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Fluik , the publisher behind many iOS games (Plumber Crack ,Rift Soul Calculator ,Office Jerk ,Office Jerk for iPad ,Cool Spell Pro 4 - My Home ,Airport Madness Challenge Free), brings Plumber Crack with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Plumber Crack games has been update to version 1.24 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Graphics are whimsical and sound effects are fun..
  • Good app..
  • An enjoyable relaxing game..
  • It's probably the best game I've played since temple run..
  • My mom loves it lol it's funny when high..

Overall Satisfactionc91
Amazing game fun game and teaches you math.
It's one of the best games I played in a long time.
Addicting game throwing stuff into someone's butt crack.
Ya nothing better than throwing stuff in a plummers butt.
Great game this is one of my favorite games in the whole world.
Thiz game is way better than paper toss.
It's a ripoff of paper toss and nowhere near as good.
It's awesome and fun throwing ice cubes it's the best game in the world.
I would recommend this game to anyone looking to burn some time.
Great game my wifey loves this game plays it all the time.
Fun & Engagingc90
its a really fun game to play and helps pass time.
Awesome game more sexy girls shaking booty more.
This is a pretty fun game to pass the time.
This is the most fun and addicting game on earth.
This game is super fun and highly addictive.
Super fun but crashes.
A lot of fun very cute fun gam.
Awesome game for hours of mindless fun a def must have.
This game is soooo addicting and is soo interesting.
Its an ok game i Play it every Day Well see ya.
I love this game I just can play it every day.
I love this it's the best and I play it everyday.
I play it everyday I'm so glad I downloaded it.
I love this game because I want to just unlock everything.
you can unlock everything by playing.
Family Friendlyc90
Great game my wifey loves this game plays it all the time.
Good game Need more sexy girls in just panties and bras.
Really good game the kids think its hilarious.
This game is addicting and makes my kids laugh.
Sexy lady I wanna have sex with her.
Replay Valuec80
Awesome game for hours of mindless fun a def must have.
It's fun but gets boring after awhile.
The game is really fun and challenging an I enjoy it.
Game never gets old it's fun to play all the time.
I just wish you didn't have to "unlock" the different levels.
Stupidly addicting.
very repetitive tho'.
but very repetitive.
Production Valuesc94
Graphics are whimsical and sound effects are fun.
I even like the music and sound effects.
The graphics are great and the music is very catchy.
Love this game the graphics are great and it is fun.
Ease of Usec88
Fun game easy to play recommended for everyone.
Very funny simple game to pass the time.
This game is simple and entertaining.
A lot of fun very cute fun gam.
Overall a fun gam.
Fun game but crashes.
Updates & Supportc71
Love the girl version.
This game is inappropriate in many ways especially in girl version.
I can spend my whole iPhone battery playing this game.
I keep using up all my battery playing this lol.

Plumber crack is awesome I love playing it. found in 2787 reviews
It's a great time passer and it's super addictive. found in 54 reviews
Plumer crack is so funny and very addicting I love it. found in 245 reviews
An amazingly funny game meant for all ages. found in 495 reviews
Awesome game more sexy girls shaking booty more. found in 694 reviews
Something u see the time fly having fun. found in 26 reviews
the repetitiveness gets boring quickly. found in 4 reviews
It's so cool and addicting because once you start you can't stop. found in 5 reviews
Very inappropriate the girls pants fall down. found in 3 reviews
Don't like ONLY skimpy outfits for female plumber. found in 4 reviews
So weird but funny and entertaining actually did it to my uncle. found in 43 reviews
Somewhat strange but fun. found in 4 reviews
This game is ok but it gets boring after a while. found in 5 reviews
I think this game is funny and gross at the same time. found in 14 reviews
Gives you something to do when you need to waste some time. found in 13 reviews
This game is super fun and a little gross. found in 11 reviews
Wish you could earn bucks a little quicker. found in 5 reviews
This game is awesome I can't stop playing it funny to. found in 16 reviews
but it needs more stuff to throw at him. found in 8 reviews
Gets boring after awhile and there isn't a goal. found in 16 reviews
Funny game but gets a little boring after a while. found in 24 reviews
It's an ok game gets boring pretty fast. found in 3 reviews
It needs more items to throw in his but not just ice. found in 5 reviews
Just wish there was more free stuff. found in 4 reviews
A great way to waste time before class starts. found in 85 reviews
Fun but boring quickly. found in 4 reviews
It's funny at first but then it gets really boring. found in 4 reviews
funny idea but poor app. found in 3 reviews
Free bucks doesn't work. found in 4 reviews
Boring at times but is fun. found in 4 reviews
It's the worst game iv ever played really so improperit. found in 14 reviews
I do not recommend this for children under 10. found in 10 reviews
The is an inappropriate game for little kids. found in 4 reviews
Fun game but crashes. found in 9 reviews
It gets very inappropriate. found in 3 reviews
What a dumb game. found in 6 reviews
It's fun but gets boring after awhile. found in 16 reviews
Needs a nude option for Betty. found in 7 reviews
This was a horrible game. found in 4 reviews
My game always crashes when I try to play it. found in 4 reviews
It can get to be a little boring after a while. found in 24 reviews

