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Moondog Software , brings RPG Roller with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. RPG Roller games has been update to version 2.6 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This dice roller is brilliantly customizable and wonderfully organized..

Overall Satisfactionc98
Best RPG dice roller out there.
Love the Hot Buttons feature.
It's really a usefull and wonderfull app.
Best format I have seen.
Amazing customization.
Best of breed.
This is a thing of beauty- amazing features with helpful intructions.
free perhaps the best feature of all is that it x2019.
Fun & Engagingc97
Awesome customization.
Or introduce some Dwarf fortress style Fun and Confusion.
This app is truly awesome in every aspect.
me and my friends use it all the time.
The distribution plotting feature could be useful for teaching probability theory.
It has everything you could possibly need in a die roller.
Highly efficient and useful.
Once everything is set up.
it is actually helpful with examples of dozens of die combinations.
Ease of Usec100
Simple and powerful.

Full price functionality for free. found in 1 reviews
This is a thing of beauty - amazing features with helpful intructions. found in 3 reviews
Best of breed. found in 1 reviews
and I was able to program step dice easily. found in 2 reviews
Plus the creator was very helpful and responded quickly to my questions. found in 1 reviews
Simple and powerfull. found in 1 reviews
The distribution plotting feature could be useful for teaching probability theory. found in 2 reviews
It's very clear and concise. found in 1 reviews
I find this app very handy during my gaming sessions. found in 1 reviews
Far and away the best dice rolling app available on any platform. found in 1 reviews
I just created pages to roll for warhammer. found in 2 reviews
Elegant in its simplicity. found in 1 reviews
looking forward to any updates. found in 1 reviews
RPG Roller is leaps and bounds ahead of these. found in 1 reviews
Definite must have for any rpg enthusiast looking for a dice substitute. found in 2 reviews
Hats off to the devs at Moondog for this little hidden gem. found in 1 reviews
I'm not sure I'll bother to look for the dice any more. found in 1 reviews
If this bug could be fixed. found in 1 reviews
but it's still confusing. found in 1 reviews
but people with big ol' thumbs. found in 1 reviews
I attempt to disbelieve. found in 1 reviews

The RPG Roller is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 4.1 MB to download. The new RPG Roller app version 2.6 has been updated on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about RPG Roller in Moondog Software`s Official Website : http://www.moonsoft.com/rpgrolleriphone/

RPG Roller - The name says what it does, and it does what it says. RPG Roller is not a toy. It s simply the best, most powerful gamer s tool for rolling polyhedra dice ...
I absolutely miss using this app                     Hoping you will update Gena Eve
Title says it all     Doesn t work on iOS 11 BlueMan97
So very useful for automating complex dice rolls You can compose a roll of dice using a formula system to simulate many different ways of figuring results Example Chaos in the Old World boardgame rolling one or more d6 hits are scored on 4 rolls of 6 get to roll an additional die All you have to do in this app is tap one button and it gives you the result instantly Highly recommend this app                     A More than just a RNG Coothanastioust
I love this app and use it all the time but I fear it s days are numbered It needs an update to work with iOS 11 I m literally holding off updating because I don t want to lose this one                     Best one I ve seen ChinaDiary
It s a good app very helpful but with the new IOS it doesn t work I would like to see an update to fix that but I don t see that happening any time soon But going to the features they are amazing I love the simplicity of the app and I ve owned the app for a long time now and I ve only had it crash once Like the only thing worth adding changing is a way to have to keep track of your enemy s health granted you get the same effect with pencil and paper but it would be a nice probably never going to be used feature                     It s good but EmptyChild03
Please update too many cool features to lose it                     Awesome app Bmason586
This is a dice rolling app It allows you to make little formulas and whatnot so that it s quicker easier and easier to play your favorite tabletop games And it does its job well That being said there is definitely still room for improvement particularly in the department of customized formulae Otherwise it is about as close to perfect as one can possibly expect a free iOS app to be                 Fantastic for what it is Officer Corn
NOTE Apple IOS 11 broke it cannot open Like it so much am tempted to hold Apple over a barrel and make them downgrade their stupid breakage OTHERWISE Would be 5 stars The formulae the smooth ability to slide around and roll twelve of something All good I live for the trouble I can make my dice get into via custom formulae Oh yeah it d be nice to have FATE dice as an option I thought and it does Formula 5dF and there I go It makes my GM work fast when I am silently randomizing to help my decisions If I were to add anything there d be cosmetic things only A Audio custom on off per formula per page of formulae or per the main I don t mind turning it all off quick of course B Pictures of the dice that result With formulae thats tricky but for plain 1d of x type it would be good to see                 Makes me happy StarshineWindlord
