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Damon Lynn , the publisher behind many iOS app (ABC Apple Tree ,My Pain Diary HD ,My Pain Diary ,My Pain Diary Lite: Chronic Pain Management ,My Pain Diary & Symptom Tracker: Gold Edition ,Headache & Migraine Tracker), brings My Pain Diary with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. My Pain Diary app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This app will change your life..
  • Customer service is awesome..
  • It's so hard to remember everything to tell the dr during an appointment..
  • the PDF file with 6 months of my daily information..
  • Extremely user friendly app to track and record pain syndromes..

Overall Satisfactionc85
I wholeheartedly recommend this app to anyone.
My doctor loves it as well.
This is a wonderful program to track my pain and pills.
Fun & Engagingc90
Awesome solution.
This app is awesome for tracking my pain levels.
It's so hard to remember everything to tell the dr during an appointment.
Helps keep track of everything.
Very helpful resource to share with your Dr.
Repeat Valuec100
that affect my pain levels and what helps control that pain.
This app is excellent for tracking your pain levels.
Ease of Usec91
I use it to record my fibromyalgia and allergy symptoms daily.
It is so flexible and easy to personalize.
Easy to use with lots of options.
It is really easy to use- fairly intuitive.
______________________________ Not super intuitive.
I've tried unlinking and relinking but still get error message.
Updates & Supportc57
Check out the Lite version for functionality.
try the free lite version first.
Customer service is awesome.

I love how quick and easy it is to record my pain. found in 5 reviews
I've been using it for over a year to track my CRPS/RSD pain. found in 2 reviews
Perfect for lupus and fibromyalgia. found in 2 reviews
being able to attach photos is wonderful for patient and doctor. found in 3 reviews
Helps keep track of everything. found in 4 reviews
My Pain diary is great. found in 3 reviews
Wonderful tool for anyone with chronic disease. found in 7 reviews
perfect app for those wanting to identify triggers. found in 4 reviews
As a person dealing with a Chronic Illness. found in 7 reviews
A life saver for anyone suffering from medical conditions. found in 7 reviews
keep an accurate record of your condition for your doctor. found in 9 reviews
It is so flexible and easy to personalize. found in 4 reviews
The more I learn about how to use the app. found in 4 reviews
but can't choose a specific date easily. found in 1 reviews
This is a good tool for those who have constant pain. found in 3 reviews
The other " daily tracker " forces weirdness with overhead. found in 2 reviews
Wish it saved automatically. found in 2 reviews
It has been unstable at times. found in 2 reviews
Only issue I have is navigating calendar view by month. found in 2 reviews
Great app sometime hard time loading but overall thumbs up. found in 2 reviews
I wish I could use it without using the phone. found in 2 reviews
One irritating problem is that the upload to Dropbox no longer works. found in 3 reviews
Please make fixes ASAP. found in 3 reviews
the app automatically opens a new entry. found in 2 reviews
Can someone PLEASE tell me how to delete an entry. found in 2 reviews
but now one of the most useful features. found in 3 reviews
Fix the save bug. found in 2 reviews
Def needs some fixes. found in 2 reviews
It needs repair ASAP to retain its value. found in 1 reviews
Will open for 5 seconds then closes. found in 2 reviews
but no iOS 5 sync. found in 3 reviews
I've tried unlinking and relinking but still get error message. found in 3 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download My Pain Diary for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 7.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about My Pain Diary in Damon Lynn`s Official Website :

Track your pain or chronic condition, then share the data with your doctor using this intuitive and flexible app. USED BY THOUSANDS AROUND THE WORLD TO TRACK AND MANAGE Chronic Pain Migraines Headaches Rheumatoid arthritis Fibromyalgia Reflex Sympathy Dystrophy Complex regional ...
