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Gilded Skull Games
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Requires iOS 3.0 or la

Description - Imp or Oaf?

Gilded Skull Games , the publisher behind many iOS games (Skull Smasher ,Imp or Oaf? ,Galactic Keep), brings Imp or Oaf? with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Imp or Oaf? games has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Imp or Oaf? for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 21.1 MB to download. The new Imp or Oaf? app version 1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-13. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
More Info: Find more info about Imp or Oaf? in Gilded Skull Games`s Official Website :

A SIMPLE and HILARIOUS GUESSING GAME Apple Featured New and Noteworthy Game SO, WHAT IS IT? Hello, Imp here with my buddy Oaf to tell you a little about our game. To put it simply, this ...
A great app for kids and adults to play and kill time Being able to select the number of rounds you want to play is pretty cool The music fits perfectly in with the art style Such a simple idea but done so effectively                 Great for kids and even adults
The vocals volume on this game is set to your iphones ringer volume and is already offensively loud so that its practically deafening     terrible
This has to be one of the dumbest apps i have ever played an utter waste of time there is no way these reviews are real no way     Wow
Terrible artwork terrible gameplay Good thing I got this when it was free     Terrible
and the music and drawings are beautiful                 what a unique game
Probably one of the worst apps Ive ever played     Its so boring
Sooooooooo stupidanything above 1 star is a fake review     Sttttuuuuuuuuuuuuupid
very simple concept pick random answer be rewarded for lucky guesses glad I didnt pay for this or Id be upset     aimed at children or simple minded people
This is the best OAF profiling app out there For IMPs theres the Imp Spot 3000 app which is a bit more accurate and if youre still lugging around the equipment why You have an iPhone stick with the Imperial 3800 If Gilded Skull fixed this I would give it                 Best OAF profiler available
Awesome graphics and really great music Probably the best produced app Ive played Definitely better for kids but a great game overall                 Fantastic
Do NOT pay money for this game If you pick it up today when its free well fine but after today steer clear These reviews are clearly talking about something else The drawings of imps and oafs can only be told apart by the ears or nose of the drawing everything else is random clothing hands feet accompanying animals So basically you have to zoom out until the random area it shows you includes the ears or nose pointy for imp rounded for oaf Thats it Oh then you get a stupid person saying your answer out loud Great The iPhones volume control doesnt even work from within the game so if the stupid sounds get annoying you basically have to mute your iPhone Good coding there Mr Developer     Terrible game fake reviews beware
I love the art style and the music in this game And the VO is freaking hilariously weird and quirky Gameplay is simple but challenging enough to be totally addictive Definitely worth 099                 Awesome
When first playing this Imp or Oaf on my iphone I was immediately impressed with the art style of it The clever sounds and these strange characters make for a unique experience                 A unique creative game
There is so much more here than what youd expect for 99 The art is amazing the sound is hilarious and the game play is super simple fun and addictive Kids and adults will get addicted A perfect iphone app                 So Much More Than 99
Maybe that makes me stupid Really I dont think the one stars get it It is supposed to make you laugh Which it does Every time                 Makes me happy every time
I love everything about this game The music the art the sound effects                 Simple idea excellent execution
I love getting through each level of this game even when it gets me Its fun to play with friends and see how they do Even though the games really simple its really fun                 Great artwork
This is just the best game ever It blends complete sillyness and fun with artwor and music that is actual kind of beautiful It is totally addictive and yet you quickly stop caring about whether you win or not Its just fun to play and to marvel at the art I highly recommend it                 Completely Great
I let my daughter play this game when were in the car and I heard nothing but giggling from the back seat She absolutely loves it Thank you for putting out such a good quality game for such a good price Hours of entertainment                 Title Great for car rides with kids
The art and music are great Oafs rule                 Very charming
First time reviewer of a app This is absolutely a waste of time and i feel like I been dooped even though i didnt pay for it Is this a social experiment to see if you can get away with putting crap in the app store     Seriously
I downloaded this app hoping that my child would like it I handed him the iPod and his face lighted up He loved the drawings and hes actually recognizing how to tell the difference He likes the music a lot too                 Worthy kids game
Watching my son play this game is a joy His face lights up when he gets the imp or the oaf right When he wins he loves to hear their weird voices and sound effects                 A great game for children
Totally not what I expected The art style is great the music perfect and the game play shear genius A great app for both kids and adults alike                 Not what I expected
A simple and very fun guessing game Weird and fun This is defiantly worth your 1                 ITS FUN
What first must be said about Imp or Oaf is that the artwork sense of style music and voice acting are absolutely superb Playing Imp or Oaf with my 3yearold daughter is truly a delightful experience The premise of the game is that there exists a pair of archetypes known only as the Imp and the Oaf After starting a 10 20 or 50 round game a severely zoomedin picture of one of these characters is displayed and the player must simply assertain whether an Imp or Oaf is being shown Tapping the screen will zoom out a little which will most likely not show you a recognizable portion of either fellow so you may have to tap again Be careful though because if you zoom out too much you lose your opportunity to make a guess This is all that you do for rounds and rounds I imagine if I was playing this by myself I would be shouting explitives within seconds because it can be quite frustrating to determine the nature of the filthy little creature Luckily my daughter couldnt care less whether we guess correctly or whether its a good game or whether we could be doing roughly 1300 more important things Instead she is captivated by it and her laughter makes this game worth every penny              Its for kids and they love it
Worst game I ever played    
Silly or fun Wait its both The oafs and imps are a delightful diversion The graphics songs and sound effects are unlike anything out there If quirky sounds good to you this one is bound to amuse                 Adorable
The games concept is pretty basic but lacks any sort of fun While some of the pics are cute in a hand drawn way its totally lacking in the entertainment department     Boring no fun at all
Stupid game concept Not interesting in the least All these 5 star reviews must be fake     Worthless
dumb app glad I got it free I wouldnt pay a cent for this crud     awful
Surprisingly fun for such a simple app Both my children and I adore the simplistic art style and the funny little sound effects Great concept and thank you for putting good quality into it                 Perfect
Muito bom              legal
The game itself is very simple but everything about I is fun and clever Its like the Daniel Johnston of iPhone games                 Great sense
Awesome art music and FUN Love it                 5 Stars
Ive been playing this while stirring some polenta on the stove its great the game not my polenta which is fluffy                 Delightful
I was browsing the store and stumbled upon this game I wasnt sure what to make of it at first but I bought it because I thought my son would get a kick out of the illustrations He really likes this gameeverything from the music to the sound effects make this an entertaining experience He shouts out Imp or Oaf when he plays and laughs at the little sound effects I would recommend this game to other parents for their kidsthere are very few apps out there that I buy for my sonthis one has something unique about it                 My son loves this game
Verry funny actually hilarious the sound are so great I love everything about it Its an original app                 Very pleased of the game
Giving u a 5 for the design and creativity of this weirdness Especially in the soundmusic Strangest app I have found yet Love it              Sooo odd
Cute graphics and music Good job           What a lovely game
An awesome game that tests your skill Although it is simple the brilliance of this game makes it an instabuy The artwork is amazing and the music is extraordinary Just buy it already                 A test of pure skill
Amazing for children and adults alike its rare to find apps with this much production quality Cant wait for Galactic Keep                 Superb

Imp or Oaf? Games Guessing GameImp or Oaf? Games Guessing GameImp or Oaf? Games Guessing GameImp or Oaf? Games Guessing Game

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