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Description - Personal Finance , brings Personal Finance with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Personal Finance app has been update to version 2.4.200 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • If you take the time to follow and budget your money..
  • Easy and convenient way to track finances and set goals..
  • The perfect app to help you stay organized with your money..
  • Easy way to keep track of everything in your financial life..
  • change your life and your finances..

Overall Satisfactionc90
I love Mint for keeping track of everything.
First and foremost let me state I love Mint.
It is still the best personal finance app out there.
The best way to manage what you need to understand your everyday.
missing the single most important feature to manage your money.
Simply the best personal finance tool and app out there right now.
It's really awesome to control my budget thanks MINT.
Love being able to see all me accounts in one location.
Automatic Better than quicken and Quickbooks and it's free.
I love the alerts and the fact that you can makes budgets.
Fun & Engagingc85
Mint is awesome for tracking bank account balances and credit card balances.
Mint is awesome but the app is severely lacking.
Awesome financial ap from a CFO's perspective.
Needs more functionality to really make it useful.
The budgeting tool helps me stay on track with my financial goals.
Easy way to keep track of everything in your financial life.
Mint is very easy to use and very helpful to better budget your money.
Awesome features and it's great to see everything in one place.
Very helpful tool in keeping everything in one place.
So simple and up to date info on your finances.
It's really annoying when I can't get up to date info.
The most useful financial data consolidation app I have ever used.
Keeps me informed and in check on mobile and on my computer.
Family Friendlyc100
We transferred our family budget to mint and we live it.
to have the whole picture of the family budget.
All my family finances displayed in one clean interface is brilliant.
I export my data each month to organize family finances.
Production Valuesc70
Paired with the web interface it is unbeatable.
Great app and the web interface is even better.
Needs to be more similar to web interface.
Ease of Usec87
Easiest to setup and use and it has simple informative reports.
Mint makes it easy to keep track of spending/budget on the go.
Mint makes a really good attempt at being a great PFM.
It makes budgeting easy and convenient.
This makes budgeting impossible.
Mint is very easy to use and very helpful to better budget your money.
A very good and simple app for managing our budget/finance.
Super simple app but you have to sign up.
Helpful to organize all of your assets in one convenient place.
Mint quickly compiled all my account information in one convenient place.
For a simple intuitive budget tool.
Intermittent sync issues at first.
Security & Privacyc68
Great for tracking account balances as well as budgeting.
It seldom matches my bank account balance which makes it useless.
This program is easy to use and provides timely account information.
Now it continually encounters errors getting my bank account information.
Same problem as another reviewer re: multiple choice security questions.
If your bank has security questions you are metaphorically screwed.
Hopefully password protection will be added to updates.
Mints already saved me once from fraudulent charges.
I trust Mint to keep my important information safe and secure.
Updates & Supportc53
Their Customer Service is excellent and the program works flawlessly.
Customer service has been terrific when there were glitches.
Great mobile version of wonderful financial program.
Great mobile version of mint - runs just a bit slow.

Best and easiest money tracking app for the iPhone. found in 40 reviews
it was a great time saver whe I did my taxes. found in 55 reviews
I'm steadily getting out of debt and saving each month. found in 59 reviews
Best financial app out there for Apple products. found in 711 reviews
Excellent for managing all your finances in one place. found in 175 reviews
this app is an enormous resource for simplifying personal financial management. found in 100 reviews
I only use this app to keep track of all my accounts and spending. found in 41 reviews
Simply the best personal finance tool and app out there right now. found in 576 reviews
So useful in managing all your personal finances in one spot. found in 175 reviews
Try it it's a very intuitive money managing app. found in 36 reviews
Mint helps me keep track of my finances with tools that make sense. found in 136 reviews
I recommend it to all my friends who are interesting in personal money management. found in 45 reviews
I have been keeping track of my spending on mint for over a year now. found in 62 reviews
It is still the best personal finance app out there. found in 854 reviews
Immediately see your current financial status across all your accounts. found in 72 reviews
I love Mint for keeping track of everything. found in 932 reviews
A great financial tool to keep you on track for your goals. found in 366 reviews
Mint is absolutely great money management tool for personal use. found in 561 reviews
The best personal financial management app ever. found in 100 reviews
Great app to keep track of your financial health. found in 65 reviews
But I wish it would update my bank account balance correctly. found in 16 reviews
Great app but many accounts do not update correctly. found in 16 reviews
It's annoying not being able to edit pending transactions on mobile. found in 41 reviews
Almost perfect-- needs cash flow projection. found in 10 reviews
Wish it would update accounts faster and more often. found in 83 reviews
Steady connection issues to your 'banks' is most prevalent issue. found in 20 reviews
If only we could enter transactions into this for Quicken. found in 54 reviews
Still doesn't pull pending transactions from my bank acct. found in 222 reviews
Now won't refresh and says Can't Connect to Server. found in 22 reviews
Supposedly citizens bank works with mint but I'm always havig problems. found in 19 reviews
