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GP Apps , the publisher behind many iOS app (Kid Art ,Mood Tracker ,German Super QuicknEasy Translator ,iWeight (50% off) ,VideoTweets ,Period Tracker Deluxe), brings Period Tracker Deluxe with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Period Tracker Deluxe app has been update to version 8.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I have an irregular cycle and it helps me keep track of everything..
  • Thanks to period tracking function my due date was dead on..
  • Basically use it as a journal in the notes section..
  • mood swings and weight loss /gain AND intimacy..
  • It makes it easier to plan trips and chart my weight..

Overall Satisfactionc97
I appreciate being able to track cycle symptoms and fertility charting info.
I recommend it to anyone who wants to track their cycle.
I adore this app and I've recommended it to all my friends.
My doctor loves how organized I am when she asks questions.
It is amazingly accurate.
Helps me keep track and I love the password option.
Fun & Engagingc91
I love this app and use it all the time to keep track of things.
This monthly period tracker is awesome.
Period Tracker is awesome.
I have an irregular cycle and it helps me keep track of everything.
Very reliable and keeps track of everything I need to know.
This app is not only accurate and very user friendly.
Totally helpful for doctor visits when they ask questions.
and it has proven to be very useful and accurate.
Essential app for those who are TTC.
Family Friendlyc91
Good for life planning- especially when you're family planning.
This app is perfect not only for Natural Family Planning.
If you are going for natural family planning.
Social Aspectsc56
Also really liking the new the social part of the application.
But the social part is NOT worth anything.
Social feature is my new favorite.
Ease of Usec93
Very easy to navigate inside and best tracker out there.
Makes tracking easy and the forecast feature is very helpful.
This app is Super cute and easy to use.
Super convenient.
The charts make it simple to look for patterns.
Security & Privacyc100
Helps me keep track and I love the password option.
you can set the app to password protection as well.
I also love the password protection.
Updates & Supportc84
Well worth even paying for deluxe version for extra features.
I was using the lite version and recently purchased the paid version.
And: GREAT customer service.

It's so great for planning vacations around my period and avoiding pregnancy. found in 17 reviews
And: GREAT customer service. found in 7 reviews
it's very easy to backup and restore the information. found in 5 reviews
and knowing when my fertile times are has been so helpful. found in 21 reviews
Helpful for planning vacations around being bloated and moody. found in 24 reviews
Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend. found in 5 reviews
I keep notes as well throughout the month on hormonal changes. found in 11 reviews
I have been using this app since 2010 recommend it to anyone. found in 9 reviews
It helped my husband and I to conceive our first child. found in 10 reviews
Totally helpful for doctor visits when they ask questions. found in 16 reviews
And it literally predicts the exact day it's going to start. found in 12 reviews
It's so reliable and easy to use. found in 5 reviews
sends me discrete notifications when I'm ovulating or about to get my period. found in 9 reviews
Basically it is an irregular girls best friend. found in 9 reviews
LOVE this app and rely on it a lot. found in 4 reviews
I find it to be very accurate in predicting when my cycle starts. found in 11 reviews
Very accurate projected period dates based on cycle tracking. found in 7 reviews
Helps me keep track of my monthly ovulation and pms symptoms. found in 7 reviews
It is the perfect app for women of all ages. found in 27 reviews
Really helps me stay on track - useful features- notes. found in 11 reviews
more symptom and mood options would be cool too. found in 4 reviews
someone needs to add ‘diarrhea' to the list of symptoms. found in 5 reviews
I wish the extra skins didn't cost more though. found in 6 reviews
Needs customizable options. found in 3 reviews
NOT a social network of unknown security. found in 5 reviews
If it had better charts I would rate it higher. found in 4 reviews
but Syncers Need More Access. found in 2 reviews
Can't Enter Stop Date. found in 2 reviews
I have tried other apps but this one is hands down the best one. found in 5 reviews
The only problem is that of your period is late. found in 4 reviews
It's worth it if you want to keep detailed notes. found in 4 reviews
One tiny issue. found in 1 reviews
but it's really hard to track dates if it's never accurate. found in 4 reviews
a few options for more mature ladies would be nice. found in 6 reviews
- their mood choices are lame. found in 4 reviews
I wish there was more background options. found in 12 reviews
But recent update makes it crash. found in 3 reviews
I find it absolutely ridiculous that there's a social feature. found in 16 reviews
Fix the update QUICK. found in 3 reviews
love the app but the new update makes it crash upon opening. found in 3 reviews
I can't backup my data and some of the buttons are unresponsive. found in 5 reviews

The Period Tracker Deluxe is now available for $1.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Period Tracker Deluxe app version 8.2.1 has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Period Tracker Deluxe in GP Apps`s Official Website :

Period Tracker , the easiest way to track your periods Newest update: adds more symptoms, moods, redesigned charts, and fixes iOS 4 crash bug on Notes/Other tab Period Tracker is SIMPLE and CUTE. Press ...
