Pet Rescue Saga

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Developer: Limited
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Description - Pet Rescue Saga Limited , the publisher behind many iOS games (King Challenge ,Diamond Digger Saga ,AlphaBetty Saga ,Bubble Witch Saga 2 ,Luna Light Saga ,Bubble Witch Saga), brings Pet Rescue Saga with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pet Rescue Saga games has been update to version 1.0.3 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's a great time passer..
  • Spend hours playing trying to save all the cute animals..
  • The sound effects are hilarious..
  • Perfect stress reliever..
  • how is that a free game..

Overall Satisfactionc60
I love the game - the support - the awesome 2 extra episodes.
Love the game but getting close to deleting it.
I love playing this game with the different challenges.
Don't have any friends playing this game and now I see why.
I have loved this game since the first time I played it.
This is definitely one of my favorite games.
I love pet rescue saga it is the best game EVER.
If you love pets then your going to love this one.
I recommend this game for people who love animals.
I LOVE animals & these little animals are so adorable & cute.
Fun & Engagingc83
awesome game follow me on Instagram taintedlover007.
This was an awesome game until I got to level 72.
This is a fun and challenging game Like chess it promotes forward thinking.
but fun and challenging.
Another very addictive game from the makers of Candy Crush.
Cute game to play without stress.
It's super fun and passes time greatly.
Very fun game and they should definitely keep adding levels.
Love the game itself.
Great puzzle game with adorable graphics.
I really like this game I play it everyday.
I'm on level 282 and play it everyday.
This is the only game I will play every day without notifications.
Play every day because I just love it.
Value for Moneyc28
Although you can get further without spending money.
Replay Valuec65
Now I've completed all Levels & I'm waiting for more levels past 312.
I do not have Facebook and will not pay for more levels.
Need more levels and everyone should get the same updates.
please add more levels to the iPhone mobile app.
This is a fun and challenging game Like chess it promotes forward thinking.
but fun and challenging.
It's challenging and addicting.
Social Aspectsc46
This game is very fun to play with friends.
Production Valuesc63
very cute graphics.
Cute graphics too.
The sound effects are hilarious.
I love the sound effects.
Ease of Usec64
Nice and simple game very addictive.
A very fun and simple game.
There is no reason a simple game should be so hard.
Over all challenging game keeps me interested.
Pls fix the game keeps crashing before the game even loads.
Security & Privacyc28
Updates & Supportc23
I've noticed on the Facebook version there are more levels available.

The pets are adorable and you absolutely want to save them. found in 5 reviews
This game is very fun to play with friends. found in 6 reviews
Lots of fun and a good time killer. found in 9 reviews
It keeps me occupied for hours. found in 4 reviews
and I thoroughly enjoy the absence of a timer. found in 5 reviews
I find Pet Rescue a fast paced and fun game. found in 6 reviews
I'm now at level 687 and waiting for new adventure. found in 2 reviews
awesome game follow me on Instagram taintedlover007. found in 121 reviews
I love the challenge and this game keeps me coming back for more. found in 7 reviews
Very fun game and they should definitely keep adding levels. found in 23 reviews
This is a fun and challenging game Like chess it promotes forward thinking. found in 86 reviews
And it's great to kill time while you are waiting. found in 15 reviews
Rescuing pets in an ever-changing puzzle keeps me on my toes. found in 4 reviews
Lots of challenging levels and the pets are cute. found in 10 reviews
Great puzzle strategy game. found in 7 reviews
Good clean fun for anyone. found in 4 reviews
Interesting game mind blowing keeps u on your toes. found in 10 reviews
Fun game nice break from Candy Crush. found in 5 reviews
Fun for kids too and adorable animals. found in 5 reviews
It's super fun and passes time greatly. found in 33 reviews
I stopped playing it now because of that reason. found in 17 reviews
Still unable to connect to FB other than that enjoying the game. found in 144 reviews
If you had no road blocks you'd have much better reviews. found in 66 reviews
People keep sending me requests and I can't send or receive anything. found in 15 reviews
I can't open the game without immediately being redirected to Facebook. found in 30 reviews
i don't want to have to pay to continue. found in 128 reviews
Newest update didn't fix FB connect issue from last update. found in 26 reviews
I'm unable to connect to Facebook and send or receive friend requests. found in 624 reviews
Fix level 305 on mobile. found in 21 reviews
I loved this game until the most recent update. found in 103 reviews
I can't connect to Facebook since the last update. found in 551 reviews
rendering them impossible to beat without purchasing boosters. found in 64 reviews
I could interact with my Facebook friends until this last update. found in 120 reviews
Pet rescue doesn't sync levels even using FB needs to be fixed. found in 31 reviews
I cannot pass level 27 if I don't have a Facebook. found in 38 reviews
Hate that I can't finish the level when I complete it. found in 27 reviews
It is nearly impossible to beat some of the levels without spending. found in 62 reviews
but I can't play anymore because they're no more levels. found in 19 reviews
Unfortunately she can't get past level 27 because you have to either pay. found in 66 reviews
Refuse to pay for more lives or connect through FB. found in 38 reviews
UPDATE 2: still unable to ask friends via Facebook. found in 94 reviews
Stuck on level 192 and won't let get tickets or buy them. found in 74 reviews
Level 168 can't connect to Facebook to advance to next level. found in 74 reviews
Still unable to unlock new episodes without purchasing it. found in 195 reviews
Obviously made to not be won unless you buy power ups. found in 64 reviews
I loved this game until you updated it and it ruined it. found in 103 reviews
Had to uninstall & reinstall now have lost everything & am unable to connect to Facebook. found in 624 reviews
I can't help my Facebook friends because the connection FAILS. found in 120 reviews
Won't connect to Facebook when in the cellular network. found in 551 reviews
I can't get past level 27 without paying or connecting to Facebook. found in 66 reviews
Can't unlock the next level. found in 91 reviews
Can't get help from FB friends to get past a barricade. found in 64 reviews
im on level 747 & this level is impossible to beat. found in 64 reviews
I would love to keep playing this game. found in 119 reviews
I like the app but some levels are pretty impossible to complete. found in 69 reviews
Also don't like being forced to have to buy more lives. found in 68 reviews
but then there wasn't a way to continue the levels. found in 128 reviews

