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Description - At Bat , the publisher behind many iOS app ( At the Ballpark , Home Run Derby , Triple-A , At Bat 2010 ,2013 World Baseball Classic , Triple-A 2012), brings At Bat with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. At Bat app has been update to version 5.3.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • tv's website or through an Xbox 360 /PS3..
  • News stories are always relevant..
  • Works great and is a must for any baseball fan..
  • I fall behind the live action..
  • Improving the video streaming will give this app five stars..

Overall Satisfactionc67
this is the best sports app for iOS ever created.
The best sports app in the App Store keeps getting better.
and I love being able to watch pretty much whatever I want.
Now your forced to watch advertisements before being able to watch the video.
The video quality is amazing and everything seems faster.
Love being able to listen to games on nightly bike rides.
Thanks MLB and keep up the good work.
This app is a must have for any baseball lover.
Fun & Engagingc17
99 is a small price to pay for everything they include.
Social Aspectsc46
Production Valuesc20
Ads not Intrusivec22
I even like being able to hear all the local commercials.
Security & Privacyc55
signed in with my MLB account and there it was.
tv account turns an already fantastic app into a MUST HAVE.
Updates & Supportc27
MLB Customer Service assisted me nicely.
that was previously accessible via the free Lite version.
This year's version has been hanging up in the portrait position.

They moved the "teams" tab to the upper left corner. found in 3 reviews
have to hit Restore. found in 5 reviews
Best baseball experience period. found in 4 reviews
this is the best sports app for iOS ever created. found in 77 reviews
This is a great way to follow your team or fantasy league. found in 5 reviews
MLB hit it out of the park once again. found in 3 reviews
A PST night game starts at 11pm or so EST. found in 5 reviews
but rather the raw feed from the different camera angles. found in 5 reviews
Love the redesign of MLB at Bat. found in 6 reviews
I can listen to the Detroit Tigers home radio broadcast anywhere. found in 4 reviews
Bug alert. found in 2 reviews
or just alert me when my Beat The Streak guys are AtBat. found in 3 reviews
HD highlights and game recaps keep me up to date. found in 6 reviews
amazing creation. found in 3 reviews
awesome for a Yankee fan living in TX. found in 5 reviews
Why can't you just pay once instead of this annual fee. found in 4 reviews
The update for the post season not only fixed this. found in 14 reviews
Great upgrade from last years version. found in 2 reviews
The closed captioning subtitles will not turn off. found in 8 reviews
Push notifications are not working anymore for the most part. found in 72 reviews
The audio still works but the picture is messed ip. found in 8 reviews
what's with the frequent connection errors. found in 19 reviews
audio feeds of live games drop out constantly. found in 6 reviews
I am a long-term subscriber to MLB Gameday Audio. found in 101 reviews
Spent 15 dollars to get nothing but playback errors. found in 19 reviews
Please fix the audio streaming. found in 31 reviews
You get to pay for ads now. found in 4 reviews
Non-existant customer service - buyer beware. found in 51 reviews
I continually get " authentication failed " on audio. found in 19 reviews
but blackout policy still ruins everything. found in 14 reviews
I don't understand why AirPlay doesn't work. found in 6 reviews
Fix the audio dropouts during games and it would be 5 stars. found in 18 reviews
The notification settings for my favorite team keeps resetting though. found in 7 reviews
MLB needs to resolve in-market blackout restrictions. found in 20 reviews
Dead Air during commercials is annoying. found in 15 reviews
Even on wifi the game day audio doesn't work properly. found in 17 reviews
game audio feeds are shutting down after listening for a while. found in 75 reviews
The audio playback cuts out constantly. found in 7 reviews
Payed $15 and still can't watch the games this is crap. found in 111 reviews
Great audio but if you want to watch your local team. found in 50 reviews
Constantly getting "playback errors" when trying to listen to games. found in 326 reviews
and have found two issues while streaming the first spring training games. found in 89 reviews
I can't see box scores unless I cough up some money. found in 163 reviews
Blackout restrictions make this app useless for local fans. found in 90 reviews
Expecting people to pay for box scores is GREEDY. found in 163 reviews
Nor are archives of the radio broadcasts made available. found in 119 reviews
I contacted customer service multiple times and nothing changed. found in 51 reviews
Scores/News for my favorite team will not load at all. found in 142 reviews
The gameday audio constantly is constantly timing out/buffering. found in 101 reviews
Their game action play by play has been very poor. found in 62 reviews
The video highlights forced on the front page slow everything down. found in 84 reviews
tv Premium subscription which directs me to this app for my phone. found in 72 reviews
Unreliable to load video when trying to watch live games. found in 123 reviews
I loved this app last year and subscribe to MLB TV. found in 89 reviews

The At Bat is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 19.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.3.0 has been released on 2014-11-15. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about At Bat in`s Official Website :

