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Big Daddy`s Creations , the publisher behind many iOS games (Neuroshima Hex Puzzle ,Caylus ,Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy ,Army of Frogs HD ,Neuroshima Hex ,Army of Frogs), brings Neuroshima Hex with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Neuroshima Hex games has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Took me a while to figure out how to play this game..
  • Great turn based game that you can play with friends..
  • Board game was great - the app is AWESOME..
  • A must have for strategy and card game lovers..
  • Excellent game with great art and very good replay value..

Overall Satisfactionc85
The only thing I could ask for is online multiplayer.
No online multiplayer.
Very polished and one of the best strategy games on iOS.
It is also one of the best boardgame adaptations for iOS.
etc and online multiplayer with game center support.
This is one of my favorite games on my iPad.
This is an amazing game - very fun and extremely replayable.
Definitely add this to your IPad game playing arsenal.
This game is my favorite & most played game on iOS.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game with endless amounts of strategy.
Awesome game if the crash fixed.
This totally captures the flavor of a fast paced board game.
It's a blast once you learn the rules - very addictive.
Fun and challenging strategy board game.
Good game with addictive gameplay.
awesome strategy game.
Super fun and simple once you get the basics down.
Replay Valuec93
Excellent game with great art and very good replay value.
Super creative with flawless game mechanics that are easy to master.
Fun and challenging strategy board game.
1 - Gameplay 1 - Replay Ability 1 - Concept 1 - Balance 1 - Vegas.
The difficulty levels and variety of strategy are perfect.
Great strategic board game.
Brilliantly crafted game that never gets old.
A well designed and tactically challenging game.
Social Aspectsc76
The only thing I could ask for is online multiplayer.
No online multiplayer.
As a solo / local multiplayer game its perfect.
Great turn based game that you can play with friends.
Production Valuesc86
Other than that wonderful game play and implementation.
Lots of interesting tactical possibilities and high production value.
Fun game with a highly polished user experience.
All is animated nicely and the sound effects are spot on.
The interface works perfectly and is extremely intuitive.
And also the updated full retina graphics.
Visually stunning and addictive.
Ease of Usec87
Super creative with flawless game mechanics that are easy to master.
It didn't take too long to beat ai on hard.
Just as easy to play on iPhone as it is on iPad.
The game is simple to learn.
Simple rules and great interface.
the AI is reasonably intelligent even on the Easy setting.
Super fun and easy to learn.
This game was played on an iPad 3 with iOS 5.
Crashes in IOS 5.
Updates & Supportc81
Try the lite version first before shelling out the $5.
as well as the final 2 armies from the board game version.
Great customer service and an absolutely an excellent game.

Great time killer and brain trainer. found in 3 reviews
Super fun and easy to learn. found in 2 reviews
Some people say that it's too dependent on the luck of the draw. found in 5 reviews
An outstanding adaptation of the board game. found in 6 reviews
Just a phenomenal strategy board game and great conversion to an app. found in 3 reviews
This is the type of tactical game with infinite replay value. found in 3 reviews
Great art and quick paced gameplay make this strategy nirvana. found in 5 reviews
Pros: deep and relatively complex strategy. found in 3 reviews
It is also one of the best boardgame adaptations for iOS. found in 27 reviews
Best game I have purchased. found in 1 reviews
In app purchase is a must for hours of fun. found in 2 reviews
Great implementation of the board game with surprisingly high replay value. found in 7 reviews
Deep strategy and only takes a few games to learn. found in 22 reviews
It made an already great game absolutely perfect. found in 3 reviews
The games are the perfect length for playing on the toilet. found in 3 reviews
Quite possibly the best board game adaptation available. found in 3 reviews
Lots of interesting tactical possibilities and high production value. found in 8 reviews
A well designed and tactically challenging game. found in 6 reviews
The latest update adds two new armies : Smart and Vegas. found in 27 reviews
This is a very interesting strategy game. found in 6 reviews
Would rate higher if it had some online multiplayer option. found in 5 reviews
lack of hardcopy cheat sheet. found in 1 reviews
But if I have to give you my email address. found in 2 reviews
playing the AI gets boring. found in 5 reviews
but gatta needs some more races and multiplayer mode. found in 4 reviews
The only thing missing. found in 4 reviews
Crash bugs fixed. found in 2 reviews
this one is probably the biggest: it needs online multiplayer. found in 16 reviews
Good game with terrible instructions. found in 1 reviews
