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Marvel Entertainment , the publisher behind many iOS app (Marvel Comics ,Marvel Stickers: Iron Fist ,Ant-Man and The Wasp Stickers ,Marvel Stickers: Young Marvel ,Marvel Stickers: Black Panther ,Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty), brings Marvel Unlimited with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Marvel Unlimited app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Instant reading and the recently viewed section is excellently designed..
  • I use Marvel wikia as my guide for comic releases..
  • some cover art wrong here and there in thumbnails..
  • It makes it so easy to read comics on my iPhone..
  • Image quality is high..

Overall Satisfactionc35
I use Marvel wikia as my guide for comic releases.
If you like comics this is an amazing deal.
Fun & Engagingc44
but then stopped b/c reading on a laptop wasn't fun.
Production Valuesc42
I really like the interactive comics with the sound effects.
The library to download from is big.
Updates & Supportc12
the customer service is top notch.
The most recent update makes this app even better.

and the addition of features such as video and audio are fantastic. found in 3 reviews
Not perfect but overall it's a buy for a marvel fan. found in 12 reviews
The content they offer with this subscription service is amazing. found in 16 reviews
but i cant get issues ro save to my library. found in 25 reviews
reinstalled - still crashing when I try to log into my account. found in 15 reviews
even if I have awesome internet connection. found in 17 reviews
resulting in many issues being unreadable and missing pages. found in 11 reviews
but the app really needs some fine tuning. found in 3 reviews
A Marvel Unlimited subscription is well worth the money. found in 16 reviews
as multiple attempts to read an issue result in "Failed Page"notifications. found in 5 reviews
I hope to be able to give this app a high recommendation. found in 11 reviews
Downloading comics to read offline often fails. found in 17 reviews
If you try to read a comic with a live download. found in 15 reviews
Do not use the guided view if it can be helped. found in 22 reviews
I'm not talking about saving a particular issue for offline reading. found in 55 reviews
I keep getting " failed to download issue resource" errors. found in 53 reviews
every attempt causes the app to crash. found in 9 reviews
at least try to open up where I left off. found in 22 reviews
This latest "update" doesn't download comics any quicker. found in 22 reviews
but now it's incredibly buggy and crashes about half the time. found in 5 reviews
I have also encountered unreadable speech bubbles. found in 16 reviews
App repeatedly demands I connect to the Internet to read comics. found in 38 reviews
many comics have missing text. found in 17 reviews
Now it's when I open a comic I only get 3 pages. found in 22 reviews
I cannot down load to my library for offline reading at all. found in 25 reviews
It's not working and no customer service. found in 18 reviews
If you fix that issue for a smooth reading experience. found in 19 reviews
The app says I have no internet connection. found in 17 reviews
also hoping for a fix to the full page view zoom. found in 25 reviews
My library is empty and I cannot add comics to read offline. found in 17 reviews
Saving for offline reading causes the app to crash every single time. found in 55 reviews
Will not be renewing my unlimited subscription if these aren't fixed. found in 16 reviews
Give us guided view and fix all the bugs. found in 22 reviews
If you have not subscribed to Marvel Unlimited yet. found in 21 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Marvel Unlimited for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 30.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Marvel Unlimited check developer Marvel Entertainment`s website :

Introducing the Marvel Unlimited app for iPhone and iPad - a new benefit of our digital comics subscription program Members of Marvel Unlimited can now experience over 70 years of Marvel s greatest comics like never ...
