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Greg Ellis , the publisher behind many iOS app (iWatchBites ,Glycemic Index Buddy - Low GI Diet Tracker ™ ,Halloween Costumes Fashion Fun - Kids ,Best Heart Rate Monitor ,Snack Nutrition Calorie Calculator for Weight Loss by ellisapps ,Heart Rate Watch™), brings Points Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Points Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro app has been update to version 1.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I was able to get information through the community support section..
  • I'm also losing weight very easily and not feeling deprived..
  • Food scanner..
  • Made me make healthier choices..
  • Easy to use and a great money saver for WW veterans..

Overall Satisfactionc77
everyone complaining about not having enough in the food database.
This app is better than weight watchers online and it's cheaper.
It includes the points calculator and a tracker of daily points.
This is nothing more than a points calculator.
It's much more than just a points tracker in that regard.
Much better than paying monthly fees for other programs out there.
I love being able to track everything I eat on my phone.
Love the scanner and so far everything has been in the database.
Great app easy to use and love the favorites feature.
Fun & Engagingc61
The WW app has way more food.
Awesome tracker.
And the scanner is awesome when at the grocery store.
great way to stay on track & meet my weight loss goals.
it has everything I need to stay on track and within my daily points limit.
This app has everything you need to keep track.
Very helpful tool for tracking points on the go.
I love this app it's easy useful and convenient.
Value for Moneyc91
Best App Purchase.
Ease of Usec84
great way to stay on track & meet my weight loss goals.
Easy to use and very accurate points tracker.
Great way to track food and help with weight control.
I always have my phone in hand so super convenient.
Easy to use and effective.
It's sooo easy to use and very accurate.
Super quick and easy to use.
Updates & Supportc88
Perfect for tracking the original points system in the classic version.
There is a plus and a classic version of this app.
WW version and others are unnecessarily complex and harder to use.
the old WW version is the best.

This is a great app for Weight Watchers drop outs like me. found in 398 reviews
ITrack bites helped me with this lifestyle change. found in 62 reviews
The tracker is good but the food database needs to be updated. found in 57 reviews
Extremely helpful to log daily points and calculate food items. found in 41 reviews
Would give 5 stars - but weekly points doesn't work. found in 38 reviews
This is great except for the spelling errors. found in 5 reviews
Nice tracker and calculator but the food list is pretty worthless. found in 42 reviews
The calculator needs a serving size adjuster when calculating points. found in 36 reviews
Although I wish the restaurant guide was integrated with this app. found in 3 reviews
Only wish it had more foods in the pocket guide. found in 51 reviews
I wish the search function worked better-really not helpful. found in 7 reviews
Just needs a weight tracker and serving size options. found in 46 reviews
but a listing of restaurant foods as well. found in 9 reviews
Just wish I could track more items per day. found in 3 reviews
I only wish the food data base had more common foods. found in 57 reviews
I just wish there was a place to log my weight loss. found in 4 reviews
just wish the food search data bank was more extensive. found in 21 reviews
I think the pocket guide needs a little work. found in 6 reviews
it doesn't have a large food log. found in 6 reviews
It needs to have more food choices including dining out guide. found in 31 reviews
MOST frustrating is you CANNOT change serving size. found in 36 reviews
impossible to change portion settings. found in 3 reviews
Needs a scanner or larger food database. found in 57 reviews
The food data base is a joke. found in 21 reviews
There's no way to adjust portion /points. found in 4 reviews
Doesn't have a lot of food options. found in 31 reviews
This app was great but now continues to crash repeatedly. found in 4 reviews
Poor selection of food choices. found in 5 reviews
It doesn't contain many of the foods I eat. found in 18 reviews
No option to change quantity of food eaten. found in 4 reviews
Update :

The Points Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro is now available for $1.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 2.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.6 has been released on 2014-11-18. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Points Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro check developer Greg Ellis`s website : http://www.itrackpoints.com

