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Compatible with iPad.

Description - Let`s create! Pottery HD

Infinite Dreams Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Plasma Globe ,Jelly Defense ,Sky Force 2014 ,Let`s Create! Pottery HD Lite ,Shoot The Zombirds ,Jelly Invaders), brings Let`s create! Pottery HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Let`s create! Pottery HD app has been update to version 1.33 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's so fun and it's a stress reliever..
  • sound effects and relaxing..
  • So relaxing and definitely gets the creative juices flowing..
  • Amazing game 5 Stars grate game all my time I'm playing..
  • There should be more color choices..

Overall Satisfactionc89
Amazing game 5 Stars grate game all my time I'm playing.
You destroyed an amazing game.
My whole family love love loves this app.
Maybe the devs would consider adding more levels All in all.
Wonderful game to test your creativity.
This is a wonderful game when it is not crashing.
more designs just saying But love creating Thanks.
I recommend this game for those who like to design.
Having hours of fun creating and love the new backgrounds.
Fun & Engagingc91
This is an awesome game it's so much fun Krmer123456789.
It's an extremely unique and relaxing game.
It is so fun to try and make customized items.
This is very addictive and fun.
it's hard to put the colors on and it'll be uneven.
I find that's it's very difficult to put it down sometimes.
I loooooooooooooooooove it its super fun.
Maybe the devs would consider adding more levels All in all.
I have this on my ipad and iPhone and play it all the time.
Buy everything kkkkk.
I've finished the game and bought everything possible.
Family Friendlyc94
My whole family love love loves this app.
Loved by both kids and adults in our house.
All in all a wonderful experience my entire family enjoys.
Replay Valuec94
Maybe the devs would consider adding more levels All in all.
It is creative and challenging.
and it never gets old.
well laid out app that has provided many hours of enjoyment.
This app will provide you with hours and hours of entertainment.
Such a relaxing yet challenging game.
Production Valuesc96
sound effects and relaxing.
Love the sound effects too.
Beautiful graphics /sounds.
Beautiful graphics.
The graphics are amazing.
Updates & Supportc75
I bought this app because I absolutely loved the lite version.
My full version has no more features than the lite version.
We downloaded the free version.

I love the creativity involved in this game. found in 4 reviews
This is an awesome game it's so much fun
So creative and loads of fun. found in 5 reviews
It's an extremely unique and relaxing game. found in 35 reviews
its so fun and a great time waster. found in 4 reviews
well laid out app that has provided many hours of enjoyment. found in 3 reviews
A great way to unwind after a physically or mentally challenging day. found in 5 reviews
my three other kids and husband all play this game. found in 12 reviews
Now I've seen the light thanks to pottery hd. found in 8 reviews
Really keeps you entertained and I lose all track of time. found in 4 reviews
This is a very interesting relaxing creative outlet. found in 11 reviews
and an interesting game to play. found in 7 reviews
Loved by both kids and adults in our house. found in 7 reviews
Krmer123456789. found in 40 reviews
Very creative and fun for all ages. found in 8 reviews
Rare perfection in a most wonderful creative game. found in 26 reviews
Even my 5 year old niece likes to sit down and make pottery:. found in 3 reviews
This is an absolute must have for any creative mind. found in 8 reviews
game in the world I never get bored playing angry birds. found in 3 reviews
My whole family love love loves this app. found in 15 reviews
I just wish there were more requests for pots. found in 5 reviews
Great game but needs updated challenges - I have finished them all. found in 4 reviews
Alas you can purchase new things for an additional $ amount. found in 5 reviews
Please Update new messages as quests. found in 3 reviews
Great potential but needs more. found in 1 reviews
Would be fun if it didn't crash constantly. found in 1 reviews
but overall fun. found in 1 reviews
but pls fix the bugs. found in 1 reviews
The game keeps crashing on me. found in 3 reviews
Wish there was a zoom feature or something. found in 3 reviews
but when I earn coins from selling my creations. found in 2 reviews
Locks up when I try to make in-app purchase. found in 1 reviews
What happened to Photo share capability w/ IOS 8. found in 10 reviews
I Gabby think that tis needs new content. found in 2 reviews
A few changes needed. found in 1 reviews
Great App But Could Be a LOT Better Minus "Freeze Ups". found in 1 reviews
I can't paint it or use any materials. found in 5 reviews
Even if you earn money to buy new items. found in 2 reviews
but I wish it had more orders. found in 5 reviews
nothing to decorate at all without more $. found in 5 reviews
New update still broken. found in 2 reviews
but a glorified matching game. found in 2 reviews
PLEASE add more CHALLENGES /POTS. found in 5 reviews
App crashes on iPad. found in 2 reviews
I can't purchase new brushes. found in 5 reviews
Fix it plz. found in 3 reviews
Good game but needs some update. found in 4 reviews
Once I am done creating I can't sell items. found in 3 reviews
Please add more quests and I'll change to 5 stars. found in 6 reviews

