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doapp, inc , the publisher behind many iOS app (Justin Bieber all in one ,Buffalo News ,KVUE NEWS ,KHOU 11 ,Punch-O-Meter ,KGW News), brings KHOU 11 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. KHOU 11 app has been update to version 4.1.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • the best online news channel in the Houston area..
  • Great news coverage and great User Interface..
  • works great and easy to post news articles to Facebook..
  • Provides many useful information in a convenient location..
  • Rely on the weather report every day..

Overall Satisfactionc79
Much better coverage delivered more quickly than other local news apps.
I use this app daily to keep updated on Houston news.
Love the hour by hour weather breakdown.
Truly the best reporters always up to the min.
Love the content and weather updates.
The weather radar is sooo much better than the Weather Channel App.
I love the notifications.
Fun & Engagingc88
especially because I'm on the run all the time.
Awesomely helpful.
Awesome reporting.
Enjoy getting up to date news sports and weather.
Keeps me informed about weather and current news.
insightful and keeps me up to date on the latest local and national news.
Very good and helpfull.
Covers everything.
Here is everything you need in one place.
Check in every day.
Ease of Usec100
Ads not Intrusivec14
Updates & Supportc35
Way better than previous version.

Thanks for keeping me up to date. found in 2 reviews
I use it as my initial go to news source. found in 7 reviews
I love having an up to date local weather radar quickly available. found in 21 reviews
I also love being kept up to the minute news with my alerts. found in 11 reviews
More accurate than my iPhone weather app for sure. found in 10 reviews
I use this app daily to keep updated on Houston news. found in 23 reviews
This is my go to app for weather and traffic. found in 3 reviews
national or international ---I read it on KHOU news app. found in 12 reviews
Much better coverage delivered more quickly than other local news apps. found in 41 reviews
I think everybody should have this app. found in 3 reviews
Always keep me updated on local and national news. found in 6 reviews
This is my preferred app for Houston and world news. found in 7 reviews
Love the hour by hour weather breakdown. found in 3 reviews
I appreciate getting important news and weather updates quickly. found in 9 reviews
Lately though the app takes too long to open up. found in 7 reviews
Love hate relationship with this app. found in 2 reviews
Biggest problem is it takes so long to load. found in 15 reviews
Bad if there is severe weather you're trying to watch. found in 2 reviews
Would give 5 stars if alerts took you straight to the story. found in 31 reviews
but 1 too many push notifications. found in 8 reviews
Why does push notifications does not take us straight to the story. found in 31 reviews
But when you click on the alert it doesn't take you to the story :. found in 31 reviews
Pls fix this so I don't hv to delete my app. found in 6 reviews
Easy to use but really bad about typos and grammar errors. found in 1 reviews
Then it is very difficult to find the story sometimes. found in 26 reviews
You have to hunt for it once the app opens. found in 12 reviews
please stop moving the tile it's on around. found in 1 reviews
it's nowhere to be found. found in 10 reviews
the alerts are useless. found in 5 reviews
I open the app and have to search for the story /breaking news. found in 7 reviews
When you get an alert is nowhere to be found. found in 10 reviews
but you cannot find the story to get all the info. found in 26 reviews
and then
The website fails to load about one third of the time. found in 15 reviews
1: Selecting a notification doesn't take you to the story. found in 31 reviews
Alerts are useless without being able to click for more information. found in 5 reviews
Push Notifications are Useless. found in 8 reviews
I can not tap to open an article. found in 7 reviews
If I wanted to read spam. found in 4 reviews
If it doesn't get better soon going to delete. found in 6 reviews

The KHOU 11 is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 2.3 MB to download. The new KHOU 11 app version 4.1.6 has been updated on 2014-11-30. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about KHOU 11 check developer doapp, inc`s website :

