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Poshmark, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Poshmark ,PoshFest), brings Poshmark with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Poshmark app has been update to version 1.62 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's super user friendly and has such a great community..
  • Buying is fun because finding awesome deals is always Easy..
  • The social aspect and community is fantastic as well..
  • meet new friends and find yourself "poshing" night and day..
  • This is a wonderful app for fashion lovers ---buyers and sellers..

Overall Satisfactionc83
I absolutely love Poshmark in the Poshmark app.
I love posh mark but not anymore.
This is a wonderful app for fashion lovers ---buyers and sellers.
So much better than eBay or Craigslist so easy to use.
No diff or better than eBay or any other similar site.
I recommend this app to everyone I know - it's wonderful.
There are always AMAZING deals and awesome people to interact with.
Love to shop on here and everyone is super nice.
The community is fantastic and full of amazing women.
Fun & Engagingc89
Lots of great new and preloved closets to browse through.
Buying is fun because finding awesome deals is always Easy.
I absolutely LOVE Poshmark and am totally addicted to it.
It's my new addiction and will be yours too.
Awesome site just wish it had better filters.
I used to spend countless hours browsing Pinterest.
I check it every day.
Simple to buy and sell everything /anything in your closet.
It really does make you want to sell everything.
Social Aspectsc76
meet new friends and find yourself "poshing" night and day.
Great way to meet new people and clean out your closet.
share my closet on social media sites and update super fast.
It's like a women's fashion eBay + PayPal + social media.
They falsely advertise and OVER advertise all over social media.
The social aspect and community is fantastic as well.
The social aspect to it makes this easy.
Ease of Usec48
I love how easy it is to post items & process sales.
It's so easy to post and so easy to navigate from.
But don't try to post stuff to sell from your phone.
Security & Privacyc91
Use invite code HPVET to automatically earn a $ 5 credit to your account.
Enter the HCCSU while signing up & get $5 to your account.
Use code HKUMO to get $5 of credit automatically added to your account.
Updates & Supportc30
The customer service is awesome - quick to respond and very helpful.

A great place to earn money from items in your own closet. found in 100 reviews
Trust me you will be so thankful for joining. found in 7 reviews
Great app join with referral code HNVLQ for a FREE $5 credit. found in 14 reviews
There are always AMAZING deals and awesome people to interact with. found in 35 reviews
I love purchasing all the cute things for cheap. found in 28 reviews
Not to forget I am able to make new friends as well. found in 31 reviews
It's like shopping with new made friends from all over the country. found in 12 reviews
The real time social shopping experience is innovative and fun. found in 34 reviews
It's my new addiction and will be yours too. found in 11 reviews
Hi my name is MELIB73 and I'm a POSH-A-HOLIC. found in 5 reviews
I absolutely love Poshmark in the Poshmark app. found in 426 reviews
These new or gently used items could be someone else's treasure. found in 71 reviews
I have been using Poshmark for a little over a year and a half now. found in 10 reviews
Great way to buy and sell clothes/shoes/jewelry with people across the country. found in 477 reviews
Life changing app for all fashionophile a. found in 12 reviews
BHPFY code for 5 $ on your account. found in 793 reviews
Not only are you going to make friends. found in 7 reviews
It's a great tool for selling and buying women's fashion. found in 22 reviews
Very easy and seamless way to sell clothes. found in 67 reviews
Not only can I save money on designer fashion. found in 17 reviews
scrolling through the filter options is nearly impossible. found in 13 reviews
Hire More Moderators to handle the 'overload' of Such Listings. found in 8 reviews
Poor customer service for asking questions and solving problem. found in 240 reviews
Cool app but concept needs improvement. found in 4 reviews
the people giving it poor reviews were probably those rude people. found in 10 reviews
There needs to be more search options. found in 6 reviews
and the customer service is terrible. found in 6 reviews
I wish there were more shipping options. found in 7 reviews
If you are still reading thing and going to sign up. found in 39 reviews
Customer Service is a JOKE. found in 6 reviews
Terrible customer service if you actually need help with something. found in 16 reviews
Just be weary of replicas and people trying to scam with PayPal. found in 16 reviews
Keeps telling me it won't update due to poor Internet connection. found in 11 reviews
and if they don't reply DON'T RELY ON THEM. found in 8 reviews
The only problem is the old listings from inactive users. found in 8 reviews
I just wish the shipping for smaller orders were based on weight. found in 7 reviews
However Poshmark has a good return policy but still just beware. found in 10 reviews
