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LinkedIn , brings LinkedIn with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. LinkedIn app has been update to version 5.0.7 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I love being able keep in contact with people I meet professionally..
  • Plus the design is outstanding compared to many other social networking apps..
  • Great Business Communication Tool..
  • Amazing update and user friendly features that truly work..
  • Business professionals social site with a very unique spin..

Overall Satisfactionc51
It manages very well within your profile editing and social interactions.
The developer is actually making this almost better than the website.
Thanks LinkedIn for making networking so easy and friendly.
Great job LinkedIn - you guys & gals are 10/10 in my book.
the new LinkedIn app is actually better than the desktop experience.
Better than the desktop but still weak.
App itself is improving greatly - love the new design and increased functionality.
I love the new interface for all the sections.
Fun & Engagingc46
I use linkedIn all the time and am happy this is available.
The new app is awesome.
New app is awesome.
This is an essential tool for networking in today's business world.
providing a simple way to communicate and stay informed.
It packs so many professionals and useful information in one spot.
Great app and very useful business tool.
This has become an indispensable tool to my business dealings.
Social Aspectsc71
Does the job and is a great way to keep in touch with business professionals.
Great way to stay in touch with colleagues and meet new professionals in different fields.
Linked in is a great way to stay connected with your professional contacts.
Best app and social media we could ever recommend.
lacks BASIC features that any social media app should include.
Plus the design is outstanding compared to many other social networking apps.
This is one of the worst social networking apps I've ever used.
Just great app to help you see and find new people.
You can't connect with new people.
Production Valuesc54
App works great and consistent with web interface.
snappy mobile interface for a great multi-platform networking tool.
Ease of Usec50
Makes it much easier to navigate through my accounts and associated contacts.
Difficult to navigate through groups and updates on companies and connections.
A social network for professionals made easier with a simple app.
Solid platform and easy interface with reliable messaging.
Security & Privacyc36
Easy app for connecting with people through your LinkedIn account.
Just need to include the privacy settings.
Updates & Supportc36
Great application for responding to messages and alerts on the go.
More like the web based version as far as capability.
Need iPad HD version.
and awesome customer service reps.

Love the new layout and functionality of the latest version. found in 10 reviews
Hoping I will land my dream job soon with this app. found in 8 reviews
The developer is actually making this almost better than the website. found in 42 reviews
Nice app that's gotten a great ux and visual refresh. found in 9 reviews
Invaluable tool for on-the-go professional research. found in 10 reviews
Must have for career minded people and friendly user interface. found in 13 reviews
Great way to stay in touch with colleagues and meet new professionals in different fields. found in 274 reviews
and how I keep tabs with what's happening work wise. found in 6 reviews
A real time savor that makes linked in more relevant. found in 7 reviews
Great and essential app for today's professional on the move. found in 5 reviews
Fouad Basyyoni
Great networking tool and a way to search for employment opportunities. found in 261 reviews
Deputy Vice President - Business Development Saudi Asma Environmental Solutions. found in 15 reviews
Love the interactivity and ability to stay in touch with colleagues. found in 14 reviews
I love the new UI that supports iOS 7. found in 9 reviews
Excellent app for professionals to network n enhance their career. found in 157 reviews
The UI is clean and intuitive for the most part. found in 7 reviews
Must have app for biz pros. found in 5 reviews
I love using it to follow industry news. found in 14 reviews
Does the job and is a great way to keep in touch with business professionals. found in 304 reviews
The mobile app only allows you to accept a connection request. found in 73 reviews
The search function is weak and there's no advanced search. found in 46 reviews
I can't accept a connection request using the LinkedIn app. found in 23 reviews
only complaint--doesn't have capabilities to view sent messages. found in 79 reviews
It would be great if you could edit your profile from the app. found in 34 reviews
I noticed that connection profile information is missing from the app. found in 52 reviews
This app needs more features: Ability to edit profile. found in 419 reviews
there's no ability to delete connections from this app. found in 21 reviews
Really confused as to why we're unable to edit our profile information. found in 18 reviews
Ability to edit profile. found in 419 reviews
Would like to see connectivity between LinkedIn emails and LinkedIn app. found in 48 reviews
Needs more functionality that is available on he website. found in 27 reviews
I'm dissatisfied that I can't update my profile trough the app. found in 114 reviews
Appears that you cannot search for groups or manage memberships. found in 31 reviews
but without ability to update profile really limits it's usefulness. found in 84 reviews
No profile editing makes it next to useless. found in 83 reviews
Example: This new app only supports the default invitation to connect. found in 26 reviews
Also the email links should launch directly into app. found in 27 reviews
I enjoy the app but its job search function is still limited. found in 17 reviews
This app needs more features:
Can't update/ edit my profile from the app. found in 178 reviews
There is no feature to view sent messages. found in 79 reviews
but actually is very limited compared to the website. found in 74 reviews
Clunky and buggy and missing profile editing. found in 83 reviews
UnAble to update profile or even at times do a search. found in 84 reviews
It asks if I want to download the app when I already have it. found in 151 reviews
It's pointless to install unless they announce a fix. found in 57 reviews
Data for new contacts /comments/shares on updates page is corrupt. found in 71 reviews
You can't search for jobs using the app thus rendering it useless. found in 156 reviews
For instance you can't view or act on new connection requests. found in 73 reviews
I cannot update my profile because features are unavailable. found in 114 reviews
And no ability to edit profile or full functionality. found in 419 reviews
How incredibly annoying your own connections new connections are displayed. found in 144 reviews
The IPhone version does not let you see who's viewed your profile. found in 59 reviews
This pretty much makes the app worthless for job hunting. found in 210 reviews
I don't trust anymore what is shown on the home screen. found in 69 reviews
Cannot search AND connect to people Stunningly bad. found in 63 reviews
it stays forever trying to open the mobile version of linked in. found in 65 reviews
instead the mobile web version of Linked In attempts to launch. found in 160 reviews

