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East Coast Pixels, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (TitleFx - Tell your story on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr ,CurbAppeal - HDR Real Estate Camera for MLS and Airbnb property photos ,ColorBlast! HD ,MobileMonet Free ,TitleFx Jr. ,MobileMonet), brings PhotoToaster with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. PhotoToaster app has been update to version 3.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's all the most important editing features rolled into one app..
  • Photo Toaster is my go-to image editing app..
  • My favorite photo editor for iPhone yet..
  • I have several photo editing apps that I never use..
  • Number 1 draft pick when it comes to picture editing..

Overall Satisfactionc96
Best photo editing app out there for use with your iPhone or iPad.
It's one of my favorite photo apps and it just keeps getting better & better.
it's easy to use and i like it better than instagram.
Big thanks to the developers.
Love this app and always recommend it to my friends.
It's much more user friendly and the results are amazing.
Wonderfully well -done photo app.
Honestly the best app and it's my go to editor.
Fun & Engagingc91
Honestly the best app and it's my go to editor.
This is my go to editing app on the iPad.
Been having so much fun playing with my pictures.
User friendly and fun.
Using Photo Toaster is just plain fun.
Totally addicted.
Everything you need to make awesome photos in just one app.
My family and I use this app almost every day.
Social Aspectsc100
There are easy to use social media options on PhotoToaster.
This app helps me make them " social media " acceptable.
Production Valuesc97
I can shoot edit add great effects and post within minutes.
multitudes of effects to choose from to fancy up your photos.
Very easy interface that is intuitive as well.
Great easy intuitive photo app.
graphics design.
and the happy filter got me many comments about stunning photos.
Ease of Usec96
Easy to figure out and use for this old lady.
Fast easy and Fun.
It's easy to use and produces excellent results.
Very easy interface that is intuitive as well.
I watch the tutorial and found it easy to operate.
This app has powerful features and it's remarkably easy to use.
Simple edits are a snap.
There is an extensive collection of preset filters and modifications.
Nice selection of editing features including preset filters.
Outstanding numerous preset effects that you can save too.
The preset effects are handy.
Updates & Supportc100
Like using a lite version of Photoshop.
The lite version was pretty good.
Outstanding Customer Support.

This is my goto photo editor it just keeps getting better. found in 144 reviews
I use this app very often to enhance photos for my blog. found in 4 reviews
Download the user guide from East Coast Pixels. found in 11 reviews
This app is definitely one of the best photo editors. found in 422 reviews
This is one of the best photo editor for your iPhone / iPad. found in 498 reviews
Great app for beginners and pros alike. found in 2 reviews
Been having so much fun playing with my pictures. found in 6 reviews
This app is absolutely great for editing pictures with. found in 9 reviews
It's easy to use and produces excellent results. found in 6 reviews
By far the best photo editing application out there. found in 8 reviews
i love photo toaster #1 app for editing it really is amazing. found in 48 reviews
There was a bit of a learning curve. found in 3 reviews
I highly recommend this to anyone who takes photo editing seriously. found in 4 reviews
Very easy to sue and really cool effects. found in 9 reviews
I use it everyday to enhance all my Instagram pictures. found in 18 reviews
Best photo editing app out there for use with your iPhone or iPad. found in 662 reviews
A pretty simple photo enhancement program that works well. found in 22 reviews
It's now one of my go to apps for photo processing. found in 16 reviews
Lots of great filters and selections to choice from. found in 22 reviews
This is an exceptional and creative tool for the amateur photographer. found in 10 reviews
but Photo Toaster probably has more options. found in 240 reviews
All it needs is a red eye fix option. found in 13 reviews
I'm having a problem saving to my photo albums. found in 5 reviews
if you don't have any photo editing apps. found in 554 reviews
Please add ability to remove exif data. found in 3 reviews
the app needs a teeth whitening feature and blemish remover feature. found in 4 reviews
But still the best photo editor I've found. found in 107 reviews
But why the false advertising with sharing direct to Instagram. found in 17 reviews
if you have several photo apps to work with. found in 22 reviews
Default setting to "save to" Phototoaster in camera roll extremely irritating. found in 9 reviews
The sharpen filter seems to have disappeared. found in 2 reviews
but there is iPhone 6 plus bugs. found in 5 reviews
But does anyone know how to delete photos. found in 4 reviews
The other features are decent but definitely not 5 star worthy. found in 2 reviews
I wish the post to tumblr feature would come back. found in 5 reviews
The latest update ruins this app for me. found in 1 reviews

The PhotoToaster is now available for $1.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 6.8 MB to download. The new PhotoToaster app version 3.1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about PhotoToaster check developer East Coast Pixels, Inc.`s website :

