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Rocketcat Games , the publisher behind many iOS games (Mage Gauntlet ,Hook Champ LITE ,Super QuickHook ,Hook Champ ,Punch Quest ,Hook Worlds), brings Mage Gauntlet with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Mage Gauntlet games has been update to version 1.24 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It has an old school feel and VERY entertaining..
  • I really wish more action rpgs would adopt this control scheme..
  • Very fun with beautiful pixel art and a funny story line..
  • Very fun and has a nice sense of humor throughout the storyline..
  • Fast paced with just enough rpg elements to keep it interesting..

Overall Satisfactionc93
Rocketcat has done a fantastic job creating an amazing game.
Few iOS games have as much potential as Mage Gauntlet.
The masters of iPhone game design have done it again.
This is one of the best rpgs ive played since the snes days.
One of the best RPG games I've ever played.
I recommend this game to anyone who loves older games.
This is the most addicting game on the app store.
Amazing game great job.
Fun & Engagingc93
Rocket Cat's signature hilariously awesome game design.
Fast paced with just enough rpg elements to keep it interesting.
It's a great RPG that's hard to put down.
Awesome retro style adventure.
It has a great look and is super fun.
Looks great and is a ton of fun.
An incredibly fun hack-and-slash with a charming wit.
everything about this game is incredible.
Love everything about this game.
Everything I hoped for.
Replay Valuec84
The unlockables and achievements offer some nice replay value.
I am concerned that the combat may get a bit repetitive.
I just played the first few levels and I love it.
It's like old school SNES and it's challenging.
consistently entertaining with challenging gameplay.
Production Valuesc93
The controls are great and game play has been incredibly solid.
But the game play is horrible.
Retro graphics and perfect music for running around and hacking things.
polished game with throw-back 16-bit graphics.
Simple pixel graphics yet the story and gameplay is solid.
Absolutely stunning.
great visuals.
The production values are top notch.
Ease of Usec95
This game is incredibly fun and the controls are easy to pick up.
This game is simple and fun to the point of addiction.
And intuitive controls.
Controls easy and work well.
Simple goodness.

Great all around Retro RPG. found in 7 reviews
One of the best RPG games I've ever played. found in 19 reviews
Best SNES style action RPG I've played so far. found in 94 reviews
Feels like a Super Nintendo game with modern features. found in 6 reviews
I have been looking for an old school RPG to kill time. found in 7 reviews
Highly recommend to anyone who likes the classic 16 bit RPGs. found in 68 reviews
Rocket Cat's signature hilariously awesome game design. found in 52 reviews
Great throwback to RPGs of the 16-bit era. found in 7 reviews
You won't regret the classic gameplay. found in 4 reviews
last time I checked there were a couple hundred on here. found in 1 reviews
Rocketcat has done a fantastic job creating an amazing game. found in 42 reviews
classic style action RPG. found in 6 reviews
tight controls and humor of Rocketcat games keep me coming back for more. found in 3 reviews
This is one of the best rpgs ive played since the snes days. found in 23 reviews
Highly recommended to any old school action RPG fans. found in 8 reviews
I feel like I'm playing final fantasy again. found in 4 reviews
The unlockables and achievements offer some nice replay value. found in 7 reviews
It is very fun and humorous in a very nostalgic way. found in 3 reviews
Brilliant retro action RPG. found in 6 reviews
Every iOS action/ adventure game should control like this. found in 12 reviews
It's like a really really boring version of Zelda. found in 3 reviews
And it's basically impossible to die in any meaningful way. found in 2 reviews
game crashes
Needs widescreen iPhone 5 support otherwise it's a good game. found in 5 reviews
item pick ups don't have any real impact on anything. found in 2 reviews
but it gets old fast. found in 2 reviews
don't work on the unused parts of the screen. found in 2 reviews
Charged me 2 times for in-app. found in 1 reviews
• Specific Example: boar boss shoots fire. found in 2 reviews
although there is one major problem. found in 2 reviews
Please and thanks. found in 2 reviews
Wish it was optimized for the iPhone 5 though. found in 4 reviews
Don't even consider the price. found in 2 reviews
It got really boring really fast. found in 2 reviews
It feels a little pointless leveling up stats. found in 3 reviews
Fun but bad ending. found in 1 reviews
Was really fun until it started crashing. found in 1 reviews
but frustrating controls on 5. found in 3 reviews
Game crashes all the time. found in 2 reviews
you don't gain new abilities or attacks. found in 2 reviews
No IPhone 5 support. found in 5 reviews
except maybe a new hat which does nothing. found in 2 reviews
The graphics are terrible on the iPad. found in 2 reviews
Please update for the iPhone 5 screen. found in 3 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Mage Gauntlet for $2.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 20.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.24 has been released on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about Mage Gauntlet in Rocketcat Games`s Official Website :

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All around a great game to play                 Great game play
