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Pivotal Labs , brings Pivotal Tracker with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pivotal Tracker app has been update to version 1.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • We use PivotalTracker every day at work using the web version..
  • Great planning tool..
  • Regarding auto sync..
  • Allows me to update and track progress on the go..

Overall Satisfactionc85
Quick and easy way to add / manage stories from my iPad.
Better than the web version.
Amazing convenience.
Amazing companion to PT on the web.
Fun & Engagingc95
Great extension of the already awesome software.
Works great for keeping up to date with your projects.
Does everything the web app does.
Great application - helpful for organization of tasks.
clean and useful.
Production Valuesc82
The app is not quite as intuitive as the web interface.
useful interface to a great tool.
Ease of Usec91
One of the best team and project management platforms out there.
PivotalTracker-perfect mix of customizable and easy to use.
Great and convenient extension to the website.
Very easy to play the stories around on mobile device.
Security & Privacyc45
then this app will work with your linked google apps account.
Updates & Supportc62
Great mobile version of a great project management solution.
Great mobile version.

Best agile tool on the market. found in 1 reviews
This official app is head and shoulders better than the alternatives. found in 1 reviews
Great application - helpful for organization of tasks. found in 1 reviews
Lightweight and powerful. found in 2 reviews
clean and simple to use. found in 1 reviews
Elegant app that maintains useful consistency with the web UI. found in 4 reviews
PivotalTracker-perfect mix of customizable and easy to use. found in 1 reviews
Pivotal Tracker remains simple and attractive. found in 2 reviews
Their app provides a great mobile extension of their service. found in 2 reviews
pretty good for basic tasks. found in 1 reviews
Brings the full pivotal experience to the IPad. found in 2 reviews
Very convenient supplement to the online version. found in 2 reviews
with great use of screen real estate. found in 1 reviews
Great productivity tool. found in 1 reviews
Excellent Web Application and Excellent Companion App. found in 1 reviews
Great companion to the site. found in 1 reviews
Yet another reason to switch to PT. found in 1 reviews
Beautiful and Useful. found in 1 reviews
One of the best team and project management platforms out there. found in 12 reviews
Works great for keeping up to date with your projects. found in 5 reviews
Missing functionality to be great. found in 1 reviews
Great but don't make edits unless you are on WiFi. found in 1 reviews
but functionally sound :. found in 1 reviews
Nice idea but I do not always have an Internet connection. found in 1 reviews
Missing some features but still very good. found in 2 reviews
Current issues. found in 1 reviews
New stories aren't there until you hit the refresh button. found in 2 reviews
Can't use with a big project. found in 1 reviews
Takes quite a while to load everything up for bigger projects. found in 4 reviews
Good app but pls fix crashing. found in 1 reviews
missing some highly desired features. found in 2 reviews
but cool mobile access to my PT. found in 1 reviews
Pretty please update the interface design. found in 1 reviews
Can't sign in with Google Apps auth. found in 3 reviews
it isn't obvious. found in 1 reviews
Good App but You can add more functionality in it. found in 1 reviews
No search or 'my work'. found in 2 reviews
Takes 60 seconds to load. found in 4 reviews
Crashes when selecting slide out menu. found in 1 reviews
So it's basically unusable if you have a couple hundred stories. found in 2 reviews
The icons and text are totally busted and it's nigh unusable. found in 1 reviews

The Pivotal Tracker is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.3 MB to download. The new Pivotal Tracker app version 1.5 has been updated on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Pivotal Tracker in Pivotal Labs`s Official Website : http://www.pivotaltracker.com/

Pivotal Tracker for iOS brings everything you love about Pivotal Tracker to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. With a beautiful multi-touch interface, you`ll fall in love with Pivotal Tracker all over again. Effortlessly prioritize ...
But needs to be updated for iPhone X support I like that links in gmail automatically link out to your app That s very useful and you show comments on order of newest to oldest But please we need iPX support Thanks                 Very useful for a project manager Get a life please
Great product management tool Our team has been using it for years                     Great Management Tool Bom.com!