The Pet Rescue Saga is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 37.0 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.3 has been released on 2014-11-13. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Pet Rescue Saga in Limited`s Official Website :

Can you bust through matching blocks to save the Pets from the evil Snatchers? Loads of tricky and challenging levels of puzzle excitement await in this amazing adventure. Our first exciting mobile release features 72 mind-boggling ...
Very fun game Can be addicting              Melliebell197333
Pet Rescue relies on logic much more than the other games from King which I find more challenging and less frustrating              Best of the king games
I have lots of fun playing this game I like how it has a few hard levels then couple easy then hard again so you dont get discouraged if some levels took along time to complete                 Lots of fun
Love the game waiting for them to make more levels Im at the last level on 1062 waiting for moreeeee levels again ugh                 Addicting
I absolutely love this app It is the only game I play I love the new weather alerts you share in the app For the most part I finish the levels and cannot go any further so this gives me another avenue to play on while I wait for the new added levels instead of just doing nothing I love the fact that this is the ONLY game that I do not need to wait 2 12 hours to reload my lives 25 minutes is all I have to wait Thank you                 1 app
Lots of fun Unique                 Different game
I like this game and play daily however it would be helpful for advice when new blocks are added such as the wood block with the pinwheel Also have the moves left over per game accumulate to new rounds                 Confused
Fun game              Pet rescue
i love this game very entertaining                 Fun and Addicting oo
Love it Hate having to wait 24 hours to unlock next phase              Pet rescue
Really like the game but I do not like that it takes days even weeks before a new set of levels are available        Pet saga
I would have rated this games 5 stars if it had some type of sign in required so that when we get a new phone we dont have to start all the way over from level one Maybe require some type of account linked to your Facebook or email address It is very frustrating to have gotten to level 562 and now having to start completely over Change this and I will rate 5 stars           Account
I love to play this game but I hate a couple of thingswhy cant I ask friends to help me unlock next level while I am waiting on new level to come out I dont have many friends who play this so it takes a couple days to unlock next level In this way Or since I am waiting on levels just let me play them when they come out I love the rainy day scenes where we can earn boosters but often I play those while waiting on new levels so why cant I save the free lives for 12 hours to play when I want to like other boosters So I win 12 or 24 hours of free lives and I do not have any levels to use them for and they just expire The last annoying thing is the mystery quests to start next episode only letting me complete one level every 24 hours Why cant I do all 3 episodes when I want to unlock the next episode Making me wait 3 days takes the fun out of getting the new episode              Jthomp24
This game is so hardThe level 36 is the hardest thing ever The game should be easier to do              Hard Game
I love the game I just wish that there were more moves on each level more than just the 5 lives given Its a great game                 Pet Rescue Saga
This app is cool More like a past time Very frustrating when your stuck on a level because it doesnt give you enough pets to rescue Im on level 795 Rescue 10 pets in 50 moves Well I get 8 pets rescued with 30 moves left Should be pretty easy after that right WRONG I dont get another pet dropped until I only have 3 moves left And yes I was removing blocks from the feeder column This happened multiple times and is ridiculous and frustrating SMH           Levels dont give you enough pets to win
Been playing awhile and I finally got to the point to where Im having to wait on them to update for new levels I beat 1077 and ready for more                
Very entertaining helps me to relax I am hooked on it                 Awesome game
Cant see map in the latest update filled with clouds after level 976     Clouds
Im on level 975 and when I leave and go back I cannot find itthere is a cloud cover Can you correct that                 Pet rescue
It is sooooo addicting I just cant stop playing                 Love this game
Its been saying i have 20 hours left b4 I can play for about 3 months now U can clearly tell by how long it has been since Ive been in it Thats how long its been saying 20 hours left and I just updated not even 5 minutes ago pls fix this Its telling me to buy gold bars with real money Why would I do that when I cant even play and u shouldnt b trying to force people in to buying them just so they can play on Pls fix this Id like to play sometime or delete why have on my phone of cant play        Still cant play I just updated