Buyer shipping cost are cheaper depending on the item. found in 90 reviews
I contacted customer support about the issue & they took DAYS to respond. found in 49 reviews
They also make it virtually impossible to use PayPal. found in 33 reviews
But don't try to post stuff to sell from your phone. found in 60 reviews
but who wants to pay flat rate shipping on something light. found in 34 reviews
People are constantly asking to trade and use Pay Pal instead. found in 50 reviews
Too many scammers selling fake bags as real. found in 16 reviews
The standard shipping rate will be permanently reduced to: $4. found in 26 reviews
They take 20 % of your total so you make no money. found in 129 reviews
Horrible customer service and shipping price. found in 17 reviews
Nobody reads the guidelines and people sell knock off items constantly. found in 27 reviews
BS suggested users Non sense parties lol. found in 28 reviews
but HATE that they overcharge a ridiculous amount for shipping. found in 101 reviews
No way to delete comments from dumb people and spam. found in 41 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Poshmark for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 5.9 MB to download. The new Poshmark app version 1.62 has been updated on 2014-11-13. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Poshmark in Poshmark, Inc.`s Official Website : http://poshmark.com

SHOP A STYLEMATE S CLOSET Ever wish you could shop a fashion lover`s closet? Now you can Poshmark connects you to people who s style you adore, allowing you to shop their closets, anytime you d ...
I love this app You can find the best deal on all the best designers and also the underdog designers So easy to use and even easier to sell your own things on Very user friendly I love it                 Poshmarker
I have been selling on Poshmark since 2012 with no problem I had some items that were against the rules so they blocked me which I totally understand Then they gave me access back for only two hours to fix the items that werent allowed so I tried my best I was at work at the the time After I fixed most of it I planned to fix the rest when I got home they blocked me again This time it was for fraud Ive NEVER ripped them off and its been four years since I started using it You would think that one of the people who helped get the business started would at least not get accused of something they didnt do Also the customer service only answers when it benefits THEM I loved Poshmark up until they pulled that bs I will no longer have anything to do with it Ive started selling on Mercari which I can post everything on and it doesnt take off a percentage unless you pay for the shipping Ive made almost 50 on it in the first two weeks        Moving to Mercari
I love this app and I have made some great sales on it My only suggestion is to add a beauty category since myself and so many others sell new beauty products I think that would be an awesome update brandnewbeauty                 Love it
Absolutely love this app Makes it so easy to sell but search Great costumer service                 Love it
Im trying too Bundle my stuff and I dont have the bundle Button and I Downloaded the App Like 3xs already Somebody please help me                 Trying to Bundle
I love this app so far                 Yas
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE correct it to where sold items automatically are listed at bottom of closet instead of scattered throughout w the items that are still available Thank you graciously           PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
Great app and super trustworthy and secure app Wish they didnt take such a huge percent of your sales though              Love it
The marketplace is full of scammers and dishonest people and the Poshmark staff is unresponsive to issues and doesnt seem to care     Terrible experience
mercaris way better     They are ridiculous
I am completely obsessed with this app I get all the designer clothes I love for super cheap Amazing                 LOVE
If you have nice items in your closet that dont fit anymore or never wear poshmark is the perfect place to sell these items This app is easy to use and easy to create listings Use code HIXYF for 5 to spend when you sign up              Great app idea
Very good                 Great
Needs to have a filter for men and women items              Filter Options
Love this app Ive sold things I used to love and scored items for great prices And your money is always protected Shipping doesnt cost you anything                 Love this app
Super easy to post those items hanging in your closet that youve been meaning to get rid of all while looking for its replacement Love this app and have been using it since 2013 Enter HYZRM when signing up to receive 5 to spend Happy poshing              Easy user friendly and get 5
Every day Im on this app I earned a total of 600 bucks on here in one month I dont like the amount posh takes out of your earnings but overall this is a good app to sell stuff you dont need anymore Follow me check my closet lydisgoodiez                 Obsessed
Sign up with code PTXDU and get 5 credit                 Great app
