and skips songs. found in 9 reviews
Freezes and crashes after one song. found in 7 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Saavn Music for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 5.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.4 has been released on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Saavn Music in Saavn`s Official Website :

Saavn Music brings you the best of Bollywood and beyond - anytime, anywhere. Search and play the world`s largest catalog of Indian music, create and save your own playlists, and share your music with friends, followers, ...
Always crashes Very slow Barely workseven w Saavn Pro Very disappointing        Very buggy App
Good                 Nice
This app is very good                 Saavn
Interface is a little complicated But simply best option out there for Indian music Pro option is also reasonable                 Great new songs
Missing queue which is playing songs Bad app update     Made bad app after update
Figuring out the features in the new update is cumbersome and hence irritating Also the other day songs suddenly stopped and simultaneously two songs started to play without me even touching the phone Bad update     New update is really bad
The Upgade to Pro button under Settings is not working Please look into this Thanks        Upgrade to Pro not working
Easy interface there is a free version and a pro Pro is ad free and able to download and listen at leisure It is reasonably priced The choices are unlimited I have T mobile and this application is part free music that is streaming is not counted for my data use I listen to Saavn while I am driving I really enjoy listening to Indian music while driving working and at home                 Saavn
Couldnt have asked for better collection and experience                 Awesome
Audio quality is good Collection is excellent                 Nice App
The app only works on wifi and as soon as I switch to cellular data all the songs just start skipping Just in case you are curious I double checked and the app is enabled under settings for use with cellular data Why           Doesnt work on cellular data
It crashes every time when trying to open Takes forever to play the song Very slow when changing the song Needs a serious fixture Getting irritated day by day        App was good
After the most recent update the quality has degraded significantly I had no problem with audio ads and enjoyed listening to the innovative scripts Now they have visual ads you cannot go to next song in radio until you open the app and hit the close button on the ad LOck screen next doesnt simply take you to next song unless you open the app All this while driving User experience significantly degraded in the interest of more monetization for the app     Quality degraded
The app used be great with simple and uncluttered interface The new update took a giant step back towards mediocrity I used to like the Now Playing list good luck finding it now let me know if someone does find it I hope that Saavn has a good excuse for this screwup Please bring the old interface back        Great app
Can u please put up more latest Punjabi songs from Punjabi singers for example Jassi Gill Ranjit Bawa etc i will really appreciate it Thnku              Songs missing
Whenever I try to search for a movie name or songs its just keep on loading and loading and I cant even save any songs     Ugh I use to love this app but not anymore
The app is great and I love the music on it HOWEVER it is insanely slow It takes forever between songs and starting a new station I hope you fix this soon           Its okay Still needs work
I never feel alone I luv it                 Bindblowing
For all the nris out here this is a desi Spotify with all the bells and whistles Search feature is awesome Please add new and refreshing playlists more frequentlyStill waiting for mood based playlists in regional languages since long time                 Desi Spotify
great app for Indian musicgreat quality                 saavan
Since the update app is force closing Cant open it on wifi or cellular Please fix otherwise an awesome app              App force close
I like it                 smooker
This app has a lot of potential The reviews need to be taken seriously in order to make a successful app Users needs to be able to edit the playlist The playlist doesnt get updated if the songs are deleted or added to the existing playlist The app crashes a lot as well           Needs a lot of improvement
NOW SAAVN DOESNT EVEN OPEN ON MY IPAD MINI AFTER THE UPDATE Plz fix that Rest all is fine     Saavn was so fun until
Saavn deleting songs from playlist is sooooo painful I could delete only 34 songs and then lost patience Please improve I want to clear up my list           Pls fix
It is great I love it Keep it up and add new songs I love it keep it up Improve Practice makes Perfect                 It is great
Very Poor performance on iPhone 6     Poor performance on iPhone 6
Please add the ability to multiple select when editing a playlist Two taps per song for delete is slow and annoying The one star holding me back from Pro              Feature request
Good App but should play song of 320Kbps              Good App but should play song of 320Kbps
An amazing way to cherish old and new songs Keep it coming Saavn              Saavn
Everything was good prior to recent update and after that this app is almost unusable It just keep crashing and freezing again n again Kindly fix this issue     Application keep crashing
Crashes after update     Crashes after update
Love it Find almost every music every singer I wanted to listen                 Great app
Apart from being insanely slow the apps homepage is cluttered The only good reason I use this app is that its really cheap and economic        Poor performance on iphone6
I have been a paid customer for more than an year Earlier interfaces were pretty clear I could a choose language and I can hear all the songs Now that language selection is removed all the songs get cluttered on to my home page I have scroll through a lot to get to what I want especially newly released album Its getting really hard to differentiate between Telugu Tamil Hindi songs For example DSP playlist can be both Tamil and Telugu Unless I click on a particular song I wont be able to figure out which language it is Search it not good Saavn from beginning now its even worse Its messes up with all languages In short please bring back the language selection option     Removing language selection cluttered the entire app and made it unusable
The new update is causing so much trouble For instance ad pops out whenever I open the app or I lose audio whenever some ads pops out Its a great app but it needs major improvements regarding ads        It used to be great
Well done app                 Very Nice
Very good app              Good
Since I updated it doesnt seem to work in the background I lock my screen Song stops I press the home button Song stops It was better earlier In the current incarnation its bad     Update killed the whole purpose of an streaming application
Amazing app just got SO much better tried all the music services Saavn is definitely the best They have every song new UI is awesome streams fast and super easy to use Love it                 The best music app
Cant search for music cant do much Especially considering the fact I paid for a pro account and they wont let me cancel it since the app is that bad     Awful app
I dont know what happened with this update The app crashes and hangs consistently One time I had to restart the app 15 times and still crashes every time My iOS is uptodate        Was good Now CRASHES constantly
The new upgrade is great Id honestly given up on 66 support but now that its here it looks amazing and more importantly works without a hitch                 Finally
Saavn folks take step back and put some thought into the app     Confusing Busy Cluttered
My review based on two factsapp performance songs collection App Performance I would rate one star Keep crashing a lot since the new version came Even take more time to open Sound quality is also not very good comparing to recent Apple Music streaming Song collections 3 12 starsnot all downloads are available Songs collection is good but not all are thereLot of albums collections missing I would keep Pro version but if app performance 1st point above doesnt improve with timethen no option but to try another one will back to free version           Mediocre lot to improve
With new update my on my iPad Air the app keeps crashing on start        Latest version
One thing I loved about Saavn was that the audio ads were short ads w a script that made the ad worth listening to Now however these visual ads ruin the app So much so that I have stopped using Saavn altogether So like other listeners I say stop using visual ads     No more visual advertisements
You guys went down hill real fast with your last redesign Fire that guy who let you put in full page ads with a close button that is close to hidden and sometimes not even displayed Apple please take not of this and please block them from displaying full page ads that leave the user with no option but to click the ad there is no close button     Good app to worst app
You can listen to any song you want anytime you want This is by far my favorite app for bollywood music I had tried the app a year or so ago and did not like it but this new update is great                 Best app for bollywood music

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