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Ovalkey , the publisher behind many iOS app (PocketLife Calendar ,StudentLife Organizer ,ShiftLife Organizer), brings PocketLife Calendar with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. PocketLife Calendar app has been update to version 5.0.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Works great and allows me to keep track of everything..
  • This app is great for any rotating shift workers out there..
  • Impressed with how it functions and the different views available..
  • This is a great calender..
  • Different color schemes to choose from..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Love being able to color code different types of events and reminders.
Much better than the standard calendar app included on the phone.
It's far better than the standard calendar app that comes w/ iPhone.
I love the template idea instead of typing all individual entries.
1st class product& I love the custom options of setting reminders.
I also love the template feature and the ability to have repeating events.
I love how organized this app makes my calendar look.
Fun & Engagingc96
awesome calendar app easy to use and manage your months.
Awesome organizer app.
I use this calendar all the time and love it.
My favorite feature is that you can color code everything.
One quick glance helps me organize my day/week/month.
Works great and allows me to keep track of everything.
I have to use this calendar every day it is great.
Useful and Beautiful.
Family Friendlyc96
I like how I can have multiple calendars- one for each family member.
This calendar works great for my busy family's schedule.
kids school.
Ease of Usec75
The color options allow me to stay so organized.
Easy to edit and post ongoing daily-weekly activities too.
iPhone 4S -- now crashes when you try to edit an event.
It is very easy to personalize which makes it extremely useful.
Easy to add events and keep track of meetings or appointments.
You can Not add events in correctly doing multiple days.
It's easy to read and synchs with my Google calendar nicely.
I work oddball shifts and the app makes it easy to input.
Easy to use and customize for specific needs.
Ads not Intrusivec23
Updates & Supportc87
ALSO: I just had a great customer service experience.
App is ok Customer Service stinks.
i have the lite version and its all i need.
lite version only let's you put 50 events.
Purchased the full version by the end of the day.
New Update Even Better.

Choosing different colors for different family members makes it very useful. found in 77 reviews
It works great and is better than Apple's calendar. found in 46 reviews
great way to stay organized and always have my schedule nearby. found in 66 reviews
One quick glance helps me organize my day/week/month. found in 27 reviews
It is very easy to personalize which makes it extremely useful. found in 49 reviews
Love being able to color code different types of events and reminders. found in 214 reviews
The color options allow me to stay so organized. found in 66 reviews
I don't thing u should have to pay every year for it. found in 12 reviews
Occasionally there's a problem with syncing with Google calendar. found in 3 reviews
but I'm glad I finally found an app that works for me. found in 5 reviews
Nice calendar but needs work. found in 3 reviews
This new version is slower and more difficult to edit. found in 50 reviews
Also wish there was better tech support. found in 7 reviews
now every time I try to add an event the app crashes. found in 24 reviews
Also when I delete an event sometimes it doesn't go away. found in 9 reviews
but minor revisions needed. found in 4 reviews
I wish the calendar would appear in the notification center. found in 11 reviews
Wish I could adjust font size a bit better. found in 5 reviews
If I have the upgrade why do I still get ads. found in 3 reviews
Didn't have these problems until new iOS update. found in 10 reviews
When I stop getting ads then they can get 5 stars. found in 3 reviews
but it couldn't customize events to my liking. found in 5 reviews
I only wish there was an option to add holidays automatically. found in 6 reviews
Needs day view on icon like iCal but great otherwise. found in 15 reviews
there is no ability to edit within the add ons. found in 9 reviews
Don't buy you have to pay every year. found in 12 reviews
Using this for my business and discovered it erases previous months. found in 13 reviews
It is working well but I can't even delete an event. found in 9 reviews
but now CRASHES a every time I try to add an event. found in 6 reviews
I'm not paying an annual fee to use this stupid app. found in 5 reviews
I tried to add an event and the app keeps shutting down. found in 24 reviews
2nd reminder option removed when adding a new event. found in 27 reviews
Please update it so you can edit events. found in 15 reviews
99 but cannot access the calendar past 2012. found in 6 reviews
Great but how can i NOT hv facebook events. found in 5 reviews
iPhone 4S -- now crashes when you try to edit an event. found in 50 reviews
but with the new iOS 8 update. found in 9 reviews

