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NaturalMotion , the publisher behind many iOS games (Icebreaker Hockey Free ,NFL RIVALS ,Icebreaker Hockey™ HD ,Clumsy Ninja ,Backbreaker 2: Vengeance ,NFL Rivals: HD), brings My Horse with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. My Horse games has been update to version 1.9 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • a great horse SIM game..
  • Would love to be able to " make friends " without Facebook..
  • Add me as a friend my name is DeludeOvate30..
  • Love the mini games and the whole virtual pet thing..

Overall Satisfactionc90
This is the best horse game I have ever played.
Horse game is stupid.
Great game for horse lovers to fill spare time with.
This is a fun game for horse lovers but be warned.
Absolutely an amazing game that is very engoyable.
I love playing this game :D I never get tired :3 Friend me.
After the update I almost can't stand playing this game anymore.
My 7 year old daughter loves this game and has me hooked too.
I strongly recommend this game to anyone who loves horses/ponies.
however I can not recommend this game to anyone for lots of reasons.
This is probably one of my favorite games I have on my IPod.
This used to be my favorite game but it crashes.
It has amazing graphics and is very entertaining.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game for all Ages of horse lovers.
So addicting so much fun to take care of your own horse.
This game is super fun and has awesome graphics.
It is great fun and addicting I think everyone will love it.
really fun game great time passer and stress reliever.
Awesome graphics plus there r so many fun competitions.
I play it all the time and the graphics are so realistic.
Very true in life and a over all great fun and entertaining game.
This game rocks I play it every day and I'm a boy.
I play it every day -pretty addicting actually.
everything costs so much and it's hard to get gems.
Now everything costs a crazy amount of gems.
Wish everything wasn't so expensive though.
I just wish everything wasn't so expensive.
Family Friendlyc90
Good game for kids and adults to learn about horses.
I really like this game it's fun for the whole family.
This game is good for little kids and people who love horses :.
Value for Moneyc66
You can have lots of fun without even using real money.
This is a fun game but I'm not paying real money.
- I refuse to spend real money on gems.
You can play without spending actual money just fine though.
Replay Valuec75
why should that affect the energy level of the second horse.
Gets boring after awhile.
Never gets old : I've had it over a year already.
Or to make it more challenging more interaction.
I just love this game it's too hard to get gems though.
at higher levels your coin build up is pretty much useless.
Production Valuesc92
It has amazing graphics and is very entertaining.
Awesome graphics plus there r so many fun competitions.
Really fun and great animation and sounds.
I really love the sound effects and the graphic great job.
Ease of Usec79
Simple and fun with nice graphics.
The game play is simple and fun.
The game keeps me entertained on my commutes to school.
I love the game keeps you entertained for hrs.
My game keeps getting stuck at the loading screen.
Ads not Intrusivec57
Though the number of pop ups for other games has increased.
It lost my levels coins and I hate ads for other games.
Updates & Supportc18
and absolutely outstanding customer service from the company behind it.
Customer service is excellent though.

I'm a 35 year old man and I play it everyday. found in 22 reviews
It is great fun and addicting I think everyone will love it. found in 151 reviews
This game is super fun and has awesome graphics. found in 206 reviews
By far the best and most addicting game on my iPod. found in 8 reviews
My little girl loves taking care of her horse Bella :. found in 16 reviews
This is like a dream is true it feels real. found in 10 reviews
Awesome game for all Ages of horse lovers. found in 849 reviews
I love this game soooooooo much it teaches you responsibilitys. found in 8 reviews
This is the best horse game I have ever played. found in 759 reviews
really fun game great time passer and stress reliever. found in 129 reviews
This is da bombest game Eva. found in 13 reviews
Ialways wanted a horse and this is a cute interactive game. found in 17 reviews
Great game with minor to moderate glitches and beautiful graphics. found in 26 reviews
My granddaughter loves playing with this app on my phone. found in 13 reviews
This is a really relaXing game. found in 11 reviews
Very soothing n for some reason a stress reliever for me. found in 10 reviews
Absolutely an amazing game that is very engoyable. found in 175 reviews
This game is the best game in the world u will love it. found in 40 reviews
Good game for kids and adults to learn about horses. found in 57 reviews
Very nice game to pass time. found in 31 reviews
but to have so many pop up is certainly annoying. found in 10 reviews
unless you are willing to spend real money for a fake horse. found in 25 reviews
pretty fun game to waste your time with. found in 21 reviews
Just wish there were more levels. found in 12 reviews
but other than that it's not a bad game. found in 15 reviews
Fix the glitches and lower the prices. found in 7 reviews
This is a really fun game but gets boring after awhile. found in 10 reviews
This was fun for us but hardly play anymore too disappointing. found in 9 reviews
It can get a little boring but it's pretty cool. found in 22 reviews
I can't access the friends list or more horses option. found in 44 reviews
Prettier cool but y should we pay real money for more gems. found in 21 reviews
Why are there so many pop up ads every 5 seconds. found in 6 reviews
Good game wish you could breed them. found in 15 reviews
The paddock cleaning game freezes sometimes but it's no big deal. found in 12 reviews
Needs more activities to do like more of the regular ones. found in 36 reviews
