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Z2Live, Inc , the publisher behind many iOS games (Nitro™ ,MetalStorm: Aces ,Trade Nations: North Pole ,Battle Nations ,Trade Nations™ ,Trade Nations™), brings MetalStorm: Online™ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. MetalStorm: Online™ games has been update to version 4.1.4 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is a fun action packed game with a reason to download..
  • It's an awesome game man totally mind blowing..
  • This is the best airplane war game I have ever played..

Overall Satisfactionc92
This game is probably the best free game out there.
You can't even check the game out without logging into GC.
This game is really amazing one of the best free games I have played.
I can't anymore keep paying for free games.
This is one of the best games I've played on the IPad and IPhone 4.
Amazing game that is entertaining and challenging.
This is the best airplane game there is out there.
This is without a doubt the best flight sim game ive played.
This is the best fighter jet game I have played and it's free.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game Awesome graphics Awesome planes just awesome.
This awesome game just crashes when you try to open it.
This is a fun and addicting game quite frankly I'm loving it.
games really fun and addicting But I'm not doing that anymore.
Just need some updates with more planes and missiles to buy.
good game but expensive wish to have more planes and weapons.
Beat game ever super fun must download its worth it.
Very addictive very fun game one of the best I've played.
The Game is very addictive and even more fun to play online.
Boring to play online always.
Plzzz mske easy to get blue coins nd more missions.
Tons of fun love inviting my friends to play with me.
Everything cost too much.
but now everything costs so much coins and money.
I love this game I try to play it every day.
I play it every day and have lots of fun.
Value for Moneyc55
You can easily play this game without spending any real money.
Slow response and boring unless you want to waste real money.
but weapons take too long to accumulate without spending money.
You literally can't do any campaigns successfully without spending real money.
Can progress without buying coins just takes longer.
Except it attempts to force you into buying coins / points.
and more content accessible without having to pay real money.
Too many in app purchases.
Replay Valuec82
And also add more storyline with more levels to play.
Great game very good graphics and very challenging.
Gets boring and u need coins for to much.
Amazingly realistic and will take time to master.
Campaign levels are also too hard to complete.
I really like the replay value of this game.
its a great game i love it and it never gets old.
This is a great game with good graphics and hours of entertainment.
Social Aspectsc87
Great multiplayer experience and solo or co-op survival.
Worthless as a multiplayer game.
really good graghics and really fun to play with friends.
Great graphics and sounds Online multiplayer mode is great too.
Until online multiplayer gameplay is fixed.
Fun to play and the head to head matches are great too.
Production Valuesc86
Amazing game play and awesome dogfighting unlike any other app.
Then it started freezing and the game play stop flowing properly.
it just rock amazing graphics easy controlls working campaign.
A very well put together mobile game great graphics and gameplay is tight.
Cool sound effects and many upgrades for weapons.
the sound effects mysteriously stopped working.
Awesome game play my wife is mad I play so much.
Ease of Usec95
free and fun simple controls and the multiplayer matchup is awesome.
or maybe have the option for advanced controls or simple controls.
Intuitive controls and nice graphics.
This game has intuitive controls.
This game keeps our family entertained for hours.
It is a very awesome game keep it coming.
besides overall my game keeps crashing.
Updates & Supportc77
It should have an offline version too though.
heck I'd pay for an offline version.
I'd rather play a lite version and pay full boat.
Lite version of ace combat.

Awesome game Awesome graphics Awesome planes just awesome. found in 1597 reviews
Good game but u sld get more rewards. found in 7 reviews
It's fun but limited gameplay gets boring. found in 26 reviews
In the offline mode at-least let people play survival & campaign. found in 61 reviews
" but the game crashes when i select the Tech Upgrades. found in 30 reviews
Good game so addicting but I wish u didn't need Internet to play. found in 35 reviews
Great game except that u gotta keep forking over $$ just to upgrade. found in 29 reviews
but it gets repetitive since there is only survival and campaign. found in 8 reviews
but I don't play it too often because it needs a campaign mode. found in 15 reviews
but I've encountered a glitch that makes the game impossible to play. found in 13 reviews
Internet needs internet to play why cant i jur play with bits. found in 35 reviews
This game is fun as hell but it definitely needs an offline mode. found in 15 reviews
The game is really cool but everything costs way too much. found in 20 reviews
I think that it's almost impossible to dodge missiles. found in 44 reviews
Ipod touch 2nd generation doesn't have campaign mode. found in 171 reviews
It's a really good game but it's hard to earn money. found in 25 reviews
Awesome game but needs to work without wifi or Internet. found in 23 reviews
Fun but the app will not go past the loading screen. found in 8 reviews
The campaign needs more missions and less ones that need a wingman. found in 59 reviews
Totally a great way to waste time. found in 26 reviews
but i cant play the campaign without having to have wifi. found in 24 reviews
Except it attempts to force you into buying coins / points. found in 42 reviews
I will NEVER pay the ridiculous prices you're asking for upgrades. found in 77 reviews
You're only good if you spend REAL money. found in 56 reviews
Gets boring and u need coins for to much. found in 26 reviews
The games ok buthaveing to pay to respawn is rediculous. found in 36 reviews
Soo much hacking from cheaters makes it impossible to win fairly. found in 45 reviews
Requires Internet to play even when you don't use co-op. found in 35 reviews
It is playable but it lags way to much. found in 87 reviews
You literally can't do any campaigns successfully without spending real money. found in 58 reviews
Forcing you to buy coins or to sign to different stupid services. found in 604 reviews
The game crashes every time I try to open it. found in 30 reviews
and multi-player but way to much in game purchase junk. found in 26 reviews
Good idea but bad game. found in 31 reviews
Slow response and boring unless you want to waste real money. found in 225 reviews
Because this game needs an internet connection to play even the campaign. found in 27 reviews

