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Fabulously Retro , the publisher behind many iOS app (Molenotes ,Pad & Quill ,Rollie by Fabulously Retro), brings Molenotes with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Molenotes app has been update to version 1.27 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This app will definitely replace all my other note taking apps..

Overall Satisfactionc55
I love the look and feel of this app.
This app is better than the official Moleskine app.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome Note is for organized storage.
Thanks Awesome design with great font choices.
Makes not taking fun.
Unique and Fun.
It's realistic and fun I love the choice of placing a cover.
The tabs are useful.
Production Valuesc54
Gorgeous interface.
beautiful page turn animations.
This has a beautiful minimalist interface.
Ease of Usec67
Refreshingly simple u2026.
The simple pleasures.
Security & Privacyc74
Allow password protection for those who use molenotes to journal.
Just Mabye add a password for privacy.
Updates & Supportc74
The developer responded within MINUTES.

The good definitely outweighs the bad. found in 1 reviews
Auto tables of contents remain a sweet addition. found in 2 reviews
Although I wish you could put a password for personal journals. found in 2 reviews
Great job guys keep up the good work. found in 1 reviews
Great writing tool w/editing restrictions. found in 4 reviews
- I love the Evernote export feature
For writers and fellow Moleskine fanatics. found in 3 reviews
great note program. found in 1 reviews
dropbox export import. found in 2 reviews
-Colored ink. found in 3 reviews
miss the feel of old school notebooks. found in 2 reviews
I hope the ability to insert photos is a near-future update. found in 3 reviews
It's really nice and very useful. found in 1 reviews
feels like writing on real paper in moleskin notebook. found in 2 reviews
I just want to see more in future updates. found in 1 reviews
LOOOOVE This App. found in 1 reviews
Would definitely like companion iPad and desktop versions. found in 2 reviews
Meernotes blows them out of the water with the font they chose. found in 1 reviews
I enjoyed the old "analogue" restrictions. found in 2 reviews
iPad support and iCloud synch would be perfect. found in 2 reviews
Please fix in update. found in 2 reviews
but a solid foundation. found in 1 reviews
This really needs to be a universal app. found in 1 reviews
Has some room for improvement but definitely a great 'notes' app. found in 2 reviews
iPad version Needed. found in 1 reviews
BArely more functional than apples notes app with a few tweaks. found in 1 reviews
Needs iPad version. found in 1 reviews
but there is no way to switch between the tabs. found in 1 reviews
You can't just start typing your thought. found in 1 reviews
it would be easy to zoom out to see the entire picture. found in 1 reviews
Having a search function would make this a five-star app. found in 1 reviews
Please make an iPad -specific version. found in 1 reviews
This really needs to come out for iPad and Mac. found in 2 reviews
but the app does show some potential. found in 1 reviews
But this is a GREAT HELPFUL app. found in 1 reviews
There is no simple " new note " button. found in 2 reviews
What happened to page numbers and bookmarks. found in 2 reviews
but the tabs are not functional for what I wanted them for. found in 1 reviews
NO SUPPORT from the Developer. found in 1 reviews
except everything costs another $1. found in 2 reviews
please fix the freezing issue. found in 2 reviews
Don't fix something that isn't broken. found in 2 reviews
my thoughts don't always flow in a linear fashion. found in 2 reviews

The Molenotes is now available for $1.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 13.1 MB to download. The new Molenotes app version 1.27 has been updated on 2014-11-17. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Molenotes check developer Fabulously Retro`s website :

for DropBox fix see below Molenotes brings back the feel of writing legendary notebooks to the digital era. Fabulously retro and fabulously designed, the app will be your stylish travel companion, perfect for expressing your ...
