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iHandySoft Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Alarm Clock DreamHub Free ,Flashlight ∞ ,iHandy Tip Calculator ,Virtual Lighter Seasons ,iHandy Flashlight Pro ,Battery Master Free), brings iHandy Flashlight Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iHandy Flashlight Free app has been update to version 2.0.8 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Free $30 iTunes gift card..
  • Excellent App- especially while walking the dog at night..
  • Bed time..
  • Helps me read menus in dark restaurants life saver..
  • It's great as a night light while on the charger..

Overall Satisfactionc85
This is the best free flashlight app that I have found.
Very bright LED FLash light right on your phone.
it is useless except for the normal LED flashlight.
Great app I love the shake light on feature.
I especially like the glow stick mode it's amazing.
Love how bright the light is from the flash.
The light from the camera flash is amazingly bright.
USEFUL thanks.
My son loves to play with the other lights.
Fun & Engagingc91
I use the flashlight option as reading light in bed.
but I wish it would use the flash bulb for added brightness.
This is an awesome flashlight it has been very helpful.
Awesome light - I use it all the time.
This app comes in handy all the time with a great bright light.
Great for the kids to mess around in the car with.
Great free application - functional and fun.
Awesome light and fun options.
This flashlight is very convenient & extremely useful.
Great app very useful use it all the time.
Very handy app to have and I use it almost every day.
Very helpful at night when looking for something in dark area.
Very helpful when you need a flashlight quickly.
Very useful I use it for everything & the best part Is it's free.
Production Valuesc75
Many cool light effects in an intuitive and cool looking interface.
I like the different light effects that you can use.
Great colors and cool effects pretty awesome.
Helps me look for stuff cool effects.
Ease of Usec64
I was just looking for a simple flashlight.
Its beautiful the design but i want a simple flashlight application.
lots of different lites and super convenient.
Would recommend it to anyone with simple light requirements.
Fab handy convenient.
Updates & Supportc62
the lite version always has a catch.
The lite version is better.
I still needs more lights even on lite version.
worked flawlessly and didn't drain the battery quickly - very useful tool.
Works good eats up battery fast.
It will kill your battery fast.

It's the best flashlight app u couldn't ask for more fantastic. found in 731 reviews
Ihandy flashlight app one of the most useful apps out there. found in 428 reviews
Yeah it's better than other flashlight apps but I wish it was brighter. found in 10 reviews
Ok Flashlight But Slow To Load. found in 5 reviews
Has a good amount of useless features though. found in 6 reviews
A little slow to open a light when you want light quick :-. found in 4 reviews
Wish the flashlight had different settings of brightness. found in 5 reviews
I only wish it would load faster- instant flashlight would be incredibly cool. found in 7 reviews
It's okay but it's not that super good. found in 3 reviews
Well I do like it but it's not really bright enough. found in 3 reviews
Flashlight was a lightsaver when our car broke down. found in 8 reviews
It takes to long to load up and it's not very bright. found in 17 reviews
Shake to light doesn't work anymore. found in 5 reviews
It's amazing just wish the light were a little brighter. found in 6 reviews
A little slow to load when looking for keys at night. found in 5 reviews
Ads ads ads. found in 2 reviews
Simple but useful. found in 2 reviews
Wish it were a little brighter but a great app. found in 21 reviews
It cool but I thought it would be brighter than it is. found in 4 reviews
This app takes too long to open up. found in 6 reviews
Wish you could make the screen black when using the LED though. found in 4 reviews
It just has too many useless features. found in 6 reviews
If you need a quick loading basic light. found in 6 reviews
It was no brighter than my regular screen. found in 5 reviews
but the shake to light function no longer works. found in 4 reviews
Shaking it does not make the screen any brighter. found in 4 reviews
Had for couple weeks and now the led light doesn't work. found in 5 reviews
it should load immediately to flashlight mode. found in 12 reviews
Does not use iPhone 4's LED. found in 4 reviews
It's okay I thought it would be brighter. found in 4 reviews
Takes forever to start up so is pretty useless. found in 44 reviews
I still needs more lights even on lite version. found in 6 reviews
No iPhone 4 led. found in 4 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download iHandy Flashlight Free for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.8 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about iHandy Flashlight Free in iHandySoft Inc.`s Official Website : http://www.ihandysoft.com/alarm_clock.html