But as soon as I open the game while listening to music. found in 12 reviews
This game doesn't worth paying because you'll stop playing at last. found in 21 reviews
Game crashes when you check results for a competition. found in 18 reviews
Love this game except that you have k buy jewels. found in 9 reviews
I love this app but wish you could earn money and gems quicker. found in 11 reviews
Does not wok when I try to play it. found in 13 reviews
Gets boring after awhile. found in 10 reviews
Graphics are good but slow game play and real cash = BORING :/. found in 9 reviews
It lost my levels coins and I hate ads for other games. found in 12 reviews
Also it won't let me get into my friends list. found in 44 reviews
The app doesn't go past the " natural motion " screen. found in 42 reviews
I got a pop up saying I needed to connect to wifi. found in 8 reviews
So now I have completely stopped playing it. found in 13 reviews
And if you need customer service you are in trouble. found in 10 reviews

The My Horse is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 44.4 MB to download. The new My Horse app version 1.9 has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about My Horse check developer NaturalMotion`s website :

Live the dream of owning and looking after a realistic horse, and share the experience with your friends HORSE CARE Care for your horse by grooming, feeding and treating it. Build a bond together in a wide ...
I love this game and I have almost all the horses that u can get and I am really far along in the game but it keeps acting like I just downloaded it like it will tell me to take a picture of my horse and make me click on a race and everything but then it will glitch I dont want to delete the game because I have spent so much money on diamonds and whatever and I dont want it to go to waste I just need someone to fix the game for me I need help this is making me mad        Someone help please
Very frustrating when I take the time to take surveys and such but do not receive the gemstones           No Gemstones
I love it but I deleted it for another game but the game is so fun I gave it 5 stars because well theres no bugs cool updates MAGICAL horses I alamost got a pink horse but then I saw a cat game and I was like delete and I deleted the game for the cat game I still have the cat gamebut I love the game u should get it                 I love it
Ok first of all I love love love horses I would do anything for one but I live in the city so thats not happening So instead of getting a horse I get games like this to feel like I have one I like how realistic it is But I think the game should be able to chat with people That would be way cool because what is a friend if you cant talk to them Second of all I think you should add somthing like a trail ride or you know that would make it way more fun Now I keep getting this game but I get bored so I delete it So you should add more mini games trail ride things and maybe a special thing where you explore somone where and get like a bridal for a prize you know Third THE PRICESFOR HORSES ARE TOOOOOO HIGH Im sure millions would love to buy a unicorn or zebra but where are we going to get 325 diamond or whatever The coin prices are reasonable It not the diamonds Or keep that price for diamonds but make it easier to get them The only way to get diamonds is to level up AND THAT TAKES FOOORRRREEEEVVVEEERR Please read this review and consider my advice              I LOVE THIS GAME but add more stuff
I love this game however I agree with the ones who think you should add little games for fun because I was thinking the same Maybe like a trail ride where we can actually control it that can help us gain diamonds because those are really hard to get Also there should be more horse care options than just three of them Lastly I feel that when youre trying to take a picture of the horse you should make it do more things than just rear maybe like jump as its running and buck around That will make it look more fun for pictures and it will be cute           Its better than most horse games
Love this game I see a lot of Horses with people I all was Wanted to train a horse before this is a cool game                 Love it
Game has been crashing for 4 months With 3 or 4 updates since still crashes I cant believe you cant solve this issue I would give the app zero stars if it would let me Pretty lame     Poor app
I dont know whats wrong with the app on my phone When I open the menu it freezes and wont let me do any of the activities I really dont want to delete it cuz Im currently on level 20 and Im about to finish the US competition Please help           Love this game but
The game is great It is teaching my kids to learn how to care for there stuff and one on my children wants to work on a farm with horses because of this game                 Horses
I love this game because it isnt kiddish but it crashes all the time It usually crashes right after a competition so I dont get the prize Please fix it              Love it but
This app wont let me log in PLZ FIX THIS    
If ur in love with horses install this game                 Love it
How do I train my horse Theres no train your horse section soo its in champion ships right Hmmmmm I wonder Pls tell me              How do I train my horse
I Dont think you should have to pay for ex try a things           Good but
how do I change the name of my horses all my horses names are only beauty PLEASE RESPOND              AWSOME but
You guys should add foals and breeding and some more horse colors like a black and white pinto or mabye fresians or akahla tekes or knaubstruppers just some suggestion but dont forget buckskins                 this is such a great game but it could get better
I love the game I just wish caring for horses in real life was just as easy as the game                 Great
Could we get more horse breeds Please ESPECIALLY Gypsy Vanner horses They are sooo pretty and would make a perfect show horse addition Also adding Pegasus would be cool too you already have Unicorns so why not right AND if there was a free play riding mode where you have complete control of the horse and is speeds Thanks for reading this ET                 Gypsy Vanners
