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Leeane Robinson , the publisher behind many iOS app (Posted ,Posted Lite), brings Posted with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Posted app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great business tool..
  • including push notifications of status updates..
  • this little tracking program is great..
  • great developer support..
  • I love the push notifications and the new sync feature..

Overall Satisfactionc90
The best package tracking app I have ever used.
This is the best shipment tracking app on the App store.
I love the notifications.
Love the new icon Leeane.
I find it better than others I have tried at a higher price.
Much better than I anticipated.
Fun & Engagingc86
This is an awesome app for tracking your expected deliveries.
Great organizer for tracking numbers with up to date delivery status.
This app is easy to use and very well made.
Does everything you think and a little more.
It is user friendly and I can track everything in one place.
It's helps me keep track of all my package.
Repeat Valuec89
Production Valuesc86
The beta web interface is a great addition.
Web interface is very convenient as well.
Web interface displaying errors.
Clean interface and very accurate.
Ease of Usec58
Great & simple app.
This app is easy to use and very well made.
Web interface is very convenient as well.
Good interface easy to use.
Updates & Supportc60
Customer service is great as well.
Great customer service when email.
Actually lite version is good enough for most people.
free lite version.
Worth every penny for the upgrade to full version.

Nice to have push updates. found in 4 reviews
I think it is the best application for tracking packages worldwide. found in 2 reviews
It's very reliable and updates me via push notifications. found in 3 reviews
Worth every penny for the upgrade to full version. found in 2 reviews
Perfect for keeping track of shipments. found in 2 reviews
This app has been a time saver. found in 2 reviews
It also works with apples built-in voice over software. found in 3 reviews
This app is great for the online shopper. found in 11 reviews
it is the BEST package tracker in the App Store. found in 25 reviews
It's helps me keep track of all my package. found in 2 reviews
Definitely worth the cost. found in 2 reviews
I regularly use this clever and handy tool. found in 2 reviews
Works great across all shipping services that I've used. found in 2 reviews
This app is easy to use and very well made. found in 4 reviews
It's also a plus that it sends push notifications about your packages. found in 5 reviews
Works great for tracking packages with delivery tracking /confirmation. found in 4 reviews
Superb tracking tool. found in 2 reviews
More up to the minute information then the shippers. found in 3 reviews
It helps me to stay on top of all my shipments. found in 3 reviews
Disappointing performance for a paid app. found in 1 reviews
Can't Manually Arrange List :-. found in 1 reviews
but push notifications no longer work. found in 3 reviews
Great but missing simple feature. found in 2 reviews
if developer can add auto detection would make the app even better ~. found in 2 reviews
but overall it's a pretty darn good app. found in 2 reviews
Would be even better with auto carrier detection. found in 6 reviews
it's old and busted. found in 2 reviews
Wish it would auto detect shipping company based on tracking number. found in 24 reviews
even if you get the number right the first time. found in 2 reviews
Would be great if when we copy a tracking number for any app. found in 3 reviews
I don't have a Mac. found in 2 reviews
Good app but a bit rough around the edges. found in 1 reviews
one thing most dissaponiting is the lack of barcode scan. found in 4 reviews
Pretty good but could be improved. found in 2 reviews
Needs better push notifications. found in 1 reviews
push notifications stopped working a year ago. found in 2 reviews
Ok- but needs auto carrier detection. found in 3 reviews
This app is clearly no longer supported. found in 4 reviews
since updating to iOS 8 nothing works. found in 3 reviews
Fail Fail Fail. found in 3 reviews
Issues with sync and slow to update. found in 19 reviews
Twitter handle is dead and no response from support email. found in 3 reviews
I'd doesn't even recognize the tracking number. found in 3 reviews
waste of my previous time takes FOREVER to update. found in 19 reviews
Packages won't update and it says "unable to sync. found in 5 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Posted for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-16. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Posted check developer Leeane Robinson`s website :

THE BEST DELIVERY TRACKER ON THE APP STORE THE MOST SUPPORTED PROVIDERS OUT OF ANY OTHER APP ON THE APP STORE. 94 AND COUNTING ----------------------------------------- INCLUDES PUSH NOTIFICATIONS ----------------------------------------- Posted enables you to track your delivery parcels from many shipping & ...