This app looks like it has promise but the problem is that every time I take my notes leave the app and come back the next day the notebook has deleted and my note are all gone I would have given this app five stars if not for that Please fix this     My notes
Save your money this app does not function It should be removed from the App Store     This app deserves a O no stars
This developer USED to have an app called Pad and Quill I lost SO MUCH writing with it as did others that the developer changed the name to Meernotes with claims of fixing the data loss issue Ive just lost pages and pages of writing again Despite the pleasing UI dont waste your creativity or your cash on this Also just noticed this in FAQ At the moment it is uncertain if development will continue     Different name same unreliable app
One star for each year this app has been left without support        2 Years AFK
The app is beautiful And the functionality could use some tweaks but what really kills the app is the cheap approach to make a paid app AND have inapp purchases for everything decent that was advertised about this app Not worth it Stay away     Disappointing
Beautiful look and interface I like the Dropbox and Evernote exportimport ability The add photo needs a bit of work it would be really nice to be able to add a photo from your library rather than just a new photo and it would help to be able to do it from the page where you are writing Also it would be nice to be able to have your notebook name show up on the cover              Beautiful journaling app
BEWARE DEVELOPER HAS NOT UPDATED THIS APP since 2012 Notebooks full of info and images just DISAPPEAR As you enter more date the App constantly CRASHES NO SUPPORT from the Developer     HORRIBLE APP
After I got the hang of the interface it was fine then I discovered if you end the app by double clicking the home button and closing it from the list of apps You loose everything you entered So the app is basically worthless in its current state Wasted money I should have trusted the other reviews Plus the export function is horrid basically it export without any formatting o the text     Maybe the next version
Nothing in it is free to try so I cant say if it works well or not since Im uncomfortable forking out cash without knowing if Ill like the app Kinda lame that covers and fonts even your first NOTEBOOK costs somethingnot good user experience at all     Everything costs money
Having no return bar in the Meernotes keyboard makes it virtually unusable for me when I write lyrics and poems on the go So Im deleting it        No return bar makes it unusable
Great app that looks good and is smooth to work with The interface is intuitive and the variety of covers allows for a great deal of customization This really needs to come out for iPad and Mac There are a few issues here and there but the developer is doing a good job at clearing out the bugs that occur with the new versions of many apps This app doesnt deserve all the onestar reviews due to prior problems Hes an independent developer whos doing the best he can Bottom Line Solid beautiful app that will hopefully be expanded across Apples product lines              Fabulous Notetakng app
Love the retro design I also like that you can backup the notes to iCloud or even export to other services like Dropbox Developer is very nice and easy to work with if any issue comes up                 Beautiful interface
I love i i have been looking for an app just like this for so long beautiful and easy to use it does crash and freeze sometimes but you just have to turn off and then on your phone Yes thats annoying and why i gave 4s instead of 5 but the rest of the app makes up for it              Great
Its a decent app not that user friendly I still find it easier to type in notes but the designs and fonts are very lovely so yeah I must admit that the only reason why I bought and discovered this app was because I searched for meerkat in the App Store and I saw the cute icon and the notebook cover and I just had to buy it But now that cover is missingplease bring it back Please              Bring back the meerkat
I have been looking for an app like Meernotes for quite a long time and I finally found it A small pocket size moleskinated notebook The problem is that it doesnt work as it should and makes even the simplest thing like adding a pic to your notes a complicated and unsuccessful task 1 You can pinch a pic to zoom and adjust size but once you stop pinching the pic returns to its original size At the end it occupies the entire page leaving no space for notes 2 The elegance of those vintage notebooks is ruined by all the hipster graphics I dont want my notebook to say hipster on its cover I simply want a plain black notebook and I can only choose among flashy and not very elegant covers 3 You cannot select a portion of your text and change font or size Instead you get stuck with the one font and for some reason when you creat a new page the app automatically switches to italic font and I cant figure out how to fix that because there is no drop down menu for fonts The animation and the quality of the graphics and is extremely well done To the developers Please make a simple looking notebook without hipster glasses and quotations Or at list a give an option to customize the covers to get rid of those annoying graphics Please fix the app It is impossible to add a picture without cropping it If the pinch to zoom would work it would be easy to zoom out to see the entire picture not only a detail Please create a drop down menu for options like fonts or resize picture frame to leave space for writing around or below it       
