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Ludia , the publisher behind many iOS games (Press Your Luck â„¢ HD ,Family Feudâ„¢ HD ,Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?® & Friends Free ,Hollywood Squares™ HD - The Game ,The Price is Right™ Decades ,Betty Boop™ Slots), brings Jurassic Park™ Builder with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Jurassic Park™ Builder games has been update to version 1.1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Very fun and addicting should have weekend specials for market place..
  • Good time passer wish it had land scaping tools..
  • Could use more genuine Jurassic Park sound effects..
  • It is very awesome super fun absolutely love this game..
  • This game is easy comprehensive and mor fun then tap zoo..

Overall Satisfactionc79
If you love the Jurassic Park trilogy the you'll love playing this game.
Had fun playing this game until it stopped letting me login.
Amazing game easily playable very addicted lol thanks.
It would be a amazing game if it dident crash constantly.
Other than that this is one of my favorite games of all time.
It used to be one of my favorite games until this began.
I love dinosaurs I'm glad I found this game.
I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys play tycoon style games.
recommend this game until they resolve their issues.
I want more dinosaur types and ability to rebuild jungle.
you cant upgrade the habitats to have more dinos.
I love the movies so this game is totally awesome.
If you like Jurassic park your going to love this game.
Fun & Engagingc85
Awesome game for those who enjoy building parks.
You had an awesome game going and you ruined it.
Very fun and addicting should have weekend specials for market place.
It is very awesome super fun absolutely love this game.
Very fun game very addicting also bit expensive need better graphics.
I love this game very hard to put down.
Dinosaurs and a very fun free game equates to time good spent.
overlooked the bombarding of ads due to a free game.
I want more dinosaur types and ability to rebuild jungle.
you cant upgrade the habitats to have more dinos.
Pretty much a flawless tycoon game that's tons of fun.
This game was tons of fun till all my dinosaurs disappeared.
This game is great - other than how much everything costs.
It's fun but everything costs so much money.
This is one amazing game I play it every day it ROCKS.
Everything takes forever to complete.
Family Friendlyc92
fun easy and entertaining for the whole family to enjoy.
This game is loads of fun for the whole family.
Value for Moneyc48
I wish you could advance faster without having to spend real money.
Great that there's a game you can play without spending money.
but almost impossible for anybody to get without spending real money.
seem MUCH easier to come by without having to pay real money.
you are forced to pay real money in order to progress.
Replay Valuec63
Not many new things to buy in higher levels.
We will see how it works at higher levels.
I hate how expensive everything gets at higher levels.
Gets boring and expensive quicker than Farm Story.
There is always something to buy so it never gets old.
This game is simply amazing and never gets old.
Several updates including new levels keep interests.
Thanks for new updates a new levels.
No new levels.
But other than that the game is fun and challenging.
This game is really fun and challenging.
Social Aspectsc67
Social aspect has many bugs that need to be fixed.
have more dinosaurs and play with friends with out connecting with facebook.
Play with friends and see who can create the best looking park.
Production Valuesc86
Could use more genuine Jurassic Park sound effects.
Love this game great way to celebrate universal 100th anniversary.
Awesome graphics and addicting gameplay for any Jurassic park lover.
awesome graphics but this one failed me.
Ease of Usec78
Simple game that's addicting.
Simple game not much to it.
There's no sound in my game please fix it.
Security & Privacyc38
My guest account has over 30 dinosaurs.
" Well I wen't into my privacy settings and went to Facebook.
Updates & Supportc30
I love this game and the customer service.
Thank you to the customer service team.
I recently downloaded the new update for the game.

