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Description - iMapMyRUN - Running, Run, Jogging, Training, GPS, Fitness, Workout, Diet, Calories

MapMyFitness , the publisher behind many iOS app (UA Shop by Under Armour ,iMapMyWALK - walk, walking, pedometer, GPS tracking, calorie, training ,iMapMyFITNESS+ - Running, Cycling, Training, Diet, GPS, Fitness, Exercise, Calories ,iMapMyRIDE+ Cycling, Bicycling, Bike, Ride, GPS, Fitness, Training, Cycle, Road Cycling ,iMapMyWALK+ - Walking, Running, Jogging, Diet, Calorie, GPS, Pedometer ,ING New York City Marathon), brings iMapMyRUN - Running, Run, Jogging, Training, GPS, Fitness, Workout, Diet, Calories with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iMapMyRUN - Running, Run, Jogging, Training, GPS, Fitness, Workout, Diet, Calories app has been update to version 4.2.7 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Really great training tool for beginners to advanced athletes..
  • Helps me stay focused with stats during and after workouts..
  • Great workout buddy and/or motivator for the morning jogs..
  • I'm trying to improve my running so it's a good training tool..
  • This app has been a great tool in helping achieve my goals..

Overall Satisfactionc93
I love being able to track my exercise with this app.
I love MapMyRun and the other MapMyFitness apps.
I love the GPS feature that will map your route and speed automatically.
The GPS tracking is much better than the Nike app I used previously.
So far the best running app I've used on the iPhone.
This app is by far one of the best running apps on the planet.
I love how it tells you when you've reached each mile.
The GPS and pace keeper is awesome and I love the voice updates.
Fun & Engagingc93
By far the best running ap I have ever gotten.
Awesome app for runners riders and walkers highly recommend.
Helps me track my progress and run just a little bit further each time.
I no longer can track my progress with this software.
Really helps me stay on track with my workouts and meal plan.
It was very accurate and helpful in meeting my daily walking goals.
Helps me stay focused with stats during and after workouts.
This app is very useful and I use it almost every day.
It keeps me informed as I run of my distance and time.
This app does everything I need and more.
tells me everything I need to know about my runs.
Repeat Valuec96
Definitely recommend it for runners of all levels - very user friendly and helpful.
It is awesome and a must have for runners of all levels.
Social Aspectsc84
Volume is perfect & social media auto-updates are a nice feature.
Good app and the social media sharing is good for motivation.
Awesome to track progress and share with friends to stay accountable.
It's also easy to share with friends to help with motivation.
This has all the mapping amenities and nice social networking features.
The app will post to whatever social networking site you like.
Production Valuesc97
Works great and easy interface paired with online computer is perfect.
Super easy interface with automatic audible updates on your distance.
Ease of Usec89
It was really easy to use and very accurate with its calculations.
Such a simple app that helps you stay honest with yourself.
Super convenient way to track workouts as you do them.
Works great and easy interface paired with online computer is perfect.
Easy to use and provides enough information to get motivated for the next run.
Ads not Intrusivec100
Love the map for outside to review elevation etc.
And it asks you to review it after every run.
I'm writing this review because the app wouldn't stop asking me to write a review.
Asking me to write a review after every workout had better stop now.
Every time I open this app it begs me to write a review.
which I did in hopes it would stop asking me to rate them.
Hopefully this will make it stop asking me to rate it.
Just please stop asking me to rate the app.
Updates & Supportc52
I use the free version - I haven't checked out the pay version.
I use the free version without all the bells and whistles.
Customer service rocks with this company.
Great customer service.
Also uses a lot of battery on 20+ mile bike rides.
Sometimes seems to really use a lot of battery.