Overall I like this game but these issues need to be addressed. found in 2 reviews
Great game but needs multiplayer support. found in 11 reviews
Fun game but buggy. found in 2 reviews
but solid foundation. found in 1 reviews
Great Game but needs a STORY MODE. found in 4 reviews
It doesn't take too long to start recognizing what the symbols do. found in 2 reviews
Not a bad game more of a board game. found in 2 reviews
On undo feature and in game help would be nice. found in 2 reviews
this game needs either a better AI or a multiplayer option. found in 4 reviews
Just needs async multiplayer and cross platform compatibility. found in 1 reviews
This game's multiplayer experience is needlessly complicated and frustrating. found in 2 reviews
but as it is it gets boring fast against the AI. found in 5 reviews
AWFUL game whose sole purpose is to rip people off. found in 2 reviews
I've attempted to contact customer service without a reply. found in 3 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Neuroshima Hex for $2.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-03. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Neuroshima Hex in Big Daddy`s Creations`s Official Website :

Neuroshima Hex is a fast paced, tactical board game where up to 4 players (human or AI) lead their troops to victory. Every player controls one of the four armies struggling for influence and survival ...
As other recent reviews have noted the game is great and I have also been playing almost daily for years However the new look is terrible and very difficult to tell the pieces and their functions apart Simple is better as it is not the graphics that make the game great Having options for the look and feel and the game would be good I would even go back to the original graphics many updates ago         Love the game hate the update Captainscooby
I ve had this game for a longtime and have no plans of uninstalling You can also multiplay on one device                     Very good short tactical game Toxin40k
Please fix bug where you can t discard a tile in your hand after you ve already done the mandatory discard         Bug Chico82627272
This has been my favorite mobile game ever since I had my iPhone 3GS It s amazing the developers are still adding more to it                     Thank you for the updates Saa988
Great implementation of the board game Hoping to see more expansions Glitch for Uranopolis by the bulldozer that can move or push Can t choose to push without using the move command first                     Fantastic One glitch Medicdave79
Had a ton of fun with this but the most recent update doesn t allow you to discard more than one tile per turn In the prior version you could tap hold your finger on a tile and it would gain an x button that allowed you to discard it I m running latest iOS and I can no longer do this if I touch a tile it gets played No way to discard Devs must fix Then it s 5 stars from me again Neuroshima hex is a great game             Update is broken Nearly unplayable Ultine
This game is awesome but in the new update oct 2017 I can t discard tiles Fix this please I ll buy the new army after this update but I m not going to waste any money if you can t fix it             Fix update can t discard tiles Tonyinkorea
I have bought all of the armies over the YEARS I have been playing this game Just because I haven t bought the PACKS that contain the armies I already have the BUY NEW ARMIES tab is still prominently displayed Please fix this I did not support you for all these years to have my menu screen become an advert Great game awful marketing intelligence     In App purchases tab RetroSparqi
I ve played this game continuously for years It still offers fun challenges Not a fan of the new artwork though Actually it kinda stinks And Uranopolos is really weak Weaker even than Dancer and that s saying something                     Love this game bphunter1972
excellent game with tactics and strategy and a bit to think about with still being really easy to play and learn                     three thumbs up layton1997
I have iOS 11 iPhone 6s I have had ZERO issues with crashes or network errors in about a week                     Awesome Pupman316
And now with the release of ios11 it s no longer supported                     My favorite game buxj
Easy to get into good short game lengths and fun                     Awesome game Posteezy
                    Good yestaday
The most annoying one is that you often can t pick which unit to heal with dancer                     Great game but lots of tiny bugs Kmrkaos
Been playing this for years It is always a blast                     Fun game Diraska
I ve played NH since it came out for the iPad I ll leave it for awhile and come back and it s just as fun particularly due to all the additions Great game great for the iPad elegantly simple and most importantly FUN                     Years of play Mabilco
Ever                     Best game goatincoat
Very fun tactical and challenging The internet mode allows my wife and I to play head to head                     A Blast JasCBlo