It's fun to relive old childhood memories thru an interactive game. found in 11 reviews
This is one of the best city builder games to date. found in 10 reviews
Interesting game not based on shooting and killing. found in 34 reviews
Perfect "zoo tycoon" type game combined with a movie series. found in 11 reviews
have more dinosaurs and play with friends with out connecting with facebook. found in 10 reviews
A great time killer all ways keeps you going. found in 108 reviews
My grandson loves to watch and learn about the Dino's. found in 12 reviews
Makes me feel like a kid again back at the arcades. found in 9 reviews
But Jurassic Park builder is 10 times better than Farmville. found in 9 reviews
All in all this is a very nice game. found in 23 reviews
This is a awesome game and great Time consumer. found in 9 reviews
Super addicting and beautiful graphics. found in 16 reviews
Very fun addicting game reminds me of the old Xbox game. found in 11 reviews
Its fun and easily addictive :p brings me back to my childhood. found in 18 reviews
It brings back memories and the attention to detail is fantastic. found in 41 reviews
This game is boss I love it do much it's so fun. found in 3 reviews
The game crashes within 30sec - a minute after loading. found in 171 reviews
Solid game but crashes occasionally when trying to open the game. found in 55 reviews
because every game wants you to purchase fake money or food. found in 28 reviews
Fails to login now every time since running the update. found in 279 reviews
I still can't activate the harbors after the update - very disappointing. found in 31 reviews
Game gets boring when u can't get TRex. found in 34 reviews
Awesome game except you have to purchase the TRex. found in 40 reviews
The lesson here: connect to Facebook before you start playing. found in 169 reviews
Can't connect to server sometimes and can't open my glacier park. found in 98 reviews
Always getting the same error " failed to connect " or something like that. found in 110 reviews
After that I stopped playing and my life was so boring. found in 38 reviews
Game is good and overall fun to waste time on but seriously. found in 88 reviews
every time you people do new upgrade the dam game doesn't work. found in 58 reviews
This game has become way way to greedy to play anymore. found in 38 reviews
but every time I try to access the aquatic area the game completely crashes. found in 71 reviews
It crashes every time i try to visit a friend's island. found in 78 reviews
Slow advancement unless u are willing to spend big money. found in 19 reviews
the game freezes and crashes the Facebook app. found in 54 reviews
The Facebook login is totally dependent on a data connection. found in 84 reviews
But 3 stars only because you cant play your own music. found in 31 reviews
Pretty lame you'd force people to spend real money to advance. found in 208 reviews
I updated the game but still get the update coming soon. found in 204 reviews
Gives me login fails every other time I try to login. found in 279 reviews
Game crashes or refuses to connect through Facebook. found in 171 reviews
but every time I go to log in it can't connect to server. found in 98 reviews
You can't progress anywhere without the need to spend real money. found in 700 reviews
I really enjoyed this game until about level 10. found in 147 reviews
The battle arena is a truly horrible addition. found in 223 reviews
my game keeps crashing at the login when it says it's loading. found in 105 reviews
but almost impossible for anybody to get without spending real money. found in 122 reviews
Most recently the update wot let it connect to Facebook at all. found in 169 reviews
This choice alone caused me to quit my water park. found in 89 reviews
you are forced to pay real money in order to progress. found in 93 reviews
The code red is boring prefer the underwater expedition. found in 290 reviews
Had fun playing this game until it stopped letting me login. found in 333 reviews
There are literally things you CANNOT do or accomplish without spending real money. found in 87 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Jurassic Park™ Builder for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 73.7 MB to download. The new Jurassic Park™ Builder app version 1.1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-03. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Jurassic Park™ Builder in Ludia`s Official Website : http://www.ludia.com

Welcome to YOUR Jurassic Park Based on the ground breaking film franchise Jurassic Park, experience your own thrilling interactive journey on the mysterious Isla Nublar Here`s your chance to build your own Jurassic Park from the ground ...
