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Horoscope.com , the publisher behind many iOS app (Horoscopes and Tarot ,Horoscope.com: YES or NO Tarot ,Horoscopes, Tarot and More), brings Horoscope.com: YES or NO Tarot with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Horoscope.com: YES or NO Tarot app has been update to version 3.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc91
it's a powerful little App that delivers amazingly accurate readings.
I love this aps.
I really love this apps.
Love Match it's EXACTLY accurate.
Fun & Engagingc80
It's fun to ask different questions and see what the answer is.
You can ask this the same question again and again.
This is a fun little app to pass the time away.
What a fun free APP.
Lot's of fun.
I love this app it's easy to use and fun for all.
Very cool and fun.
very helpful and fun.
I get my reading everyday.
Excellent very helpful tool.
Helps me follow my bliss.
Ease of Usec86
I love this app it's easy to use and fun for all.
Great simple to use and understand.
Simple efficient to the point.
Intuitive and beautiful :.
easy and clear answers.

I love it and my friends love it. found in 1 reviews
it's fun and good quality for a free app. found in 1 reviews
best app i have download. found in 1 reviews
This app is a gem. found in 2 reviews
Lord and master of the universe. found in 1 reviews
Always seems dead on accurate to me. found in 2 reviews
One of my daily apps. found in 1 reviews
I really love this apps. found in 1 reviews
Best Tarot Card App everrrrr. found in 6 reviews
The answer was so right on target and specific. found in 1 reviews
This app really hits the nail on the head at times. found in 1 reviews
I'd be lost without it. found in 2 reviews
Fun way to play with friends. found in 2 reviews
Try it and you will be hooked. found in 1 reviews
You need to be clear with your questions. found in 2 reviews
This app really tells you the truth and makes your confidence level increase. found in 3 reviews
I love this app it's easy to use and fun for all. found in 3 reviews
but I still ask it questions often. found in 2 reviews
Don't take it too seriously though. found in 2 reviews
Okay but was forced to rate it. found in 1 reviews
Sometimes I use when I can't decide between two things. found in 1 reviews
I don't like the yes or no question part. found in 3 reviews
but can always be better. found in 1 reviews
Dont take everything to heart. found in 2 reviews
but what's with the ads. found in 1 reviews
but overall it's cute and fun to ask at times. found in 2 reviews
Dont even believe in this stuff. found in 2 reviews
I don't put much stock in Tarot. found in 1 reviews
Bad ads. found in 1 reviews
If you want a yes or no answer it's better to draw straws. found in 7 reviews
but now it won't shuffle the cards when I shake the device. found in 2 reviews
I do not usually do reviews. found in 1 reviews
but the "yes or no" answers contradict themselves sometimes. found in 2 reviews
Makes absolutely no sense and doesn't apply to anything. found in 2 reviews
This app needs to be fixed. found in 1 reviews
This app lies. found in 1 reviews
Boring same answers for 4years already how about changing the answers. found in 2 reviews
This is a good app if you're bored. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Horoscope.com: YES or NO Tarot for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.5 has been released on 2014-11-03. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Horoscope.com: YES or NO Tarot in Horoscope.com`s Official Website : http://www.horoscope.com

New from Horoscope.com Need an instant answer to a question? Get your free "yes" or "no" Tarot answer plus a Tarot reading right at your fingertips Select the category your issue relates to love, career, money, ...
I enjoy using this app on a regular basis Seems to be spot on most of the time                     Nice App michaelolo
So good so far                     Best Lumika
I asked the cards if I d find a snack at the club and surely enough the cards said yes but I was left with no snack like okay bye     If I could rate 0 stars I would Michael.Bower
I ve tried a bunch of these type of apps and they don t give you the results unless you pay this app is free and it really seems genuine I highly suggest it                     Finally an app that gives you answers for free Kellyantonia11
Highly accurate readings believers in the Law of Attraction will understand that our physical reality will mirror what is a vibrational match Or if you are a non believer this app is fun regardless                     Law of Attraction emiliechung
All 4 categories had very accurate insight into my reams hopes and obstacles                 Very accurately stated responses Jack 1234568
Gucci                     It s on point most times which is a satisfied compelled feeling chda boii
Honesty is key                     Honest and easy interface Sydnayb
Whether the Yes or No is correct I have found the answer definition of the card gives food for thought                     Yes No Tarot BobbiDs
Nice                 Liked it CminZero
The explanation of the yes and no answers are dead on it s crazy                     Out There loveagoodgirl
And right on the point                     Awesome Da Waze
Good app I am a believer in that you see things for a reason read things for a reason and feel for a reason This app opens my mind a little more to things around me Changes my perspective on certain views                     Everything happens for a reason SORENGIRL1318
Amazingly accurate great advice                     Mellowgirllxo
Got the answers now waiting to see if what the cards said is accurate I ll update my review soon                     Seems pretty good Humble Reviewer!