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Please update to iOS 11 Thank you                 Update sannut
Works and when I used it made life easier                     Need to have CHLTbob
Update for iOS 11 please         Needs updating POSRay
I was forced to download this when the flashlight app I was using quit working and made me get this The app will not turn the light on and also constantly opens the App Store to try and get me to download other apps Save your data all this is is spyware     Doesn t work Alawson
Doesn t work with update 11 2     Ron the builder Ronthebuilder
Received message that developer needs to update to work with iOS 11         Update Ms56TBird
Worked well until developer filed to update to work with iOS11 To bad     Developer does not update PatriotEd
Please update to work with iso 11 Does not work with latest update             Was useful tgrscat
They use your information Delete app and factory reset Back up anything you want to keep Warning they are spying on the users     READ THE TERMS AND PRIVACY crazeeaid
It is a nice app to have                     Good app Error618
The pop up ads don t stop telling you have a virus and wanting you to click okay so it will download something else They should really monitor who they are letting put ads on their app It s irresponsible to allow unscrupulous companies to use this and exploit people who would think oh yeah remove the virus I will click okay     Ads make this unusable A135.123
T raAww a r yards re stick and she ItSaqarizt will still erwrsy I frfsReqszvszD                     Us S sUur v you a and tutor me t fi,f
It gave my phone a virus     I hate this devilishunicorn
must have app works well and have cool other lights                     Great app ubdhxudbduxhsnalansdbxjbe
Don t buy this app It has a virus     Bad Boo346846
Had this app for years now all I get is warnings saying won t work with all future iOS devices AND IT WILL SLOW DOWN MY PHONE If I keep it     SLOWS PHONE Vader 5150
Good app Very bright Not disappointed at all Definitely should install better than a lot of the flashlight apps on here                     Works really well misssunshine69
Good         Good I LOVE BOOKS!!!!!
Brightestest                     tickpicker Thetickpicker
Very nice features                     Flashlight Rgs2nd
Excelente                     Linterna Miawiwi2009
Light will not operate by shaking even when the vibrate feature is on in settings         IHandy flashlight Superfragilisticexpealadocious
esta aplicacion te saca de un tremendo lio cuando no quieres luz dura de flash y no hay presupuesto para luces pro                     salvadora leonjf
No problems here Nice easy to use flashlight                     Works good Youooooooo
Love this app and all of the different great things                     Fun and useful J0eb0y
Update promlem I miss it sir                     Teenpatti octr Asif sayed
All I need is a flashlight But this app wants to take me shopping all the time And when you start it up it can sometimes take many clicks to get the flashlight on The menu can be confusing and many times I had to restart the app to get out of the menu crap Not what you need when waiting to turn on a flashlight     Pain in the behind Eric Atlanta
This should be never invented stupidest app ever     I hate this stupid app Job of keeping
Doesn t stay on when screen is locked     No good 219 - 483 - 614
I ve used it for years till iOS 9 then it stopped working No new reviews in 2016 say I m not alone     What happened to this Drewdove
Love it                     Flashlight bhouse2
It s an overall good app My only complaints are that it can be at bit slow and crashes more than I d like                 Not too shabby Jill525600
Thank you Gs you are all very amazing                     Thank you Sociedad Latina
I just love it good thing a I have no flashlights at home so now I can use them                     Cool Bonnie fnaf10
                    Great app unhappy iPod customer
It works good But u already have one built into your phone Just swipe upwards on the bottom of the screen and click the flashlight button Your welcome     Works No need for it though YOLO 34005
This app is a disgrace Froze every time I tried to use it I deleted and used another     Worst App ever TPGroup
Really good when you r in the movies                     Life saver in movies HouseMouse1968
Brilliant and de light ful                     Brilliant tom90292
ive had this app for a couple years and used it a number of times always loved it                 works great
Wont even let me use it for a few seconds before redirecting me to the app store Annoying and useless     Horrible
I dont know what has changed but this app has become useless I turn the flashlight on and 2 seconds later the ad takes over and turns the light off I have tried turning it back on but keeps turning off and going to the ad Hope this gets fixed     Use to love this app
This app is full of spyware and trogons Very bad I did all kinds of research on it tend found it was true I also read the computer code on this app and found all kinds of risky things Just read the terms and conditions of this app and you will find all I said to be true This is the same with all iHandy flash light apps     DO NOT BUY THIS APP
I open the app and it takes me to the App Store to select another App I see others having this issue to     Fail
Love this app Great for walking around the dark house at night Plus                 Great
Consistently well used Whether it is a camping trip and trying to find the john or just need an extra light Great app                 Necessary item
Uninstalling Keeps popping out of app into App Store advertisements every couple taps     Illumination provided courtesy of App Store
It works sometimes and other times it does not Not dependable           Disappointed
Great app easy to use valuable tool So many times has saved me from mini disasters And its free too Thanks                 A must have
Love it                 Flas away great
Love this app                 Great Tool
You never know when youll need it Who carries a flashlight all the time But youre never without your phone                 XLNT
Great lite to shine the way Very handy                 Nite lite
Love it great for camping                 Free flashlight
This is a great app Kudos for the emergency flashers ect The only reason I didnt give it a Five Star is because of the adds This is about Safety not advertising              Great App
Love it Keep doing what your doing                 Awesome flashlight
Pretty nifty app                 Cool
Excellent flashlight              Great app
Awesome                 Flash light
You do not have enough time an ad pops up     Love it but
I dont use this light very often but when I do it gives me what I need                 Pretty good
This app is unusable The second I open the app I am brought back to the App Store on a page for taxi apps and crappy dragon games for five year olds Maybe fix this Before I delete it You have 7 days     Unusable
Comes in handy all the time Definitely recommend                 Awesome
I ended up deleting this app becoming frustrated with it constantly switching to the App Store to purchase something instead of just letting me use the flashlight like I wanted to     Reviewer
Great flashlight without having to carry an extra device I use it while Im out walking the dog Very useful                 Perfect flashlight app
This is great Its really bright and comes on fast Thanks so much for the app                 Flashlight
Used to stay on flashlight it seems brighter now but only stays on for seconds before ads come on screen and interrupt the light making it useless        Dad
Me enchants                 La mejor
Like I just said its a great app Does all that you need and then some The ONLY flash light app youll ever need erase all the rest                 Great App
Energy signals are a thoughtful touch Thanks                 Clever options Appreciated
Love it                 Love it
Dispointing        Disapointing
Great                 Super
It is useless I dont like phone flash lights I wont use them any more     Every thing cost money
It works good Very handy                 Flashlight
Way better then the droids flash light                 Flashlight
Love it easy to operate and tons of options                 Great App
Very useful app              Very useful app
I cant even open this app without it sending me to the AppStore for some other app that I can care less for This app needs improvements Removed and will never reinstall     Advertisement Galore
Its bright                 Flashlight
Very poor dim light Might be helpful in a closet with all the other lights off        Flashlight
Like it a lot Very handy for my work                 Rewiew
Great App                 RN student
This app is too large to just be a flashlight so ask yourself what else are you downloading     Too much memory
Lots of fun                 Great app
Excellent                 Excellent
Has several flashlight options They work great when needed                 Great light

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