I ve been a My Daily Pain journal for 2 years there s no longer updates for this app IF I upgrade to the GOLD EDITION will all of my entry data be available to see on the newest app edition Thank you             HELP Upgrade question for developers OzarkButterfly
Part of my problem is shaking and trembling hands which made keeping a journal messy so thankful for this app I sincerely mean that I love it Ec                     Trim bling hands and aching body Ec Wechism
App not usable on updated iPhone software Doesn t keep history and crashes at every use     Crashes without saving dunchloe
I used to live by this app I used to recommend it all the time but I started to get lazy and stopped putting entries in I just put it back on and it has done a force quit THREE times in less than an hour I am so glad I did not spend the 4 99 on the gold app         Disappointed SpazPeligro
I tried contacting the developer and it s been over a month and no response back I am disappointed with this app I can t even add my meds to this won t even give time the option     Disappointed MichelleR123
Helps pain diminish by carefully tracking                 Good product Livingco
I have use this tool to track and manage my neuropathy and I have also come to rely on as well for managing and tracking behaviors of children with mental health issues The intensity scale is useful for tracking overtime behaviors and how extreme they are and whether or not they are improving It was very useful for my peripheral neuropathy to print out the report for my doctor to show good days bad days and long term trends I would recommend using this as it helps to visualize what you are experiencing                 More useful than you think Jamisorc
Somewhat customizable Love the lock feature when starting the app makes me feel more secure keeping this info in an app on my phone                     Helps floribraska
Started using this app three weeks ago and its used daily I really like it The app did take me awhile to figure out but I ve been able to customize it for my needs I love the function that allows you to email your doctor a copy of your data The report is very well laid out and easy to understand                 Very useful tm0531
Great app                     Edit feature is good Mom2specialneeds
I wanted to start a journal that could track my fibromyalgia pain and also be able to write notes about things This app does that and more I m very impressed with the app and glad I m using it I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to figure out what s going on because we sure tend to forget how bad the pain was what a good day we ve had and these things are really good to know especially when trying medications                     Excellent Pain tracker Aloha Carol
Love how easy it is to monitor and graph everything I want to keep track of At the same time it s comprehensive enough to be insightful and beneficial for me and my doctor                     The Best Burns_la
It s a good app and probably great for chronic pain suffers but not quite what I need for fm There s a lot of customization possible but that means there s a lot to do to get it to be what you want I like the weather tracking feature I haven t tried creating a report yet                 Better for chronic pain than fm JSM1234
I bought this app for my iPhone and it does nothing that it says it does and shows none of the screens are operations that the description pictures and advertises And I click on the user guide and about my pain diary and I get URL server not found how do I get a refund for this The only thing this app does is cause me more stress which causes more pain Thanks a lot     Zero stars penny_hugs
This is such a great way to really keep track of your pain especially if you have different areas of concern It is always a eye opener for me and a great source when you are trying to share your pain with your doctor or loved ones It easy to use and awesome to be able to personalize it for your needs Love the reports and graphs Thanks for creating this amazing tool                     Great Pain Gauge Gramzy44
I just wrote a bad review and it was immediately removed False advertising and hidden agenda If the privacy policy link would have actually been a real website that existed I might have known it linked to fb And they are privy to all your personal info and for what     This better post alexv4pres4
Not worth paying the 4 99 It does not allow to make entries unless you pay for upgrades False advertising and deceitful     Rip off Sonsorae
I love this app and it is really helpful My only wish is that you could draw your pain on the body                     Love it LinzTX92
I want to love this app but there is one detail that will keep it off my home screen and that is the lack of discretion I don t want everyone that sees my home screen to see that I have a chronic pain app Of course my family knows but I don t want anyone else to know I want to be able hand my phone to someone to look at pictures to show them an app or whatever without having to worry they might hit the home button If it just read MPD or something I could keep it but having to keep it out of sight in a folder means I m a lot less likely to use it It s unfortunate because I think it s a good app         Not discreet ktb224
It works wonderful Being able to track weather pain and adjusting some of the details makes it perfect for so many things Even have an alarm set to remind me when fibro fog is bad Lol                     Love it iPhone needs vconnect
I ve modified this to track the progress or regress of neurological symptoms after starting therapy for Pernicious Anemia Takes almost no time                     Easily adaptable A PA sufferer
I appreciate this app No longer do I have to remember to carry a notepad and pen My journal is always with me Thanks a million dude From a grateful Vet                     Soo Helpful Jlo2680