I like this app for its integration with Dropbox and Evernote and for its password protection but its been a pain trying to figure out how to organize my notes I dont mind paying for other fonts like some people would but I feel this app needs some improvement in the areas of page and chapter creation I simply still dont understand how to create new sub chapters versus pages and its been difficult for me to organize anything I write It is very beautiful though           Nice extras but UI needs some work
Since tutorial is somewhat too minimal i had to discover on my own in Landscape view you can tap UNDER THE NOTEBOOK and give it a name Like it says feels like writing on real paper in moleskin notebook Great support Quick reply to question Ive tried a few journaling apps and like this one the best                 Wonderful
please fix the freezing issue Sometimes its hard to go to content pageindex Adding image is a headache It gets vanished automatically And images can be added on a new page only Bro plz fix this i m using iPhone 5 iOS 601 THIS IS A GOOD APP I M GIVING BAD RATING BCZ ITS BEEN TOO LONG AND THIS IS ISSUE IS NOT GETTING SOLVED hope u add new features like bold underline and more will give 4 stars if u fix the freezing issue and 5 stars if u add new features Thanks     Freezing
Maybe a redesign will make the app looks elegant All those wooden texture is not seems outdated on the new iOS           iOS 7 Redesign Request
Install at your own risk do not recommend     Lost EVERYTHING
This has a beautiful minimalist interface The controls are found by swiping up down sideways and maybe even diagonally Thats frustrating at first but easy to learn and will be very quick to use once memorized Thanks so much for the add a photo feature I cant journal very well without them I enjoy using this app and want it to be my go to app for notes and journaling Its just that pretty and fun to use Plus the auto title and date for each entry on an index page is an excellent idea and extremely useful Ive never seen that in any other journal app Ive found one bug though The covers of the journals keep reverting back to the generic one when I leave the app Im sure youll get that worked out shortly though Thanks for making this app                 Lovely
This is a charismatic simplistic app The fonts are lovely if youre a designer of any sort and you routinely have ideas words or inspirational notepads or moleskins that you carry around this app is invaluable It has its issues namely a finicky control scheme instructions would have been nice at the very least an introductory tutorial but its definitely not as bad as the reviews would lead you to believe I personally recommend it and I hope they continue to improve it and add more features over time              The good definitely outweighs the bad
not bad           not bad
Before I said this didnt work then it did you have to wait a little bit sometimes But this is a GREAT HELPFUL app              Works
I am not sure about the reviews by people with issues but I dont have any This works flawlessly The notebooks are very detailed the fonts are great and the ability to create a custom Table of Contents is outstanding Unlike other note taking programs which have a notes page that just scrolls on forever this one actually has pages with limits and text which flows nicely to other pages I will agree that there could be a Users Guide as this does have a learning curve to it I will also agree that it can be confusing at times when you see a blank page crop up or a picture wont stay shrunk when you squeeze it down to size but this is still a newer app and the offshoot of a previous app that was equally awesome My hat is off to the developer who appears to be going at this alone Please dont give up This app could be huge with time and some tweaks                 I Think this is excellent
Just an in app charge for every step app     Yes I should have read reviews before
I believe that things we all love about out iPhones is what Meer Notes representsThe simplicity design and functionality is what sets it apart from all of the other applications in its category If your a extreme note taker like myself you will quickly become a Meer notes faithful user like me lol Things like Camera integration iCloud Sync and Passcode lock and simply but useful features that are apart of my everyday note taking Bottom line is download it now and support this App I am so looking forward to what Meer Notes has in store next because I know the development is top notch Great job guys keep up the good work                 Simplicity Functionality MeerNotes
If I cant figure out an app after 15 minutes I move on I gave this one twice that and I couldnt figure out how to use the features Definitely not intuitive Couldnt find the instructions either     Needs instructions