I love the game for sure but I couldnt get into battle mode I mean I can get to the levels pick my Dino then I click battle and it says restart game Ive tried it multiple times but it still doesnt work              Awsome game but I cant get into battle mode
This is fun           Not bad Pretty good app
It said its not compatible with my iPhone 4s what the heck     Wow
Whenever you accidentally press share reward when you beat a new lvl in battle mode with your best Dino that takes a day to regenerate you cant get your reward and you lose all your teeth and your Dino cant even be used again Also evolving takes way to many times to do and just wastes so much time it would be better to just up the price and make it much more likely to work        There are some things that need to be fixed
Change the evolving to where it isnt so expensive and it takes 50 tries to get to all 10 I think it should be a flat fee and you get so many XP points Its very annoying when you save up 150000 coins and then you drop 140000 of that on an evolvement              Evolving
The game is great but it crashes when I load it so it takes a couple tries to load and I cant go to the battle arena which stinks because I cant use fangs in tournaments and fangs help but other than thatand the prices for bucksits a fun game and save bucks           Good but
The game is amazing I was doing great with the Dinos but one time I keep login out im trying to fix the problembut I dont know how to fix it but I will keep on trying until I fix the problem and start playing again        Its amazingbut
I am constantly on my iPhone checking this game every 5 minutes and I love it soooooooooo much its a great game to play and I think you guys should get it I know youll love it                 A REALLY ADDICTIVE GAME in a good way
bring your wallet or lots of time Everything stops when your not playing You only collect gold when your online and you need gold to but things like food No good for immediate gratification     Cash grab
Game itself can be fun but since last update it no longer gives any credits when watching videos or when winning battlestournaments So whats the point of playing if you cant get the rewards anymore        Does not give credits anymore
Ok Im just going to cut this short for u so okthis is a rlly awesome app and I suggest getting it right now Theres only one thing that I would changewhen u buy something I think there should be a storage so like once u buy something u dont have to immediately use the item have to move it around a million times or sell it Thats the only thing wrong with it by the way if u get this app which u should by a ton of sabertooth diners it rlly actually helps with coins trust me I have over 100000 coinsGOOD LUCK WITH UR PARK or if ur not getting the app                 READ THIS REVEIW
Constant annoying pop ups Game struggles to keep up with action Wants to share everything on facebook Not worth the trouble        Popup city
This game gets boring because all u do is bite scratch or whatever and you can not even see when those mentioned actions happen They bite or fight from far away For your game to be more succesful we need to have real creatures fight in that game THANK YOU     THIS GAME REALLY NEEDS AN UPDATE
Surprise They have added more missions and the levels are higher So Im very happy I have a small problem one of the missions require me to move a dinosaur whos called a Toujiangosaurus I dont seem to have this dinosaur In order for me to finish the mission I cant find it Please help me figure out this problem Thank you     Jurassic park builder
Now first the carchorasaur can you make it less cute and when you go in battle it doesnt let me fight and can you add more Dinosaurs and can you give an option to have your own name and person that they can look like Thank you              Bugs needing to go
One I want Ludia if reading to be able to get close up whith the Dinos thats all I want other wise great game                 Add in more stuff Jurassic world has
I havent been playing this for long For instance i got this in January and i already think it is one of the best games                 GET THIS APP
If you like the movies you will most likely like the game                 Good Game
This game is one of my favorite games for the iPhone                 Amazing Game
This is the best game ever I love battling with my Dinosaurs it is awesome                 I love Jurassic park
My iPod is amazing but I cant believe that thae through it out so a star              I cant play it on my iPod
The aquatic part of Jurassic park keeps lagging out and wont open is it a glitch or something Because if it is please fix it              Whats wrong with the aquatic part
Just amazing Its a must play                 Wow
If its addictive to me then usually that means its pretty good I like the fact that you dont need bucks to build your park Fairly good graphics a wider spread of kinds of Dinos not a needy game My advice make the vr levels a tiny bit easier please                 This is so addictive Dis2020
This is an AMAZING GAME and Im not lying But there are a few problems 1This game needs to have the graphics of Jurassic World no childish stuff 2 Make the dinosaurs look more realistic They look like a kid trying to make modern day animals And 3 Can you please make aquatic and glacier a lower level It would be nice that way I could finally have JurassicAquaand Glacier Thats it and please do these 3 things                 GREAT GAME But
He says he likes it because its animated                 My son loves this game