NEW: One app for iPhone and iPad The 1 sports app of all-time and Hall of Fame inductee for iPhone, iPad and Macworld, At Bat, returns with live Spring Training baseball from the Grapefruit ...
For the most part this app Is amazing There are times when buffering can be an issue but the stories and notifications keep you updated on important moments in games throughout the season Make sure your team isnt blackout restricted if not then you will enjoy the 24 bucks a month The online streaming is phenomenal when working which is at least 95 of time Love it will get it next year Fo sho              Awesome app
I dont know whats happening with this version but summary is not working And videos its all about advertising        Garbage
Need to add widgets Have the app for iPhone iPad Best place to find out anything you need to about baseball MLBtv works great except when Im on Verizon DSL Would give 5 stars if we had IN MARKET STREAMING Pre Post game Tv or radio Audio Overlay Audio archive for mobile devices Strike zone channel Fantasy player tracking and quad screen for the iPad app The PIP feature is really nice              Great app still missing a couple things
Great App Everywhere I go I can check the score or listen to the game                 Love MLB At Bat
Keep getting authorization failed on the audio Please fix           Good but
Keeping up with all the scoring able to follow your favorite players and team while simply getting through the day              Good source for info
Great app           Excellent
The App is decent overall I mostly use it to stream mlb TV games But the player stats feature doesnt work at all For example it shows the top 4 players batting averages on each team But the numbers are three months old Stat comparison is my favorite thing about baseball Get it together              Whats up with the STATS
Essential for any diehard baseball fan It drains your battery pretty quickly but I dont care when I need my baseball fix                 Love it
I have excellent internet speeds 93Mbps download 95Mbps upload and the streams are fuzzy and not in HD 1 star till they find and fix this bug     Not HD on iPhone 6 Plus
I love the app For free it lets me listen the game videos scoresand scheduleetc In all I love the app                 Amazing
This one has been my favorite for a couple years Its even better this year having one app for my iPhone and iPad Thumbs up                 Great app
Completely awesome I love the alerts that I get specifically for my team The videos and clips are fantastic I also love the articles after every game recapping for me when I miss a game                 Best app for baseball
Great program that revitalizes the game with voices like Rick Monday and hearing the Yankees win                 M ED
I only use the app to check scores and standings as well read about finished game For these items it does what I want              I like it
Like the title says you have to have it I use it every day                 Essential for any real MLB fan
Love it                 Awesome
I find this app a great value It lets me listen to the Giants games where ever I am Streaming performance is reliable too                 Great value
Great way to keep up with your favorite team                 AWESOME
Now you have to watch an ad before every single video Theyre also almost always the same ad over and over again It makes highlight viewing unwatchable     Outrageous ads
Absolutely love this app Listen to my games all season Love all the information in the app Couldnt be happier                 So much to see
Keep up the improvements Go Cubs                 Great App
I never miss a game Living hundreds of miles away from my favorite team they are rarely on local TV I get to watch the home town station andor listen to the local radio broadcast of the game              Great app
Great app never any problems just keeps getting better                 Best baseball app
App does not refresh or keeps me updated on live scores           Not refreshing
I like the stats section of it but I think they should make at bat free to excite the viewer about getting the app              Informational
Yep              Overpriced but ok
This app gives a serious baseball fan everything you need Schedules scores up to the moment standings and up to date news But the feature I love the best are the videos Many of us are busy with our responsibilityladen lives and dont have the time to watch every 3 hour game And getting the game result on the news leaves us feeling cheated Here in every game you can get a 15 minute condensed high def audiorich game highlighting every important play swing and pitching change This innovation makes this app a must for us busy serious fans                 The Only MLB App You Need
Watching a 15 second Ad for every single video highlight is quite ridiculous     Too many Ads
My third season I travel a lot and have been able to watch in Europe Japan and everywhere else If you love baseball you need this                 Awesome
Pretty simple Bring back the volume slider function Version 820 thru version 851     Volume slider on screenSTILL MISSINGBRING IT BACK
Never had a problem with freezing watching live games is almost always in HD and little skipping game day is great when I cant watch full of great content                 Excellent
Good app in general dont like the adds but other than that everything is really good              Good app
Cant live without Just kidding Maybe not Great app                 Love this app
Ive loved this app from day one of spring trying too the end of the season year after year after year                 Love
For checking scores schedules standings and getting information I have had no issues with this app Its been very helpful and easy to use              Good app
Overall a good ap however it lacks consistency           Needs some bugs worked out
Plenty of wonderful features I especially like listening to my team on the radio when I travel                 Great App
To Apple MLBcoms At Bat app is listed under your App Stores special iOS 9 apps when all it is is that it runs under iOS 9 It does not support multitasking So if Apple lists At Bat then Apple should list the hundreds nay thousands of other apps that too run under 9 but also do not support 9s multitasking              Not a review
All the scores at my fingertips                 Great way to keep up with scores
Love this app and highly recommend it butI already drop a chunk of change on the extra innings so youd think thatd be enough to make the videos ad free              Cmon with ads
All you need to know hear or see Youll dig it              MLB On Point
Wanted to watch a summary of the scoring plays and every singe time I clicked on a video ads played and never stopped Just terrible     Poor
Great app to keep track of all your favorite teams Couple of things I dislike you have to pay to get a full feature and it does not update quickly even when on wifi Other than that app is great              Great but needs some upgrades
Why was the scrub bar at the bottom removed in the latest update What if I close the app and want to come finish watching the game later I have to start from the beginning What a joke This functionality needs to return and whoever thought it should be removed should be fired     Cannot fast forward or skip to any part of the game
30 second commercial for a 15 second clipevery single time At least the articles are still decent Although it makes no sense Ill keep the app and boycott Lyft instead They appear to be a bad Uber knockoff anyway Hey Lyft TMobile called and they want their commercial colors back        Lyft
On scoring plays I want to be able to skip commercials again That upsets me but other than that its a great app                 Great app
I use this app every day I can find all the information I need just awesome                 Awesome
This app is pretty good It gives you scores stats leaders standings and even watch MLB Network The improvements have been great no more freezing You also get Gameday along with pitch fx Heck this app has even statcast leaders The only reason why didnt give this app 5 stars is because when you want to watch highlights of a game you have to watch a 15 20 minute ad which is very annoying and frustrating You dont just watch ads on recaps of games you have to watch an ad on just a diving stop or homerun Sometimes I think the ads are longer than the video And if you do put on a ad before the video at least make it different I dont know how many times Ive seen the same lyft app commercial Other than that its great              Good but

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