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TeamLava , the publisher behind many iOS games (Pet Shop Story: Valentine`s Day ,Home Design Story: Halloween ,Pet Shop Story™ ,Monster Story™ ,Restaurant Story: World Games ,Bakery Story™), brings Jewel Mania™ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Jewel Mania™ games has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • this is an awesome brain exercise when I'm bored..
  • Great way to wake up in the morning..
  • Great time passer & challenging when you get to higher levels..
  • This is a great thinking game with great sound effects..
  • Each level brings a whole new set of challenging puzzles..

Overall Satisfactionc88
Love playing this game although wish life was replenished faster.
Love playing this game but it stole money from me.
This is one of my favorite games and I am always playing it.
I play but it is my least favorite game.
I love puzzle games and I love Jewels so I'm in heaven.
it's like all the other match 3 puzzle games but worst.
However super addictive and way better than bejeweled blitz.
it would be way better than bejeweled.
It is wonderful game I have ever enjoyed in my life.
Seriously amazing game that is incredibly challenging without being overly frustrating.
I definitely recommend this game for some entertaining when your bored.
I don't recommend this game to anyone until they fix the problems.
Fun & Engagingc89
Very addictive the further you progress with it.
very addictive but cannot go past level 91.
Ayyyyyy awesome game keeps me entertained for hours.
A quick fun and challenging game that starts right where you left off.
Super fun game I can see a new classic.
Very fun game and my family enjoys to play it.
Having loads of fun with the endless levels of bubble popping.
Keeps getting more challenging and totally addictive.
This game is an excellent stress reliever and tons of fun.
I luv this game so addictive I play everyday.
One of my favorite games to play everyday.
It's like the 2nd favorite one I have to play EVERY DAY.
Fun and makes me wanna play every day.
Family Friendlyc88
It's fun and challenging and good for the whole family.
Game is fun and not too hard for the whole family.
Great kids game.
This is a fun and challenging game for both kids and adults.
Great for eye/hand coordination for both kids and adults.
Value for Moneyc53
I haven't had to spend money to continue thru the levels.
but annoying and frustrating enough to make you want to spend money.
Like I can play and move levels without spending money.
You CAN NOT beat this level without spending money.
Replay Valuec78
A quick fun and challenging game that starts right where you left off.
Great game very challenging the higher levels u get.
Don't like that the higher levels are just about impossible.
However it's easy to accidentally use booster and also to play.
Very fun and challenging game - especially upper levels.
The pause doesn't work effectively in upper levels.
Very challenging and addictive love this game.
and never gets old.
The people complaining that it's too hard are winers.
It's too hard later omit requires u think fast.
Production Valuesc91
This is a great thinking game with great sound effects.
Really enjoy it and like the sound effects.
Love the cute graphics and different levels of difficulty.
this game has more variety and has very cute graphics.
Ease of Usec50
However it's easy to accidentally use booster and also to play.
Too easy to lose gold when pressing the continue button by reflex.
I don't want extra moves nor to lose my gold bars.
Too big and too easy to hit by accident.
Starts out easy then becomes more challenging.
simple game :D.
This game starts off easy and then gets really challenging.
Ads not Intrusivec63
Great game annoying ads and rate.
Updates & Supportc21