My horse is one of those games that you might play for a day delete and play 4 months later Its not a great game but its not terrible There are also some major problems with it like the Internet connection and all the crazy adds if these were gone maybe I would keep the game           One of those games
For those that are desperate to have a horse this app does pretty good However being unable to choose or name your own choice of horse NEEDS to be available at the start of the game Whats the point of playing this when youre forced to have a generic nonpersonal horse that you cant even name at the start Buying gems NEEDS to be way more affordable how does spending ten dollars on this game STILL result in not having enough to buy the most expensive horse Unicorns or not TEN DOLLARS What exactly are we supposed to buy apart from the horses There is no way a sane person should spend money on decorative accessories and tricking kids into wanting to spend that much cash is just pathetic Please moderate the gem pricing and balance this out I was willing to spend up to ten dollars just for my very own choice of horse cause Im a crazy nerd that gives money to you people instead of that generic one only to find that the ten dollar deal would STILL have me 100 gems behind Something just seems extremely unbalanced in the pricing and Im not sinking one cent or moment of my time into this Apart from terrible pricing and the lack of ability to choose your own basic horse Its called MY horse cant the first one be MY choice everything is fine This game is BEGGING for a trail ride Or anything that would give the player a sense of ownership and freedom Lots of players are asking for trail rides maybe even as an online function to ride with your friends A personal question you have unicorns would a pegasus horse be possible I would like to see that become a available           Pretty good lacking content
This game is super fun and I love it but please add more competitions Im done with the US and UK and now there is nothing left to do Getting rid of the ads would help too theyre really annoying              Fun but
This is a cute game if it would only work I havent been able to view videos to get free gems in nearly a week Also purchased a new iPad and none of my old stuff would download Im at level 112 who wants to go back to nothing     Worse and worse
I love this game Its very detailed and the graphics are beautiful It would be even better if they added western events in the competitions and gave the gamer more freedom with the horse              Great app
I am sorry to say this but I have completely lost all interest in this app Its the same old stuff and it gets really boring Add new breeds new habitats where your horse can live different breeds more colors different daily gifts Theres so much on this game that needs to be improved The only reason I dont delete this app is because I dont want to loose all my 100M coins and my 100K gems I have all the horses habitats tack blankets manes tails boots ear nets etcand have won all the competitions What else is there left for me to do Not much If you added new things I might play this game again     My Horse
I hate the people who made apple because just deleted all of my games to get this and I STILL cant get it AND I HAVE WAY MORE MG THAN IT CALLS FOR IDIOTS I have 22 GB and i still cant get it See way more than it calls for So stupid I love this game and all but now you know how I feel about apple and the people who made it so now I cant enjoy this game anymore I hate all the people who apple STUPID IDIOTS                 I hate these people
well first off when your feeding your horse you do it like a couple of times stupid pointless app ads pop up and sometimes you dont know when they will so you can continue to make your horse happy for the equestrian stuff so you end up by accidentally tapping on them we should have a trail to ride that would be fun unlike stupid horse world 3D where you have to pay 99 cents for a trailjumping corse trail riding but please dont have it where i cant download it cause of my generation of my device its real dumb also some of the horses are kinda expensive and the hair is to but its still a fun game but now i reported a problem where now the stupid logo wont go away so i can play also when you have gifts from people it doesnt say the right about off number of people that sent you stuff the notification doesnt go away at first but a second timereal freaking stupid           Man i like this game sorta
I really enjoy it although it would be nice to have all the horses that you buy in the the same pen all the time if you choose to and see your other horses in the stalls in the background              Add these plz
The way to earn gemsis to watch videos This is how you get all the cool stuff BUT the gem video was about demons If you want to watch them fine but I dont and I dont appreciate not being able to exit the video Those images were violent and disturbing and not appropriate for this setting I was highly offended Please either discontinue or have a warning and an exit option available I cant let my kids play this without close supervision And I dont want to fill my mind with those images either     Warning Not child friendly
the game has been deleted and reloaded multiple times the restore information is available was Level 103 and have spent more than a little on My Horse but for months have not been able to play because the game does not load please help with technical support August 2015 months have passed The game developers who are profiting are very much aware of game problems and our inability to play Deleted game again and reinstalled after recent update My Horse will restore old game but crashes before opening Unplayable Not accessible Do not waste your time or money        my Horse crashes before game loads unable to play