It is a great app                 Awesome
I love this game but recent updates wont allow it to load It gets to waiting for Facebook and freezes there I deleted it and re downloaded still not working fix this please     Games not loading facebook
Make the graphics like Jurassic world the game                 Good game
It is really awesome                 Cool
Great concept very repetitive Constantly crashes Dont waste your time     Horribly Unstable
This is a great game my son and I play it together a lot But the research and evolution take way too many coins to complete If that was shorter a definite 5 star rating Just evolved my Gallimus17500 per try flippin 24 misses and 10 hits 34 total tries equals almost 600000 for one dinosaur Stupid And its not even on par with TRex or other all star Dinos           Great game
This game is awesome but you know what would make it even betterA NEW DINO Its hugeits terrifyingits the Indominus RexIt would be so cool in the gameMake it more powerful than the TRex with 10000 health 5000 attack pointsand do the spinosaur pose with the Indominus roardont add it in the DNA Tourament make a hybrid lab in the visitor center so you can make hybrids with a lvl 40 tRex and velociraptorMake it a gold                 New Dino Add
I love this game but today when I bought come dinasours and put it down literally right after the game said I need to restart the game and I did but now the Compys are gone and my money before buying them is gone Now I hate this game but I still love it                 Freakin Compys
This game is very fun and I love the battle part of the game but for some reason I cant battle it said check your connection and my connection is fine help           Cant battle
Lydia u o me so much money Ive lost probably about 1000 Dino dollars cause the game is broken and I have actually lost real money too like well over 100                 Really
A Very Fun Game                 Very Fun
Love this game my Raptors and other dinosaurs look so awesome and the battles and tournaments are awesome                 Jurassic Park
One of the best games I have ever played however I am docking 1 star because of the inaccuracies with my favorite dinosaur spinosaurus It ate fish and walked on four legs              Amazing
Good game I do not like that you have to be lv20 to Get the water park              Good
Ive been play this game since it was released Ive never really any major issues with the game until 3 days ago My game crashes upon login I sent a support ticket in and havent heard a thing back yet I posted to their facebook asking if I could get help was told it will take up to 5 business days to get helped Im sorry but 5 days to address a problem with their app is ridiculous If you want to just have the app on your device so it looks pretty I say get it But if you want to play it be prepared to wait a long time to get support help     5 business days to address a support ticket
I would give it 5 stars but recently had massive pop up add interference Also when getting the DNA after tournament Freezes During tournaments sometimes get disconnected or force restart This cost dollars to play and your Dinosaur energy You do not get this back if app freezes If the hiccups were fixed it would definitely be a 5 star game in my opinion              Great Game
Why doe it need wifi In the tournament not even fighting real people Their bots with pictures The game need wifi The game will be 5 stars if you fixed it I spent almost hundred bucks doing tournaments and lost connection in the middle of the first round Please can you at least give me my bucks back and make the game not need wifi        Why does it need wifi
Every time I try to hit the Facebook login button the app closes on me Every single time Its irritating me and makes me want to delete the game and give up on it entirely     I cant log in
Love this game                 Very addictive
Total scam to make u pay for things slow freezes all the time on multiple platforms its the worst game Ive ever felt with total crooks and impossible gameplay     Complete trash
I loved this game so much but with the past update all of my progress was lost I was up to almost level 65 and so many of the creatures had special memories to me and now theyre gone I had read that this could happen with updates and this game and I kept thinking it would now I guess its time to free up a few MBs of data on my phone Pretty bummed out about this and of course theyll never fix it This problem is in the minority so it doesnt matter to a large corporation Maybe Ill try it again in the future but far from now and the possibility of this loss happening again is a bit much for someone who has a lot of trouble sustaining interest and cares in something Ahhhh imrllysadnow     A years worth of work lost instantly
It is a great game indeed although it had its cons once all battle stages are beat there is no more new stages it only goes up to 50 I would like to see battle for aquatic and Atlantic parks as well Some new dinosaurs would be great too perhaps the indominous Rex           Pros and cons
Love your game but just want to let you know that your dinos are too small in their pens The triceratops is the only one that is a good size Please do something to fix this Thanks Boo ere              Jurassic Park
Why only through FB But game is great a lil expensive worth it But why only through loser book Oops I mean Facebook     ONLY THROUGH FACEBOOK Really

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