If you are iPad owner,you now can download Let`s create! Pottery HD for $1.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 73.1 MB to download. The new Let`s create! Pottery HD app version 1.33 has been updated on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Let`s create! Pottery HD check developer Infinite Dreams Inc.`s website : http://www.idreams.pl/Pottery

Update 1.20 is here Check the new brushes, quests and Game Center leaderboards "A must have app to help you relax." - Robin Rhys, AppAdvice Daily "You can be as fast or as slow as you want, ...
Easy to learn and improve skills making and decorating pots Look forward to new brushes colors and the ability to rotate shapes with future updates              relaxing fun
This app has helped me thus far get through a summer without clay Although Id like to see it a tiny bit more like the real deal difficulty wise Ex more centering wobbles or the pots having a risk of breaking this app is fantastic Super fun And allows you to explore crazy designs that just wouldnt be possible on a real wheel I love how detailed the clay is and how it moves so gently This is a beautifully put together piece of art that has kept me sane without my clay Thank you              Copping
Fun                 Fun
This game is perfect           Perfect
My whole family has this app We love it We cant wait to show one another our creations                 OMG
This app is so relaxing I love it                 Relaxing
Me and my friend love this game It is a very good game and totally worth the money Although it takes a long time to earn the coins and if you previously had the lite Version You cannot transfer the data to the 499 version Otherwise I love this game                 PLEASE READ
This game lets you be creative and have the life skill of manegment                 So epically awesome and so cool
This game is awesome I have 2 other friends that play it to So one of them told me to get it so I did and at first I thought it was going to be boring but after I got the hang of it it became my favorite game Thank you for reading my review                 The game review
I got this game was having a very enjoyable time with it Spent the extra money to buy the special features ThenBAMnot a week into the game it crashed Everything was lost and low and beholdwhen I tried to reinstall the pottery game it takes you right back to square one All the things I payed forGONE My money spentGONE Whomever is running this game I dont like the way you play SoAm I going to get my money back PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK DONT and I stress this DONT waist your money     DONT GET THIS
Good app Fun                 Good
Fun app and unleashes creativity Requesting more colors and brushes please Thank you              Fun
It screams for an update More brushes colors materials and for some odd reason I dont get the daily challenge anymore Here recently the portal website is down for past few days              The best game but
Super relaxing and fun Love to make random pots and see the results                 AWESOME
I love this game I am horrible at real pottery but I am awesome at this Makes me feel good about myself                 AWESOME
Almost as calming as working a real pottery wheel                 Fun and Calming
Very good Everything is so much fun There is many brushes that are really cool I just wish that in a year or two there is more fancy brushes                 Awesome
Great game and very addicting                 Cool game
I was making some Netherlands vase and it was a replica of something famous When I made the vase out looked exactly like it and I got THREE stars on each for the shape and color It looked much better than I expected and it said try again try again and it was so frustrating I just want to slam things downthree for me and Im giving a three for you           Look alike not
On some quests I get the pot shape exactly right but theres not even one star and I had to re download the app but I had the same problem every time Please fix this              Great game but
Love this game Very relaxing to be able to create any form of pottery I love the artistic component to spice up the looks The only thing I wish we could do is to free style the designs                 Very relaxing
I find this app very relaxing as well as satisfying in regards to creativity              Relaxing
Im an artist and would have thought it would be a waste of time to use an app to create pottery when I can make my own I have however found this app to be a useful tool to quickly experiment with form and design It is a bit pricey The price would be well justified if the shop included options for varying size the ability to combine multiple ornaments such as a lid spout and handle on a single piece an unlimited color library and the ability to upload images from photo cloud and camera With some of these options added I would definitely rate this a five star app              Lots of room for more features
I played the free version and needed to be able to get to more options for the designs So I just bought this version So far so good                 So far so good
Entertaining Very unique havent seen another app like this one Great to pass time or play before bedits relaxing                 Love this app
