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Christian Albert Mueller , the publisher behind many iOS app (Talking Fred - for iPad - Free Edition ,Talking Fred - for iPad ,My Days - Period & Ovulation ™ (Pro) ,Talk with Chippy - for iPad ,Talking Fred ,Talk with Chippy), brings My Days - Period & Ovulation ™ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. My Days - Period & Ovulation ™ app has been update to version 1.25 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I use the notes section all the time to note headaches..
  • I have wonky cycles and this helps me keep up with everything..
  • Helpful for busy mom..
  • When my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family..
  • This makes predicting my period so easy compared to writing on paper..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Outstanding App for Women and Health monitoring.
Love being able to keep track and use as reference for Dr visits.
I just use it as a simple menstrual cycle tracker.
Annoying ads and not user friendly.
Would recommend to all women trying to get pregnant.
Awesome site once it figures out your cycle it's amazingly accurate.
I can go to My Days and confirm that I'm ovulating.
Fun & Engagingc98
My days is awesome :.
awesome way to keep track of symptoms for the doctor.
This App is Awesome it is very accurate all the time.
Its almost 100% accurate all the time.
Great way to keep track of everything that goes on in a cycle from start.
It keeps track of everything I need and is never farther than a day off.
Really helpful and accurate.
It's a great app very useful and accurate :.
Keeps me informed and up to date about 95% of the time.
It's so simple and helpful to track and estimate my cycle days.
I'm not sure how I lived without this app before.
Super usefull.
Family Friendlyc100
It is pretty much a natural family planning lesson in one app.
Good app to have to keep track of natural family planning.
Having 2 kids 14months between them.
2 kids is enough for me.
Sexy time.
Ease of Usec92
So easy to use and very accurate tool for those trying to have babies.
It's easy to input all the data and tracks everything for me.
making it impossible to input info.
Auto calculation option is super convenient.
Truly a simple app that gets the job done.
Makes keeping track of everything so easy.
It's so simple and helpful to track and estimate my cycle days.
Such a handy easy to use and wonderful tool for tracking cycles.
Ads not Intrusivec33
Annoying ads and not user friendly.
Security & Privacyc82
and password protection makes it five stars all the way.
Very helpful and I like the password protection.
Love that you can set a password too.

A woman's best friend of keeping track of her friend. found in 7 reviews
Whether you're trying to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. found in 21 reviews
This app takes the guess work out of when you'll be starting. found in 20 reviews
Great app for ur going to your doctors appointments. found in 8 reviews
Lovey days it's been accurate in keeping track of my days. found in 10 reviews
This app is a god send HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR TTC. found in 6 reviews
A girls best friend and a must have. found in 8 reviews
Now we are almost 8 weeks pregnant & we are super happy. found in 9 reviews
It is always the first one I download when I get a new phone. found in 3 reviews
It's always spot on with my periods and ovulation time. found in 17 reviews
This is a great app and it's predictions were right on target. found in 13 reviews
I've been using the my days app for about a year. found in 59 reviews
I definitely depend on this app now that I have it. found in 6 reviews
Helped me get pregnant with my first child still on the way :. found in 16 reviews
Best cycle tracking /predicting app I've used. found in 6 reviews
For planning vacations or even just being able to tell your Dr. found in 8 reviews
It's a great app very useful and accurate :. found in 13 reviews
Outstanding App for Women and Health monitoring. found in 40 reviews
it's usually the first app I download whenever I get a new device. found in 14 reviews
it help's you keep track of your monthly menstruation cycle with ease. found in 5 reviews
but every time I click to close the pop up ad. found in 6 reviews
the ads are horrible. found in 5 reviews
I understand needing to have ads to make money. found in 4 reviews
What's with the new pop up Ads. found in 3 reviews
BUT there are way too many pop up ads. found in 3 reviews
ADS RUIN THE APP. found in 3 reviews
which even if you click on the "x" to close. found in 5 reviews
Hasn't failed me yet. found in 6 reviews
with no way to click out of them. found in 9 reviews
Nice but ads annoying. found in 2 reviews
Fix the ads then maybe I'll give you a better rating. found in 5 reviews
Eventually I am forced to click on it which takes me to the App Store. found in 66 reviews
You are constantly redirected to the App Store. found in 4 reviews
Too many ads now. found in 3 reviews
The ads are ridiculous now though. found in 4 reviews
Considering the full purchase to get rid of the annoying ads. found in 13 reviews
Keeps track well enough bit there are way TOO MANY ADS. found in 3 reviews
Would prefer to click on ads if I am interested. found in 28 reviews
The ads are ridiculous. found in 4 reviews
which then redirects to the app store to candy crush or some game. found in 66 reviews
Ads are horrible. found in 5 reviews
Even if you don't click on the ad. found in 5 reviews
There are so many ads now. found in 3 reviews
The Pop up adds were beyond annoying. found in 6 reviews
Now it has too many pop up ads. found in 4 reviews
Annoying ads and not user friendly. found in 13 reviews
Then it's impossible to close the pop up. found in 6 reviews
Now you can't even click a day without an ad coming up. found in 5 reviews

The My Days - Period & Ovulation ™ is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.3 MB to download. The new My Days - Period & Ovulation ™ app version 1.25 has been updated on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about My Days - Period & Ovulation ™ check developer Christian Albert Mueller`s website :

" ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT , I came pregnant after 2 Month using it Thanks 2 My Days" Easy tracking and predicting period, ovulation and fertility. Now with "Pregnancy Mode" MyDays Period & Ovulation Calender is the simplest ...
Excellent I have PCOS I didnt know it because I had 2 miracle children When it was time for 3 we found out Then having irregular cycles since the beginning made sense It helps a lot in making me aware of when to look for the beginning of a new cycle especially during busy times that come with life                 Big Help
I wasnt looking for a fancy app just something so I wont be surprised every month lol And it works just fine                 Just simple enough
Using this application since 2 years and I am always able to see my period time Its also helpful for pregnancy issues I recommend it a lot                 Great app
Ive been using this app for about four years now Its pretty accurate and even though my periods have ALWAYS been irregular this app has helped me find patterns and predict approximately when to be ready Ive had my daughter use the app since she got her first period and Im so glad she did Its made doctor office visits so much easier                 It does what its supposed to
A musthave app for females Helps to keep track of ur periods ovulation etc Helps wether u r trying to get pregnant or to avoid it                 Great useful app must have
Very accure very nice for womans                 Love it
Excellent app Very useful for women I recommend                 Very useful
Gets it right every time I love this app                 Great app
I love this app It is so useful and accurate GET THIS APP                 OMG SO AMAZING
I used this app and its very amazing                 Great
I have used many other period tracker apps and I keep coming back to this one Its the easiest to use and setup                 Great
This app is very good                 Awesome
Easy to use and absolutely no glitches                 Wonderful
Love it              Very good
This app is so accurate I love it To be able to know how many days until my period is awesome Great App                 On Point
This app used to be awesome I used it for over 4 years Now every time I open it it takes me to the App Store to download whatever they are advertising The ads at the bottom were enough It is too much of a hassle to use now     Too many ads
Ive had this for about a month so far so good                 Lets see
Ive been using this app for about two years and its been very helpful Theres only been a couple times when the predictions where a bit off but every other time its helped me keep great track of my periods                 Life Saver
This app is so accurate I also love how easy it is to use                 Awesome
Just too many ads now They used to be just banner ads but now that they pop up for x seconds     Deleted after 4 yrs too many ads
Love this app its so easy to use and so nice to keep track                 Nothing better
I really do love this app I have already recommended to a friend and she likes it too                 Love
This is an awesome app I love it It has kept me from getting pregnant which was my ultimate goal                 Love this app
I love the app                 Great
Love it                 Sammy
This app is always right on point for me Thank you so much Christina                 The best app ever
I love this app Really helpful Baby dust to all                 Lucky app
Very user friendly                 Great app
I started using it to track due to inconsistency I liked that I could set my start date and track the flow for each day I changed phones and I believe it has updated Now I cant track flow for each day And it assumes that I started exactly 4 weeks I wasnt able to change the start date of my cycle when it was a little late           Dont like the update
I love how much it helps keep track of everything                 Love it
It has helped me know when my periods should come and even helped me become pregnant Thank you my days                 I love this app
This app is amazing Always right on Makes being a girl pretty darn easy I have used this app since my first iPhone and I am on iPhone 6                 I love this app
I absolutely love this app                 Gigi
I absolutely love it its always accurate and keeps me in point                 I love it
Helps me keep track of my cycle and understand my body more              Great App
Ive been using this app for 4 years now and I love it I have irregular periods and its easy to track My husband and I are TTC so I love that it shows gender production and that you can change the cycle days period length and luteal phase                 Love this app
Uses it for a few years and its easy to use others I hVe used had too much going on this is simple and straight to the point                 Great app
Ive been using my days for over 5 years now It is great Ive used it through a pregnancy as well when trying to conceive Its is great at tracking everything from flow of my period to mood and symptoms You can even take pics and store notes for references It is a great app I would recommend any day                 Great App
Been using this app for a year or two and so far is great                 Amazingly accurate
Ads are annoying and sometimes they do not disappear on their own                 Great easy free
The app is good and predicts well the timing of ovulation The color options are unappealing but worst of all the ads are frequent and terrible Its like a game show experience in Las Vegas        App good Ads uber frequent
Sometimes its off by one to two days but other than that its absolutely perfect It has great features such as when your ovulating so you can plan when to try all week lol or tell your BFHusband stay away from me                 98 accurate
Great                 Love
I have used this app for years and love it But recently every time I open it and click on anything it goes to a grey screen Whats up with that                 Great appjust one problem
Great way to keep track                 Great app
I love this app Im always using it when I have a doc appointment too Thats always their first question when was your last period This app is exactly what every female needs                 My little Red Book
Me encanta Es muy práctica                 Excelente
Ive used this app for years now and I love it Its accurate convenient and easy to use Best of all I havent gotten pregnant Thank You My Days                 Its a great APP period Pun intended
Love it                 Wonderful
Super easy to use Helpful Im using just the basic things on it Perfect to keep the track of my period and my fertile days                 Love it

My Days - Period & Ovulation ™ LifestyleMy Days - Period & Ovulation ™ LifestyleMy Days - Period & Ovulation ™ LifestyleMy Days - Period & Ovulation ™ LifestyleMy Days - Period & Ovulation ™ LifestyleMy Days - Period & Ovulation ™ LifestyleMy Days - Period & Ovulation ™ LifestyleMy Days - Period & Ovulation ™ LifestyleMy Days - Period & Ovulation ™ LifestyleMy Days - Period & Ovulation ™ LifestyleMy Days - Period & Ovulation ™ LifestyleMy Days - Period & Ovulation ™ Lifestyle

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