I love this app but I am struggling with being constantly told my offline library is full when Ive emptied it hard closed out of the app shut off and restarted my wifi and refreshed multiple times Please fix this guys I have four comics and its telling me my library is full even when it updates my library number to five hone back to four in the background while the OOPS popup is on the screen So it knows somewhere in the code I only have four comics in my library Sync dammit sync           Concept is great execution not so much
Keep it coming Love reading lots of old comics and newer ones Only thing that would make it better would be acquiring new comics a little faster than 6 months But aside from that I use this app basically everyday                 Love it
Look at all these complaints Does anyone at Marvel pay attention to these Browse and search options no longer work Fix it Its not that hard People pay money for this service     Browse and search no longer works
While the Marvel Unlimited service itself is pretty great this app leaves much to be deserved Offline reading has gotten better The appservice is still lacking a good tracking system allowing users to know which comics have been read and which titles they are following           Far To Go
This is the best way to read comics Okay so the latest comics are 6months old but its a great way and really the only practical way to read all 700 Amazing SpiderMan comics and the original Captain America Comics Basically this app is incredible and they arent kidding there over 12000 comics available at the tips of your fingers Even the oddballs like The dazzler Totally worth every penny for the subscription                 Major problems fixed
After most recent update the browse feature doesnt load comics at all half of the comics I download only download the first and last pagesdisappointing     EXCELSIORnot quite
This app is amazing I have not had any bugs or crashes The quality is great The selection is monstrous I absolutely love this app There are tons of comics out there and you dont have a million bucks to buy them all and some are just not available to buy anymore You dont want to get them illegally and cheat a beloved medium So for the price of two single issues you get more than you ever could read The other major publishers are so behind the times not offering this same service Its a great way to get people interested in current titles a great way to peak interest in what back issues you might want to hunt down physical 100 A                 Revolutionary
This app makes reading comics quick affordable and has lots of variety Highly recommend                 Great app
I love this app It isnt perfect but it gets better all the time Having thousands of comics at my fingertips is incredible There are days I spend hours reading dozens of comics If you love comics its really worth the price Each week new comics are added and it runs about 6 months behind the newsstand                 The best app
Please fix this app I love you guys and what you do                 Love Marvel Unlimited
I grew up reading Marvel and I quit reading when I realized how much I was paying for weak stories But now I can cherrypick great stories from across the deep Marvel library at a fraction of what I used to spend Im super happy                 Super Happy with my account
Ive always wanted to get into comics but the thought of having so many books around was not pleasing to me Also not being able to find ALL the books in a complete series I just love this app Wish DC had something like this                 LOVE Marvel Unlimited
Appreciate the access to the classics and lets me catch up on reads that Ive missed                 Excellent
Says I dont have an account anymore when Im logged in and everything Its borked up big time     Update borked it
If the app gets buggy just delete it and reinstall it Overall great deal                 Reinstall it
This app used to light up my night now it haunts my dreams Glitches An entire Marvel Universe of glitches What happened When will it be fixed Why does it matter that the symbiotes name is Klyntar     Update is terrible
This app has had some issues in the past but it just gets better and better No better place to read classic Marvel comics Till the day I die Make Mine Marvel                 Continues to Amaze
I can only view the first 3 pages I want to know what happens next           Fix it
I dont write reviews I have to say something for this The service is amazing and its gotten me so deep into series I never would have been able to explore Love this                 Exceptional
Comics dont load Error messages pop up           Errors
Lots of great comics what more can we ask for                 Worth every dollar
get it                 love it
This is ok but it wont let me download the comics it has and I want so 3 stars           Ok marvel comics app is better
I finally feel like im getting my moneys worth Thank you so much for the marvelous app developers that worked hard to perfect it                 The app is finally bug and crashfree Perfect
Solid performance and the subscription has allowed me to catch up on many marvel story lines                 Great app
If it werent for MU I wouldnt be able to afford comics This is a game changer                 Amazing
Last update killed this app Nothing loads     Nothing loads
Every time i try to open the app it just shows me a black screen and then gets me to the home screen     It does not work
If I could I would rate the service and the ap separately The service is fantastic 5 stars nuff said The AP is terrible incredibly slow for a comic book medium I can download 600 page pdfs in a fraction of the time it takes to get a single comic I might recommend this more highly if you were going to be doing the bulk of your reading from a desktop           Good and Bad
A recent update restored the function that allowed easier landscape reading on tablets A single page can now be set to fit the width of a screen in landscape mode Awesome fix              Almost perfect
First off this is a great app and you should get it The unlimited subscription is worth it even if they dont release comics as soon as I would like There is one thing that prevents it from being a fivestar app This app needs to be able to sync across multiple devices with your reading history It is frustrating to start with one device then try to read on another device later and not have it were you last left off If they were to fix this it will be a fivestar app              Great app that needs an upgrade