Very happy with this game                 Good app for a good game Bdemiller
Top notch game                     Awesome implementation Tjw84
It s a fun game based after a board game and it functions well in the app                     Great Tdawg27husky
I think the game premise is solid The tile placement and control take a little time to get the hang of but the undo button helps with that The lookup resource is superb so getting familiar with the nomenclature and symbols is easy enough Highly recommend this for those who can t play the physical game as you d like I m convinced now that a hard copy needs to be part of my game collection I m old school and much prefer the company live opponents But this can fit the more regular gap better than many game apps I ve seen                     Super Intriguing Game Camarid
After all the hours I ve wasted playing games on the phone this is the one that never gets dull Each army is not equally powerful so you can vary the challenge MRI jungle is pretty weak but still fun to play AI is good Multiplayer is okay but for the flakes Overall one of the best games out there                     Endlessly challenging Eri0ch
Big fan of NS hex but 1 need notifications for when opponent plays or starts game 2 chat disappears as soon as you log out Need way to leave message to opponent 3 need to be able to take back move online before submitting turn Shouldn t be like touch chess                 Online is very flawed BriGuy9293
Neuroshima Hex is a pretty great board game but the app and its ability to automatically do all the resolves makes it awesome I love that I can hop in and play a quick game so easily                     Fantastic pszNicx
Awesome game great implementation The only downside I was able to find is somewhat cumbersome and not very user friendly multiplayer Having Game Center account users must create one more account for online Tap on a notification that it s my turn leads me into the main menu where I have to make another 3 taps to get to the game I got notification from If you could only make it as smooth as in Carcassonne game Otherwise very good                 Very good Mictiano
I don t write many reviews but this game deserves a good review Very fun and the expansions to the game add a lot of playability Can play against a computer or online up to 4 players It s a little pricey to get everything but worth it                     Great game corvos draxos
Not bad I m still a bigger fan of the board game Tactile feel of the hexes and all Simulates the feel very well though                 Not bad bentusian
This is a fantastic game As an app it works almost better than the board game it s based on This is definitely a must buy                     Awesome game Carlphish
A true gem among tactical multiplayer games Very good battles with many possibilities Strong AI for single player skirmishes and training good multiplayer with many factions it makes you think hard about your next move 5 stars                     Great tactical multiplayer game fixitfast15676
I never played the cardboard version and probably wouldn t having to resolve all the battles manually But this app is terrific not only the production look but the gameplay is a blast Bought all the extra armies so far and hope they release more Great game and app                     Might be the best game I own vixmurphy
The new graphics took a little getting use too but I love the game                 One of my favorites
Visual tweaks are fine but such a radical change means I have to completely relearn the tiles The visual language of the game has been changed substantially and many of the armies are nearly impossible to distinguish now Two green factions Two grey Three brown Youre killing me        Bring back the old look
I have never played this before but it is easy to pick up and lots of fun                 Awesome
I have owned this game since it first came out and I keep coming back to it Super high quality game and production value                 This is fantastic
Great implementation of the cardboard version                 Challenging Fun
One of the best games for strategy and multiplayer                 Great game
Like others I prefer the old artwork however its apparently not in the cards to revert back to the old look due to licensing The game still plays as great as ever I bought this when it first came out on iOS and it has a permanent spot on my main home screen Its a perfect phone game good for a quick 5 minute scrimmage against the CPU or a longer PBEMstyle match Constant updates with new armies has kept this game fresh Highly recommended                 One of the best
You are going to see a lot of negative reviews until you give users the option to use the older art for the tiles instead of the new set in this update Even if the new tiles werent hideous it was still rather presumptuous to assume everyone would not care about the change or would fall head over heels in love with it Give users the option to choose the art     No option for previous better tile art