This app is very useful and normally works very well However at some point uploading photos from my camera stopped working It shows as a photo when I first create a task but once I save it the photo becomes some sort it weird attachment Fix this and we are back to 5 stars             Great app until I was unable to upload photos from my phone Slaughter17
When I m using Tracker on the go I want to quickly glance at any actions I need to take There is too much happening on the page for me to do so and all of the colors are blinding to my user experience I wish I had other options for mobile because this one is terrible         Love the web app but iOS is too busy Tucci Fam
There s a big button to sign in via google but it fails always Unusable     Google sign in fails all the time Hgkhgk
Half the time the app tries to redirect to the story in the app it fails Additionally when posting updates to the story via the activity feed in the app they sometimes don t update the comment feed which means you can t review the actual conversation in real time without visiting the web page Update after three months Pivotal Tracker obviously doesn t care about this application The application hasn t improved in the slightest over the last three months yet they continue to cram it down your throat when you receive an email notification The Cache Clear function fails consistently The Sync Project function fails consistently Comment threads are often generated backwards if the comment you re looking for is there at all I would be embarrassed to push an application like this to market Use the web app Don t install this app on your mobile device You will regret it     App makes me want to switch to JIRA Brobot505050
How do you sign up     Sign Up Brandan m
Is it due to 2FA If so not an excuse         Google Sign In doesn t work LETARGO
It s good at tracking steps but I can t get to sync and it says I need a different app that isn t available any more it s stupid     Impossible Zody22
A bit clunky but works once you find your way around My main beef is with notifications They seem intermittent I do not always get notifications on the lock screen or in the Notification Center although the badge icons are correct In this regard the app is unreliable             Works but weak in some areas IslanderStu
I love the features the UI the workflow Very well done                     Awesome simply works bendhoward
There are a few things I would like to see that would make it a 5 star app better in app analytics way to not just copy story URL but directly open in browser and a Workspace view w multi project analytics But still a great app                 Great App easy to use ehlersd
This app is genuinely great While simple it provides all of the functionality that I NEED There are areas where it could improve like optionally estimating Bugs and having a level between Epic and Story but those are small things The overall execution of this application is spot on in conjunction with the online interface which is a good compliment and often makes it easy to make large amounts of changes in mass                     Fantastic 05wrightm
App doesn t even load the stories just sits in a loading cycle until it crashes     Slow and or non responsive nguyeness
Since the last version deep links from emails don t open individual stories anymore which makes it a pain to respond to comments on stories Search should also allow to search for the full url a story to make it easier to use     UX issues Selena Heskett
If all you need to do is view your own work or if you don t have to worry about multiple Projects lucky then this works fine If however you do work on multiple projects and use Workspaces to stay on top of them then you re out of luck Workspaces support is not included and the Pivotal team has admitted that they do not intend to add it Otherwise this app would be fantastic As is it mostly gets left on the shelf in lieu of the web app Unfortunately that doesn t work terribly well on a tablet either C est la vie             Good For Light Use Flern
After about 3 4 weeks of using the app the app hits a point where I can t create stories because of a weird error Every time this has happened 3 times now I ve had to delete the app and reinstall to fix Very frustrating Other than that the app works fairly well although the UI for creating and navigating stories could be easier specifically adding photos to a story is not straight forward             Work well but issue creating stories sometimes iLIKEqrCODES
In our multi team environment having workspaces is vital for stand ups End up having to use the very clunky on table web version Otherwise a fine app                 Good but needs workspaces Flern
Tried every button in the UI and common gestures like double tapping empty space On iPad Pro w Keyboard and having to go back to website to add stories App looks nice enough Does not make use of screen space stories appear in a small pop up on center of screen             Looking better but cant find how to create story whogben
It loses one star for not being able to enter time tracking against a story in the app Also I hate that I have to go to the desktop app to manage members and project info Fix these things and you re my heroes forever                 Love this app But yarnspotting
Wow The mobile app feels awesome                     Starting to use mobile over desktop DanTheMan4Evar