The Plumber Crack is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 18.9 MB to download. The new Plumber Crack app version 1.24 has been updated on 2014-11-29. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Plumber Crack check developer Fluik`s website :

`Nuff said Everybody`s been there. You try to look away but you can`t stop staring. You just want to say something, or, maybe, just maybe, you want to just drop something in there and see what ...
Nuff said                 Throwing stuff in peoples butts
It is fun to play and you get m points too                 Fun game
This was entertaining                 Fun
This game is hilarious It will probably get old soon but until then its awesome                 Good game
Finally a game that is enjoying yet does not need Internet to play                 Awsome
This is such a fun addicting game When I get bored I just whip out my phone and throw donuts at peoples butts A game                 So fun
It crashes all the time I cant even play one minute     Crashes
Great              Plumbers crack
Really fun and addicting                 Fun
LOL                 So much fun LOL
I love it it mad me laugh so hard                 Wow its so funny
This is a dumb game and it is a copy of paper toss     Knockoff
I understand that a free game needs to have ads to make money but holy crap this one is over the top No thanks        Ads ads add
Gooood Game                 Plumber Crack Review
It all started My friend came over to my house and she had this game and I said whats that game about She showed me how to play and I thought it looked very fun so I said I think I am going to download this app to my phone She said her version was free and she thinks in her opinion that its the best game in History So I got the game and loved it and would recommend it to you                 Very Fun
This game is NOT for kids And its so boring Please make it more interesting     GROSS
Its a blast                 Great game
Plz when the update comes can yAll when the girl puts her pants down do it all the way down I want to see her twark                 Plz do the update
Makes me feel good when i play it and also the scenes we choose from make it funny                 love it
My brother whos into bottly functions downloaded this stupid game It even looks too stupid to play and does not look funny at all Plumber crack doesnt sound appropriate This game is not for kids 1 star for now     Stupid
Lots of fun Makes me laugh                 Plumber Crack
My cousin told me bout this game Ive been hooked ever sence                 THIS GAME IS AWSOME
Jejdjdm                 Mend hey
The girls butt is to small so in the next update do mind making a Fat Girl so it is easyer then I will not need to suffer throwing balls in the fat girls butt           Girls butt is so small and a awsome game
Plumber crack is a fun game To play this game you throw ice cubes into a girl or a boys pants to collect money You may like this game a lot My opinion about this game is that this is the best game ever I play this game every day If you choose to download this game then there is a BIG chance that you will LOVE this really fun game                 Best game ever
Great game                 Great game
Great game                 Yayyy
I love this game it is only a bit of a challenge and very very fun by the way if you are new to the game and want better amo get the peanuts                 Love this game
this is a good app I love it I play it when it rains and it entertains kids a whole lot                 do
I got the game then I played it and it cracked me up it was so funny and cool                 Awesome
1 star I hate this game all you do is throw ice cubes in a persons pants It is so stupid and no kids should get this I am deleting this game Sorry to the people who like this game FYIdont get this game     Dumb and stupid
Pretty hilarious if you ask me My grandkids love playing it and they laugh so hard its fun to watch them play                 Hilarious
Funfunnyentertaining              Crack
Weird but fun                 WHAT
I really love this game its a great pass time but Ive noticed that the mystery box bar on the side isnt showing how filled up it is it just says its empty I still get mystery boxes but I never know when they are coming please fix this           So addicting
This is sooooo stupid I got the game played it once and deleted it It is so disgusting Whoever made this game is dumb I mean seriously sooo disturbing     Inappropriate
Nice                 Nice
I love playing this game its crazy fun even my hubby likes playing this game I love all the things you can throw              This game is crazy fun
Ok so I just started playing pc Now that didnt mean computer It means i absolutely LOVE Plummers crackthis may be the best thing that ever computerized on the earth now this may sound really smart for a 10yr oldbut I have ADHDbut this is the best game ever                 Best game ever
This game is so fun it make me laugh and its funny I really love this game I want my review 2 b 1                 Dope
This games is so stupid I dont think any one should get it     Review
This is a good game to keep younger siblings busy or even just to past the time I enjoy this game every once in a while              Fun game
I know its just a game throwing stuff into other peoples butt but its so funThere are four different game modes and four different locationsAnd at the store you can buy new items to throw new outfits and moreKeep the updates coming hopefully with new outfits items and tattoos to buyThank you I love this game                 Great game
I like so much I got addicted I was in my mom room and she was playing it and I decided to download cause it looked like it was fun                 Its the best
This was the first game I played when I got it for the iPod Touch I have enjoyed it ever since Now I play it on my iPad mini and Im getting better and better at it Love the new outfits and backgrounds Dont really care for the mPoints part Does me no good But the game is lots of fun                 Plumbers Crack
Thanks guys                 Fluik
This was always my fav game but now it just says loading and never does Please fix     Crashes with latest update
Butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt Yay So many booties Those guys in this games are twerking till i saw theyre booties                 I like butts
I love this game                 Awesomeness

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