Loved the app but it won t work on iOS 11 so I can t use it anymore     Doesn t work on iOS 11 npalumbo58
Sad to see it hasn t been updated to 64bit                     Best Dice Roller Ever Niza310
Simple effective stable and works as advertised A good app                     Does exactly what it s supposed to Flx'wyr G'thaan
This app is alright and it has a lot of really cool features but I rolled 1d6 on this app 20 times to experiment and got consistent sixes ones and a few fives That s it It s not just a fluke either This is a common theme that is usually rolls either too high or too low             Meh Pokechimp02
Allows exploding dice Nothing pretty but SO FUNCTIONAL This is hands down the best dice roller app ever made On any platform I love it                     Best Die App bujoloyolo
I love the customizable pages where you can build formulas for all of your character s different rolls skills saves attacks spells etc I would love to see a feature where the number returns red or something on the roll of a 1 Or even if you can customize that                 Terrific app Harpo's Boy
Awesome customizable roller without the 3rd rate eye candy of most others But it needs to be updated or it ll stop functioning in the next iOS update Would love to see an update                     Cmon update this thing logic_error
I love this app I can use it for a random number but it won t be compatible with iOS 11                     Cool but Enchanted Diamond Sword
This app is excellent The hot buttons are great to use during your session and the chart function is amazing especially for finding ability score ratios that are best for your game                     Great Hot Buttons and Chart Function Robert.a.calkins
Gives you everything in every combination you want very fluid organization and it s free                     Fantastic Sacky burgee
The vast majority of the rolls with any sort of additional formula were rolled improperly Instead of 2d4 4 being 6 to 12 it is 10 to 16 and 1d20 4 2 is 5 to 24 instead I would not suggest this for accurate RPG rolls Still being able to make your own buttons and formula is a nice feature if it actually worked correctly         Improper Calculations A Top
Works great it s not a fancy looking app but it works and it gets the job done No issues                     Nothing special but gets the job done TheLazyTitan61
This is the dice rolling app you need                     Perfect Pookiellala
This app is flexible powerful easy to use and is everything I ve been looking for in a die rolling app                     Everything a die roller needs DuckTapeAl
This is very simple to use and has a ton of features I can even roll a 69 sided die                     Great for any game or situation where you need random numbers Mrwhite6991
It seams to give you rolls that are too good                 Legit rolls Legit or not
The basics are covered nicely The chart feature is nifty and fun for the math lovers who were pleasantly surprised to find that feature in there If you need a basic die roller this will do you good If you want a little more this will also do well Recommend                     Very cool CitelTheof
Good app really like the new breakdown for multiple d rolls                     Good App ahpulzrul
I tried the rest and this is the best This has been well put together and is easy to use It s quick to the fight by providing the presets and still goes the distance by allowing you to define your own formulae and save them as buttons in their own right It has a whole host of subsidiary features like histories charts in depth help and even a wizard like composer to help you get started putting difficult rolls together All in all it is an amazing app that does what it says on the tin and then goes beyond Having written all that it s important to also mention that this app is bug free as near as I can tell without crashing in several long hours of use 5 stars and a solid A in usage stability and functionality                     Very Well Done ReedReadRed
Don t want to buy dice Use this free app                     Great Jlymner
Stop searching you found gold It s the goddamn best and it s completely free No ads no strings attached What have you got to lose                     Simply the best Thomasjabb
Works like it should                     Works Forkboy2345
It does all you ever wanted and more                     Great App Bobby g up in the hood
Freakin amazing app                     Awesome sauce PuddleHuddle
My dice can t be trusted but math truth y all                     So much more random JamesmTx
Gr8 app 4 me Totally tubular Radical 8 out of 8 m8 Download now                     Totally Tubular D&D Dungeon boss 69
Download this and you ll never need another dice roller again Easy fantastic setup the ability to set up multiple pages read multiple characters completely customizable                     Can t beat perfection JRHook723