First let me preface this by saying that I adore this game and because of its quality I have bought other titles from the rocket cats game company However upon getting a new phone and starting a new file on the newest version of the game I encountered many bugs They manifest themselves in two main areas achievement notifications and unlocking and star count and level completion upon opening the app and entering any level I receive notifications for every achievement I have unlocked This can go on for some minutes and repeats itself upon shutting down and reopening the app I will also get notifications for achievements I have already unlocked if I meet the criteria For example I have unlocked the Maximum Buff achievement about 20 times I also suspect that other achievements are not unlocking even though I have met the goals I havent kept track of the objects Ive destroyed that closely but I know for a fact that the achievement I Aint Sleepy has not been unlocked despite destroying the requisite amount of beds The secret object achievements such as the one for finding the Sister Anvil have also stopped unlocking after The Boarlands despite entering the objects area multiple times I have also experienced bugs in completing levels and getting star count I played each set of levels in one session that is to say I played from the first to the boss and after The Ruins it began glitching Upon returning to the world map I will find that the boss level would show my stars and completion but the first three would not have any stars and the second and third would be locked My Notes level clears and map completion were also lost my star account also reflected only getting three stars in the boss level This resolved itself after playing for the levels again Exiting to the world map between levels also did not fix this problem as I would just flat out not receive any progress I have played to The Undergarden in story mode and this has been present in every level since The Ruins with the exception of The Orc Forest I really feel terrible lowering the rating of this game with a one star review but these glitches are crippling and I do not think it is on my end because I have a very new phone 5s I apologize for the long windedness of my rant but I want the developers to know exactly whats going on with the game Hopefully this can be resolved and I can change my review to five stars like this game deserves     Fantastic but bugged
I had to reset my iPad went to reget all the stuff I had bought and there was no way I could find please please please please help me I bought all 5 dollars worth of stuff and cant get it back Im sad and feel like I wasted money please help me its my favorite game                 Wont give back purchases
I honestly find this game fun although there is one major problem I bought this game because I thought I could use spells and defeat bosses You have created wonderful bosses although the magic content lacks It is mostly Melee combat not as much magic I do recommend buying this game though The spells are cool and the controls are nice and swift              Not bad
I loved the game I beat everythjng including master mode and it was worth my MAKE MG plz tho the story is amaizing and idk if u said u would make it and i know that WS is like it but make a continued story please                 MG 2
Controls are pretty solid Combat is smooth Dialog is funny Random magic spells keeps things random All around great game                 Great ARPG
NOW GIVE THIS MASTERPIECE OF AN APP A SEQUEL Rocketcat I love this and wayward souls but seriously Set up a kick starter page or something and get to work Were waiting                 I LOVE IT
Where to start If you are a true RPG fan do not buy this game I fell for the excellent reviews If you like games like Diablo dont buy this Its extremely easy I dont mind simple graphics There are no skills to level up and nothing against which to gauge your strength The loot is barely random and the weaponshatsarmor dont even have stats Some affect abilities but there is no armor level The game is linear but replaying an area yields nothing except maybe a new hat which does nothing Waste of money     Do not buy
Bought Wayward Souls too Thank you so so much for adding wide screen to this game Ive been waiting with fingers crossed that this update would actually happen I added the fifth star to my review just like I said                 Yes widescreen
At first the game starts to get repetitive and too easy but then the developers do a great job of differentiating enemys and the way they attack Also the different types of magic you get is great They dont take the game too seriously so it makes it funespecially with the different types of equipment and weapons                 Great Game
This is my favorite appgame Its beautiful and detailed The story is the best Ive seen in almost any game ever The characterization is amazing and Lexi is a funny interesting character Rocketcat went with a bold choice to make the only character a girl but it worked out perfectly The game is an amazing mix of funny difficult and serious There seems to be an almost endless amount of content with all the hats and achievements Im really excited for there to be more sequels to this game also wayward souls is amazing also I really dont know why you need to read this review when you can be playing a much better game                 Completely my favorite game on the App Store
I loved this game I was sad when it ended because I loved it so much and it was so FUN I really am wanting another one the ending sort of left me hanging                 Omg