MAZing                 A
Browse feature on my iPad has stopped loading and the search feature on the browse tab is also not working     Instability Unlimited
Ive reviewed this before but its been updated a few times so I wanted to give an update The app handles downloads a TON better very smooth The only current glitch I can see is that sometimes with trying to get 12 offline issues it thinks theres more in there than there actually is and it says you cant add more issues Then you have to completely close the app and restart it and must reset its internal counter or something Idk But it has definitely improved since my last review              Still pretty good
I love marvel unlimited If i reviewed this a week ago i wouldve gave it 5 stars easily however recently i havent been able to read any comics Ive had a subscription since november and it worked great up until just recently I read the first 60 issues of ultimate spiderman which is great by the way but then i go on it the next day and the whole homepage wont even load up including the new this week and popular reads sections Its just a page filled with gray boxes The biggest issue is i cant even load up the first page of any comic and my wifi is fine I tryed downloading them offline and it wouldnt download Ive been using an ipad to read my comics and i tryed it on my iphone and it doesnt work either so i thought it was a problem with the app I signed into my account on a samsung device and it worked perfectly I stand by my words that marvel unlimited is an awesome service and u should get it but you should know that it does have some flaws Im hoping that the flaw im dealing with figures itself out              Great app with some issues
Excellent way to read comics Its gotten progressively less buggy as times gone on Still wish there was the ability to subscribe to series and get notified when new issues become available              Getting better with time
Im into my second year as a subscriber Love it Changed how I read comics But It has always loaded slow The single panel view almost always screws up the image resolution and the metadata has always seemed sloppy Also the landscape view of double page spreads has always sucked which makes reading anything by Bendis kind of a skim Still The library of content is great Ive never experienced a problem that doesnt seem fixable so Give it a tuneup           Great yet often clunky
Edit app runs mostly well now Kudos on the fixup devs Still tons of gaps in series and it isnt easy following stories through various titles Also Id love for the download count to be doubled to 24 I read a lot on the plane              Comics wont load
Its great being able to read so many different comics but I have a problem keeping up with what I have read and where I am in each series I am not sure why it would be so hard to simply put a percentage number on how much of each comic has been read That would make it easy to look at a series and say ah I left off at 59 Instead I look at a series and ask myself is it worth it to have to keep loading books until I figure out where I left off Fix that and I will give 5 stars as I havent found anything else wrong with this awesome service              Which comics have I read
Would give it 5 stars if panels would autorotate when using smart panel and if comics could say smart panel optimized on them so you wouldnt have to open them first to see if that feature works properly with the particular comic Also if you have smart panel on you should still be able to zoom in and out Wish it was easier to read events and series and that you didnt have to read everything one issue at a time              Great app for reading Marvel comics Some small tweaks needed
Having thousands of Marvel comics available on the go is simply spectacular An incredible value                 Amazing app
Downloading comics has become a real pain I essentially have to delete and reload the app whenever I want to have more comics on my iPad or I get a Failed to download issue resource error message This didnt always work this way This is the worst this app has ever been Truly disappointing because the premise of the service is great Update things settle down for a while but since the update I cant download anything I keep getting a message saying that Ive already downloaded all twelve comics     I would love to give this a great review however
and I get the strangest error message about Janrain Engage I hope it gets fixed soon bc I cant do anything     ugh I cant log in
Downloading 12 issues have been more fluid The last saved spot is great They just need to add the feature to subscribe so you can be notified of the latest adds you prefer              Much better
This app would be great if you could get any comic to load Until that is fixed this is a huge rip off     Nothing loads
The app is great when it works Takes for ever to load some comics and errors on others Marvel had the same issues when they first lunch the unlimited option through the webpage It caused me not to renew my subscription Now with the iPhone app the same prom me still persist        Slow loading
This is a great service and the app works great The comics look great even on my iPhone 6 but best on a tablet for sure                 I love Marvel Unlimited
A year ago I thought it would be nice if there was a way to catch up on comics I thought it was great what Marvel was doing with the MCU and suddenly wished I had not stopped collecting a decade ago But I had no interests in comic book stores bags and boards or even trying to figure out what to read Along came to resources for me Marvel Unlimited and the reading lists on Comic Book Herald website Together I have read everything from Avengers Disassembled to currently working my way through all of the Civil War titles Best comic book value around and the continual development of the app has been impressive Highly Recommend                 1 Year and still a great value
Really loving this app from Marvel Meets all of my comic book needs and then some                 Awesome app
Great app                 AWESOME

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