One of the best quick strategy games for the iPad                 Great
Hi Great game been playing for 45 yrs endless replay bug in new version when AI moloch armored hunter had a 1 ranged officer placed next to it it got the bonus even though it was a melee attack not ranged Extremely small detail yes but I thought those in the know would like to know Also any way to change your personal avatar Keep it coming more armies Spider                 Still good endless replay
Time machine THANK YOU You helped me reverse the insipid update to the graphics that ruined many peoples enjoyment of the game Here is how you fix it so you can love this game once again 1 First go into time machine and make sure you have the 252 version of NS in your time machine If you dont the following doesnt work Look for it somewhere back in April 2015 Look in the iTunesmobile applications directory Its called NS Hex followed by its version number 2 Restore it to the iTunes directory It will not over write the current one as the version numbers are different and part of the name 3 Once restored move it out to the desktop so you always have a copy of it 4 Delete the latest version of the app from the iTunesmobile applications directory 5 On ALL your iOS devices that have NS installed turn off automatic updates for apps the delete the game from your iPad or phone 6 Do a sync App should now be gone 7 Copy the NS Hex 252 into your iTunesmobile applications directory Double click it and enter your password if required 8 Re open iTunes and add Neuroshima Hex back onto your device I am so VERY HAPPY I can enjoy this game again If you visit the apps home page you will discover under the comments that the whole licensing argument for the graphics change is bogus Someone followed up and the game company has no issues whatsoever with the classic graphics being in the app My old review is below This is an enormously fun game however the AI needs work I usually play on the highest difficulty with the smartest AI setting with one human and 3 AI players and here are the issues I commonly see 1 In situations where one of the AI players is obviously going to win unless someone or all of us cripples it the other AI players will often ignore it and gang up on the human player This extends to situations where one of the AI players is maybe 12 points behind the leader and if it were human player you would go and attack the leader to then be in a winning situation but the AI will completely ignore this and randomly place its tiles often in places where it will attack no one 2 The AI will often have two battle tokens and a normal attack piece and instead of PLACING the attack piece and then using a battle token it will throw away an attack piece and play a battle token thereby wasting an attack This is laughable 3 Battle tokens are placed randomly and not wisely eg a piece has three attack sides if you know the game you know the pieces that have this Instead of optimally placing the token so that all three attacks are pointing on to the board the AI will place the piece so that only ONE of the attack sides is board facing and the other two are pointing off the board and are therefore useless This is a very stupid move but is extremely common 4 SPECIALS Special tokens that enhance attacks initiative healing and movement are often place nowhere near the AIs pieces and are therefore wasted Again no human player would do this 5 Be great to undo the move if you inadvertantly leave your finger near the tick button Have had the game skip ahead while I was debating where to put my second pieceyou cant say Hold it I havent finished Ugh 6 OKa moan about pricingYou only get 4 different armies I thought I was buying the complete game The other 9 Armies are purchasable in game at USD199 per army You dont need them to enjoy the game but the pricing is way off USD999 for all would be reasonable Otherwise a bundle of fun           Time machine restoration of the classic graphics
The developers have truly captured the feel of the tabletop game with this mobile version                 Great game
The game has some nice little complexities that make it quite addicting                 Addicting
I was surprised by how much fun this game is The gameplay is fresh and the games are relatively quick yet theres plenty of strategy The postapocalyptic theme is very well done and the art is top notch I think of this as scifi chess                 Fantastic game I want more
Update I never thought this game could do wrong by me BUT adding the 30 look with no option to switch back I believe the 30 look is quite aesthetically ugly to the 10 was a mistake I still love this game but I cannot overlook this Please add an option to change back to the 10 My opinion of the game I own the board game and all the official expansions as well as many of the homemade usergenerated ones I play every week with a group of friends and even I must admit it makes a better app than it does board game Buy it buy the expansions enjoy     Updated not so thrilled with this update