Great for motivation and keeping track of healthy activity and diet. found in 61 reviews
Tracks everything I need to have a great workout. found in 89 reviews
This app is a great running tool especially for beginners. found in 967 reviews
Great motivator & evaluative tool to watch my progress. found in 334 reviews
First time using it- love it- great motivational tool. found in 252 reviews
Great fitness product that leads to even better fitness results. found in 106 reviews
Great app for runners and a great motivation for beginners. found in 453 reviews
Great for outdoor running on unmarked trails and roads. found in 63 reviews
A great app and a great running companion :. found in 271 reviews
Great training tool for my upcoming marathon - love the interval options. found in 142 reviews
User friendly and everything I was looking for. found in 730 reviews
I think it is the best exercise app I have tried. found in 100 reviews
This is making my half marathon training easy and accessible. found in 107 reviews
App is easy to use and a great running partner. found in 280 reviews
Great tracking tool for comparing runs and finding good routes nearby. found in 155 reviews
I'm a beginning runner - I plan on using it all the time. found in 61 reviews
Map my run is my new favorite running buddy. found in 118 reviews
This is a great workout app for anyone running or walking. found in 576 reviews
Good luck with apple's fitness apps coming in ios8. found in 279 reviews
Great workout tool with the added option to share your workouts. found in 358 reviews
Asks me to calibrate the gyroscope or whatever every other time. found in 31 reviews
Wish it had turn by turn directions though. found in 27 reviews
Also please stop asking for a review after each exercise entry. found in 50 reviews
Biggest complaint is it wants to post to facebook after every workout. found in 129 reviews
but it won't save it to my workout log. found in 15 reviews
but when I unlock my phone during a run. found in 18 reviews
Great potential but doesn't log workouts correctly. found in 48 reviews
but not user friendly if your trying to map a route beforehand. found in 23 reviews
Very helpful for my novice running needs. found in 16 reviews
Wish I could access pause workout when locked while playing music. found in 20 reviews
Sometimes the GPS doesn't work but that may just belt old phone. found in 33 reviews
Challenges and Activity Feed do recognize the miles. found in 20 reviews
It works with IOS 7 now so no more login issues. found in 25 reviews
awesome app I use it everytime I run outside. found in 26 reviews
Able to log treadmill runs when I can't get outside. found in 21 reviews
Needs better functionality with the nutrition part. found in 24 reviews
Occasional glitches with syncing but customer service was responsive. found in 19 reviews
I have used this to log my runs for over a year. found in 39 reviews
Even the food log is fairly easy to use. found in 23 reviews
So far this app meets my needs and monitors my movements accurately. found in 18 reviews
Activity feed is not updating properly. found in 20 reviews
The worst part is the carelessly-designed home screen. found in 24 reviews
Doesn't work right at all on ios 7. found in 25 reviews
I am very disappointed in the app and the customer service. found in 19 reviews
Every time I use the app it asks for a review. found in 50 reviews
GPS doesn't work and there are endless errors with the app. found in 33 reviews

The iMapMyRUN - Running, Run, Jogging, Training, GPS, Fitness, Workout, Diet, Calories is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 9.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.2.7 has been released on 2014-11-05. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about iMapMyRUN - Running, Run, Jogging, Training, GPS, Fitness, Workout, Diet, Calories in MapMyFitness`s Official Website :