I love playing this game of hand eye coordination and speed. found in 15 reviews
Very fun game and my family enjoys to play it. found in 195 reviews
Passes the time and is more user friendly than other similar games. found in 42 reviews
Super fun game I can see a new classic. found in 273 reviews
You can get totally hooked after a few rounds. found in 34 reviews
Nice relaxing game to challenge my brain and coordination skills. found in 35 reviews
One of the better jewel games I have ever played. found in 189 reviews
Great time killer and entertainment whilst taking a duece. found in 70 reviews
This is a very fun game and very additive. found in 27 reviews
interesting game its like a gem bersion of candy crush. found in 44 reviews
This game is challenging and fun for all ages. found in 32 reviews
Very nice game I enjoyed this game thank you. found in 71 reviews
This game is an excellent stress reliever and tons of fun. found in 65 reviews
Play enjoying it a lot. found in 13 reviews
It really keeps you on your toes while trying to clear each board. found in 18 reviews
One of the most mind challenging games that I have. found in 9 reviews
Very funny game to
Ayyyyyy awesome game keeps me entertained for hours. found in 749 reviews
Fun game gives bonus to dragon story and monster story. found in 15 reviews
This is a fun and challenging game for both kids and adults. found in 11 reviews
Love the fast pace and different venues. found in 41 reviews
difficult if not impossible to win unless you buy additional points. found in 29 reviews
Game crashes and gold goes missing when I go back. found in 49 reviews
Don't like waiting for time unless you buy extras. found in 36 reviews
I wish there was more opportunities to EARN gold bars. found in 115 reviews
And i hate how long it takes for just one energy to be given. found in 16 reviews
I just wish the energy would recharge a little faster. found in 59 reviews
Like the game but hate waiting for energy to play. found in 332 reviews
It's a good way to waste a bit of the day. found in 73 reviews
Very fun and addictive but hard to earn gold without money. found in 449 reviews
I refuse to pay money for anything so I can win. found in 31 reviews
Great game except timed games with doom gems. found in 64 reviews
and you don't need to spend money to still win and have fun. found in 292 reviews
There needs to be a " confirm purchase " option. found in 116 reviews
frustrating at times but I keep working on completing the levels. found in 37 reviews
Love this game but it keeps crashing in the middle of the game. found in 21 reviews
Totally addicted - wish you didn't have to wait so long for power. found in 160 reviews
They make it not fun to play anymore. found in 36 reviews
Very fun but wish I could play more than 5 x's. found in 48 reviews
Great game wish you could earn more lives & gems didn't cost so much. found in 27 reviews
Would be five stars but energy takes to long to play again. found in 98 reviews
Not only that but sick of games requiring energy to play. found in 121 reviews
but forgettable waiting for energy to come back. found in 332 reviews
but takes too long to reload lives. found in 136 reviews
Would probably play more if it didn't take so long to recharge. found in 339 reviews
Gold bars needed to buy power ups are way too expensive. found in 275 reviews
but annoying and frustrating enough to make you want to spend money. found in 292 reviews
Really shady when your gold bars disappear randomly. found in 468 reviews
Like playing but takes way too long for energy to refill. found in 758 reviews
My biggest issue is that energy takes too long to refill. found in 98 reviews
The amount of time it takes for energy to reload is ridiculous though. found in 136 reviews
I hate that it takes an hour to load +1 energy. found in 82 reviews
It's not good enough to spend real money on it. found in 90 reviews
No confirm purchase button so they screw over everyone who plays. found in 116 reviews
but it refuses to reload after initial installation. found in 136 reviews
Don't like that the higher levels are just about impossible. found in 270 reviews

The Jewel Mania™ is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 46.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Jewel Mania™ in TeamLava`s Official Website :