Stopped working a month or two ago and the support link through the App Store leads nowhere and the support link in the app is only accessible via the native iOS Mail app which I dont use Disappointing     Used to be the best
Bought this app years ago then I turned to Delivery App for better UI developers its time to bring up the new look           User Interface Update Needed
Posted used to be a solid app but it appears the developer has lost interest in it There have been no update since early 2013 synching between devices no longer works and the web app has gotten buggy This is starting to look like an app with no future For now I would advise getting the free version        Apparently no longer supported
This used to be my favorite package tracking app But it hasnt been updated since 2013 and its scraping methods are now outdated so it hasnt been working on some couriers Sad since I paid good money for it but I did get a lot of use Just a warning for future potential app buyers     No longer being updated and doesnt work anymore
Please do something to have password recovery and account linking algorithm easier and more responsive     Update screw a perfect app
This app used to be great In 2015 however the sync functionality is nonexistent App wont let you login any more Last update to app was 2013 That is one glaring problem with purchasing apps There is no guarantee with how long they will be supported     Used to be great
no updates no push notifications     bleh
Worth the 2 price tag needs a ui update though                 Good app
As of this writing the packages are slow to update if it ever does also now the app cant open the shipping companys website within the app and there is no open with safari so youll have to find the url     Doesnt work well anymore
this app was the best in the past however now its always shows fail update for some tracking and no push notification anymore even though its enabled from notification center Thats really not the way the app should went to be I have sent to many emails to the developer but apparently he is no more interested Look up the update date Update April 8 2015 The app still doesnt work an doesnt update either     Fail Fail Fail skip this app
The app hasnt worked properly in months Developer took the money and bailed STAY AWAY     No updates
Its not updating my packages it used to then it just stopped I also wrote to them and still havent heard anything     Not Updating Packages
For the last few times it has stopped working Keeps saying sorry no delivery update available while its totally fine and uptodate on the shipping company websites such as UPS USPS Will add more stars when the issues are resolved     Not currently working
App has been useless lately since it is providing zero tracking info for fedex and usps maybe other carriers as well I just inputed info on a competitor app and bingo all information instantly popped up        No tracking info
bought this app few days ago setup online sync account from my PC but cant sign in to have account sync to iPhone 6plus with iOS 83 emailed to help desk no response this app waste my money even it cost 199 and even no push notification for delivery status update not recommend to everyone also I want my money back     DO NOT BUY THIS APP
When I first got this app it was working great push notifications accurate tracking etc After updating the iOS push notifications stopped contacted customer support more than 5 times and never got any support or reply regarding this issue although a lot of users are complaining from that specific problem Now the app is not working at all and still never got an answer from customer support     Never got a respond from customer service
Doesnt work Tracking has said NA for days Tracking is up to date via USPS and UPS Dont waste your money     Doesnt work
For 2 years the was hands down the greatest but now it cant even track USPS UPS or FedEx Zero results Zero customer support I guess they just gave up on this app TOTAL USELESS JUNK     WAS the best nowworst
As of a few weeks ago this app no longer works and does not track packages anymore Do not buy     No longer works
Used to be good No upgraded for almost 2 years Account does not syncs between devices any more Even in a single device we need to refresh every single time but still not update Have to go check on website feature to see the update status App is pretty much useless now     No upgrade for 2 years not sync
What use to be a fantastic App is apparently dead nonfunctional unsupported and developer non responsive or gone     SADLY DEAD APP Rest In Peace
Ive been using this app for over a year maybe a lot longer Recently its not been updating my packages and even today a package I received STILL WAS NOT UPDATED IN THE APP WHATS THE PROBLEM It might be time to look for a new trackerupdate deleting and trying a different tracker Would love a refund Waste of money     Whats the problem now
Purchase deserve you emailing technical support and no reply     Bad application
The past couple of months the app just stopped working Packages tracking will not update no support on app support This app no longer works save your money and time     Stopped working no support
No longer updates packages     Used to be a great app
Hasnt been tracking in over a week Have deleted and created other shipments to track and still doesnt work Also no reply from the developer Mind you this is also not a free app if it were I wouldnt be writing this and wouldve moved on to the next app     Wth happened
The app hasnt been working in weeks and Ive sent several emails with not one reply This isnt a free app either Developer has some nerve to ignore customers     App no longer works and support doesnt reply
Happy user for over a year but shipping info no longer updates Ive tried tracking packages dim UPS USPS and Fedex in two iPhones and an iPad and none would update the status I tried a different app and it worked just fine but I do prefer this interface        Was great but no longer works