I had this game before and I had to pay for it again There was one simple change and I was charged the full price     Complain
This game is sooooo fun I play it so much I think it is so so so so worth 4 dollars I could say it was the best game ever Maybe the best game ever Well Im making so many vases I have really played for at least 4 hours Cups vases so much And Im 8 even my mom likes it GET IT PLEASE RATE IS 5 S TRUST ME IT IS AMAZING                 I LOVE THIS GAME
It is very calming really enjoy playing                 Lets create pottery
I wish you didnt have to buy the full version              I love this but
Such a cool app lite or full version They are both very fun                 Groundhog three rtf
Its the best game with amazing ways to create                 Pottery more like my pottery persanallaty
I played the lite version and loved it I just got the full version and I cannot wait to make pottery                 Addictive
You make pottery as part of quest You cant just get in and build cool pottery without winning coins and buying paints and other items It needs a creative mode where you get access to everything so you can just create for fun     Discriminates
This is my favorite game ever my highet is 600                 Best game ever
i seriously love this game and Ive become addicted to it but I just got a letter on the game saying that I had finished all the quests and for me to stay tuned for future updates Ive only been playing for 3 weeks at the most and I think since I paid 5 for this app I shouldnt ever run out of quests its crazy HUGE letdown and honestly I love this game but now its not worth my money           SO FUN but a let down
I was so excited to see this on the new apps list I got it on the original iPad eons ago Loved it then and actually excited about starting it over again I love the simplicity of it the email orders the fun of it Love how you have to EARN in app purchases now Unless Ive read the info wrong But I guess Ill find out Still love it                 So great
I love the app but I hate how you have to pay more money to get the premium packages I feel like since I paid 499 I should get all of the colors and brushes available to the game This app is money hungry which is not something I like especially when I already purchased the app           Love the App BUT
This game is so fun                 Awesome
outstanding programming and design My kids deleted most of the other games for this It will bring out creativity in all of us Should be the app of the year                 Something very meaningful
Beautiful designs for pottery I am able to made extremely beautiful pottery designs using this game Awesome Highly recommend                 Great game
This app is really fun for all ages and it doesnt force you to pay to do well                 Great App
This game is great for releasing your inner artist and killing time in waiting rooms              Fun for killing time
Best app iv ever played I showed this to a lot of people and now theyre all addicted to making vases and pots and sculptors WORTH THE MONEY 100                 Amazing
Ive played with this for several years Unfortunately when I changed or updated devices it wiped the slate clean and I had to start from scratch But as I havent played in months and I have the time here I go This gives SO many possibilities Love it                 SO FUN
This is soooo much better than the light version Peace Out                 Sooooo Fun
Needs to let you buy the colors that you need Do what you want it to do     HorribleGame
Good fun interesting creative outlet well done in some respects Bad tried the LITE version 1st Bought paints brushes Liked it Bought the full version thinking there would be a ton of paints brushes already included for my 5 and that the ones I had purchased would transfer over to the paid version Not so Paid 5 and still didnt get any materials Also had to rebuy with earned coins all that I had prev bought as well as new brushes paints Seems like bad business to me Oh and then when you make enough pots to reach Premium level and think youre paying for a new set of brushes or colors youre not Youre just adding them to your list of things that you can buy with your earned dollarsIf the app wasnt such creative fun I would have given one star I would prefer getting something for what I pay for not having to wait and earn dollars to pay for them again I spend way too much time making pots so I can buy new tools Please I have a job and dont need to spend so much time on a game no matter how much fun it might be You need a version that costs 999 and has everything already there Also the 499 version should have a few basic tools and colors provided from the beginning           The Good The Bad
I love this game Its great But then the game had me make a colorful pot When I finished it looked just like the picture But when I sent it they sent it back saying Were looking for something else I tried 3 times And they sent it back So annoying              Awesome but
This app would be so much better if u could write back to ur customers              Ok

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