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Orchestra, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Orchestra ~ Get more done, together ,Mailbox), brings Mailbox with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Mailbox app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Think of it like a snooze button for your emails..
  • this app fundamentally changes the way you organize your life..
  • Life changing email and getting things done app..
  • Makes organization faster and snooze function keeps emails to a minimum..
  • This turns email into a todo list and file system..

Overall Satisfactionc86
This is the best email app out there for several reasons: 1.
Update ruined what was the best email app on the market.
Now just get that Exchange support up and running.
I'm considering removing the app until Exchange support is ready.
I love the snooze feature and the overall feel.
I like this app it's much better than the standard mail app for the iPhone.
I'm reverting back to the redesigned standard mail app.
Literally the single best mobile email client experience I've ever had.
It is even better than apple's default mail app.
I thought it would be better than Apple Mail app.
This app is the best thing to happen since game of thrones.
Why Apple even let this crap to happen.
Love the functionality as it makes my day with mail a breeze.
Fun & Engagingc92
So far it's been an awesome mail app.
The most awesome mail app ever.
Beautiful UI and awesome email management capabilities and configuration.
We get an awesome email experience on an iPhone.
Makes email interesting and fun again.
Thanks for making emails fun again.
clean app for Gmail that helps keep everything organized.
Keeps everything organized easier than any other mobile app for email.
Super simple way to get thru email - saves time and effort.
the mechanisms to manager actual daily mail are very intuitive and useful.
Production Valuesc85
The web-based Gmail interface automatically puts them in alphabetical order.
This is not my sole Gmail interface.
I often wish google's web interface had that feature.
I prefer Mailbox to even the gmail web interface.
Ease of Usec88
Great and simple intuitive app.
I love having everything filed and prioritized with a simple swipe.
Intuitive gestures that actually make going through your email.
Ads not Intrusivec43
Writing a review so it stops asking me to review it.
This is the only app I've ever bothered to review.
I'm writing this review so Mailbox will stop asking me to rate Mailbox.
I'm so glad this app will stop asking me to rate it now.
Security & Privacyc61
Highly recommended for users with a gmail account.
Keeps resetting gmail account and forcing tutorial at startup.
And you can include attachments via your Dropbox account.
Updates & Supportc76
developers are customer oriented and quick to respond to inquires.
And I'm finding emails is meant to respond to months ago.
Keeps asking me to re -authorize my email accounts.
I was waiting for the iPad version so I welcome the update.
Been waiting for the ipad version since it came out.
It's missing for the iPad version.
Awesome customer service and still the same app I loved before.
Great design and usability and customer service.
I have been very disappointed with their customer service.
Here's hoping for a iPad and OSX version sometime soon.
Lets get a desktop OSX version and gmail plugin next.

Mailbox is far and away my favorite iPhone email manager. found in 34 reviews
however an excellent email organization tool. found in 15 reviews
Great idea translated into a simple elegant app. found in 35 reviews
Great productivity enhancer for your inbox. found in 76 reviews
Ive tried getting my inbox under control for three years. found in 158 reviews
It makes checking and managing emails fast and easy. found in 55 reviews
This has replaced the default mailbox on all my devices. found in 47 reviews
Definitely a time saver and the best email organizer out there. found in 83 reviews
Using the snooze option and archiving mail to sort it away. found in 22 reviews
Great organizer for anyone who has a regularly bloated inbox. found in 17 reviews
Makes email interesting and fun again. found in 34 reviews
Ability to archive delete etc. found in 90 reviews
Awesome app- works well and is good for organization. found in 40 reviews
Great service offering a reminder feature I've been searching for. found in 28 reviews
Great productivity tool that cuts the email clutter. found in 68 reviews
Snoozing emails allows for effective pacing and time management. found in 33 reviews
And it makes deleting junk mail easy and satisfying. found in 71 reviews
I have multiple accounts with different email providers. found in 242 reviews
Missing a few important features like Gmail folders. found in 246 reviews
There's still issues with displaying HTML emails on first load. found in 46 reviews
Please add a spam folder and unlimited aliases for gmail. found in 60 reviews
I need to be able to mark spam as spam. found in 33 reviews
It needs to support more email types such as hotmail or outlook. found in 251 reviews
Overall simple to use but needs iCloud support. found in 18 reviews
All it lacks is the ability to mark inbox messages as unread. found in 165 reviews