This game is by far my favorite game other than SWTOR but that is a hard level to reach Is it just me or is Gregor AWEOME lol I love the storyline and the banter between the bosses and Lexi specifically Gregor in his nohurt armor which actually made me lol Also the notes and journals left around for us to find were a nice touch My favorite was probably the ashen cult journal about the guy after he started throwing fireballs at impy hahaha Now for the actual game Amazing Thats pretty much all I can say I love the controls the weapons the armor the trinkets and the petsmy little slime follows me everywhere this game is worth the money Now if youll excuse me I am going to go finish master mode and find the extended story Oh PS Everyone wants a part 2 just saying                 Simply Amazing
The only better game of its kind is wayward souls made by the SAME PEOPLE Id suggest getting this app as a intro to wayward souls                 Great
You must optimize for iPhone 5                 OPTIMIZE PWEEZ
This game is stellar The characters I love Lexi the art the enemies the gameplay Everything in this game rocks Get it and play it and love it and check out other games by these guys because theyre all so good                 Why Isnt This Better Known
So after reading all of the crazy great reviews I decided to try it out for myself Played for the last 2 days on and off and am completely underwhelmed You smack a creature you dash you cast a spell over and over and over again No variation item pick ups dont have any real impact on anything story is linear Wth        Am I missing something here
This goes in my top 5 retro games                 This game is so fun
Get this app It is so much fun you get two modes of difficulty a humorous storyline a great end and an even better extended end once you beat master mode The swords pets robes and hats are useful and the hats are just really cool The price too is really reasnoble Like I said before GET THIS APP                 If you are on the edge
This is the best game in the App Store Literally hours and hours of old school fun                 So much classic fun
WIDE SCREEN SUPPORT YAAAAAAY Fun game Great style Controls easy and work well Funny story elements Would be cool to have a few more puzzle elements but it is fun to pick up and play                 Solid classic
This game is awesome Its a blend of doom like exploration of levels beat me up like segments and an rpg progression system It ends in to be continuedif you beat master mode and a sequel would be well appreciated Its world is great and I like how the lore is distributed through diary entries Some are well hidden requiring you to explore There are also hidden things in certain levels such as giant vegetables in a garden or a photo of a predeath vataneba If I had to complain about something its that hats come very rarely and sometimes you get hats you already have And for once doc isnt blatantly ripped from a full game and charged separately The doc is simply cosmetic or statistic changes as well as a buff or two Overall a great game that unfortunately no one knows about and may never know about Meaning this game might not have a sequel Either way this game is a true masterpiece                 An underrated gem
Finally widescreen support                 iPhone 55s support needed now
This game is flat out AMAZING The controls are great storyline is interesting new monsters are presented every level and when you die its your fault not the games The only problem I have with this game is a really annoying bug Whenever I equip a sword it disappears My game registers that I have it and I can use it but if I want to use another sword my equipped one is deleted              Great Except
I forgot how much I paid for this app but I would most likely pay 7 8 for it now Combat system Great Controls Great Story Spectacular Just buy it Oh also the dev Team is 3 people working from their homes with little to no experience and they made one of the best apps on the app store Just a big fat LOL                 Unmatched in terms of Everything
This game is just like classical Enix games I remember playing on the SNES when I was a kid I strongly recommend downloading this game                 Just like a classic Enix game
GREAT CONTENT So many small details that make this game superb Ive been hooked                 Wow An amazing game
Ive never written an app review before but this game deserves it Absolutely zero flaws and the story line and gameplay are wonderfully made Yes challenging but what fun would it be without a little bit of failing and trying again Well worth the 299                 Excellent Game
Nice zelda references However do NOT go in expecting something like zelda this game is one of those gems that can defiantly take down even veteran players Idk what the in app purchases do as I usually try to avoid those cheap character mods however this game reminds me of classic Snes super Famicom days if you enjoy this title there are plenty of indie developers like this out there and this is one game that stands out because they knew how to make a game and who to please their audience                 Great
Amazohg                 Wow
This game is so freaking awesome you can cast spells and use your sword                 Mage Gauntlet is Da Best
I swear you guys are the best mobile developers out there Supercell and their stupid Clash of Clans trashpile have nothing on the masterpieces that you weave This game is great awesome funny and spooky Wayward Souls is downright magnificent We need more dungeons in that game                 Rocketcat forever