The most impressive Points Plus tracker on the market NUMBER ONE Points Plus tracker in the store Choose food items from pocket guide database Maintain list of favorite foods Works for Points Plus & Classic ...
You cant fail if you use this app and log your foods Im down 15lbs and its been just over a month Soooooo happy I downloaded this                 Awesome
Very good app                 Love it
I did ww years ago and lost 60 Unfortunately it didnt stay off For a few years I logged in MyFitnessPal and it helped me lose 60 I need to lose 20 more I cant get it off so I decided to see if maybe this program could help me the way ww used to This program has lots of good ideas but it is clunky and it tries to nickel and dime you to death The data base is not very good I cook most my foods from scratch The ingredient list is not very helpfultoo big of measurement for what I actually use ie 1 cup vs the teaspoon I would normally use Also it is not helpful if I slightly misspell something In MFP it helps you by guessing I wish I could merge the two programs        Not as good as Id hoped
I love the app but I think it could use a few additions improvements such as being able to edit a comment and the ability to post pictures              Washington
This is a fantastic app As a former weight watchers user I find it to be very similar yet not the same AND much more user friendly Not to mention a one time purchase fee rather than costly monthly fees              Finally
I have lost 46 lbs in three days I know it will not continue at this rate but how insanely motivating I have done WW in the past and hated the meetings and fees This puts ME in control with breaking the bank Love it                 This actually works
The 399 for this app doesnt include all of the functionality that the WW app has For all of the functionality they offer you have to pay another 499 Best I can tell the 399 version doesnt come close to being able to do everything the WW app can do Feels like a bait switch     Baited Switched
The app is wonderful and I love the feature that make it easy to keep up with your food intake Frustrated with the bundle feature I bought the initial bundle feature and then found that I was unable to sync those features with the initial ibites and I had to buy the additional restaurant guid within the app to get it to sync Otherwiseincredibly happy with my purchase              Some bugs
This has made diet tracking simple and effective It has had almost all my foods particularly when scanning The search engine for foods could use some indexing but its generally easy to find a non scanable item I highly recommend this app                 Fantastic
As a former WW Mobile User I was sick of the bugs at the ridiculous price each month I just started to use this app at a quarter of WW price not only is it user friendly I find it easier to use than the WW one with better features I hope I continue to find benefits at the reasonable cost                 Extremely hopefulgreat potential
Love this app Im so glad I found it its much cheaper than going to weight watchers meeting every month and so user friendly Ive been able to lose 32 lbs using this app                 Love it
Need to be easier to search foods and a way to save meals we eat often           Needs improving
Like others I did not want to commit to the Weight Watchers charges This app does it all and wonderfully I use the calorie version as I do better with that Tracking calories and exercise is a click away and the app amends your allotted food calories when you add exercise so your body doesnt starve For those of you puzzled by WW giving free points to fruits and vegetables and this app counting them This app is correct fruits are high in sugar natural or not its still sugar and calories in the body and must be accounted for The vegetables depending on which like the starchy vegetables corn peas carrots potatoes all need to be accounted for They should not be free Hope this helps but for those of you looking for a great app to help you lose weight this is great                 Great App
This app is perfect for me a lapsed WW lifetime member It tracks points called bites just like the WW app that comes with the WW monthly plan and it has an online community for when you need a little extra support Ive already lost a couple of pounds and saved lots of money                 Perfect weight watchers tracker replacement
Life changing app Makes everything so much easier                 Nursing student and mother
This is a great app Love it love it Would just like to see them add the recipe breakdown per servings                 This app
Read about this in Flipboard and needed to lose 20 lbs Less than a month in and I have lost 8 lbs Never used a formal diet before but this is very easy and convenient as you always have your phone Database of foods is extensive Buy the restaurant pack 3 if you go out to eat at major or regional chains as the list of restaurants is very good Definitely worth the money and effort compared to weight watchers                 First time dieter
Lost 45 pounds first three days nothing the next three Well see where it goes from here Some food items seem to have discrepancies with points but overall it helps keep me on track              Great app
Love this app Functions well Does everything I need to work toward my weight loss goal For me the most valuable tool is the Community where users post messages questions answers suggestions challenges successes failures hopes recipes inspirations etc It is like having a Weight Watchers meeting available 247 Have lost 78 pounds in just over three weeks and still going                 Like Having WW Meeting 247
Easy to use Has everything and more that you would need Very pleased with purchase of this app                 This is THE APP
Seems just like WeightWatchers without the meetings I love it                 Excellent PointCounting App
Im so happy to be able to use this app compared to paying monthly payments for using WW Ive only been using this app for one week and have already lost 3lbs This gives me a lots of motivation I have a Nike fuel band and would love to be able to pair it with this app I hope this will be a future option Thank you KatieM              This App is Great
This is exactly what I have been looking for and I have loved the weight watchers apps this is even better                 Great Weight Tracker App
None of the food I search for are listed Wasted my money     Terrible
App works as advertised and is stable Would prefer fewer steps to enter points A quick add option for food and activity would be much appreciated Also please change the weekly and daily points so that the lowest value is 0 bites instead of 1 bite it makes the app more useful for those of us doing Simply Filling Technique or Core           Good app please tweak for Simply FillingCore
Overall the app works great I especially like the iap restaurants However the fact that the app puts an ad right over the barcode link is a bit silly              Ads