I just wish I could report spam with certain emails. found in 49 reviews
Syncing to gmail labels / folders would be added bonus. found in 403 reviews
Needs 1 feature: report spam button. found in 21 reviews
Good app but sometimes images don't load properly. found in 19 reviews
Good mail app but missing some features. found in 25 reviews
Most incredible email app but still needs label support. found in 74 reviews
but needs yahoo and other integration. found in 15 reviews
iPad version needs portrait mode. found in 22 reviews
Needs save draft capability and folder support would be nice. found in 22 reviews
Also there doesn't seem to be a way to save drafts. found in 460 reviews
Needs iPad version and search capability of archived mail. found in 28 reviews
The " Reservation System " is nothing but a publicity stunt that worked. found in 90 reviews
can't access gmail folders and can't apply labels. found in 246 reviews
If you have only one email address you access via gmail. found in 85 reviews
New messages just have a bunch of Loading signs over them. found in 84 reviews
Then the feature of postponing new emails is stupid. found in 99 reviews
I have been very disappointed with their customer service. found in 46 reviews
but does not allow access to existing labels in gmail. found in 59 reviews
The app is useless for me without Gmail label support. found in 74 reviews
Finally decided to re -install if that helps. found in 180 reviews
I feel that this whole waiting list thing killed the app. found in 161 reviews
Now I find I can't receive my yahoo mail. found in 121 reviews
Archiving from the lock screen or Notification Center usually does nothing. found in 41 reviews
which means html emails are still going to look broken. found in 46 reviews
so you won't be able to view archived emails on browser. found in 45 reviews
but the projected IMAP support is long overdue. found in 77 reviews
the new iOS 7 update has completely broken the functionality. found in 40 reviews
Contacted support when push and badge count issue emerged. found in 64 reviews
Probably the worst roll out I've ever seen. found in 87 reviews
Forcing me to create a Dropbox account is ridiculous. found in 82 reviews

The Mailbox is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish. It weighs in at only 9.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-15. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Mailbox check developer Orchestra, Inc.`s website :

The fast, fun mobile inbox that puts email in its place. CURRENTLY FILLING RESERVATIONS ON A FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE BASIS. Download Mailbox to reserve your spot, then watch the line move. For details on the reservation system ...
Simple clean and effective As a Chromebook user I would love to see a web app              Terrific
Very easy to use                 Nice to use
My reply button just mysteriously disappeared Fix please        MAYDAY
If you didnt acquired this product it would be the best mail app After years and this app still not support many popular mail and cloud services look at outlook and spark           Ruined by Dropbox
Weak mail app Outlook is sooooooo much better           Meh
I love this app or should say used to and use every on of its fantastic features Since ios9 was released the app crashes frequently this is especially true when using the feature for scheduling mail to repopulate at a future date The development team needs to get to work quickly on this or this app will be deleted     Crashes Consistently on ios9
It only supports Gmail and ICloud Why To a developer it should be very easy to add IMAP or POP Its useless to anyone not having these two Gmail and ICloud        I dont understand why
This app gets worse and worse with every update and with this latest update every conceivable action causes a crash I previously rated Mailbox a 5 now Im deleting it     What email should have always been
The only quip I have about this service is a big onesince I activated 2step authentication on my apple account its blanked out my mecom account this is kind of really basic thing to addcould you please address this in the futureotherwise I hate to say itIll be force to move onto something that dose support it           Good for simple management
I was in love with Mailbox It was nice having Yahoo Mail for awhile But I cant live on Gmail alone and I was sick of going back and forth between Mailbox and the stock Mail app I can live without Yahoo but add Exchange and I am back in love           Gotta InboxZero
I love this app It has transformed how are use my phone for email in a very positive way However theres major problems that happen with drafts My draft folder doesnt sync across devices or with my Gmail inbox Worse about half the time When Im creating a draft and save it instead of sending it right away it simply doesnt save itself and disappears This can be very frustrating My shortterm solution is to copy the email to the clipboard this is hardly desirable Developers please fix this              Great app Drafts go missing though
simply the best simple and intuitive zeroinboxstyle app out there the Mac desktop app that is in beta has been getting steady updates I tried spark but found it to be a bit sluggish and no desktop app for it yet                 simple to use fits my zero inbox style perfectly