I am so glad I found this app My physical therapist told me I need to keep a diary This has met all my expectations and more I like that I can make a check list of my triggers remedies types of pains and make notes I have not printed out the report as yet My therapist liked being able to scroll through my entries on the phone Highly recommend                     My Pain Dairy Grannalin
My dr loves having these detailed report stated day Easy data entry and easy to customize to your own needs to record your pain and what triggers the pain Would like to see this app asked for a pain rating after the intervention as well                 Great app BebeHart
I love this app and recommend it to anyone who needs to journal pain I have a herniated disc in my neck and need to track my pain for 6 months This is easy to use and gives you a good calendar as well as a graph and PDF file that can be sent to your doctor Very user friendly                     Easy K in Dallas
App is user friendly It works as intended Love the print reports feature I can save specialized reports to my computer as PDF or other file type of my choosing and print it off when I go to my pain management physician Having a detailed record such as this is excellent for showing if my current treatment plan is working is a good visual for my doc and me helps me and my doc decide what kinds of changes to make in my treatments App is easily customizable KUDOS GOOD THINGS easily customize your lists related to your needs My entry lists include pain location type of pain current activity medication taken and pain interventions and each of these lists I have customized to fit my needs including an entry to indicate that it is a pain re assessment after I took meds or did another intervention save print email many different types of reports in various formats you choose how detailed or simple you want it to be weather tracker auto loads when making each new entry use this app as a diary tracker for many other things not just pain Since it is so customizable use for various pain issues injuries and load reports separately for each or combined WISH LIST BUGS can t copy one entry and paste it to a new date time This would be very useful when I have the same type severity of pain on a different day as happens quite often Or if I could save a couple of default entries and just paste them into the date time I need that would be useful GRAPHS are very difficult to read view with limited info and space SO much potential here weather won t load if you edit an entry after saving it And it won t load on some exported reports can t change the order of items in each list they are only listed alphabetically Overall this is the simplest but also most detailed app I ve found for tracking my chronic pain and other things                 Useful for pain management physician CountrySparks
Quick easy to chart even complex episodes Just as easy to review or correct past entries I have chronic pain from back injury and facial neurological disease I love having real data to show my doctors and myself how m active my pain is and to track effectiveness of new treatments                     Really helpful Love it A Kennedy ;)
This is a wonderful app works as advertised Extremely customizable and does amazing at tracking my pain and Meds I highly recommend it for anyone with chronic pain and lots of Meds                     Great app Plscks
This is an excellent app for anyone with chronic pain who is trying to understand or control it It prints an excellent Pdf file to print and hand in to your pain Doctor It s a great app If I were to suggest any improvements I would improve upon making the different color flags that represent different types of pain head neck back etc I would make those a tad easier to use Maybe it s me that s a possibility But I seem to do fine with the rest of the app I just know that most people who have severe pain and can t work at some point some depression starts to creep in Whether you take any thing for that is your choice but I would like to see the app make it easier to track them simultaneously I know you can but to me it s a little difficult and takes away from the root of the problem when looked at the graph Sorry point being I would just like to see it separate yet viewed next to the root problem on the weekly and monthly graphs I feel if it were easier people would be able to control the depression aspect easier Pain is hard to control but with the right tools you can track how the pain affects your mood Thank you for reading my Novel sorry bout that                     Great chronic pain app SouthSide Lee
Read a review about this pain app and thought I would give it a try I just have at least 5 different pain trackers on my phone that I don t use I have 2 different chronic pain conditions that really need to be tracked for better management but none of my old ones were very good I actually LOVE this app It allows you to individualize it for your specific condition and take down a lot of critical information I highly recommend this                     First pain app I ve ever liked debusque
I ve only been using it for my own personal use and it works great when I go see the doc and I can better rate my pain also the scale helps me more accurately rate my pain                     Personally Punkopotamus
I really like this app I just wish it was easier to figure out how to use the color tags                 Easy to use raconte
This is a very useful app I take it to my pain management Doctor to show how I m doing I like to weather feature if helps to see if flair ups are weather related                     Great for pain management Gigi-lorraine