The LinkedIn is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new LinkedIn app version 5.0.7 has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about LinkedIn in LinkedIn`s Official Website :

LinkedIn for iPhone puts your professional network just a touch away. Walk into any interview or client meeting with the ability to look up the details and connect with over 75 million professionals worldwide. Get ...
Great app                 Great app
45 stars              Great Helpful
Great source of information and for professional connections                 Useful
More work is required in mobile application Unresponsive and freezes on iPhone Core application seems more tuned to desktop Navigation in mobile is slow and Mail is clunky and often needs to be sent twice to contacts        Mobile app is very weak
The app get access to your contacts on the phone by default and can force you into an dead end where the only way to get out is to click a continue button that result into sending out invitations to connect to everyone you ever emailed to from your phone     Too heavy handed
Im not sure how they have as many people as they do using this app Login is so slow and sometimes doesnt work at all Forgot password feature doesnt open just sits at a stagnant screen I could go on but I wont     Worst app ever
My Password will not go in on my phone now Plse fix this bug     Mobile fail
As a designer I must say the interface is impeccable However that being said you can NOT edit your LinkedIn profile via this iPad app Are you kidding If I need to download a different app just to edit my profile that is a fail     You cannot edit your profile
Great app but can you improve the message system I want to see all my messages like that onces that i sent not only the inbox That will be great              Great app
Keep up the great work                
Had to log in using a nonmobile device once to adjust my pic but everything besides that has gone swimmingly              Seems good so far
Best tool to connect                 Connectivity in the world of professional
I think the app has all I need for my linkedin uses              I never use the desktop version
The app is generally effective but often confusing The search functions are limited and comparison to the desktop Internet interface I do like that a message from my inbox opens the application Otherwise this is simply an average application           LinkedIn
An app that asks me to review it the first time I sent an email cant be that good Are you guys seriously low on self esteem that you the review so early Its like a girlfriend who wants to go exclusive after just 1 date     Really
Great online resume and networking tool                 Great if you network
It seems like every time I use the app they force me through the same garbage of trying to gather my connections and make me sign up for stuff I dont care about     Obnoxious
With the latest update its stuck on the Try Pulse teaser and no number of pressings of the No Thanks button will return me to the app Will be deleting it soon     Stuck on Pulse
Good stuff                 Great for networking
Links in emails to discussions in groups dont load Ever           Needs a little work
This app freezes every time I do not recommend getting this app     Bad app
I use this site weekly to check in and find it very useful                 Great site
Could be easier to navigate the app more intuitively layer out for easy access to all areas the app offers           App is OK but just as cumbersome as the Internet version
Needs an update asap Editing your profile causing constant crashing and no saved data           Crashing
Easy to use                 Good almost perfect
Full screen connect to a few new people popup every single app launch Horrible What sort of team releases garbage like that     Constant Popups
This app is a letdown for someone who expected the full functionality of the website on a mobile platform I actually prefer the website on my mobile device to using this app and feel I wasted time evaluating this app        App has basic functionality
I am seriously considering deleting this app and possibly my LinkedIn account all together Every time I log in or open the app I am prompted to sync my phone contacts with the app so they can have all the information of all the people in my phone How many times do I have to say no     Sync Contacts Off
All information found on the website is found in the app navigation is easy intuitive and all of the features messaging newsfeed etc are solid              Great App
Poorly designed some animations and segues just dont make sense Buggy Missing basic functionality     Awful