The MetalStorm: Online™ is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iPhone owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 50.9 MB to download. The new MetalStorm: Online™ app version 4.1.4 has been updated on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (2nd generation), iPod touch (3rd generation), and iPod touch (4th generation). Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about MetalStorm: Online™ in Z2Live, Inc`s Official Website :

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I beat a mission and left the app when i came back it said that i didnt beat the mission     Horrible glitches
When playing one of the missions from the map and it requires a wingman when choosing to add the wingman it says server error and restarts the app                 Cant add a wingman
This game is so fun the graphics are cool and you can choose from so many planes But the thing is the planes cost so much Money I mean you have to spend no money at all on anything in order to get the next best plain But other than that the game is amazing get it and you will not be sorry                 Awesome
Short story but great                 Fun
I paused the game since I had something to do and it closed the app and that needs work     Bs
I just downloaded this game recently and Im trying to play but a popup appears unexpected server login i have never played this game and looks like i never willtotally horrible service i also sent a support ticket but no use my internet connection is best but still it i cannot play the game metal storm online     Unexpected server login
Game is slow                 Wow no update
Pretty fun                 Good game
I hope in your next up date you will add a team death match Thanks           Team Death Match
After playing and winning in versus mode it says I was defeated and docks me credits this has happened several times Please fix        Needs a fix
All it needs is an easy update              Good but
This game is the best game I wanted a game where I can fly a plan I went though like 8 games then I found this game best game ever                 Really its the best game
Awesome game needs first person and the wind man need less time to refuel It takes to long              First person
Awesome game                 Great game
I have wifi but its not downloading                 Wifi glitch
Thats a really good game Im kind of addicted                 Awesome
I know a lot about planes and military aircraft in general and this game besides the names is very accurate Great game Add me greatone62792 on gamecenter Im in a falcon                 From someone who knows
This game could be awesome but desperately needs an upgrade How about adding some new backgrounds Versus matches are not fair Also I have not been offered a new plane for months Anyone else having this problem I tried to submit a support request but M Online was not even listed Im wondering whats going on Id like to give this game a five but because of the above issues I am going to give a it a two        Please Upgrade
It not bad but need more offers and planes I hope in the new update the game will be brilliant              About the game
I use to like this game it includes cool combat experience but one day when I tryed to play the game it stayed on loading page for nearly 3hr and i kept trying and it just stayed the sameThey need to update it to fix those type of bugsFYI this bug is really bugging me because i cant even play the gameSo it deserves 2 so far if it doesnt improve and UPDATE           Needs an severe update
I love this game its realy great im just rating                 Lol
If u watch a video or do something to get money they wont give u ur money u qualified for     Do not download
It stuck and include an error of the server on thescreen too     Stuck at opening
I love this game and I love the all the jets in the game and all the weapons in them                 Amazing game
This game would be MUCH better if it was payable offline because when i am somewhere where there is no internet i want to play it but i cant because it requires internet so could you please make it playable offline              Make it playable offline
This game has so much potential But you should update it if you invite your friend half the time it dosent work and when it does the games are not in sync with each other It takes so long to get money to do anything to please update your multiplayer           Update your game
the game is soooooo awsome the first and best wingmen game ever made                 FREAKING AWSOME
Very good game should add updates                 Awesome
Love the controls and the response in the game Cant stop playing                 Very Fun
Great game with real feeling scenarios and gameplay              Great Action and Realism
I played this game since it first came out and a lot of changes have been made since then The graphics in this game are nice and gameplay is smooth and fluid However there is still a lot to improve I find the dogfights and mechanics in challenging and fun Also I hope there will be multiplayer online 2 versus 2 Would be interesting to see how pairs of classes would work together Finally I am also looking forward to new campaigns and storyline Please update this game                 A great game but really needs a update
Nerf the AI please                 Read
Just what i wanted from game              GREAT GAME
I love this game Good job but add helicopters                 The best
This game App MetalStorm is awesome Fast action Controlling the Acceleration while chasing an opponent and either shooting bullets Or various types of Rockets to choose Again not addictive just the right Dose of Excitement available on iTunes Store Love djd                 MetalStorm Best Airplane Simulation
I would recommend it to anyone                 Great game
The worst airplane game ever     Wow horrible
I like the game but I can almost never win any versus matches because the game refuses to let me see the enemy No matter how much turning and maneuvering I do I never see the target           Decent
You should have gotten the game a long time ago                 This game rocks
The same old look was ok for the past years but once you have a game that lots of people like improve the game its not all about the money thats important treat the people well the people will create the business you want just improvedevelop the game better feeling thats it is like irl              Updates
Awesome                 Option
needs more plane types                 EXCELLENT
A update read all the reviews like 1th person you so do need a update pls read this     It need
This game would be good if I wasnt getting shot by nothing I played in a game with a ghost Have you ever lost to casper Well I did in this stupid game I demand my money back     This has potential
This is just a horrible horrible game Problems with the game 1 You need to pay MONEY to play the campaign after level 2 And I dont mean in game money I mean REAL money 2 The enemys guided missiles hit you 910 times no matter what Even if you use evasive menuvers However your guided missiles never hit the enemy unless they are flying straight at you 3 The game is called Metalstorm Online however there is no online combat Its only with gamecenter friends and AI players that have an unfair advantage     A great example of a horrible game
Love the game but be careful It is addicting                 Love it
Good game                 Metalstorm
I love this game Ive been playing since 2012 though I really loved Metal Storm aces so please bring that game back it was awesome I also love how when you play with friends you can use the mic that is one of the best game features ever                 Amazing game
Cool and awesome game to for our country                 Metal storm
I had this game on my tablet This game was so fun I always played it I never stopped I rate the game 5 stars                 Amazing game

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