Overall I think this is a good app but there are a few things that would make it much more useful for tracking pain First it would be nice if you could zoom in on the graph and inputs over the course of a day such as hour by hour pain scores I would also like to see the ability to set custom scales such as anxiety that can be overlaid onto the same graph as the pain scale That way it would easy to see how pain changes in relation to another metric that has variable level inputs                 Good start could use some improvements dhstud
Perfect to monitor my chronic pain condition                     Great TinkerRN
Love this app As someone who is challenged with fibromyalgia and CFS this really helps me keep track of what impacts or possibly triggers flare ups I would love to see a body map similar to the head map where I could properly document my pain and tender areas Rheumatologist always want you to identify where the pain is as well as describe the type of pain I would love to be able to better point out the areas and the the type of symptoms associated with the area to have a report that I can easily provide to my doctor If it had these capabilities I would gladly give it 5 stars and pay for an upgraded version                 Great App to have MHCounselor
I was a little worried after reading a review where someone said there was no headache diagram like the screenshots showed but I found it The headache diagram IS there but you have to go to the more metrics menu and select the head diagram to have it show up in your diary There are so many features with this app that its going to take me a while to figure it all out Thats a good thing In the meantime Im still able to use the basics of this app to track multiple health issues that involve different body systems Even better as I learn more about the apps features I can go back and edit past entries to bring them up to speed The photo feature is brilliant I was able to snap a photo during a bad flareup describe what was happening using the apps description option add my own notes and attach the photo to the diary entry Now when I pull up that entry its all in one spot Absolutely perfect I cant wait to show my rheumatologist on Thursday This app was well worth the money Very well done                 Packed with Features
Ive been using this app for a couple of years now for tracking my migraines Its a great tool You can even have it remind you to make a pain rating which helps me with my journaling                 Got Migraines Get this app
I have been using this app for several weeks now and I LOVE IT I am able to track multiple issues and its amazing that I am able to put aspects of our weather layered over my ratings graph This app is so easy to use even though the designer has included a lot in it I recommend this app 100                 LOVE this app
This app is SUPER EASY to use It really performs just as its described I have bad migraines and had multiple back surgeries and the app has been a lifesaver differentiating between my pain issues I know it will be extremely helpful not just with tracking but also emailing the diary and reports to my physician It earns A in my opinion and experience in using it for a month 12                 BEST PAIN DIARY AROUND
This app has been amazing in helping me track my pain The interface takes a bit to learn but once you do its pretty easy after that It is very customizable to what you are tracking which is great My doctor absolutely loved the report I printed out for her and took the name of the app down so she could tell other patients about this app and how helpful it is for tracking pain                 Great
This is a great app except if you have it on more then one device you have to pay for it on each device and they cant sync              Great App except
I have been trying out several health apps to track my arthritis pain and flares and this is one of the most comprehensive The more I learn about how to use the app the better I find it I wish it showed barometric pressure too And I wish my doctor used it I would send her reports if she was interested But shes not I spend 12 minutes with her every 6 months                 Very helpful App
Ive liked this app for many years The developer has been extremely responsive to suggestions I have several health problems and I love the customization options in this app I can monitor my rsdcrps pain migraines and my mental health in one place It is also very accessible with VoiceOver                 Flexible and accessible
Ive started many diaries but never kept up with it this app makes it easy Great to be able to have the information at the tip of my fingers to show my doctors              Very helpful
This makes charting chronic pain so much easier and fasterwhich is really important and so vital for doctors and patients alike And being able to adjust metrics and settings makes it personalize me and user friendly                 Awesome app
Love that I can add locations and remedies and edit posts My doctor now just asks to look at my diary to see whats going on                 Great App
Incredibly helpful it helps track weather stress pain patterns triggers everything It keeps what youd write in a journal at your fingertips                 Fantastic
I love the ease of use offered by this app Throughout the day I have the ability to track my pain and later recall what was going on                 This app makes keeping track of pain effortless
Love it Great reports for doctors visits                 Great app
Outstanding app easy to use and navigate                 My Pain Tracker
This app is easy to use and customizable Worth the purchase price to help me track my paintreatment I recommend to anyone needing a record of pain and treatments used to reduce it Even has notecomments section to add more than basic info                 Customizable Very easy to use
Totally worth buying As someone who takes a ton of meds and lives in constant pain this is a lifesaver for tracking patterns of pain I always bring it to doctors appts and its so helpful                 Fantastic