Stay on top of all the latest news, weather, sports and traffic with the free KHOU 11 News application. The KHOU 11 News application provides comprehensive, award-winning coverage of local, national and world news. You ll ...
Awesome My first choice for local news on IPhone IPad                 Sales Rep
I will rate 5 stars if you will bring back the hurricane category especially since its hurricane season It might be covered in another category but I would like to see it as its own              Hurricane category
Tells me news                 Good
Great app Love the news and live videos                 KHOU
Lublublublub it                 Nice yall
Love this app The alerts keep me in touch with significant events throughout the day                 Great app
There isnt a better app for regional weather radar than this one                 Best part of this app is KHOUs Radars
Great app Updates are on time and weather information becomes useful                 Nice app
This app has all the Houston news weather and information you need in one place It covers the area better than anything else I have seen                 Great
Aug 21 2015 App stopped working on 82015 iPhone 6 Plus iOS 841 Error loading content The operation couldnt be completed Cocoa error 3840 Sep 27 2011 You can update from 31 to 311 it will delete the old app load the new app on your phone with sync You still have the notice that the app has an update If you do the update again you will now be deleting 31 again Looks like they forgot to change the version number from within the app so it continually calls for an update Oops     app stopped working on iPhone 6 iOS 841
Great app Can keep up with traffic weather AND sports                 News for Houston
News all the time enjoy it Never missed any information news all day all the time                 Informative
Love the app keeps me in touch when I am away from Houston                 Great on the go
Faster more comprehensive better reporting Overall an excellent source                 Much better than channel 2
Good weather radar local news and items of interest                 Local Go To App
You manage to get the ads to play ok but the videos of the news stories often go to black freeze up the app Very disappointing app        Get the videos fixed
Good layout with easy navigation                 Great app
First go to app of the day Before coffee even keeps me informed love the alerts throughout the day                 KHOU
Having to reinstall this app again The screen went black again How about sending out an update for this app        Best News But
1 best news in Houston                 App
The only news app you need The best                 Love it
Love it                 Very helpful with weather doppler
Very good I use almost every day in the morning to check weather and traffic and of course the news                 Very good app
Please where can I pay 99 to get rid of the ads If I wanted to read spam I would read the junk mail that comes to me through the post office     Ad Removal Instructions
Great app                 Review
I enjoy getting info quickly that affects Houston where I live and global information that affects me Thus app is easy to use I like it                 Its a quick way to get informed
After watching a 30 second ad the actual video never loads so you have to force close the app and try again which sometimes doesnt work so you watched 2 ads and still didnt see the video     Videos dont work
Great app for Houston news              Great App
This is the best news app in Houston                 Best app ever
I love this app Works well all the time Have never experienced any problems Always seems up to date and timely Love the radar for the weather section to see approaching storms Again a truly wonderful app                 Great App
They have fixed bugs and the app is more reliable I like the weather part although Im not sure why Ft Bend Co is so far over on the list for radar              Has improved
Loved the channel 11 news You get everything of the news weather sports and alerts                 Always Good News
Love it Always accurate and up to date                 Great news app
This App is awesome It provides local state national and world news KHOU keeps me in The Know Wether its F4 Tornadoes in North Texas a Category 3 Hurricane entering the Gulf Coast Region or a Combat Zone with US Forces in the Middle East KHOU has a team deployed to get news for us                 KHOU News App
Great online news Keeps me up to date with local and other news Balanced journalism                 KHOU 11
This is my favorite local news app The only and major issue is that the videos on local news items will play but the videos on national and international news items will just go black and never play The app will no longer respond at this point To continue using the app it must be closed and reopened This has been the case for many months maybe over a year and Im surprised it has not been fixed           Fav News AppSome Vids Black Out
Because it constantly nags you to review it You want my review You really want my review Hows that one star suit you Leave me alone pinheads     Bites the Big One
It covers Houston very well                 Best news app for Houstonians
I am out of town frequently and I enjoy getting local news update and alerts Great app                 Great app
Videos take forever to load Seems like there is no support available        Disaster UPDATE
Honestly I use the KHOU app for so much I love breaking news and trafficweather alerts and wherever I am I can always use my KHOU weather app or traffic app to get appropriate GPS related information so far I have used it as far west as Vegas and east to Tampa Florida Thanks KHOU for really making a dynamic impact with this app KHOU Stands for Houston and beyond                 KHOU App is goto App for me
I really like this app I hate the Chron app That is all                 Goto app for Houston news
No problems and need minor tweaking I use it faithfully              Works well
Great App                 Great App
So far it provides great highlights of news events and Texans games Traffic status more to come I had being using it for weather updates and is being great The times the weather forecast fail is being an all around failure for all of them I deleted all my other weather apps this is good enough              Good highlight bad Weather warnings
Great app love it                 News
I love having the news apps because of the alerts at my fingertips                 Gggreat
I love the fact that I dont have to wait to see tv for the news                 Its the best
Most videos dont play They somehow are able to get the advertisement videos to stream however The videos they link that are not from KHOU11 only provide you with a black screen that will then require you to shut the app down Either fix the glitch or stop trying to provide videos that are not from KHOU11        Most Videos Dont Play
I downloaded multiple Houston apps to my new iPhone 6 plus Others got deleted This one stayed News weather sports traffic No bugs or crashes it just works I rarely watch TV I often check out this app Thanks for making it available                 Live in Houston Get this

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