Been using the app for a while now and the features are perfect for my tabletop RPG games The quick dice are great as a DM for when I m in the thick of improv and the customizable formulas are great for character creation attacks damage etc                     Customizable dice rolls yet still easy to use Roarzor
No comparison this is hands down the easiest and simplest dice roller while also being the most comprehensive                 Best Dice Rolling App
Now I will preface this by stating I am using an iPad The app crashes on creation of hot buttons not sure if it would on iPhone 5 Other than that this app is fantastic I have my entire character done with multiple pages for minus and plus stats Makes games a lot faster on battles Crashing gives them the 1 star rating No crashes on game play so far Fix this and the app goes up one d              Great app but multiple crashes
This app focuses on making custom roll buttons with a huge selection of options But the roll engine is both complicated and not intuitive Example roll 2d61 end up with 14 It explains why in the help but its still confusing If you want to be able to roll 2d6 to the power of 1log20 then this is the app for you Otherwise grab Feudz or Dice Ex        Feature overload
Love the app Love what I can do with it However just a quick mention that whenever I compose a dice in the hot buttons tab twice the second time I edit text it will close the app Thats it though Otherwise amazing                 Amazing Only one glitch though
Awesum i love the hot buttons                 Awesum
Look no further Spend 5 minutes or less skimming the documentation and every other dice app looks silly                 Literally Flawless
I use it to prep all my dungeonsencounters and my players use it for damage rolls Seriously speed up your gameplay                 A great DM tool
Its not the prettiest app in store but man is it powerful I have a pretty complicated set of rolls and this app handled them all and it was the first one to do so Dont waste your time with the other die rollers I have for you and this one is the best                 Super Useful
I thought the first page was great But the custom page makes it even better Gaming goes faster now                 Perfect gaming aid
Whether you just need a quick roll of a traditional die or something esoteric this one does it all Speaking as a both someone with multiple postbachelor degrees in mathematics and a gamer I cant think of a feature I could possibly want that this app doesnt have Except maybe a telepathic interface but thats more of an OS thing                 Easy AND Powerful
yeah                 perfect
As the title is really usefull and wonderfull if youre a DM in DD and want to make new fair monster and skills for your players this is the app for you It can even make charts to calculate the probability a roll can come up and it have a lot of other features You just have to download it now Its worth it and you wont regred it                 Its really a usefull and wonderfull app
It works great Use it all the time instead of dice                 Awesome
This app has nearly every feature I could think of for a dicerolling app Ive tried a few other apps but all of them felt clunky to navigate or required too much maintenance to keep up with my characters There is even a chart roller so you can test the probability of each roll so when a player asks for a rule change or exception you can quickly see the difference between that and a normal roll The one thing this app is missing or maybe I havent figured it out yet is how to set up variables for your rolls so you only need to change the variable upon levelup instead of every formula              Almost Everything Ive Wanted
I lost my polyhedral dice and I was hoping that there would be an app that would allow me to simulate roleplaying die rolls Im creating a random dungeon using die roll This is a great app they should be charging for it                 Cant Believe it is free
This is one awesome app Not resourceheavy it dispenses with annoying sounds needless animations and flashy graphics in favor of straightforward die rolling Recommended for serious gamers Great job                 Pure Simplicity for Serious Gamers
Great app Not only does any dice rolls you could want for an RPG but it will show you the probability curves of different rolls also This includes things like roll 2d20 and keep the highest Im sure theres more utility I havent found yet whoever did this app really knows their statistics                 Excellent for dice probability
Exactly what I have been looking for Crazy amount of features And 20 pages of documentation to explain it all Thank you                 Perfect
Love the many different options                 Great
Simple setup works exactly as it should and has some handy features to it which help me to make my tabletop gaming go more smoothly Love it                 Works brilliantly
Im thrilled to have found this application Its adaptable and easy to use emphasis on adaptable I can use this application on multiple game systems anytime I need to              The dice roller I always wanted
Best dice roller I have used Ive looked for Many and found a lot I didnt like but when I found this it fit my uses                 Wonderful
