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Planet Fitness , brings Lunkinator with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Lunkinator app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • the planet fitness locater is the most useful thing so far..

Overall Satisfactionc30
Love the gym and how many there are.
Fun & Engagingc18
Loads of fun.
the planet fitness locater is the most useful thing so far.
Ease of Usec11
Security & Privacyc29

or pay a balance or change billing. found in 1 reviews
it can even sync to your fitbit or jawbone. found in 1 reviews
RudeLunk Regional Manager. found in 1 reviews
Nice overhaul of the app. found in 1 reviews
Loads of fun. found in 1 reviews
Pay attention. found in 1 reviews
PFit is not about motivational quotes or health tips. found in 3 reviews
Fitness Journal. found in 1 reviews
s easier than ever to find a club near you. found in 1 reviews
Useful for location searches and viewing their photos. found in 1 reviews
if not it just crashes when you try and use the locator. found in 2 reviews
Good if you travel. found in 1 reviews
log weight /excercises or even had recommended workouts. found in 2 reviews
Why are there two ways to log workouts. found in 2 reviews
No calorie counter. found in 3 reviews
Workout log. found in 5 reviews
Please update the exercises under – log. found in 1 reviews
Wld luv using the app to log my workouts. found in 14 reviews
But still needs a little work. found in 1 reviews
More functionality please. found in 1 reviews
Missing some key functions. found in 1 reviews
Needs Passbook Compatibility. found in 1 reviews
Nice try but no cigar. found in 1 reviews
As a person knowing I wanted to sign up. found in 10 reviews
This app is sort of useless. found in 1 reviews
Pretty disappointed. found in 1 reviews
There needs to be an option to customize the PE workout. found in 2 reviews
Nothing for members. found in 5 reviews
Everyone's upset that this app doesn't serve a purpose. found in 2 reviews
Needs Passbook support. found in 4 reviews
if u know the zip code of where your traveling to. found in 5 reviews
Uninstall until you offer the ability to check in with smartphones. found in 9 reviews
the gym locator crashes the app pretty consistently. found in 9 reviews
Crashes silently the minute you try to locate you club. found in 11 reviews
It doesn't do anything except try and get you to join. found in 11 reviews
Fitness club with no fitness app. found in 11 reviews
Planet Fitness a " Judgement Free Zone " what a joke. found in 16 reviews
Everytime I try and locate a gym app crashes. found in 10 reviews
This app is a complete waste of bandwidth to download. found in 6 reviews
I was expecting a workout log or nutrition log. found in 5 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Lunkinator for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting Language: English language. It weighs in at only 7.4 MB to download. The new Lunkinator app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Lunkinator check developer Planet Fitness`s website : http://