Im so happy with this game It gives you the feel of the old Zelda games or star tropics almost BUT YOURE A GIRL AND THATS MY FAVORITE PART This game is purely addicting and I cant stop playing Its challenging and also kinda funny One guy I spoke to was angry I broke in to his house and he accused me of breaking in to steal is tiny hat Other than the silly perks of the dialogue this game is adventurous and amazing You can open different treasure chests and find clothesringsmasksetc and each have a certain magic to them and some are just odd but you can equip them or send them to wardrobe This is definitely worth the money Im about to go buy the other game made by the same designers soon                 Two words to describe this game Hell Yeah
The good This game has a relatively deep and funny story fun combat beautiful designs and pleasant music I came to this as a fan of Wayward Souls and I like Mage Gauntlet just as much in some ways even more Its not as difficult though there is a more difficult master mode after you beat the game and its more focused on storydialogue I finished the game in about 6 or 7 hours and Im having fun playing again in the master mode there are new enemies and levels in addition to increased difficulty The bad This game hasnt been tweaked to fill the iPhone 5s wider screen but the controls are still easy to use for the most part your tap wont read if youre too close to the edge of the screen There are IAPs but they are TOTALLY unnecessary to enjoy the game                 Still awesome in 2014 on iPhone 5s
FREAKING AWESOME                 OMG
Great story great protagonist great magiccombat system One of the better games of the App Store                 Wonderfully Made
wayward souls and mage gauntlet is masterpiece I love it                 I love rocket cat
Hello rocketcat games I am here to inform you what you must have already heard at least a million times before I would love multiplayer support and this is the time to strike guys This is the time when people have known about your game and love it such as me If you make a big content update now this app will blow up again to the point where it could become as popular as punch quest has Just think about it rocketcat games it would make the game finally complete And make it easily one of the best apps on the App Store I would go on to say how good this game is but whoever is reading this review you have to understand that this game is incredible I have all the triple a titles and a million more this is on my top 5 list perhaps even top 3 THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES IT NOT NUMBER ONE ON MY LIST IS THAT I BEAT THE GAME SO I HAVE NOTHING TO DO ANYMORE MULTIPLAYER PLEASE                 A BIG FAVOR
So to start let me just say this game is very well put together Although the story is a little underdone and repetitive the secret story in master mode is quite captivating And for anybody who believes the game is hard let me tell you this The key to the game is the color GREEN and PURPLE                 Key to the game
Ugly graphics imo and weak and repetitive gameplay cliched and boring story Not sure why it has so many glowing reviews not to my taste thats for sure        Retro But not in a good way
A guy gets mad at me for killing his pigs Tells me to gather their bones 12110 would kill again                
Ive had this game for a while and Im shocked so many people hate it When it was deleted from the App Store I lost hope in a part 2 to the story Ive waited so long for the sequel for this great game Truly a hidden gem BUY NOW And one more thing MAKE MAGE GAUNTLET 2 FROM WHERE YOU LEFT OF Sincerely Everyone whom finished the game                 Need part 2
This game was such an amazing game I recommend everyone to get this game Good story mode and such a great game in general Make part two Lexi coming back for revenge against whitebeard MAKE IT Youre an awesome game maker Im getting the Wayword soul game from you also looks very interesting and great Cant wait to spend more of my money for you guys                 IM IN LOVE
What a game Great gameplay and challenging Very fun and has a nice sense of humor throughout the storyline Would love a sequel Thank u Rocketcat                 Simply Amazing
I loved your game so much I beat it and the end was so compelling it really makes me want to play master mode retribution                 Through master mode
In my opinion secret of mana blows this game out of the water Som came out on the snes in 1993 and on iOS in 2010 check it out           Decent but
This game os my favorite game on ios and I play it all the time When I first got it I played it for HOURS It would also be cool if this game had a sequel You should do that RocketCat Games Also you play as a girl Awesome                 Two words Heck Yea
Amazing                 GREAT APP
Saw it had been updated and hoped it might begin to be worth the money I spent on it Nope still a terribad game that I am horrified to say I own on the App Store I had a good description if all the pros in my previous review but to sum up its a flat game with a flat story and flat mechanics and it all just Falls flat     Can haz refund
U NEED make more games with this design and everything Ik theres one called Wayward Souls that Im gonna get soon but what am I supposed to do when I beat both Im already almost done with this game and I got it yesterday I was looking in the App Store and their really isnt anything good out but I watched a video on YouTube and found this game Another game idea would be like said in past reviews is to make a multiplayer game with the same design and adventure like stuff like this where u team up with ppl online and chat with them and go on an adventure like u do in this game Idc if u dont wanna do this just PLZ make more games like this Thx                 I would like more

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