This app is wonderful reliable and so user friendly                 Nothing Compares
Very helpful and easy to use                 Helpful
I get my period for approximately 14 days But this time its over 15 days and the app is not counting the full length of my period or letting it end after a 15 day mark Even if Im still on it the 15th day it just stops counting it as if Im not on it anymore Please fix this        Period length
Ok so I dont love the teeny bopper look of this app but it works better than others I tried and I think Ive tried all of them I appreciate being able to only show symptoms and moods that I track rather than some list the dev comes up with I wish symptom input could be simplifiedsome other apps do this better But the feature I want that no one has is syncing with Google calendar Id love to be able to have a word or phrase I choose like Period or Look Out to show up on my Google calendar for when my period is supposed to start since I LIVE in my Google calendar I dont check p trackers calendar every day It would also be nice if we could predict the arrival of other symptoms such as spotting or breast tenderness based on historical inputs For now Ill stick with this app but Im always of the look out for an app that will take period tracking to the next level              I think Ive tried them all
This is a wonderful app I luv and recommend it to friends and family all the time                 Its a great app
Recently updated to deluxe I have been using period tracker for years super easy straight forward and reliable Great app                 Years of reliable recording
i brought this app when me and boyfriend started being sexually active just for me to be more aware when i have my period its very handy and useful didnt realize how long my period lasts but w this app now i do                 Very Useful
I used this app to track my period and ovulation I got pregnant in the 6th month on the day that the app alerted me that I was ovulating HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IT                 First Class
I love this app so much I like being able to just open the app and know how many days I have left right away I love the features of adding notes weight feelings etc It is a great way of tracking patterns Great app money well spent                 Great
I have forgotten the old school way of figuring out how to calculate your menstrual cycle that you learn in sex ed class in about the sixth grade so ever since then I havent kept track of my cycle Having said that my daughter told me about the ptracker lite version and after using it for about 3 months I decided to purchase the full version I liked it that much Now if I go to the doctor and they ask me the date of my last menstrual cycle I no longer have to guess and I can even give them more information as duration last time I was intimate any symptoms and my mood I absolutely love this app and would recommend it to anyone who has a period Now the only request I have would be for them to copyright an app for people who are experiencing the onset of menopause which I am pretty sure would be a great seller because you would have a list of symptoms right at your fingertips and maybe even start a social media page support group for other people who are in the different stages of it to talk to other people who have started going through it who are in the process of it and people who have just finished going through it so we know what to expect                 Awesome App
I absolutely love this app This is the best tracker app that Ive ever used Ive been using it for about 4 years and will never change to something else Since my period is somewhat irregular I love that this averages my cycle length and predicts when Im going to start my period It does a much better job than I can and helps prevent embarrassing situations                 Best Tracker App Ive ised
I love this app its really simple and cute I know this is short review but I dont know much of what to say besides praise Its a huge help to track my symptoms everyday                 Simple and Easy to Use
So easy to use Wonderful interface Great for keeping track of my cycle                 Excellent app
Ive had this app for 5 years Its the best and most of my friends now use it too It helped me not get pregnant and then get pregnant It works on averages once you start inputting your period dates so its not an exact science but it will help you understand your own cycles and your body Its very easy to use                 Love it
This might be my favorite app ever Its simple to use but its also very customizable You can track anything and it creates these charts and graphs to show trends in your moods or ailments You can select which symptoms you want to look at and scroll through a graph oh them over time to see if they coincide with each other or with your monthly cycle This app has so many different useful functions that you likely wont find them all right away like when you look at the calendar month you can click on a mood or symptom and it will put an icon on each day of the month where that mood appeared Love it                 Amazingly complete