Works well in a field where connections can be all over the country and world Better for looking at potential partners for work than any other media Ive seen                 Useful for my field
As far as functionality the LinkedIn app lacks much in general functionality andor leaves a lot to be desired in terms of intuitively accessing different aspects of the network Rather than being a useful tool for accessing settings and updating your profile the app is clogged with lessthanimportant notifications and doesnt make it easy to see your own profile or interact with any groups you might be part of Id really like to see a major overhaul to this app To remain a major player in social media AND become a more credible job search portal the mobile version has to really improve its ease of use        Much to be desired
Give Franny a promotion                 LinkedIn is simply the best
For the past 3 months or so every time I login to the app Im offered a series of 5 or so options to expand my network NO I do not want to give you the email and contact of EVERY person in my contact list I made that mistake once years ago and am still paying for it Get the point I dont want to expand my network So stop asking     Disappointing
good app                 good app
Every time I boot the app it asks for my phone number I say not now it still asks for it the next time I boot the app the same day Really shamefully bad design from an app that proclaims its CEO a fervent user     Keeps asking for my phone number
My work life is increasingly intertwined with with my daily interaction on LinkedIn Indispensible                 The Indispensible Social Network
This helps to connect professionals in a way no other app does Coworkers collaborators potential candidates and job prospects are all here amongst other great tools at your fingertips              Great app
Overall pretty functional app and continues to get better Like the layout for the most part but wish the search function was more useful advanced search                 Killer app
its been great to me no issues what so ever                 great app
I find to be very difficult to use There seem to be things that are hidden there unattended Number one or number two shows And there is no way to clear up Very very confusing and service I assume     Linked in general
Excellent app for business professionals to network                 Sales Associate
Love it Good job No pun intended                 Great app
One app to rule them all           Dark lord
Love this app makes it easy to use                 Great app So user friendly
You ask for a review then you get a one start just for being annoying     Bad
As much as I enjoy LinkedIn and as appreciative as I am in terms of what I have gotten out of LinkedIn over the past 7 years I have to say that the app is sickening I cant begin to tell you how many times the app has crashed on me It seems to me that any updates to the app is typically cosmetic with no attention to the apps usability and function The app is extremely buggy and has been ever since I began using it Even after version updates as well as software updates the app continues to disappoint and has wasted a significant amount of my time trying to use the app and having the restart it What drives me nuts the most about the app is that when I try to use the full site version on a mobile device in order to avoid using the app at times when the app is acting horribly the app will continue to prompt me to sign in via the app when I am trying to by pass it I could list the present issues as well as past issues into a list that would be as long as my leg Maybe it is deliberate that the app functions so poorly since LinkedIn isnt trying to monetize it but whatever the case may be Linkedin seriously needs to do something about the apps product manager and or the developers responsible for the apps development Does LinkedIn even test the app before releasing updates If they do they seriously need to have someone who isnt so lazy because when I use the app I feel like I am using a product that a lazy person has been assigned too I dont have issues like these with any other app I have used EVER While I give LinkedIncom as a product and service a 10 I give the app a 10     Very unreliable
I agree with everyone else LinkedIn is not very functional it is difficult to navigate and even just to open as well as to reply to people who have endorsed me They also took away their best feature which was the card scanner I used all the time It is not my go to app thats for sure     Hard to use
No complaints                 Its good

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