Great app Tons of data and easy to use Suggest 1 notifications to post I forget and miss days 2 ability to enter am and pm data for the day Otherwise                 Great
Thank you for creating the simple and useful app I send my monthly health report to my Dr Love it                 Simple and practical app
New review I do love and use this tracking app frequently I do wish there was a better tutorial perhaps a video tutorial that would show how to efficiently use color flags what the lock icon actually does on the default color flag etc Most of all bring back iCloud sync support would be great since I have 2 years worth stuck within iCloud app data for this app yet after many attempts to retrieve the data following the instructions given by developer Ive never been able to get said data to merge with my current library Even after deleting and reinstalling the app nada So that being said if that was fixed this app would get 6 stars Without the fix without iCloud app data integration etc I still give it a solid 445 stars Nice things to see Markdown support iCloud support Video tutorials examples Ability to transfer from apps such as Day One etc Old review Excellent app I track due to complications from breaking my spine              My Pain Diary
I tried two other pain trackerdiaries before this one Neither served my needs Been pretty happy with this so far It is pretty customizable and like I can send the report right from the APP              Best pain tracker I have seen
Having fibro I have been trying to create a journal to document pain triggers This app is amazing Customizable and I am able to do more than with a hand written journal Very easy to use                 Exactly what I had been looking for
Using this app to track pain is easy Ive been using it since April 2011 and have almost 1000 entries When the pain is really bad it takes seconds to record locations type and remedy My docs like the reports and and I like being able to customize them for neurology or physiatrist Each update is a true upgrade in functionality and the developer truly cares about the quality and usefulness of this product Apr 2015 Still using after 4 years and the amount of entries is valuable Highly recommend for chronic pain conditions Excellent tool for helping to get new doctors to understand the depth of your situation Show them your phone and let them scroll thru print what they want Love this app                 Thank you for a great app
Ive been using it for over a year to track my CRPSRSD pain sinus infections changes to meds etc its the best way to keep everything straight when feeling overwhelmed forgetful and scattered so I can give drs most accurate info Very good for time v pain levels after PT sessions flare ups and finding causeeffect patterns Logs and reports are awesome for keeping all drs updated w data Customizing useful to give more specifics and types of pain instead of general complaints Drs seem to respond better to details Would help to add a medication list or med dose log to compare to symptoms over time Also would help to use two flags for one entry so can enter once and pull into multiple reports Keep up the great work                 Lifeline in the chaos
I wish this came preloaded with more body locations but otherwise a great way to track pain A suggestion to the developer the ability to set an alarm to mark your levels for the day would be helpful as well as a section for meds and dosage levels I love the way weather is now preloaded and the graph and reporting functions The new interface is also slick and easy to use           Useful with room for improvement
I use this highly customizable app to track my pain and my sons Ive tried several different apps and always come back to this one Well worth the                 Awesome App
I had original install this application for my fibromyalgia and migraines And after a car accident the lawyer wanted to keep track of what my pain radius was Im able to send him reports every week so he knows where Im at with my pain levels I also send it to my doctors pretty amazing                 Great for tracking after car accident
I love this app I customized it for my pain areas I can edit the time if I have to ad and couldnt at the time Its a great app                 Awesome
After reading all the rave reviews and viewing the screen shots I thought this app would be the answer to my pain diary woes There is one particular screenshot where you see the diagram of a head and assuming the areas of pain are a beige colortheres no such option to create a diagram such as this one Not a win for me        Disappointed
I really like this app I have pain in most of my joints and helps me to keep track of pain so I can relay it to my doctor I wish however you would have an entry for treatment that you tried and possibly the results of treatment Because some times ice can take away my pain and then other times I may try 34 things before I get relief Also something that would rate your pain after treatment This would me very useful when the doctor is working on pain management to help him see what is working and what isnt For a while I was able to add a category and I added both of those categories and used them a lot It was helping my doctor to better control my pain I hope you would allow that option again Then it would definitely be 5 stars Thank you for your continued improvements and to listening to suggestions              Pain management
I like this app because you can keep notes on your pain and add entries for times in the past                 Easy to use with lots of options
This app is exactly what I was looking for Easy to use includes the right info and very useful to review the various reports that can be generated for yourself or your doctor                 Simple perfect