Okay so I used to love this app the women were supportive and there was no drama Now Nothing but drama and the app is filled with nothing but Christian women who shove their beliefs down your throat Its also extremely unwelcoming to the LGBT community The moderators are childish and narrowminded individuals who have nothing better to do than BULLY their users This app is horrible drama filled and not worth the 199 to use the social I suggest saving your money using the lite version and finding a forum on FB Run far far away from PT social     DONT BUY THIS APP
Ive been using this app for years and it accurately predicts my period start day nearly every month to the day The ability to track moods and symptoms is also extremely helpful The app is visually appealing easy and intuitive to use and very helpful Its one of the very few apps Ive paid for and its definitely been worth it                 Accurate easy totally worth paying for
Thank you for creating this app Ive used it for three years and I finally upgraded The free version is amazing but deluxe is more fun I figured since I use it as often as I do I should have upgraded long ago I think its very accurate Thank you                 I love this app
This is the only app I ever purchased and its amazing its always on point with my period and fertilization I sometimes use the notes to describe my mood and to write down what I ate You really wont regret buying this app                 Purchase it Purchase it Purchase it
Ive had an iPhone to a droid back to an iPhone and Ive purchased this app on each phone because its worth it I absolutely love and trust it and its always spot on Thank you                 Best tracking app
Pretty nifty app no complaints so far              45
Would be easier to navigate through past months if there was a drop down for month and year Id like to go back through the past 24 months of data but to hit the back arrow 24 times is frustrating Otherwise a great app              Great but needs one addition
Been using this App for 5 years and its been a very helpful tool for tracking my overall wellness                 Very Helpful
Love it think every women and girl should use                 It really works once u get started
I love this app and would recommend it to anyone especially to teens that have recently gotten their periods this makes it easy to remember and it keeps track of it in a fun way I purchased it and Im very happy best purchase Ive made from the app store in a WHILE                 I love it
No complaints                 Great app for tracking
This app is so great I purchased it after using the free version to track my period before I got married I used several different methods of birth control and somehow no matter the method ended up getting pregnant and losing a baby because I got pregnant and would still be on my method of abc pillpatchring 2 different implants After a long discussion with my doc and hubby we decided that NFP was for us We use this app to track everything from when my fertile days are when we are intimate when its estimating Im going to ovulate EVERYTHING When we actually wanted to try for a baby having this app made it so simple that combined with a CBE digital opk kit we got pregnant on the first cycle We used it as a pregnancy tracker and then to track my cycles again after baby was born Its an AMAZINGLY app It took some getting used to of inputting how I was feeling each day into it but after 8 years its second nature and its kept us from having any additional oopsies like only actually not having sex can do If you buy one app for your health girls this is the right one                 Perfect for tracking I know everything
I rarely post reviews but I had to for this app Its great I was feeling a bit crampy today and wondered if I was ovulating I checked the app and yes I was correct The accuracy is amazing and I love the different skins I am able to select                 Great
This app is so amazing it is so helpful for me when Im supposed to get my period and for when it is due This app was recommended to me by my aunt Sarah and I think she loves it too because if she didnt why would she recommend it to me Overall this is a great app and super helpful for people that have there period                 Awesome
I use this app for SO much Tracking moods symptoms cycle medications feelings etc all helps me to identify correlations and patterns and better control symptoms like PMS and cramps It also helps me keep track of what medications I have taken and when giving me a comprehensive look at my health I have tried so many apps and this is by far the best one out there Could use a bit more modern aesthetic but the actual functions are fantastic                 The Best
I love this app The only thing is that you have to pay for the actual good version but other than that its great It helps me every single month              Amazing app
Ive used period tracker this app for 5 years now and I love it I just bought the deluxe version Such a great app works better than all others Cute easy to use Thank you                 Period Tracker Deluxe
Literally the only app I have ever paid for Enough said                 Would buy again