I hate the new plan WW Points Plus I was very successful with the old plan and this app allows me to track that way By the way the community is amazing very supportive and active                 I finally found a way to do WW Classic
Love it Very user friendly Update is great love love the copy to next day Thank you so much Got my first 5 pound loss today Sparkly gold stars Awesome                 AWESOME
I love this app and Im telling all my friends and family about it The barcode scanner really works and the points thing is amazing Ive just started and already lost 5 pounds                 I love it
Great alternative to the high membership fees of weightwatchers Especially when you already know how their plan works and you have all the materials This is so much easier than having to bother with carrying a calculator two points books a three month tracker and more Its all in one place AND NO MONTHLY FEES                 Love it
I usually never follow through with other apps that has you count your calories because I always forget But this app is worth the money because it displays your remaining bites points for the day and you can scan items in and itll calculate everything for you                 Easy and convenient
Yes it is LESS than WW but missing a few things Scan does not work and that is a major feature           Ok app
Love this app Super simple to use lost 4 lbs the first week Much better than the WW App                 I bites
Id been growing frustrated by the instability and poor tech support of the WW app and decided to search for an alternative So glad I did This app does everything the big name app does as far as tracking for a fraction of the cost In fact Ive found many more items stored when scanning the barcode in this app than the WW app where I was constantly having to manually enter the data and was constantly losing my healthy checks data Loving this app so much I cxld my expensive monthly fee with WW after tracking with both apps side by side If you are already familiar with the WW system and only want to track save some and give this app a try                 Fantastic alternative to that big name app
This app is great I use the WW points system and this beats carrying around the pen and paper to track what I eat This app has all the features to help you loose weight Highly recommended                 Great App
Love this app very easy to use I love the scanner feature I gave it 4 stars because Id like to see a more streamlined and complimentary interface between Favorites addafood and tracking              Great app incredibly affordable alternative to WW
Ive had it for a couple days now and I can really feel the difference The only complaint I have is it doesnt sync with the iOS health kit or at least I cant figure out how to set it up Other than that issue I have nothing else negative to say about the app It is worth the money in my opinion              Great App
I purchase a lot of bulk raw grain fruits and veggies Unfortunately this app doesnt cater to that I find that a lot of their foods are prepackaged and precooked So this makes it difficult for me to accurately track my food intake I gave it 2 stars because this is a great idea but they need to provide more food options for people like me        Not a fan
Best app I currently own I absolutely love it                 Best app ever
I absolutely love this app I am down 25 pounds and this app lets me see what Ive eaten what I have left to eat I track points like weight watchers and tracks my exercise It allows me to figure points has a good calculator and scanner I highly recommend                 I track bites
The only thing that makes this app worth anything is that it is the WW points system and not counting calories otherwise myfitnesspal is better There arent very many foods loaded onto the app doesnt recognize a lot of bar codes etc           Mediocre app not worth the 5 or 5 more for upgrade
Great app this is just what I needed to stay motivated in getting healthy since a milestone birthday of 60 My daughter suggested this app since I used it I have lost some weight and I exercise to lose inches Great motivator              What I needed
Great app I love that I can choose the classic points version Easy to use Would be super helpful if the remaining points showed without having to open the app                 Awesome
You have to create an account I bought this app thinking that when you pay for it creating an account would not be necessary to use I understand an account is needed for special features but there should be some functionality without an account Refund     Disappointedaccount required
I love this app Ive done WW for a long time but never the online version This app allows me to track my dietexercise etc just the same I LOVE the barcode scanner because its a SUPER quick way to calculate points              Wonderful and easy to use
App is not bad and helps me be healthy sure but here is the thing If Im paying for it and I paid 10 with addons there should be no adds ever I dont care if theyre your apps or partners paid apps should have no adds is any kind So 1 star because youre greedy     Adds
App works as promised and at 399 represent a huge cost savings over signing up for WW If when purchasing the additional guides it is still a good value My problem is that the developer has chosen to have an annoying drop down ribbon to advertise their other apps This is annoying in and of itself but to make it even worse the ribbon drops down and covers the barcode scanner Completely unacceptable           Works but shortsighted Dev
It would be a great app if the search worked              I Track Bites
Ive been a WW member for years and am tired of paying 50 a month for an app on my phone This app is fantastic perfect for points and I love the variety of foods and restaurants Great app                 Great app
Weight Watchers is an awesome weightloss system But journaling points has always been a drag I love the barcode scanner feature of this app most of all because it really takes the pain out of journaling Thank you                 Exactly what I was looking for

Points Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro Healthcare & FitnessPoints Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro Healthcare & FitnessPoints Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro Healthcare & FitnessPoints Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro Healthcare & FitnessPoints Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro Healthcare & FitnessPoints Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro Healthcare & FitnessPoints Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro Healthcare & FitnessPoints Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro Healthcare & FitnessPoints Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro Healthcare & FitnessPoints Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro Healthcare & FitnessPoints Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro Healthcare & FitnessPoints Calculator Plus Tracker - iTrackBites - Pro Healthcare & Fitness

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