Introductory Sale - 66% Off The PhotoToaster is a fresh approach to mobile photo editing. Powerful Photo Processing The PhotoToaster combines all the essential ingredients for photo processing in a single product. It employs fast ...
Been using this for years I try others that supposedly do the same but I keep coming back to this It s powerful and makes my photos better                     My favorite GraceOM
This is my favorite photo editor but the new app doesn t incorporate extensions so that it can be used within Apple s Photos app Would really like to see this Sensible user friendly interface with lots of effects presented so they don t overwhelm One of the best                     Love the app but where is the Photos extension and iPhone X support Theocritus125
It s the one I always go to and I have several good ones to choose from                     Great photo editing app nkmr1953
This app has it all I ve been using it for a long time and it just keeps getting better with every update                     Best photo app ever DarkPassenger28
Was great for years No longer supports exporting to IG on an iPhone 7 App support is a run around and a complete waste of time     Needs updating bad art2k3
Very good app                     Love it Alishafailing
I love this app and use it ALL the time This app makes my pics BEAUTIFUL and is easy to use                     The BEST Working on the speed
This is the best photo edit app out there that I have found Pretty inclusive with effects and controlling hues tints noise saturation contrast blurring custom lighten and darken and more Simple and intuitive This will make your snaps pop                     You Can t Go Wrong Kenschaub
I post a lot of social media for a small business and out of maybe 12 apps or so I use this the most                     My go to app for quick and easy photo editing AlchemyAlice
Each photo has a unique flavor to it The app honors that and has tons of unique and cool color schemes Very cool                     Simple to use very creative Best photo editor C.Black20
Like it Works for that I need and easy to use                 Like it libbyrae
Great app with lots of features and really easy to use Greatly recommend it                     Love it THEMANUC
Such a great app                     Love 3 Adam Lambert greatest idol EVER
I love this app I m extremely old school in that I work primarily in film vs digital and I m usually frustrated with the various digital media photo apps regarding how complicated and user unfriendly they are Photo toaster is easy to use and understand and the results are wonderful Love LOVE L O V E IT                     A Toast to Photo Toast It's Just Jen
This app has me thinking I can actually edit photos without just using pre loaded one Love it                     Great App JT BKD
Makes the most awesome photo with the choices very pleased with that One of the minor things things is you have to go back in the photo library to chose another photo instead of sliding photos and choosing the one you want to edit The big problem though when I had done the editing and was going to post on Facebook it asked for control of camera and several other things which would give total control of my phone I denied that control to them So when I try to post pictures of our business to Facebook I am denied and says go to settings I did go there but I do not know what to adjust in the settings and no never want to give total control of my phone So it is useless to me at this point I am open for suggestions to adjust the settings             Mixed review imabri
The 5 stars says it all                     The Airbrusher The Airbrusher
Great editing app it brings the best out of your pictures even the dark ones Beautiful filters                     I LOVE IT Tati C
Photo Toaster is one of my top 5 photo apps Superior filters                     Phototoaster idannyb1
I like                     Fun to use old geezerette
I have several photo editing apps on my phone and PhotoToaster is what I use 90 of the time It has a very intuitive interface with powerful features                     Best of the Bunch Ajdallas44
Make ordinary photos look great with professional looking effects                     Easy photo editing Laceywalk
Great processing options No glitches                     Easy to use TheElevatorGame
I currently have over 9 photo apps on my phone and use this one first every time Usually no need foe another                     Greet tool dctbow
Absolutely love this app lets you enhance your pictures make it look extremely professional                 Photo toaster
Great app use it all the time              Love
Great app So easy to add frames and some great texture effects and Im still finding more great editing capabilities Save your edits as a preset apply quickly to multiple photos Its my go to on my iPhone              Great program
Im a pro photog I use this app in my iPhone work as well as my pics that I import into the phone Its amazing what you can do in the palm of your hand with this tool It is my go to app for editing filters If youre a serious shooter get this                 XLEnt App
PhotoToaster has consistently been one of my top editing tools A feature that would make it 5 stars is to be able to layer photos But I do that in another app All around excellent app              Top go to editing app
Love the postcard option                 Im Happy
Lots of variety a good app                 Fun
This is one of the best editing apps out thereperiod Try it and see for yourself                 Awesome photo app
I love the ease and the quality of the photos I take a lot of pics of my dogs They look professionally taken Love love love Ty                 My favorite photo App No lie
I am a photographer using my iPad to edit For what I do punching up colours cropping converting to BW Toaster is ideal Using both the presets and individual controls I can easily give my photos the bit of oooomph They beg for I have tried other editing apps and I am using only Photo Toaster              Recommended for editing
This app is easy to use and fun Ive tried several other Photo Shop type apps and this is by far my favorite                 LOVE IT
No other editing app needed when you have this one Prograde results for pennies                 Best app
PhotoToaster is my goto App for quick and easy editing of images I post on FaceBook So much so that PT frames are the signature of my FB photo posts                 Super Editing App
Great app Great quality So much to choose from Thanks                 Love