This game is pretty cool I have to admit but the ads are annoying and are veeeery repetitive Also it does kinda get boring after awhile and they should give you more time to complete the tasks in the notebook Also I have a suggestion that there should be halters added because that is part of horse tack It would be cool to have stylish halters for the horses or there should be an option to create your own Other than that I love this game because I am a horse fanatic              Awesome Buuuut
The reason Ive rated four stars is not because of the connection issues but because Uncle Hector owes me a horse I just finished the required wins to get his horse and it says nothing about You have gotten Uncle Hectors horse thing I dont know if I have to complete the US Competition or whatever but I DO know that Ive completed the right amount of wins to get his horse Please fix this              Almost great
I love It but it Could use more STUFF Like five gems per video Also in buy another horse section make your own horse kind of thing and maybe 10000 coins maybe 20 gems maybe even 15 and theres a big color palette and also stars and socks and stockingsblazes Also different color manes and tails like two colors for pinto horses And cheaper stuff Breedingtrail rides n more horses of courseplease Also pick your horse hooves with a hoofpick please thank you okey Google star stable its an awesome horse game so maybe you can Google it and you can partner up with it to make a new game or add onto this onelike head directormanager And or someone else just partner up or do something please Thank you so so so very muchthanks                 more STUFF
I love this game but in the video it shows them riding on a trail but I have looked every were and it wont let me ride on a trail with my hores              Its ok
I dont even think this is one star but they would not let me put zero Do not get this I did not even mean to install this app I some how did though and now it wont let me get it of my phone Stay away from this     Not good at all
I like it but I think you need too add more breeds and even some newer supplies Same old things get boring              New breeds
The new update should have no xouts after you do an activity I also think that they should have American Saddlebreds that have flaxen manes and tails           New update must haves
I like the game but where it says that i can watch videos and get one gem is blockedit is always blocked              Its nice
This is a nice app for horse lovers animal lovers in general I love that you can name your horse and pet it feed it train it etc virtually Only downfall is that most things such as the gear and other horses to buy are impossible to achieve cuz of prices especially when you dont wanna use real money to buy the gems and coins              Nice app but
I had to delete this game for a while because I needed space on my Apple device Once I re downloaded the app all my data was gone All the money I spent in this game was gone It restarted and I was very disappointed Otherwise I hope this game can soon have trail rides that we can actually ride in without the automatic controls     why
I love this game so so much but I think I have a few ideas that might make it even more fun 1 Horse gender and breeding 2 Races each horse could have its own speed and players can race friends 3 Custom avatars 4 Ingame chat I dont know how you would monitor these but it would be nice 5 More ways to interact with your horses 6 Let the horses play together in one paddock or have a viewable stable with all the horses in it Thanks                 I love this game Just a few ideas for the creators
I actually ride horses and I love this game it is so realistic and ADORABLE but please add breeding lim a Gypsy horse and a Friesian it would be so cute but the one problem I have is the thing that says that I an not connected to wifi or to turn off airplane mode my fav horse at my barn is an Appaloosa mare named Mickey                 Mickey is bea
Its OK theres a lot more things you can do and a lot less adds              Ok
I absolutely love this game but I dont want to wait two years to get a unicorn and an enchanted forest The competitions are fun But one of them should offer gems as a first place prize Or the daily quests ten or twenty diamonds instead of one Or videos offer more than one diamond or offer less prices on the other items              Excellent needs more gem opportunities
Okay so I used to love this game I keep it on my iPad just incase so I dont have to restart or anything It was a good game but the quests are boring and the graphics need a lot of touching up I know your probably work hard but seriously Star Stable did better graphics and so did Alicia Online Thats why there is only a 3 star rating Also horses are over priced and gems are kinda really expensive           Might wanna read this
I cant play anymore This is ridiculous It says Im not connected to the Internet I AM CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET Fix this        IM CONNECTED
U should be able to go on trail rides with friends That would make this better PLZ ADD THAT PLZ That would just be amazing I mean the game is good but that would make it 10 times better     PLZ READ
Amazing                 Hannah
I LOVE IT I just have one suggestion you should add more horse breeds and it would be awesome if there was a mode where you could train your horse to do whatever tricks you want Like gestures or something BEST HORSE GAME EVER                 I LOVE THIS GAME
I had to delete this game from storage but I got it again after going to my friend house I try to open it and it exits out and some of the horses and zebras are to expensive           Good but
This game was really fun at first I loved being able to take care of my very own horse After a while though this game just got really boring I deleted today I think this app needs some work but all in all its an okay and fun game           Eh

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