Then the new look as of the latest update might not seem offputting That aside even with the recent changes this is a great game and I have been playing it for as long as I can remember It is on my never delete list Highly recommend I am glad to see I was not the only fan not super enthused by the recent visual update At first I thought it was just me              If you havent played this before
From a dedicated fan at the top of the hard leaderboard Heads up Hex Heads the new look is very different New design reduces clarity and vividness One of the best aspects was the symbology in the design This has also been reduced Borders between tiles are less clear Desaturation in color and lack of borders between tiles make it confusing to recognize tiles at a glance Modules look more confusing Ill try getting used to it but I think Big Daddy may have made a negative impact on user experience with this update                 Version 30 look is a miss
Love the game have all expansions not the biggest fan of the new direction The dev has said in responses on his website that the change was due to licensing and was not within his control so for everyone who is upset at not having the option to switch he didnt have the option to let us switch That said I think this opens up a great avenue for new content including new boards themed after the various armies or even new themes or art for your favorite army give us something we want and let us keep throwing money at you           In fairness
This used to be one of my favorite games Now it is unplayable The new 30 update makes the different factions difficult to distinguish The look of this game was perfectly fine so I see no reason to change it They either need to switch back or add an option for classic look How much you want to bet it will be an in app purchase What happened big daddy did you just want to see what it was like to fail     I love this game But
Do not update to the latest patch New graphics are horrible This game deserves a 5 star rating but not until they change the graphics back     WARNING
I am really enjoying this game Takes a few games to get warmed up but it is filled with all kinds of strategic possibilities for victory Love the replayability and the different armies I am definitely considering buying the actual board game to play with friends                 Clever hex game
I personally dont mind the tile artwork as much The board however is pretty dull and lacks that professional and flashy look Looks like it was done in MS paint But thats besides the point In the physical board game 30 added an extended board size option for 4 players The bigger map made the game much more strategic IMO but if you didnt like it dont use it The option is nice though Id love for you to add that along with the other variants youve published in your board games such as Duel           Art is we but needs larger board
Definitely try this out Itll surprise you Inapp purchases are minimal nobody can pay2win their way to the top lets hope it stays that way                 Very Promising
Excellent game for some strategic match ups without constantly pouring money away for powerups                 Great game
Yes this game is one of the greats on here I never get bored and they keep adding new armies which is so cool because it mixes up the game play very well its part strategy part luck because U are given three cards from UR deck to choose from and U have to discard one of them kinda like poker so there is no ultimate win to this game and no matter how good you are if you dont get the right cards or choose them correctly you can lose pretty quickly Id also compare this game to hearthstone                 The future chess board game
Before this latest visual upgrade it was easily 5 stars in my book Ive been addicted to this game for over a year Have played it compulsively But now sad to say Im so totally turned off that Im moving on This is no longer the game I paid for Doesnt seem right     No longer the game I paid for
I love this game After playing it on our phones my family bought the actual board game                 Great game
Great variety and replay value especially once you start adding in the other inapp purchased armies They really do all have a different feel to them and Im enjoying playing as each of them beating every army on each difficulty Plus for those who are acheivementdriven there are a TON of acheivements to earn in the game center                 Great Strategy Title
Just as my title suggests Try this game You can pick it up and play anywhere Totally recommend                 Awesome strategical combat
I do not like the 30 look It is much harder to recognize pieces and their abilities The game design is otherwise excellent The online play works mostly but has many problems with chat and notifications           30 look is worse
A game like chess but with sci fi and superhero styling Its depth of play is very good online play excellent but a bit spotty for small population of players all in all great game play nice balance betw armies A fault new armies are a bit expensive and must be bought in order to stay competitive Games true cost is in the 610 range to get it up and really running Worst music and sound effects of any game I know Otherwise very highly recommended              Great game