Accidentally locked with password and now Im locked out Need more shortcuts Should be able to save from any screen           Locked out
Easy to use Simple but records important staff                 Well made
This app allows me to track pain easily and completely                 Does its job well
Just purchased and am unable to use because it crashes each time I attempt a new entry Useless     Crashes
This is the best of the pain tracking apps Ive tried Its a little complicated but its very customizable which makes it more useful I have tried all of the pain tracking apps It really surprises me how poorly designed most are and that no single app does it all First the pros 1 Fairly simple to use When Im not feeling up to a detailed entry I can choose a number to rate my pain and be done 2 Automatically keeps track of the weather Like most chronic pain sufferers the weather affects my condition and this makes it easy to track the correlation 3 Photos I can take a picture if something interesting is happening and attach it to the entry This is helpful again because I cant always remember when I have visible symptoms and its helping me to track when they show up as well as tracking whether it appears better or worse over time 4 Flexibility You can modify all the preset metrics and even add your own Whats missing 1 Medication tracking I take a lot of medication I take more when I feel unwell Id like an easy way to track how much I take each day to see how my pain rating is affected Ive created a custom metric for it but its not quite meeting the need 2 Physiology maps It comes with a head map for tracking headaches Id like something similar for the rest of the body specifically a foot diagram as thats my primary pain location 3 Auto save You have to press save to save an entry I didnt realize this and several of my entries I were lost 4 The graphs and reports contain a lot of data but its overwhelming and I havent actually been able to use them Its a delicate balance between detail and customization and simplicity of use This app does a lot of things and theres a learning curve Theres a user guide included which helps But it took me a long time to really figure it all out The bottom line is that this is better than the other apps that are out there but lacks some functions that are critical to accurately pain levels triggers and treatments Ultimately the pros outweigh the cons and I recommend it Ive shared the app with my doctor who loves the idea of it and the potential for engaging patients more in the management of their health              Good could be better
Ive been using the app for a few weeks now I also downloaded 2 other similar apps that I have been using at the same time I really like this app a lot I have tried several similar type apps for tracking pain etc over the past few years but have never found one that I liked enough to stick with using it like I do this app I really like the Weather tracking feature of this app I have Fibro and widespread Arthritis which is directly effected by the weather and I live in Central Florida where we have almost daily severe thunder storms through out our long summers The Weather feature of this app captures every detail of my weather Especially for me the Barometric Pressure I love the app I deleted the other 2 trial apps                 Pain App
I love this app Finally a way to track my symptoms that is fully customizable Better yet all the data can be emailed as a report to my physicians I appreciate being able to set reminders edit entries and attach photos 5 stars                 Customizable Convenient
There is nothing good about paying almost 5 for an app that keeps on crashing and freezing bad policy to just grab the money and go     Even worse than west I thought
I love this app It is so flexible and easy to personalize I use it everyday to track my fibromyalgia and chronic migraines A great tool to learn the patterns and triggers of my pain                 Great app
Its only my second week but I already love what it does for me Keeping track of my Menieres symptoms is so helpful and this app makes it easy Highly recommend                 So good to know
Love how easy it is to monitor and graph everything I want to keep track of                 Easy
Easy to add entries with a busy schedule Like that I can customize symptoms This will be a great resource to bring to my next doctors visit                 Love this app
This is the only way Ill actually document my headaches Ive tried other apps and this one is by far my favorite Very simple to use and no crashes or issues                 Great app
I have used this app for two years and like it but w this new update there are several bugs like when you try to type in notes you cant see what your writing Weather doesnt work color on the flag doesnt If they get this fixed its a great app but its very frustrating right now     Since the upgrade the app doesnt work right
I absolutely love this app I have used many pain trackers both paper and electronic over the years and this is one of the best Under Pain Type I entered the short form of the McGill pain questionnaire After a month Im going to delete the ones that that I havent used If youre a person with diverse widespread pain I highly recommend doing this                 Flexible and Thorough
It is fairly straightforward to use I am able to track multiple things easily The interface is a little clunky especially if Im not feeling well and I wish I was able to access it on my iPad              Very useful
So far I have no complaints Great way to keep track of multiple symptoms                 Great app
Great nice features easy to use Customized if needed excellent and Ive downloaded a lot of apps to try to track my chronic migraines I can print them or email them Plus it even tracks the weather conditions                 Great nice features and you can customize it

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