App doesnt work and no support Wasted a dollar     App doesnt work and no support
Edit no longer gives push notifications I originally gave this app a 5 star review It used to send regular push notifications about packages It no longer does I emailed support a while back about it but have yet to receive a reply I also see the last update was 2013 A shame Was a very good app     Updated review
Never receive notifications on updates manual updates work half the time and cannot register for online syncingviewing           Some bugs lately
This was a decent application until the sync function stopped working several weeks ago I emailed the vendor several times asking for assistance However for some unknown reason the vendor saw fit to ignore my requests for help Changed my opinion of the app Im deleting it and finding a new one     Sync Function Has Quit No Help From Vendor
Edit 82915 This app is now garbage I guess thats what happens when you dont update your app for over 2 years Automatic push updates stopped working about a year ago Tracking numbers dont update at all anymore even with manually refreshing Even tapping view company tracking website doesnt work The shippers have probably made changes to their websites and the script that Posted is using is outdated Too badthis was a great app Old review Great app to track every movement of important packages One of my top three most useful apps Maybe add ability to add a tracking number to the app when you touch a tracking number in your email     Garbage
The last two tracking numbers I input into this app both FedEx tracking numbers have not pulled up any information inside this posted app I can pull up the information on the FedEx online tracking site as well as within another tracking app I recently downloaded I guess I will be switching to this other app on a regular basis and perhaps give up on posted altogether since it does not seem to be updated or monitor properly Ive always liked the layout but if it cant pull up the tracking information that is very disappointing and ultimately useless If I recall correctly I believe it also used to give notifications for tracking updates when I first started using this appbut I havent been able to see that happen in a long long time Sadly going downhill so I cannot recommend        Used to be better but never 100
Pretty much its a major annoyance without iCloud support We want our devices synchronized The developers try and force you to use their own 3rd party sync service which is unreliable and still does not offer multiple device sync South African tracking does not work the developer is using the wrong URL wwwsapocoza is the correct one     No iCloud support
This is a great app if it would auto detect the carrier it would be 5 stars              Great app
Not sure what has happened to this app It worked seamlessly until about a month ago Now when I put in tracking information it never lets me know if it has been picked up or delivered Basically it doesnt work anymore     App Support doesnt respond
Ive used this app a few years as I can get a little carried away on eBay but it hasnt worked for me in quite some time I just have question marks and no updates Links to the postal carriers page work but it no longer pulls the data into the app Im currently looking for a new way to monitor my shipments     Was Excellent Now Not So Much
This was one of the best apps for tracking packages but not anymore The developer stopped giving us updates since 2013 and it has been going downhill since then Today I tried adding some tracking numbers and the app doesnt even extract the information Even the FAQ within the app isnt working so why is this app still up for sale Anyway too bad so sad Time to find a new tracking app     Abandoned app
Ive had this app almost since it first came out and it worked great until about 3 weeks ago approximately For some reason it wont update the parcels status anymore and it used to let you tap on the information and go to the carriers own website like USPS or UPS and see what exactly they are reporting Sometimes this gives you even more details about your package Sadly this ability or feature is no longer working I am guessing this has something to do with the apps overall nonfunctioning state     Was great but lately its inoperable
Slow updates        No delivery date info
I use it every time I shop online Sometimes but not always it even accurately tracks foreign tracking numbers                 Love it
Dont buy this app anymore they never updates anymore No push notification from app anymoreyou need to reload manually I tried to email them many times and they never answer     Never updates
I used to love this app and rely on it daily to track my packages I order way too much lol and recently its just gone completely useless None of the tracking numbers for any carriers bring up any info never mind updating Ive emailed support a week ago and got no response Time to find a new app     Totally broken
Works well no complaints        Posted review used to work great lately hasnt worked well at all
Zero stars App does not work at all anymore Support is non existent Dont bother with this one as there are plenty more that do work     DO NOT DOWNLOAD
I loved this app earlier but it hasnt received any updates in ages There is so much potential like a widget in iOS8 or Apple Watch support with a glance screen However notifications dont even pop up for me anymore when my status changes so I have to launch the app to update and see any changes Would be happy to give it 5 stars if it receives an update        Notifications dont work in iOS8
Dead     Dead
This App no longer seems to work I see the last update was Apr 2013 App support displays nothing     No longer works

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