Please make new levels                 Pet king
After new updates the game will not completely load I can only see part of it The entire screen is like covered with the clouds and you cant see the path or anything Cant play Its still all covered in white clouds When is this going to fixed     Still having problems
I have played this game for a very long time and love it But today 9215 242 pm after finishing level 1017 and having to wait for friends to unlock the next level for me I decided to go back and try to improve my score in some previous levels which I do often when waiting I was playing level 995 and rescued the one pet that is required at this level and still had 44 moves left Instead of it adding 1000 pts for each remaining move it made me play down to 35 moves remaining at which time it then added 35000 to my score which gave me a total of 37030 I dont remember what my score was when rescued the pet and I had the 44 moves remaining but I should have had a score 9000 more than what I had which would have quite possibly given me the third star with a total of approximately 45000 46000 points Would appreciate the correction           Please Address This Situation
Hi okay I soooo love this game its awesome like totally awesome its a totally addictive game but really really really fun lol                 Hihihihihihihilol lol ha
Please unlock more levels I am through with the enchanted pasture need more levels to play     Unlock more levels
Love this game very fun and its a challenge                 Mrs Beal
This game is so addicting                 1063 please
I downloaded the new iOS 9 and there must be a conflict with Pet Saga Rescue Since it was not working I deleted it and tried to reload but still would not work Get well soon little Pet Rescue Saga     OHOH
Absolutely love this game                 Addictive
Its not a game for playing enjoying and paying for developers Its a game for waisting time trying to enjoy or pay to continue playing     Old Gamer
Good way to have a challenge              Pet rescue
This game wont even load and all of my other games work fine Please fix this     Uggggghhhhh
I LOVE this game But I seem to be stuck on level 404 and cant get past it because it wont give me a key Ive watched YouTube videos on how to beat it and it shows a key falling down to unlock the blocks but I have played the level several times and it still will not give me a key Help              Please fix
Ive been playing for a while and enjoying the game but the new os leads to the game having black squares for the enemies and towers I hope they fix it asap        Love the game but not working with ios9
I have paid for extra lives and earned hours of unlimited life but because I have no games to play my time has run out I played the rainy day and won 26 hours but I have no games to play and my time is ticking away I think that it would only be fair to pause the timer on the life line because Im waiting on a update of more levels and then when the update comes I have to pay to unlock it or ask for lives that I dont get or wait 3 to 4 days to play the mystery games to unlock the level           Updates
I really love this game there are so much levels u can do and u get to save cute pets                 Love it
Cant get beyond 174 in Animal Kingdom even tho I solve next 5 levels they dont register Has been going on for weeks now                 Love it but
Any idea when new levels will be available Finished 1047 am impatiently waiting for new ones Please hurry                 IdahoSun
Please open new levels Please open 30 or more           Open more levels
Is the I phone the only one not allowed to advance past level 1047 My husbands galaxy has gone way past so has my Samsung tablet All my other games sync between my I phone and Samsung tablet Just not pet rescue Beginning to hate my I phone Please do an update on iPhones                 Please update I phone
Im Addicting Dont need to say more that explains it fully                 Pet rescue
I Pet Rescue but I ABSOLUTELY hate the fact that I will run out of levels and have to wait for them to send an update to get more levels If we have to wait for updates why make us wait soooooooo long My last update was 93 THATS RIDICULOUS                 Frustrated
Fix the cloud I can only see 973           Fix the cloud
Now it wont stay logged into Facebook it asks me to log in every time on my iPad 2 air Just went round and round with king about candy crush soda It turned out king was at fault and the game is being investigated And possible removal from the store I will do the same with pet saga So please fix it ASAP     Whats going on
k am very new to this game but I have today I love it                 Pet rescue
I updated the app today and there are still clouds obscuring the map Cant you please fix this     Clouds
This is an awesome game I wish there was more like it The down side is it stops on the iPad but continues on the computer                 PetRescue

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