Good app needs push notifications             Almost there aam1r
Extremely useful to record and keep track of good ideas that could potentially be converted to valuable stories Simple loaded with the RIGHT amount of functionality for this format factor absolutely love it                     Excellent app great for product managers 9DeT
Robust feature set lets me get done what I need to when I m away from my Mac Experience on iPad Pro leaves a lot to be desired No support for Split View which would let me review designs wiki pages emails etc side by side with Tracker Text looks fuzzy Keyboard is the standard iPad version so it lacks the more efficient layout and is spaced differently than the iPad Pro keyboard Come on Pivotal make it great             Great features iPad experience could be better Shazam user since 2008
It s been very intuitive to access the wide array of story and now epic planning tools at Pivotal Tracker s disposal It s beautiful and works quickly with all of my projects Now what I d love is to be able to use the app for my different Pivotal Tracker accounts without needing to retype my password every time I switch contexts It s a terrific app and something to be proud of Obviously everyone will always want a little more once they know how they like to work with a tool                 Switching users would be the usefullest bourgtai
Wow Pivotal Tracker mobile is awesome This is a huge improvement since earlier versions I love keeping Pivotal open on my phone and not dealing with having to find it among all my tabs Thank you so much Pivotal team                     Incredible sinbols
So I hope your desktop development team doesn t get mad but I actually prefer working on the mobile app It s so clean easy to jump between comments details etc Notifications are great Awesome experience all around                     So easy Tmazzer
I love being able to plan out work projects from my couch                 Pretty good Oenai
The best web and mobile app for personal scrumagile out there Very simple to use                 Mr
Ive been using this app for years and more frequently than not its months and months behind keeping up with iOS updates much less improving steadily itself Get someone on it full time please mobile is important           Abandonware
Love how much easier it is now to switch between projects Nice job folk                 Its ab fab
Really disappointed about this Loved it up until that point Now no longer usable by our company           Broken with manual projects
Its really disappointing The service is great but the apps are just bad The iPad version is at least functional but the iPhone version is really bad Overlaps the status bar text is clipped crashes and is just really poor quality Disappointing        Sad
Thanks Pivotal for continuing to invest in improving this app                 Love the recent updates
Im guessing they only tested this on the iPhone 6 because on my 5S I can only fit three stories on screen And the button takes up half the width Spacious designs are nice Duplosize designs are not        Awful Redesign
I love the new update                 Looks Great
Data shown on app launch is always out of date No option to reduce what triggers all those rednumber flags in the app     Fails to update No control over notifications
Perfect solution to manage my Pivotal Tracker projects Quick and easy way to add manage stories from my iPad I use this app all the time Great work                 Excellent
This is a good app I use it all the time Unfortunately I have to use the browser version when I want to comment on a story because the app crashes when commenting iPhone and iPad both crash at the same place           Good app but pls fix crashing
Im a big fan of pivotal but the app is no replacement for the web version Pivotal is the key place I manage my team and track progress so it needs to be great when Im on the go and not on my computer Getting push notifications have been an issue I see the number badge but I never get anything on my lock screen Also refreshing in the app seems to be glitchy and slow I think this needs to be tested more and you guys need to do two solid weeks of dev work and then itll be good        Expected better
The new version looks great but has some fundamental usability flaws and requires comparable more swipes and touches to accomplish the same things like before This does kill the ease of use it had before to read new comments see attached screenshots for defects and assignments to a person     UX issues
The main reason Ive download PT on my phone is to comment on stories Sadly it crashes every single time I post a comment to the story rendering the app completely useless to me As an aside the loading spinner tells you when a request is being sent and received which to me is a needless technical detail in the UI that makes the app feel clunky        Crashing on commenting
Awesome update with intuitive interface Great complement to the web app                 30 is all new
Couldnt create a bug The error message says the state should be unscheduled even though that is not an option for the user in the UI Also I didnt see a way to include an attachment Did you test your product at all before launching Although this does help explain why testing isnt a phase in the PT world     Not pleased
thats the entirety of the tracker projects I use This app is useless to me until those projects are supported     Manually planned projects not supported