Definitely a great app especially when your trying to conceive This app is pretty accurate for me                 Extremely helpful
Frustrating     Does not sync across devices
I use this app religiously its the most accurate and easy to use period tracker app available I began with many to see what was available and have since deleted all but this one Highly recommend                 Simple Accurate
I have always had a really sporadic and unpredictable cycle but this app makes it simple to keep track of my period for my doctor and its very reliable when predicting the starting date of the next period                 Helpful and reliable
I love the app Works great and I always change the appearance Would love to see more appearances please                 Appearances
This app isnt that great at tracking your period to begin with Mine is always wrong and the dates dont match up ever Then the social part is a complete disaster The moderators are extremely rude and attack certain users They often ignore posts that are extremely offensive and then attack certain people when there is no reason to There are a lot of Christian women on the app which is totally fine The problem is most of them do not respect others beliefs and the moderators do nothing about it There is a lot of name calling and immaturity among the women who use the app and the moderators You would think that moderators would treat everyone equally but they dont When users call out moderators on their unacceptable behavior they are emailed a strike Their system is if you get three strikes you are banned forever and can never use the social part of the app ever again Its quite juvenile The main thing people get strikes for is swearing one curse word and you will receive a lovely email informing you you have gotten a strike The development team often plays victim and tries to get sympathy from users after behaving unprofessionally Women leave the app almost daily at this point because there is such a lack of respect There is a lot of hatred towards the LGBTQ community on the app as well the moderators do nothing about it though Unless you want to deal with drama immaturity biased moderators and bigots on a daily basis dont buy the app Stick to the free version and dont waste your money on this     Dont buy this app
Have used this for years as a passcode protected journal period tracker and mood and symptom tracker Never have bothered with the social feature Its been perfect for my needs Using the back up feature came in handy after my iPod was damaged beyond repair it was simple to change all the information to my new device from email              Love
I love that I dont have to track my period And worry if I am prepared or not It warns me days in advance I love that Plus I can track other symptoms that go along with the dreaded PMS And can talk with other ladies that have the same issues I love it                 Greatest App Ever
I used to swear by this app but for the past several months Its been really off ovulating during my cycle and it tells me Im late starting on the 14th day This app used to be spot on but now its as if its lost all its marbles Every month Im late according to this app but actually Im not when I do the calculations myself Im right target I hope this gets fixed since I did pay for this app I would hate to have wasted my money If it improves I will gladly comeback and say so I hate to see that its going bad now for an app I once loved        Bitter sweet
I truly enjoy this app Even with my irregular periods its usually spot on Now that my husband and myself are TTC using fertility drugs however I wish it would let me upload pictures of my ovulation tests That way I could have an easy reference for future cycles              Awesome awesome awesome
Its a good basic app for tracking your cycle worth the money to buy the full version It helps me a lot                 A worthwhile investment
Love this app helped me get pregnant with my daughter Totally reliable                 Helped with conceiving
Straightforward easy to use nice to look at and does what its supposed to                 Love it
This is an amazing app It is cute and helpful I would definitely recommend it                 Fantastic
This a very helpful app to some people I supposebut honestly this is a very harmful offensive dirty place for a lot of people I agree with a lot of the girls 13 isnt fair Lots of girls have there period before that I have used this app but from my perspective its a dirty app Lots of girls are critical and I ended up deleting my accounts Anyways I just dont support GP apps anymore     Please do not download
This app would be COMPLETE if it had Siri integration I would LOVE to be able to ask Siri when my next period is                 Awesome appbut
I love this app The interface is intuitive cute and discreet By tracking my moods and symptoms monthly I was able to learn about patterns in my cycle I never knew existed The alerts are great as are the fertility and ovulation markers very helpful I am a fan and I tell all my friends to try it                 So helpful

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