I wanted to introduce my kids to pen and paper role playing but my dice were buried in a moving box What a pleasant surprise finding this app was Im not sure Ill bother to look for the dice any more 4 stars because of frequent crashes when using advanced functionality such as custom buttons on iOS 7 Once everything is set up it works great though              Great app for beginner and advanced DMs
Love the setup and advanced formulas but force close is a big issue If it didnt restart so quickly I would have uninstalled already                 Good but force closes a lot
I found Its a little hard to figure out at first but gave it a chance and now I cant in imagine playing with out it                 Totally worth it
This app is really neat and well organized and its very useful but its really confusing to me I read the help directions over and over again and it still made no sense to me Im iffy on the app but its still a good app           Good But confusing
Great program for getting adventures ready for the players                 Awesome
Amazing app Great for all RPGs or miniatures games                 Great
It is a nice system but crashes often Starts to get very irritating very quickly        Greatwhen it works
This app is fantastic I tried a bunch of dice roller apps recently to find the one I want to keep on my phone and this one won hands down You can quickly do common dice rolls like 1d20 or 3d6 or make customized buttons for rolls used in whatever commonly used abilities your characters have like 3d81d417 You can even see a graph of the range of results that a particular dice combo can have And its free                 Fantastic dice roller app
Other apps offer graphics but limited kinds of dice rolls This app contains a rich capability to enter custom formulas for just about any circumstances Other apps dont support advantage rolls for DD 5e In this app its simple 1h2d10 Another great feature is the custom pages that let you define exactly the rolls you need I highly recommend it                 Awesome customization
Every possible dice roll possibly needed in an RPG is accessible in seconds A very useful app                 Remarkably useful
Does what it says on the wrapper Simply the best dice roller app out there                 Best dice roller on the App Store
This app is great for all kinds of tabletop gaming RPGs and whatever else you might want The hot buttons are a grand idea making it so easy to roll and re roll However this app constantly will close out at random times If this bug could be fixed this app would be perfect              Smart Intuitive App
The a and A modifiers dont seem to exist inside the app despite it being in he manual and I need that modifier for a Shadowrun campaign Also the fact that the h and l modifiers only show the kept dice is slightly annoying              Two things
Absolutely magnificent rolling                 Perfect for me
Exactly as described and fits my needs perfectly                 Yup
Simple Robust Fast This is everything I want in a nononsense dice app                 Simply Perfect
This app is amazing It has every dice you can roll easily made hot buttons formulas roll history even sound effects You can save your hot buttons and transfer them between devices too I cant believe this app is free I was expecting in app purchases but there arent any I would highly recommend this app to anyone who either needs some quick dice or has time to write a hot button for every dice roll they can think of                 Amazing
I love that you can put formulas in so you can make your attacks a single button press Extremely useful and worth getting                 Very useful
Excellent Keep up the good work                 Stunningly effective
An all around great RPG dice roller which gives the user many options as to what they want to roll                 Fantastic
Keeps crashing or the keyboard doesnt show up when trying to edit a button Otherwise this app would be awesome              I want to like it but
Amazing app makes my pen and paper games to much easyer specially sence I need to use so meany dice for just one character                 Awsome
I am extremely skeptical of pretty much any app especially free ones but this dice roller actually exceeded my expectations by a fair bit It includes a pretty detailed formula editor a recentlyused formula page the ability to save and label formulas and even a chart mode that simulates a large number of rolls 10000 by default and show you the distribution of values                 Shockingly Good
Excellent                 Excellent
Plus has history and multiple rolls                 Works great no ads
iPhone 6 w all updates Creating hot buttons crashes it half the time and the strings cut off Example if I want to modify a d20 roll by 5 but threshold value the 20 the logic is 20M1d205 The hot button lips off the second parenthesis rendering the formula unworkable FIX THIS and Id rate it a 100000 stars     Dont believe the hype
Definitely one of the best dice rollers I have ever used Im currently trying to make my own and I like comparing what I have so far with this plus a few others Will for sure credit my end result with this app Kinda wish the source code for this was available to use if given permission of course in order to make what I have so far even better Maybe it is and Im just blind Anyways great work great app best in show                 BEST DICE ROLLER ever
Update it keeps crashing                 Crash

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