Just read the reviews Everything you need from couch potato to marathoner. Automatically sync with your free account on iMapMyRun makes running fun and easy, turning iPhone into a social training partner while tracking your pace, ...
Works better than my wifes 200 gps watch for running Sends me weekly logs and everything to keep me on track Love this app Now needs to sync with my apple watch                 Great running app
I like the app but I wish it would tell you half mile splits as well as mile splits           More split options
I have been using this app for several years for running walking and biking Works great with My Fitness Pal for also monitoring your nutrition and calories helped me lose 40 pounds and keep them off for FREE Thank you                 Best Fitness App
LOVE MAP MY RUN Great app Always accurate Love seeing my progressmiles split time and calories burned                 PERFECT
My biggest issue with this app is that the different areas dont see to connect to each other very well at all If I delete a workout its still on my activity feed and in the route list Today I was trying to organize all my routes and workouts and it was infuriating What I would like to do is use a workout to create a route and then apply that route to other runs that went the same way so I could compare my all my runs on that route but I cannot do that You guys seem to think what I care about is comparing myself against other people but really all I care about is comparing myself against my past self Furthermore the notes on workouts are only visible in the activity feed and are unable to be edited once posted The app just isnt very intuitive beyond the basics of recording a workout I would try out other running apps if I could but this app has all my data and it carry out the essentials mapping your run pretty well So please just make it easier to organize past routes and workouts        Gets the job done but has issues
I walk or run my dog daily I love tracking how far and how fast we go Plus the challenges help keep me motivated Love this app                 Running
I love this app                 Great app
This app works great and transfers my calories burned to my diet app                 Great
I dont always log my runs but when I do I do it with MapMyRun Ive had all manner if GPS watches and trackers They all have their place but MMR has been fun to enter into challenges against my friends I would love to have a lock screen so I can see stats on the run and not accidentally pause my workout                 An App I use frequently
Good                 Good
Better than the other one we used                 Great App
New update fixed a lot of issues I had with messing up routes Love this app very functional and easy to useunderstand              Much improved
Good app Simple and informational                 First time
Helping me to begin walking again I really need this                 Jazzy was a Great walk partner I really like your new upgrades
Great way to track and quantify your workout              Great workout
I like to run It helps                 Its good
When I see my friends workout it inspires me to work out more                 Great motivational app
Perfect for any type of workout I use it 35 times a week and never had any issue with it at all                 Great app
LOVE IT GPS is accurate and picks up on trail runs when my watch doesnt                 Runcrazy
Great app Much better than my old Garmin GPS Picks up my signal and records routes Will definitely enhance my program                 Great App
Great fitness tracking app Really pushes me to run by keeping track of my workouts                 Love this app
Es la mejor aplicación para entrenar o bajar de peso lo maximo                 Simplemente la mejor
I used to just have the online account Then I discovered the app on my phone which is great It allows me to try to work out to music while it tracks how far how and fast I go For bicycle riding you can add information about your bike so it gives more accurate information And it can post to Facebook Who could ask for more As much as I love this app I must agree with being annoyed by the frequent requests for a review despite having already submitted one              Must have app for those who record their workouts
Love it Pretty accurate easy to navigate syncs really well with others app as well                 Nice app
Great app Helps me get to my crazy goals marathons Spartan races and share with my crazy fellows Sensei Boaz Cheetah Dojo Boston                 Great app
Man this app keeps me running love it David Alexander Jonesboro Ar Jus hunt Run 131                 Map my run
Works great for me I am a mild user I dont work out a whole lot so it seems fine                 It works
Im a 45 days a week runner Usually running around 2030 miles per week Never had a problem with this app                 Love this app
As someone who travels a lot for work I love that I can look up running routes near my hotel when I get into town Now that my Garmin battery is dying Im pretty much switching all of my workout tracking to MapMyRun A few too many ads though              Great For New Routes
Great for tracking progress                 Works well
There is no better workout equipment that has ever been created It keeps you on course to your set goals IMPRESSIVE                 BEglon
Love it but wish you could plan for distances like the app would tell u when u have ran a 5k or 10k etc also would like to switch midworkout from running to walking Other than that love this app              Love it
This is a fantastic fitness app There is a pleasant lady voice that tells you your pace distance and time at every mile interval Love this app                 Best running App period
This makes it simple to find a good track and you can filter for distance Live pace audio tells you mike pace and time Great app                 Running in a new area
Exceeds all expectations Great app                 Map my run
The app keep live tracking so I know where I am in my workout and also has the option to let my family know where I am if something would happen It also allows me to listen to my playlist through the app and change songs right on the app screen without switching back and forth                 Awesome
Perfect for running on bike trail near the beach                 Awesome running app
This is by far my favorite app It makes my runs so much more productive Im a beginner to running and this app has helped make me a fairly decent newbie Thanks MapMyRun                 LOVE IT
I love recording my runs and walks and knowing how many calories I burn and the miles I concur                 Love this
Use it daily love it                 Map my run
This app works great for most of the sports I play Wish they would add other categories though              Sports addict
Its true You have no idea how far you run unless you track it with this app Because it physically tracks you it is much more accurate than other forms of tracking distance I love this app because I know exactly how far I ran and I can show my friends As someone always looking to push myself I would recommend this to any dedicated runner                 You never know until you track
Loved it                
Map function is                 Great add
Its nice to see exactly how far you ran It aids in your progression              Very helpful app
Great running app Rarely loss my gps signal and is the perfect way to time your runs                 Great app
Easy to use non invasive but informative during the run Would highly recommend this app                 Worked perfectly
Es súper buena la recomiendo                 Bike
Look no further                 Best there is
Love it Diligent user for about 4 years Cant imagine my runs without it Ran a few races with it Very easy to use                 Great app

iMapMyRUN - Running, Run, Jogging, Training, GPS, Fitness, Workout, Diet, Calories Healthcare & FitnessiMapMyRUN - Running, Run, Jogging, Training, GPS, Fitness, Workout, Diet, Calories Healthcare & FitnessiMapMyRUN - Running, Run, Jogging, Training, GPS, Fitness, Workout, Diet, Calories Healthcare & FitnessiMapMyRUN - Running, Run, Jogging, Training, GPS, Fitness, Workout, Diet, Calories Healthcare & FitnessiMapMyRUN - Running, Run, Jogging, Training, GPS, Fitness, Workout, Diet, Calories Healthcare & FitnessiMapMyRUN - Running, Run, Jogging, Training, GPS, Fitness, Workout, Diet, Calories Healthcare & FitnessiMapMyRUN - Running, Run, Jogging, Training, GPS, Fitness, Workout, Diet, Calories Healthcare & FitnessiMapMyRUN - Running, Run, Jogging, Training, GPS, Fitness, Workout, Diet, Calories Healthcare & Fitness

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