Supporting other accounts was a promise made 3 years ago Since then other mail apps have come with better features and more account support than Mailbox I have used CloudMagic Outlook and now Spark I will never go back to Mailbox     False promises
It really helps me keep my Inbox clean              Great App
1 star for sneakily adding in the Rate Mailbox in the App Store button so that users will mistakenly click it instead of the About Todays Photo button that used to be in its place I love using Mailbox but breaking the user interface like that is cheap and not a great way to get anyone to rate the app in a pleasant way I went to that menu to learn more about the beautiful picture selected for today and instead got bait and switched into opening the App Store Unacceptable     Unfortunate interface choices
Revolutionary when it came out but now there are other options Google Inbox Readdle Spark and there has been little to no development since Dropbox acquired them Missing basic functions eg no support for drafts in the cloud Still has a very clean interface but tired of waiting for the features that will let me use this as my only email client Switched to Spark     Used to be great
Super buggy lately Keeps crashing for no reason to the point where I need to delete the app and redownload to even open it again fully        Fix bugs ASAP please
I like how easy it is to snooze messages but thats about it Most of the other functions are lacking especially when compared to some of the other mail apps out there        Good for snoozing messages only
I hope there are no plans to ever scrap Mailbox because I seriously dont know what I would do without this app                 So much yes
Its a great app with instant push                 Very convenient
Apple tried to copy Mailboxs features but they didnt get it quite right This app is still the best way to manage email on your phone I got to inbox zero and stayed there thanks to this app New features Id like to see include access to the Gmail Drafts folder and ability to use Gmail labels                 Still better than iOS Mail
Ever since Dropbox acquired it 1 The mobile app development has slowed down significantly 2 The desktop app is now a shell of previous versions AND its still in beta Screw you Dropbox           Best iOS mail app but
Update Still missing fundamental basic options for a mail app Either the developers are no longer working on the app or they dont care what their fans want and need I believe its both Emails to them go unanswered Its a shame really The app had so much potential Anyone looking for some of the same features should look no further than SPARK An app that is at least seeing regular updates Old I have loved this app and have been emailing the developers since its release that the app needs the option to alphabetize lists and have the ability to sync across idevices With the recent box breach and as per boxs tech advice box users should change their password Well I did The password change logged me out of mailbox and to my horror when I logged back in all my folders had become completely chaotic and out of order I have over 50 folders I refuse to spend one second alphabetizing my lists again This is a serious flaw with the app in my opinion All my idevices had this happen If folders were able to sync at least I would only have to reorder one idevice to have ally idevices the same Until this fundamental option is added the app is worth only one star Not in the habit of making more work for myself in order to have simple functionality from an app     Fundamental options missing
Started out with great promise but lacks meaningful updates for many months and now trails the competition Moved on        Gone downhill
Im so old I remember when Mailbox was a great app Current version crashes constantly     Do Not Update
022014 I really love Mailbox I like being able to easily sort out mail into different folder but the feature I like best is the snooze feature Updated 092014 While I love the overall concept of Mailbox if I go in to look at an email the screen freezes for a minute or two to update before I can open anything up On the days that my patience is wearing thin Im ready to just delete the thing and be rid of it The problem is I love the snooze feature I going to give it another shot and use two or three email addresses but I cant promise I wont delete again 8           Best Mail app
Folders dont organize automatically alphabetically When I go organize the 100 different folders I have the apps always screws this up Also there is no support for folders inside of folders This needs to be fixed Also when marking an item as spam it doesnt move the message to the native iCloud junk folderie it creates a separate folder that shows up in Mail for OS X as a completely separate folder for junk mail as opposed to the default Junk Mail Inbox No Apple Watch app     C at best lots of room for improvement on minor bugs that are huge nuisances
Doesnt support Exchange Just cant use an app that omits it     Good idea but
This app used to be great but for the last couple of months it has been buggy and very frustrating I want to continue using the organizational features archiving and delaying messages but not if it means I have to deal with lost drafts drafts that come up null and blackout areas when Im trying to type Its a shame this app has been neglected        I used to love it