Totally obsessed with this app Its super easy to use and make money Would recommend to anyone wanting to sell trade or buy clothes Not just for women either                 Obsessed
To sellers Made over 100 in one month Takes a few months to get to that point but you get out of it what you put into it To buyers amazing deals I got a pair of brand new Michael Kors jeans for 30                 Love this app
Great app easy to navigate Ive had this app for about a year now and Ive sold about 15 items The one thing I absolutely hate about this app is that they take a huge chunk of the commission from the item you sell For example I sold a dress for 180 and I only get to keep 144              Good
This app has just the worst support Had an issue with a buyer apps fault and both of us had sent emails to ask help to resolve the problem but so far no answer And still no answer And this app should be about personal closets and not online boutiques Another is the ultra high Poshmark fee they take out after a sold item leaving the seller thinking if selling on this app is totally worth it yeah right And a bunch of lowballers jeez Unworthy app     Craptastic app
Ive seen this app advertised and decided to try it out I didnt think it was user friendly or easy to navigate at all Impossible to look for anything specific and am unable to really set features that relate to me Very disappointed Will continue to use the Vinted app so sell and buy     Back to Vinted
I love this app to sell my unwanted stuff If you market it well then you get sold The only annoying thing is the 20 that they take out it should be reduced to like 10 but other then that its great              Great App
Great app I use often to buy great items secondhand or for a fraction of retail Great interface used several times with no issues                 Awesome app
Have shopped here several times Never disappointed Just listed a few items Seems so easy                 Fun Shopping Site
Every things great but they need like a swim wear category or like under wear Especially having Victoria secret as a brand              Great app Needs more features
Love it Very easy to use Would give 5 stars except that there have been no reduced shipping sales since July 4th              Great app
LITERALLY THE BEST APP EVER not exaggerating poshmark is my favorite made perfect to fit buyer and seller needs                 loml
Great app Both of us get a 5 credit if you sign up using this code HBOLU Ive cleared out a lot of my closet and made some money at the same time Great alternative to throwing away or donating clothes I ship the same day or next day check out my closet llu Ive also bought a couple of great items off of other Poshers                 Addictive
I been using posh for a year and I wish I had found this app earlier I have made a great amount of sells The only problem is the shipping cost and also the way a percentage is taken off Mercari doesnt do that but the shipping is a little higher there I just wish posh had the same rules as Mercari When you sell an item you keep the whole amount not half Shipping is a little higher especially with items that are small or that cost 8 dollars A lot of people dont want to purchase just because they have to pay 14 for a small items              Posh BEST SELLING SITE Needs a little improvement
This app is filled with inexpensive shoppers looking for a bargain or 1 pricing Customer service is poor they do not look out for sellers and take a lot of money out of what you earn Youre better off selling your items on your own minus the headache     Not recommended
I found this app to be the best selling place                 Excellent place to sell
Based on other clothing apps this is by far one of the best ones I am using with that easy Instagram feel As a seller its easy to list items and as a buyer easy to buy items with the offer button AND especially with the bundle feature now added on I do wish that there was a way to private message each other as not all conversations should be public like offers And with such a big concern about payments made offline and through Paypal why not add an option to use Paypal but still have tracking and shipping fees through Poshmark I know theres a fee as a seller through Paypal so why not strike a deal to have fees lowered for both PP and Poshmark              Based on other clothing apps
They take too much commission and its not very user friendly     Prefer depop
This site is truly an impulse shoppers best friend I sell things and buy things at great prices Thank you Posh                 AWESOME
I can spend hours on this app looking for new and deep discount items Use code HZKQQ for a free 5 It goes a long way Easy to search and super fast shipping If items are lowered you can even get reduced shipping Its great to be able to ask questions before you buy I only wish I had as much luck selling as I have buying              Addictive app
Im one of the users thats been on Posh since the beginning so Ive seen the app grow into a huge community I still love and use it to this day Ive never had any problems with it because I follow the simple rules Ive made one return and it went smoothly and have made over 1000 Ive bought so many amazing items that you cant find in stores for amazing deals You can trust them as long as your being honest yourself I love Poshmark its the top sellingbuy app out there katefrancis                 Make That Money