Play the brand new jewel-matching game from the makers of Bubble Mania Match 3 or more to create waves of jewel-shattering excitement across 60+ levels and 3 thrilling game modes Jewel Mania is packed full ...
Its an addictive game but it COST to move from stage to stage thats the disappointing part of this game We should be able to move to each stage easily but buy the energy if needed Some levels need more time as well Sadly I have to delete Too costly to go any further     Levels cost
All storm 8 games make it impossible to progress after so many levels trying to get you to spend money     Save your money
I beat the whole thing and am currently trying to get 3 stars on all levels almost at 300                 Addicting
This is a fun game but hard to move the on to the higher levels Should not be so difficult           Fun but difficult
Love this game                 Additive
I loved this game but I am at level 400 and find it impossible Earlier on this game was challenging but not impossible I dont look forward to playing anymore So sad     Used to be five stars
Since the latest upgrade the game crashes when Im nearing completion of a level with some frequency 35 lives today alone Very frustrating ploy to get us to purchase more lives     Newest version crashes constantly
Was fun till you can not get to next level no matter what you do I have quit playing and will delete app     L scheve
A good game if you want a quick game every day Can be challenging                 Fast fun
Great                 Great
I can not get past level 117 because the app crashes every time Do not invest any money in this game Its fun but broken crash crash crash Do not spend money Just play with free tokens        Level 117 crashes every time
The game is a mind game and I figured out if you dont make 2 stars before the end they will take a life I havent had to pay for things like the other games Im playing but it does get frustrating and boring at times              Im happy
This game is such a rip off While it is a fun game when you reach the higher levels it becomes obvious that the game is rigged making it impossible to get 3 stars And IMPOSSIBLE to mo e on to another stage without paying to move to the next level I am so sick of these greedy immoral game developers        Disgusted
Its a good game and fun but when you try to move to match 3 its hard so you dont want to play           Game
Love it                 Jewel mania
I had this game with my iPhone 4 and was in the 300 level Since I got my iPhone 6 I cannot get past 180 every time I have a chance to beat it it crashes Getting bored with it and if bug is not fixed Ill probably delete it As it is I only play one game and just get angry and close        Crashes
Love it Has become more difficult as I have moved through the levels Enjoyable and relaxing                 Challenging
Its a frustrating game unless you are willing to dump money into it You only get five lives and then have to wait an hour The between game buttons are set up to push on ads and waste your gold I refuse to give this developer a dime and there are just better matching games out there that do not intentionally get you to waste your rewards Quit giving these people continuous money and let us buy an App at a one time price again Waste of time and money        Rip off
Great game                 Yeah
In one day the game has kicked me out in the middle of a game costing me multiple chances of completing the level     Game glitches
Yup                 Fun
Love this game                 Jewel mania
Love this game But u only get 5 chances and have to wait such a long time in between                 Lovely game
this one can be frustrating but Ive never had to buy anything to keep going                 Challenging
I love this game its the only one I play but I do strongly agree that it needs a confirm purchase button It takes too long to reload And is quite priceyb     Needs a little helps
Its fun and some of the levels really make you study good for the brain This game continues to challenge The timed rounds are really thrilling                 I downloaded this game by accident play it everyday
I have been this game for years as I am in 400 levels However can you make the lives shorter in time so I can play more AND make gold bars more a available I have well over 3 million coins and theres nothing I can do with them Thank you              Fun Game
Pretty much the same as all the others              Decent
Very Dood                 Sam
Its addicting              Great game
Love this game                 Jewel mania
I like this game sometimes but it get a little bit hard to get the right things Its okay Lulu57 September 20 2015                 Jewel Mania
Great game                 Jewel mania
I like playing the game however I think its silly you LOSE a life for beating a level Also when you beat a level still have moves left and the clock bombs continue to drop and then go off you lose Fix that please Its not cool and very annoying        Fun but cheap in lives
It was OK at first but the levels get a little boring after a while The constant banter to try other games gets old very quickly Just let us play the game           Review
Great game                 Fun
So I love my match three games but this one has to be the MOST annoying one ever I have never played a game with lives that even though you beat a level it still keeps your life What is that about Dont download you will be highly disappointed     Most annoying game ever
It is a very nice game                 Good game
Good                 Mrs lac
Lots of fun Very difficult when you reach the 300 level                 Wahoo
I like these noskill required type games This is one of my favorites                 Fun easy
I spend way too much time on this thing but every level gets just a little harder and I dont want to put it down                 One of my favorite time wasters
Great game LUV THE JEWELS              Game
Fun progressive can have a pretty good time with out huge investments                 Nice game
Such a fun challenge                 Love it
Enjoy playing it on down time Do not move on until 3stars reached in each level                 Great to pass the time
This is not really a free app After you play for awhile you have to buy gold to continue playing     Jewel Mania
Mindless addictive fun                 Addictive
This is so much fun I always run out of lives to fast Lol and end up checking several times a day to see if I have more Because I love playing it                 Great fun
Bummer of a game Fun for awhile then you have to pay to play and get through levels        Have to spend money to go further

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