If you are iPhone owner,you now can download PocketLife Calendar for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.0.6 has been released on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about PocketLife Calendar in Ovalkey`s Official Website : http://www.ovalkey.com

--TRY POCKETLIFE TODAY FOR FREE-- __________________________________________ HOW IS YOUR CALENDAR LOOKING? Love your iPhone? But don't love the calendar? PocketLife has been designed for people who want an easy to use, beautiful looking calendar in their pocket. PocketLife has a simple ...
I click on a date added to time my dj set was suppose to start the time it was suppose to end and location and all I hit done all it keeps saying is cannot save no calendar has been set Im sure im missing a step but if i have to miss an obvious step for something so incredibly simple and for this app to make me feel like an idiot Screw it deleting right away annoying     Obviously its me but its annoying
This is the only calendar I use After having tried several this is the best I just wish there is a windows version                 Fantastic calendar
Love this app best one Ive found                 Works great
Everything I need to know on one place                 LOVE IT
Id say this is probably the best one out there appwise I wish it were a bit more friendly on the eyes bigger and more options for week layouts              Nice calendar
A fantastic app A handheld calendar has been my best friend since college first with paper then with my iPhone I found the original iPhone calendar app to be lackluster and somewhat confusing I wished I could see the colors of each event marker in the month view that was the biggest reason for me to download PocketLife But the benefits were more than worth paying a few bucks for after the free trial ran out I was already hooked The color coordination makes it so I can easily distinguish special events from my regular work schedule I can actually read multiple event titles at a glance from the month view the personalization of this app is so extensive its almost unnecessary I get to choose the background photo of each month Cute touch It functions like the regular iPhone calendar app in many ways just with a ton of extra bells and whistles that have made scheduling my life easier Visually pleasing easy to navigate multiple alerts for days hours or minutes in advance I love this app                 Id be lost without it
I like the reliability of this app It is a welcome god send                 Lohlhas
Very easy to usecolored markers for each calendarlove it                 Really fun calendar
You cannot add any events to this calendar without buying a calendar from them That defeats the whole purpose of downloading the free calendar app     Not what you think
This is the 1st app Ive found that automatically xs out the previous day and also has nice background images                 Love this app
This is the best calendar app I have found Love the fact that I have templates                 Love this app
Ive been using this calendar app for a long time and I still love it                 My favorite app
This is my default calendar now                 Awesome
What a great calendar I love being able to color code my daily school schedule and its fun to be able to add photos and change fonts                 Colorful Fun
I have used this app for about 4 years I think since my first iPhone which was an iPhone 4 and now I use it on iPhone 6 I looked for features such as alarms templates for repeating events that are not on a regular schedule color coding capability to set custom repeating events and offers of special calendars like USA holidays Christian holidays etc It migrates easily to the standard iPhone calendar and all of my other devices accepts invitations from various other sources like mime invites and works vertically or horizontally I can set it to day month or a year overview search for past events and quickly go to a specific date by holding down TODAY until it opens a space to input the desired date I have not had it reset to GMT but my husband has been having that problem with a different calendar app on his iPhone 6 so I think that might be an Apple bug I would like to have a way to delete some of the Christian events that I am not interested in or affected by but maybe I just havent figured out how to do it The calendar does take some time to learn all of the features but it is fairly intuitive Now that I am used to it it would be hard to get me to switch to another calendar app                 Great Calendar
Love this app                
Fantastic app                 Great
Love it                 Finally a calendar that shows all events in easy display and allows to share it
Wonderful calendar                 Run
Love the different colors can use for each appointment                 Great
Very handy appI love the ability to color code and save templates for different events I use this app all the time and it is well worth the small fee                 Impressed
Love this app but why am I seeing ads with this most recent update Especially since I have PAID for this app PLEASE HELP        Liked until most recent update
Ill go against most of the reviews and say that I like PocketLife for what it doesnt do I dont use notifications special color codes multiple calendars etc I do like the template feature though Heres what I do like the product works smoothly and reliably Thats what counts              Simple reliable