My absolute favorite photo editing app I not only can put cool fx but I really can have control of so many settings This has been my goto since my iPhone 4s                 Favorite Photo App Ever
Great versatility and very user friendly Love this app                 Awesome app
My go to App for a quick clean up                 Brilliant App
I found this app after my former favorite photo editing app was up dated to useless and Im glad I did Photo toaster is easy to use but sophisticated enough to do subtle edits as well There are the usual filters as well as a huge number of controls for saturation color brightness and shadows I like that you can tap the slider to reset it back to the original I also love the FX brush that allows you to do very focused edits All around great app                 Fast intuitive
I love this app I use it a lot and have some great results I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have fun and express a little creativity                 Love this app
If I could I would rate this Photo Toaster App 10 stars Does what it promisesand does it better than any app Definitely recommend M                 PHOTO TOASTER
This is a great app that is very versatile I have taken really mediocre pics and created works of art                 For those who like to create Art
Ive tried so many other photos apps but this is the only one still surviving on my phone I take bunches of pictures so any app not regularly used or up to snuff gets deleted quickly to free up space PhotoToaster has never been deleted I use this app constantly its intuitive and offers wonderful control The app is also updated regularly so you know the developers are hard working and care about their product Two thumbs up from a bust mom taking precious time to write a review lol                 Best there is
If youre like me you want results yesterday With all the necessary tools effects in one place I see no need to access other apps Direct and effective                 Photo editor foto app of choice
Does everything I need I have been using this app for a long time No regrets                 Excellent
Im a photographer and a big fan if this app                 Great app
Its the best so easy to use                 Execellent
Absolutely one of my go to apps for beautiful postprocessing I love the ease of making adjustments to colorstonesbrightness etc and the ability to add textures is the icing on the cake Highly recommend                 LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP
Terrific userfriendly app that makes all your photos look pro                 Glorious
My favorite photo app                 Love it
Ive just had this app a couple of weeks but Ive used it to edit several photos and have always been pleased with the results Fun and easy to use                 Fun to Use
Its the only app I use before posting on Instagram I especially love that you can post long photos without being forced to crop them I highly recommend it                 I absolutely LOVE this app
Ive used around 20 apps for editing over the course of several years and this is still my favorite goto daily app Easy to use great options and not too cumbersome Love it                 Best photo editing app
I have used this photo treatment app for YEARS and it only gets better The developers have NEVER deserted this app to force you to buy their newer model a scandalous tactic many use nor have they suddenly ignored bugs This is soooo user friendly and the choices are deep Best photo treatment app out there                 Amazing service like noneother
Im not very good at photo editingthis app makes me look professional Talk about simplefor the cost of this app my complements have far exceeded my expectationsGentlemen thank you              The look
Simply the best app ever                 The best of all Apps
Great fun to use with excellent results                 Quick and Easy
Versatile great quality easy to use                 Love it
Crashes too often when using the defocus light dark brushes I have an iPhone 6Plus with 128GB and I am meticulous about maintaining my devices Reinstalling did not help This was my favorite photo app for years but I need reliability now     Crashes
I hate that I just wasted 299 on this useless pathetic piece of garbage I was expecting some interesting photo editing features but this app is just some random Instagramlike filters In fact Instagram photo editor is more feature rich The iPhone builtin photo editing does more than this ripoff app Do not buy     Useless
One of my two favorite editing apps Have tried others but come back to this and the other Have it on both my phone and iPad Highly recommend it                 Pharmacy Tech Amateur Photographer
This is my most used photo app                 Favorite
I have tried a number of photo manipulation apps and they all basically offer bits and pieces In frustrating and disappointing versions of images that are easier to capture with photo toaster                 Absolutely the best
This app is worth more than they are charging Packed with features and easy to use it is a terrific value and they seem to keep adding more features all the time Its perfect for an iPad                 5 STARS
Fab app I use it on almost every photo before I post to any site Fast and simple way to finetune shots to get the look that I meant to get when I snapped the photo The updates are almost always improvements in the existing framework which I love rather than trying to cram more and more unless bells and whistles like other apps tend to do The developers must know they have a great app already and they know that adding lots of useless crap would not make the app better Clean versatile powerful editing app the best I have found and Ive tried MANY I love it and highly recommend it                 Perfect for my needs
I love this app and its ease of use It makes editing a snap and lots of options for pics                 Great App
It doesnt show all my photos only about 20 of them to choose from Not happy please fix     Used to be the only app I went to
It may seem extreme to say but PhotoToaster is the one and only photo App that I considered to be NOT OPTIONAL Virtually every photo I take finds its way into PhotoToaster before sharing or posting Get it Use it                 MANDATORY PHOTO TOOL
No glitches superb touch up app Works seamlessly                 The best
Love it Best photo editing app out                 1
Ive been frustrated with my iPhone pics lately and an article recommended this app For 299 it was well worth the price Lots of features and it makes my iPhone pics look professional Thanks                 Just what I needed

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