My Pros with posh would have to be protected purchases and buying some clothes Cons well there is a 20 commission fee that takes away 20 And people can sell used underwear which I find disgusting Also the sellers are not protected Another con would be scammers are all over trying to have you buy on strange sites Other cons would be trading NEVER trade on posh because you will most likely never get an item in return I once traded a 200 purse and received nothing This basically sums up my review but keep in mind if you do trade something expensive for free you have a 75 chance of the person reselling it for This would be my list of warnings and it is a good app but need many improvements           Pros and Cons
I love Poshmark when I discovered it I swear I heard a angelic chorus and saw a rainbow at the same time I hope to create an outstanding closet on Poshmark by next year Allywag                 My new obsession
I have been on Poshmark since 2012 becoming active buying and selling in 2013 This application allows you to sell and buy new to gently used womens clothing accessories and shoes online I like the fact that they have constraints on what they allow people to sell If not it would feel like another EBay As large as Poshmark has gotten it still has the feel of a warm tight knit community of women that have come to sell and buy fashions but have also gained lasting friendships I love it                 Poshmark is Fantastic
this app is okay if i were to make changes to improve it in my opinion i would make shipping cheaper and commission 1015 think about how much posh makes off of that going down 5 wouldnt kill anyone Also low ballers they expect me to put my brand new Nike shorts for 8 NWT its crazy good app but you need patience           Alright
U can sell and buy fashion it amazing I love it                 Wow
Love it Easy to use                 Great app
but not a ton of buying Still a great idea Hope it gets more popular              Lots of selling
I love this app Im new to it but Im already really enjoying it Ive only made one sale so far but Im growing my followers very quickly by following all of the suggested Poshers and new Poshers I think by slowly growing my network Ill start to make more sales Its very easy to use and very easy to ship once someone purchases your item I cant complain                 Wonderful
So Im updating my review on Posh First thing is that they need more updates Everything on posh seems to be cluttered Im kinda getting tired seeing the same stuff on posh from peoples listings that arent selling I think our closets should have categories to organize them better to find stuff People stop scrolling the half way down your page and dont see your other items unless you share them which doesnt sell either bc not a lot of people see them being that there are so many people on here your news feed gets full fast Honestly I cant see everything on that news feed its way to cluttered and PPP just share dont buy most the time hoping there items sell Next they have shipping to much for people just selling jewelry or small items Nobody wants to pay 599 shipping on small items Its a waste unless they bundle which most the time they wont Also they take to much out of your earnings It makes me upset that items I sell I cant even list them at the right price bc posh takes a lot from you so they can make money Its ridiculous Ive been on here for over a year already I honestly sell more on vinted Customer service isnt fast anymore they take a few days to get back to you or sometimes even longer most the time they dont care what you have to say the other person is always right or posh is so dont bother They need more sale deals cheaper shipping on certain items less money taking from poshers better customer service new updates less cluttered site No promotions on sales or anything like they use to do Makes me go back to vinted with new updates vinted did its awesome But I never sell that much on posh and most the time the people are complaining about the shipping and I lose sales Getting tired of it But if you Give it a try find me heidiscloset28 enter my code BUEGH for 5 free credits Happy Poshing           UPDATE Needs Updating
Im a new Posher but so far I am loving it Ive already ordered two things only received the first order so far and am very happy with it Looking forward to receiving my Sanuks that I got for an amazing discounted price                 Love
I have listed and bought tons on poshmark just because there is a good variety But the service provided is poor and unreliable Commissions are extremely high Solving problems is lengthy and decisions are completely random As a buyer it hurt me many times Plus when i tried to write a review from the app itself i realized it is programmed to give an error each time a negative review is submitted Hence you only see positive reviews I had much better experience on Ebay tradesy and mercari     Unproffesional unreliable
So convenient and I love everything about it I hope my first purchase is going to be as great as it sounds                 I love it

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