Best calendar app Ive ever used Love that I can color coordinate every event that I have                 Best calendar app ever
Would recommend                 Great app and most importantly great support
This is a really handy app is hat helps me keep up with my schedule Not just mine but my childrens and even my grandchildrens Very handy I can use a separate color for each person so I can tell before I even see what the appointment is whose it is I love it                 Handy Accurate
Works just like I need it to I like the ability to color code what I want and I dont have to synch it to everything if I dont want                 Great
If holidays werent a paid addon if I could delete the holidays I dont observe this app would be flawless or close I have the paid app well worth the It includes options for combining several calendars has great customization templates alarms notifications One of my best apps I use it every day love the ability to personalize A                 LIKE IT A LOT
I just wish I wouldnt have to put a time of everything                 Works well
I teach HS and use this to keep track of multiple preps and my personal life Love having everything on my IPhone IPad and the ability to see it with ease I can also email a calendar or print it out so that my coworkers or family can have a physical copy of what is going on                 Great for teachers and parents
Great calendar I tried several and this is the best                 Amazing
Love this calendar It works great for my multiple schedules Being able to see the actual event in month view is a huge help for me                 Love it
This is the best calendar app of any I have tried I love the week view and the ability to jump quickly to a future or past date Is there a way to get it on my Mac                 Finally a Calendar That My Requirements
I am one of those ripple who always carried around a pocket planner with me Presmartphone This app works flawlessly for what I need for an everyday calendar                 Perfect Calendar App
This is the best app for people who need help remembering everything they have going on in their busy lives like me Its so simple you can design it however you want Definitely worth the money                 Best app
I like this calendar but for the last week it shuts down           Help
App is great until you need to refer back to previous months and it deletes all events that were added Very frustrating     Deletes events
I really like the ability to specify custom alert times Generally easy to use That said the alerts often get corrupted if you use TWO alerts and sync with Google Calendar Also when I disable reminders in the calendar I typically have to redisable them again a week later Overall 4 stars              Custom alerts are great
I keep track of all of our appointments using the app Usually I put the appointment in while still standing at the counter of the Dr Or whoever the appt is with                 Handy app
Im impressed Ive had a Palm Pilot and knew I wanted color coded events visible from monthview and this calendar has exceeded my expectations I use google calendar for my back up so far its working good                 Mike
I like the free version very easy and manageable Wanted more features works nice                 By appt only
When my previous calendar app sold their company and discontinued their app I thought I would never find a better app Well I took a chance with PocketLife and it is by far the best calendar out there Love it                 Best calendar app
Like the features Colors You can use your own pictures for calendar Only calendar I use                 Great calendar
Best calendar app ever                 Mr
I live my life by this great calendar Ive been using it for three years and depend on it to keep me in the right place at the right time send birthday cards on time and wish my cat happy birthday on the correct day lol                 Necessary
Love this app to keep track of my work and personal life schedule Couldnt live without it                 Great app
I am truly painfully organized I wanted an iPhoneiPad calendar app that would be easier faster and better than the preinstalled calendar app This is it                 Best Calendar App
Pretty good app              Calendar
This calendar is what should come with iPhone It fully integrates with apples calendar to give access to features A definite must have                 Great calendar
This is a great app Its easy to use I would definitely recommend it                 Review

PocketLife Calendar Productivity Emoji Icon Icon AppsPocketLife Calendar Productivity Emoji Icon Icon AppsPocketLife Calendar Productivity Emoji Icon Icon AppsPocketLife Calendar Productivity Emoji Icon Icon AppsPocketLife Calendar Productivity Emoji Icon Icon AppsPocketLife Calendar Productivity Emoji Icon Icon AppsPocketLife Calendar Productivity Emoji Icon Icon AppsPocketLife Calendar Productivity Emoji Icon Icon AppsPocketLife Calendar Productivity Emoji Icon Icon AppsPocketLife Calendar Productivity Emoji Icon Icon AppsPocketLife Calendar Productivity Emoji Icon Icon AppsPocketLife Calendar Productivity Emoji Icon Icon Apps

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