Finally this app is actually usable Great update              Finally
Clicking the refresh icon in the notifications screen says its performing a request then doesnt update the notifications despite that I know there are newer notifications     App doesnt refresh
Need to fix stability issues in iOS8        Crashes frequently
The desktop features and overall experience is fully captured into this appwell done However it will be great to have this optimized for iPhone 6plus Thanks                 Such an amazing toolapp
This service is great and provides basic tools for project management However the app looks very bad in iOS7 and feels very dated I wish the developers would release an update soon to fix the GUI           Great service but the app not so much
I like your product and design but please make it faster Takes too long to refresh a project Also please optimize for iPhone 6 plus so much you can do with that screen space           Please update
Its impossible to use because every other story I click on crashes the app     Crashes too much to be usable
Great job on supporting other languages                 Localized
App crashes when adding stories and UI spacing and layout makes it hard to use on iOS7        Needs iOS7 support
App is great except for the nag pop up asking me to review Also done stories list should be in descending order of date Most recent iteration first When I click on Done do you think I want to see what I did in September No I dont and if I did then I would scroll to the bottom of the list     Do not pop up to ask for review
As of yesterday this app was meh As of today this app is beautiful useful well designed super functional its just amazing                 New version is AMAZING
The new UI looks great This is a muchneeded refresh to a previously stale app I like it                 Finally a new update
Again I cant sign in with my corporate domain via Google Apps account so still cant use the app Bummed     Cant sign in with Google Apps auth
Works pretty well but as a product owner I would love to see project history added as an option in the more section           Decent
For me most of the time I use the app to jot down ice box ideas on the fly and flesh them out later They did a good job of baking in a lot of the functionally while focusing on the core reasons for having the app adding bugsstories and being able to respond on the fly              Delivers the right mobile experience
Great update tracker team Really feels like the app now new UI is lovely                 New UI
really nice work                 great update
Due to this I cannot open any of our projects     Manually planned projects are not currently supported
Please add ability to move tasks from one project to another that is something I do very often and is the only reason I even bother going on the website Other than that the new update is awesome                 Its great
We use the agile framework at the office but I also set up a project for my home I get so much done now what a great app                 Changed my life
The redesign looks great on the iPhone but our whole office got iPads to run tracker and this update is clunky on the iPad When viewing one column there is a large amount of black space to the right With two columns half the second column is cut off Needs the ability to expand columns or an iPadonly version that displays better           Better on iPhone than iPad
When you download the app the icon has a black line on the right You cant notice it on the AppStore only when downloaded                 App icon has black line
Unable to add new stories without hacking through options in response to obscure error messages Not optimized for new devices Needs work           Sort of works sometimes
Love this update Much easier to perform common tasks I dont have to click and scroll unnecessarily anymore Thanks great job                 Huge usability improvements
Thank you for adding support for manual planned projects                 Good app but needs to support manually planned projects
Ive been using tracker for almost 5 years and THIS is the app Ive been waiting for The new UI changes in 30 are absolutely stellar                 30 Rocks
Hope the app catches up                 Love the service
I dont understand why My Work continues to be a second class citizen Is it just me Does nobody else primarily use the My Work tab           Needs some UX work
Love the interface to this useful app                 Great update
Hey guys love the product and web app And found the ios versions useful for meetings Until this recent update The icons and text are totally busted and its nigh unusable Please push some fixes and refinements ASAP     Totally busted
I like pivotal tracker a lot and the web client is great But this is the second version of the iOS app in a row with really painfully glaring UI bugs and the issues are even worse in this version The issues in this version are to the point where it makes it difficult to use I wouldnt fault Pivotal Labs for having a bug or two in a release but when it happens again and again it starts to feel a pattern        UI bugs
Getting a NSUrlDomain error when trying to add a new feature     Cant add a story
Looks and feels AMAZING Great job guys                 Looks and feels AMAZING Great job guys

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