Great app but missing some features you'd find in the browser app. found in 12 reviews
I just hope that intuit doesn't screw it up. found in 27 reviews
Mint is an amazing service for 90% of your budgeting needs. found in 13 reviews
Account updates sometimes take forever or are broken altogether. found in 45 reviews
Everything looks good except for some sync issues lately. found in 13 reviews
Good but wish I could edit budget categories using the app. found in 22 reviews
and push notifications for alerts without having to log in. found in 232 reviews
Mint NEEDS a pin number on the application itself. found in 22 reviews
It needs more functionality such as adding transactions. found in 18 reviews
And then suddenly it wouldnt connect to my bank account. found in 68 reviews
Terrible upgrade - cannot edit pending transactions anymore. found in 41 reviews
It wont link to my bank of america account properly. found in 70 reviews
Not thrilled but haven't found something to replace Quicken online. found in 75 reviews
Mint provides absolutely no customer service by phone at all. found in 127 reviews
but it is 3 days behind your actual accounts. found in 47 reviews
Can't update accounts both on the app version and desktop version. found in 83 reviews
Tech support worthless / insulting how canned it is. found in 40 reviews
If I have to enter transactions manually. found in 54 reviews
Updates credit card info but without cash accounts is pretty useless. found in 44 reviews
Updated version for iOS 7 crashes every time for my 5s. found in 67 reviews
App would be useful if you could actually add transactions. found in 59 reviews
nor do you have your current balance that includes pending. found in 50 reviews
Not loading on my new iPhone 6. found in 59 reviews
The Touch ID implementation is completely unreliable. found in 56 reviews
and the inability to link multiple goals with one account. found in 80 reviews
Please fix to allow cleared and pending transactions to show asap. found in 222 reviews
Does not update bank information when refresh button is clicked. found in 93 reviews
Forced to re -authenticate when new version installs itself. found in 66 reviews
the account updates now takes longer and freezes the app too. found in 45 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Personal Finance for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 9.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.4.200 has been released on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Personal Finance in`s Official Website :

Personal finance tools from Track, budget and manage your money on-the-go. Sign up for a account, add your online banking accounts and access your personal finances all from your iPhone. Get started ...
So great to be able to quickly and easily track my finances with a single glance Easy to set up accounts Plus free credit score tracking                 A Must Have App
Great for keeping track of virtually all your accounts This used to be a real chore on the old spreadsheet now I just enter 1 passcode and everything updates Well done team Mint                 Extremely useful and well implemented
Id like the list of recent merchants when I am entering a cash transaction to actually bring up the name I use most often It shows three names that I havent used in a long while              I use this app every day
I love the automatically updated credit score                 Great app
Great app helps keep track of all my credit charges Very easy to setup and use                 Great for credit cards
I love mint Great design I have been using it for a couple months I feels like I have all my finances in one secure organized place Gives me peace of mind and keeps me organized                 Mint is great
Mint is great for tracking my expenses and making sure Im on target with my budgets              Very good app
Ive tried a lot of these types of apps and this is the best Plus its free Cant get any better than that                 The best finance app
Use it many times a week                 Great app
Its good to have everything in one place                 Good
Great personal finance manager                 Excellent
I like their website more than the app but both are great              Love mint
I love Mint                 Great App
No complaints so far Very easy to use and doesnt crash Would high recommend if you want to manage multiple accounts on a daily basis              Easy to use and has really got my life together
This is a fantastic product It is easy to understand easy to use The notifications on activity are a life saver I had fraud on a credit card and it alerted me that there was activity so I could deal with it It takes a few months before the budget makes sense but once it does its simple to monitor              Awesome Excellent
I really like mint It is the easiest budget app Ive found to integrate into my life and daily habits I wish it updated data faster and sometimes the average spending alerts dont make sense But I figure its either user error categorization maybe or updates will fix it Overall its really good              Mint is great
I use it every day and works wondefully                 Outstanding
This App is fantastic and provides everything I need in a one stop shop                 Amazing Financial Tracker
I really want to like mint but it wont keep my transactions up to date Ive tried everything Redownloading the app logging in and out refreshing etcIt is currently four days behind on my transactions If it would stay up to date this would be an amazing app     Wont keep transactions up to date
Simply an amazing tool Next step is to add international account Perhaps too much to ask                 Couldnt live without it
The only thing I dont care for is theres two old accounts I shut down a long time ago that are still showing up and I cant delete them              Love the app
Nice app                 Love the functionality and quick notifications
The best part of budget management and tagging automatic categorization via rules manager Love this app and using it for more than 3 years now                 Excellent app to manage finances