Planet Fitness Lunkinator Yowzah, the Lunkinator app from America s fastest-growing gym is here At Planet Fitness, we don t take ourselves too seriously. Thus, we created the Lunkinator app. Simply choose a Lunk aka ...
Love love love the key tag featureno more searching for my keys                 Love this new app
I love the update with the ESignIn through app instead of old key tag Id like to see it be integrated with Passbook Also Id like to see a way to log weight training like before but the one thing that I am stumped on is the fact that the app doesnt have my Home Gym North HavenCt and my account is linked to another home gym that I transferred from and none of my billing is correct nor do any of my checkins show up or payment history NOTHING PF you need to update this location and have it integrated into the app for Northhaven Connecticut members this way my billing information checkIn login inquiry thank you PF              LOVE the UPDATE
The integration with FitBit and RunKeeper is outstanding This is a great app                 Love it
I lost all my workout data and they took out the ability to track weight machines     Hate the new app
Being able to track my workouts and connect to my devices this is awesome                 PF Fan
This app is only geared toward cardio Hopefully they at working on features for weight training     No weightlifting tracking
I went to create an account on the app which is a completely different account than the online membership sign up When I gave my information it said it couldnt find me in the system and that I needed to go to the gym to get my barcode keycard which is exactly what I had already done I downloaded the app AFTER I got back from the gym Please fix it so it recognizes me     Doesnt Recognize Membership
A lot of improvements in the newest update with one major negative A person can no longer create custom workouts or track their progress on the weight machines     Why take away weight machine tracking
Agree with other reviews about logging lifts Nice snap feature to speed capture of cardio data Comments about location display are irrelevant just use the search tool in the upper right you dolts Glad to have card barcode included now           So so
Well done Intuitive useful app to really support the experience                 Awesome
It would be better if it had passbook integration           Love it
Used to be able to log in no problem Now cant In fact the app doesnt even recognize me as a member Doesnt even recognize my email address I signed up with Very disappointing Please fix     Update is bad
Tried to sync fitbit to it and it tells me I am connected to another account located that account disabled it Same error     Major fail
The new app has no place to record workouts on various machines All my history has been lost     Lousy app
Love the new app amazing new features the check ins are so much easier                 Great app
I used to use this to log my cardio my weights so I could track my progress and show my physical therapist exactly what I was doing Now the whole app is focused on cardio You can snap a picture of your treadmill workout So what It links with your Fitbit I go to a 10 a month gym you think I can afford a Fitbit It links with other physical fitness apps This used to be my ONLY fitness app I didnt need any others Well now that I do need a new app at least the description tells me which competitor I can switch to     New update got rid of all useful features
It doesnt design for work     Unnecessary update
Updated to the new version of the app Keep being told my isnt in system even when I was at front desk of my home PF Desk attendants had no idea what issue was confirmed my barcode and that it was active in their system     Nonfunctioning App
I was disappointed to see that there is nothing in this app to keep track of weight training I bring in a scrap of paper so I know how much weight to put on each piece of weight equipment It is a pain in the rear I was hoping that there would be a list of the machines and some way to keep track of the weight I use and when to move up to the next weight This app is being deleted off my phone I guess the scrap of paper is here to stay     No way to keep track of weight training
I love the new interface Its really easy to use The best part about it is that connects with my Fitbit                 Awesome
This app has great updated UX and is super helpful for tracking my workouts and signing in Well done              Fantastic app I love PF
The digital member ID is a great new feature hence the two stars but OH MAN DID THEY MESS UP WITH LOCATIONS I originally had this app so that I could search for nearby PF gyms to wherever I happened to be They clearly saw this as a feature and put the Locations section of the app as the very first click BUT they DONT LET YOU SEARCH FOR LOCATIONS It just tells you where your home gym is I know where it is Its pretty close to my home What DONT know and could use the help of an APP to find out is where OTHER gyms are This new app totally erases that feature and makes the app really really annoying One star plus one for the ID thing thats pretty great        Locations Locations Locations
Downloaded the app for personal use as well as better app knowledge to help guest interest and utilization I quickly discovered our barcodes are invalid on the current operating system Please add an employee option     Employee option
Love the new app the clean layout and the digital key tag              Much Better
Horrible Just horrible Totally different Cannot log your exercises and see your total for the week totally different its horrible I have to find a different app to use Very disgusted with it     New update
What happened Six months of workouts gone PF get it together     I lost all of my works
I have an account but when I log in it says oh no something went wrong I need to sign up first And it does the exact same thing on the Apple App Please fix As of now is worthless     Does not work
Its great to have a barcode on your phone because the little tag for my keys is already falling apart I love all the social media hookups for encouragement Theres a lot of room improvement The only kind of workout they let you track is cardio and I would love to be able to pick a weight machine and say how much I pressed and what the weight was Another thing is there are lots of useless buttons that arent explained What is this my account button that leads to some kind of bank thing           It could be better
Love the new app What an upgrade                 This app rocks
I had joined PF yesterday and got my key card as well Today I downloaded the app so I can use the digital keycard which Im very excited about as I hate to have my keychain filled with tags Anyways the app will not recognize me in the system Please fix ASAP and id rate this app with more stars I the mean time Ill take a pic of my keycard and try that     System Error
It sounds like the upgrade has great features but I cant log in anymore Please fix the bugs     Not able to log in
Downloaded the app but cant login 3 days 3 attempts asked multiple employeesmanagers that cant help PF app Im judging you poorly     Unable to login 3 days 3 attempts
Absolutely love the Snap a workout feature                 Great App for All Members
Updated app features more bells and whistles in a clean easytonavigate experience Love that it integrates with my other fitness tracking apps                 As friendly as their clubs
I like the app the last version kept messing up finding my location the only thing this app needs to be better is To have an add to passbook option for my checkin at the gym All of planet fitness gyms need free wifi cause its impossible to log a workout by taking a photo if I have no service which most of the gyms Ive been into have no service and theres no wifi        Ok but they need to add passbook feature to check in
I am not able to login It doesnt recognize my barcode Please fix this     Horrible
Love the key card in the app and connecting it to my Fitbit                 Great app
This new app is so much better Honestly just remembering the right set of keys so I have my key tag is a thing of the past Thank you for listening Planet Fitness                 Digital key tag YES
At least you get a barcode to check in but PLEASE enable integration with Passbook        Getting better but
Easy to use Great user experience                 PF guest
The update to the app is nice but with the revision my account was lost with my saved workouts And now with the new app theres no way to log individual weight lifting weights and reps That portion of the old app the section I used the most is completely gone           Lost Good Features
So my PF app updated today and its telling me that I have to reregister due to the update I fill in all the required information including the number off the barcode on my key tag and it tells me that I cannot be found This is very aggrevating when all I want to do it use the app I also tried to sign in without registering again with no luck     Can no longer sign in
The new update is very sleek and easier to use than the last version but why did take away the weight lifting log Thats one of the most important things please bring this back in a future update and I will definitely think 5 stars of this app        Bring back weight lift logging
I just joined PF and downloaded the app I just tried to create an account It says it cannot find me in the system I hope this gets rectified as it sounds like a great app if only it would work     Cant create an account
Love the clean look of the new app very simple to use Digital key tag is awesome and I like that it connects with my wearable so I can track my workouts in club and at home Would love to see digital key tag in passbook Keep up the good work PF                 Love it
I dont want to scroll through the apps on my phone to open this app and click on the card I want the card in PASSBOOK where its easily accessible on my iPhone and Apple Watch     STILL NO PASSBOOK
Worst app ever Does not work at all So glad I could give it zero stars     Why even try
The app will not recognize my bar code so according to it I dont exist     Worthless
Just updated my PF app and it completely wiped out my entire workout history On top of that theres no real way to track the different weight training exercises using the new update Am so not happy right now Guessing Ill go back to the old fashion method of tracking in a journal Thanks for nothing     Hate the new update
I wouldnt even bother wasting the time to download the app Itll just take up space on your phone that you can use for other things It wont let me sign into the count I already have It wont let me create a new account And it wont let me enter my account number So again fair warning dont bother with this useless uneventful app     Useless

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