Great app just no support for excangeoutlook msn what is prommised long time ago i would give them 5 stars but 4 cuz no support for other mail providers              Review
I loved it but now a days it keeps on signing me out and resets     Dropbox ruined it
Great app for my gmail account Can we get the ability to customize the swipes on the lock screen notifications Id like to delete it from there rather than remind later                 Favorite mail app
Love this app but I am hoping for Apple watch integration           Great email app
And its already asking me if I love it God so needy                 I had it for ten seconds
App Wont open crashes instantly     App crashes
I have tried so many mail apps and I just couldnt stop using Mailbox TOP                 THE BEST
Ive used this app since all the hype from the launch Over time the quality and stability has degraded quite a bit Ive deleted this app rom my life     Unstable and annoying if youre trying to run your business
My title says enough I just moved to Spark by Readdle Mailbox The Good archiving mail for a later date clean interface maybe too clean as there is not enough contrast between elements The Bad often breaks and its a long time between fixes poorly featured Search is mediocre and sort what sort needs development        Great concept underfeatured buggy
Ive been using mailbox for a while and its been working for me but today it suddenly started crashing immediately after I open it Every single time Had to delete and reinstall to fix this problem           Crashes
As much as I love this app I cant deal with it crashing so much Whenever I try to swipe an email to this weekend or next week the app crashes     Love it except
In the past year I have watched this app slip From new bugs in every iOS update to a lack of any innovations or changes mailbox quickly went from an app I was excited about to a frustration The app has lost its fire and I switched to Spark It has more functionality and interesting features and its being updated and debugged much more frequently Always thought mailbox was the app for me Seems they lost touch        Finally decided to switch
This app has been in my dock for a while and its not going anywhere It works awesome I love being able to forget emails and tell the app to make me remember them when I want to Swipe All to tomorrow at the end of the day lets me go home after a deep breath and with a clear mind Mailbox for iPad and Mac OS means all my email is always in sync Incredible productivity tool Top notch app                 Get it NOW
This must be a joke right The description has forever said that they are working on connecting email accounts other than Gmail and iCloud This must be the only email app that is so limited in regards to email providers     Other email support
Its like the stock mail app on iOS but 10 times better you can have multiple accounts unlike apples mail app the app looks beautiful its smooth I love it must have app                 Best mail app
This used to be a great app Every time a new update hits the app gets buggier and buggier Do they not test the updates before putting it out If this keeps up Im switching back to the gmail app Update will now randomly not connect to email Will still get notifications that an email has been received but cant view it     Started great but has progressively gotten worse
This application is perfect and corresponds to all my needs and expectations to which it proposes Thousand stars for it                 Adelmo Jackson
Never written a bad review before but for an app that I put a lot of faith in a couple of years ago its doing a fantastically poor job Crashes frequently Which I could stomach because I would forget about it 10 seconds after opening the app again However recently my drafts are getting deleted when I hit Keep Draft Final straw Cant trust this at all     Surprisingly bad
I like the this app but it is the crashiest thing on my phone by an order of magnitude It crashes several times a day so far only when opening new messages usually newsletters in my bulk folder in Gmail I really want it to work so Im patiently waiting for updates or until it crashes while Im writing an email in which case I will delete it forever Good luck team Mailbox We need a good alternative to Mail and I think youre it           Mailcrash
Dropbox is letting this app go to waste I really like it when it works but it is still buggy and they are adding no new features To use Mailbox it really needs to be on all devices but the Mac app has been in beta for years It has far worse problems Although this isnt a review for the Mac app this should be considered when moving to Mailbox I have contacted Dropbox about this situation a couple of times but they have yet to respond It is one more piece of evidence suggesting they are not investing anything more into Mailbox        Getting Worse No Development
This version totally fails Prior to this update I enjoyed using this app I cannot even open it now it crashes on every start up Fried     Constantly crashes

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