My wife and I were struggling with our budget and once we started using this we were able to pin point were our money was going Safe and secure love it                 Legit app
Its very handy and easy to use Perfect for staying financially organized                 Great
Love how it makes keeping up with my finances easier                 Great help
This is a really great app Doesnt play well with synchrony bank currently When you use the computer to set all your budgets up its so easy to see where your money goes each month                 Great App on Mobile and CPU
This is one of the best apps for managing and following a budget Spend intentionally                 Incredibly Useful
I love the realtime transactions No more missing charges I do wish I could use some one of the online aspects like editing the existing budgeted categories on the app without having to login Thats the ONLY star missing I would like to be completely independent from logging in on a computer Overall very happy with this realtime budgeting app and system              Definitely Replaces Old Bookkeeping App
Like the app so far                 Good App
I love the app it really gives you a clear understanding of where you are spending your money                 Great tool
We enjoy this app my wife and I have used it for several years now and it helps us keep our finances on track                 Great app
Mint aggregates all your account info so that you can get a snapshot of your financial status at a glance Its the most convenient way to keep track of your finances                 The Ultimate Financial App
Great transparency into spending Nice budgeting feature I wish it had a feature to force code certain expenses where the vendor name is random and the system always categorizes it as uncategorized Budget doesnt require a zero sum so its possible to not account for some income Great free tool that aggregates all bank accounts CC and loans              Easy to use
Ive been occasionally using Mint Bills formerly Check for some time and its okay I dont pay my bills through it though so its not super useful however I did like seeing all my accounts at once Mintcom unifies your accounts and creates a more useful abstraction based on purchase categories tying everything to budgets and helping you plan goals month by month So far Im really enjoying it and it does a fantastic job of letting you see where your money is and where its going Its honestly hard to keep track of purchases across multiple accounts factor in your income then try to save Often times I dont end up saving for the month and I dont always know why I like the simplicity of the app and that theres some things I need to do on the website Theyve done a great job of consolidating the most important features into the iOS app Seeing budgets at a glance is super useful and usually what I open the app to see Its nice to drill down into individual transactions every now and then 1 star because I couldnt get the Apple Watch app working but I didnt really want to spend 3 minutes screwing around with it I wish Mintcom and Mint Bills were better integrated I dont like the security implications of having accounts in two separate services convenience factors also play a part but only in 1st time setup              Really wellmade useful app
Helped me control my budgets                 fabulous
This app is so helpful I have been using it for about 4 months now and it is definitely making a difference The word budget takes on a whole new meaning I actually have control of my finances for the first time in my life Thank you Mint                 Mint Wow
Perfect for an on the go budget conscious person                 Great Money Management App
Good app Would be great if had forecast planning It is good for budgeting but they could add a functionality that would inform your future forecast if same level of spendinginvestment is kept              Good app Would be great if had forecast planning
This app keeps me organized and sane I highly recommend                 Excellent App
My finances are now more in order than ever before Thanks Mint                 Thank You Mint
I love Mint I use the desktop and iPhone versions and I love the way it brings all my finances together in one place Back when I first started using Mint there were some quirks and bugs but those have all longsince been ironed out and the app is a breeze I rarely think about the app itself yet rely on it constantly Thats a huge compliment I do wish the Watch applet did something more useful than it does now and maybe it will one day soon but I really cant give Mint anything less than 5 stars overall                 Fantastic
I love this app My bank allows a similar function but not on their phone app so this makes managing several banking and investment accounts easy It also helps with sticking to your budget                 Great App
App                 Perfect
Very clean interface easy to use Keeps me on track with my finances App is reliable 5 stars                 Its Great
Mints website and app are both the best things ever and have pretty much changed my life I dont use any tool more regularly I will use it for life Thanks mint                 The best
Great app with a great interface The credit score report is the most understandable and userfriendly credit report Ive ever seen                 Particularly Love The Credit Score Report
Ive been using this app for 2 years and has helped understand where my moneys spent One of most cherished apps Very special              Controlling my money
I love Mint Its wonderful to combine all of my accounts into one individual application and gain a real understanding my my entire financial situation From student loans to investment accounts I really covers everything                 Absolutely great Personal Finance Finance Personal Personal Finance Finance Personal Personal Finance Finance Personal Personal Finance Finance Personal Personal Finance Finance Personal Personal Finance Finance Personal Personal Finance Finance Personal Personal Finance Finance Personal Personal Finance Finance Personal Personal Finance Finance Personal Personal Finance Finance Personal Personal Finance Finance Personal Finance

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