This app looks absolutely perfect and functions superbly on my 5th generation iPod I love the fabulous notebook covers and delicious fonts and I only wish I had more time to take notes about everything with it My only complaint is the photoadding feature The frames are super cute but Id really like to be able to resize photos so they actually fit in the frames The way it is now too much of the photo is cut off Suggestions I love the Evernote export feature and an import feature for Evernote would be an excellent next step Colored ink Maybe not excessively bold but faded colors would be great The ability to put notebook titles on the notebook covers More space for titles in the table of contents More free notebooks and fonts maybe All my gratitude to the fabulous developer Keep up the good work              Just Gorgeous
Try this app Had the Ipad app by the same developer called Pad Quill Sure it is a beautiful design however with the inconsistencyinattention by the developer it is completely useless Meernotes offers the same sad story on the iphone     Want to lose all of your writing
Free to download but everything worth trying is sold as in app purchase Not legit     Save your money
I love the new app I especially like the the new UI and onehanded gestures I think this is way more user friendly than the original Meer Notes app However Im having a bit of a problem when I try to email a notebook it doubles all of my entries Im going to email support and Ill update my rating once its fixed because otherwise this is a 5 star app in my opinion The only thing I would add is a search feature to the home page              Minor fixes needed
Definitely needs a help page to answer questions like what happened to my pictures Or why does the date always go to Oct 19 And what happened to page 1 of todays entry The concept and the presentation is very good so Ill keep it and await improvements Good luck        Needs help
Meernotes has nailed the handwritten vibe Apple was shooting for with the standard Notes app I enjoyed the old analogue restrictions Similar to Twitters 140 char max constraints inspire creativityand its not as if you could run out of paper but the latest version has really improved functionality Auto tables of contents remain a sweet addition I always leave a page in my moleskines for ToC and fail to update it The new image function and enhance cloud sync options are greatly appreciated Im really excited to see Meernotes growing and am looking forward to whatever comes next Paper styles such as grid I think well live without log grids would be icing on this tasty cake Keep up the good work and dont let the critics get you down                 Tidy useful and actually pretty fun
DONT PURCHASE It doesnt let you save to PDF     Ok App
Update please develop a version optimized for the iPad Thanks Awesome design with great font choices Would definitely like companion iPad and desktop versions                 Cool design
Thanks                 Thanks
Dont bother Like other reviews everything cost money Also it comes up as an iPhone app and the 2x option has to be used for it to be enlarged for an iPad No wonder its being given away for free ITS NOT FREE FOLKS     This is a Joke
Seems to be working although delays at launch sometimes              Almost lost my work
Beautiful to look at clean and works great                 Very Cool App
I was all excited to use this app as I take notes a lot then I see the cool cover and the text options except everything costs another 1 Wow charge just for some different colored pixels on the screen Why not have a lite version and a full version this free app with in app purchases is just a scammers way if cheating people out of money Wish I could give no stars for this     Far from a free app
Where the F are my notes I had 4 folders with notes and now I keep getting errors on all my books and cannot access my notes Fix this app now please     Lamesauce
No really its an amazing app but I just wish there were more cover choices and more font choices Also the sample text is a little morbid Also a few UI awkwardness but I cant explain it without showing you soooo Yeah Definitely worth it though Love the concept of it              Great app but
Dont fix something that isnt broken Now you broke it Cant find 45 of my notebooks Ive had this app for over a year and kept ongoing lists for things that ill never be able to get back Thanks Also every time you hit the button it crashes     Too many bugs Unreliable
You should make a paid for version that is 3 to get all fonts and books Gotta think marketing group sell better than individual              Love it but
I cannot give this App even one star Surprised it still exists Lost the whole year of notes on my Mom who passed away Just sick at heart Since I have to rate to submit have to give it a one which is too high     Horrible Horrible
Blank shelf no way to add notebooks Description says compatible with iPad but it is not unless you count a screen the size of an iPhone compatible Zooming looks very bad There are other note taking apps that are much better and free I got this because of the iCloud and Dropbox integration I deleted it     Doesnt work
Can you please go the freezing issue it happens a lot and I have to uninstall it to make it work and I lose everything I want to rate it higher but with the freezing I really dont see why     Freezes
Love so much better than regular yellow notepad Thats if you dont mind being like everyone else                 Love
The screenshots look perfect but it just doesnt act as it shows in the pic the interface is not userfriendly at all Cant believe Apple allows this kind of app to put on shelf     What

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