Fantastic game and ports amazingly well to iOS Plays smoothly and the graphicsvisuals make for a great atmosphere Computer AI is impressive and being able to play against a diff number of opponents at different Ai levels makes it a GREAT solitaire game An absolute steal for any gamer                 WELL worth it
Requires a 3rd party account to play Registering for an account is not intuitive nor are the instructions in game        Requires 3rd party account
Im the opposite I didnt care for the old look Too many colors looked like a coloring book This look is slick subtle but with style Quit playing before partly because I didnt care for the layout and I think the AI cheats but I like this look so much Im going to get back into it And when are the real expansions not just armies coming out                 Quite the Contrary
Ive wanted something that feels like FalloutWasteland for quite some time and this is it Also a wonderfully deep turnbased strategy game I stayed away for a while because it looked unexciting in screenshots aside from the sharp 2D board game art and fonts Dont worry your imagination will pick up the slack or youll be too distracted placing your tiles in the perfect strategy to destroy your opponent                 Scratches lots of itches
Great game with a wealth of tactical depth Play it                 Worth It
Incredible depth and replayability every faction has a completely different style but they are well balanced                 Excellent strategy boardgame
This was the first game I bought when I got on iOS and three years later Im still playing it Great game and easy to play on an iPhone or iPad UI is perfect all bugs have been worked out lots of variation great online play too                 So good
excellent online multiplayer playing the computer AI is fun too expansion packs well worth it                 awesome game
No its not better than the actual board game In my opinion NOTHING beats playing around the table with your friends However this app is great Very true to the board game without the headache of resolving battles If you havent played the game its like chess on steroids Each player sets their strategies by pointing guns at each other until someone decides to battle then all hell breaks loose Thats the game in a nutshell Great game                 Better than the board game
Love board games This is one of the best iOS games I prefer the new art                 Great
This is the best strategy game Ive ever bought as an iPhone app Its a tad pricey especially if you get all the extra armies but Ive spent more hours with this game than any other on my phone Neat concept The scenarios are virtually limitless                 Huge Replayability
Amazing game but this graphical update is horrible Please revert back to the original aesthetics     Graphical Overhaul
This game is addictive and loads of fun but the app is quite buggy It almost always freezes up multiple times per match and Ill have to force close the app The good thing is you can resume right where you left off but its quite annoying and I hope it gets fixed It usually happens when Im going back and forth from information mode Being able to read what each tile does and regular mode Playing tiles discarding etc              Amazing but buggy
Loving it                 Still fun
Great game The newest update changing the look of the game is a step backward I still give the game five stars and hope they will give the option of returning to the old game look                 Not a fan of the new look
Played the demo first which did lock up occasionally but am really enjoying the full game No lockups so far Great game for the small screen                 Great game for the phone
This game is a must play for those that love to devise strategies That being said however the game has been updated with a new look I personally like the old look better due to the new look having less saturation and making discerning different armies harder                 Best strategy game ever
Great strategy game with online multiplayer This rocks Great update                 Fantastic
I have had this game on my iPad for years and it is still one of my favorites but I am very unhappy with the redesign The developers should have made the installation of the new board and tile set optional or even an inapp purchase rather than an automatic update The monochromatic board is dull and the heightened similarity of the pieces make them difficult to recognize quickly as the board fills up The numbering on the base pieces almost completely obscures the identification of the army The armored edges of army pieces are much obscured and the big print feel of the design makes melee and range facing indicators seem cluttered In my opinion the game has become much less enjoyable to play           Great game terrible update

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