TBH I believe it 100 and trust everything it tells me tbh                     So true The one who knows that 😋
Love it                     Love it Bwelch128
I like the decisive answers Not many people will give a response so categorically Fun                 Interesting Avi2010
Very exciting and excellent                     Tarrot yes no Mr.tran65
I like it I think it s fun to mess with when I need a little playful clarity                     Its cool Hayzoleyez
I love this app and so far it seems fairly accurate                     Love it Dani8386
I m a starting out young witch and this is great for helping                 Great 😊minecraftgirl😊
Accurate                     Great App Pili3169
This app helps to identify the signs                     Comfort in a time of need onionjam
I love hearing gods messages Thanks to my wonderful angels for giving me guidance to my current life situations I love god and his miracles                     Thank you god Kaidiabbb1230
Wow                     How s is this so accurate ttollive
Great App for fun                     Lots of Fun pipersneck
I am truly a psychic fanatic and I dont settle for any basic fortune telling app this app became my absolute favorite because its so accurate and its brutally honest Theres a virtual deck of tarot cards and you pick a card based on your own intuition which is why its very accurate as long as you focus and concentrate on your question well enough I dont like every answer I get I am especially scared to ask a question in the love department because the cards basically reflect what my intuition is telling me because my intuition told me to pick that card Its awesome highly recommend to everyone and its a lot of fun                 VERY honest but Accurate
New to the world of Tarot but love it and love this app                 Love this app
Its kinda like an 8 ball but it is detailed I suggest it to anyone Im keeping it for sure I just wish I can Facebook my readings              Its fun
Like the app But the adds get in the way of trying to get what you want              I like it
This is awesome so far dead on to the truth I rated this 5 stars for me                 I love this app
Just awesome                 Owoooo
I like the app but whats with all the new pop up crap Take them away        Pop up
This app is exactly what you want it to be                
Very surprising and accurate              Solid app
This app is scary with the answer I think about Great app Thanks                 Yes or no tarot
i have been having relationship issues and this is crazy accurate i should listen more often to it                 omg sooooo accurate
Love the app                 Fun
I like it its one of the most real softwares Most of the time the answers will come true                 Nice
This App is the truth and I enjoy using it                 The cards never lie
This app has given me some scary good answers before The cards are very detailed and seem to almost always center around exactly what Im meditating on Definitely try it out                 All about it
If you ever need toss a coin this is even better It seems to know more than it shouldspooky                 Great way to test your personal desires
Its surprisingly always accurate                 Awesome app
Helps me come to a decision on things Im on the fence about                 Pretty fun app
Wasnt planning to keep it but I guess I dont have much choice                 Good app
Ive had this app for several years Recently they have put so many ads it covers up your reading I am not satisfied anymore        Use to love
Im only giving to stars because it actually does explain the card meaning but these cards were totally inaccurate Maybe it needs to warm up to my energy like physical cards do but it was just very inaccurate everytime Ive used tarot apps in the past that were very accurate and this one just wasnt hitting the mark        Not accurate at all
Very accurate for the first 34 questions dont ask more than that in a day Great app                 First few questions
i love this app its a lot of fun to do to kill time or when your with friends                 its a super fun app
Spot on                 Good
Reinforces what your heart subconscious already knows Im sure                 Scary insightful
Pretty awesome app so far                 Pretty Awesome
There should be positive feedback regardless of whether there is a yes or no answer The ads for the app hide the answers Too many ads              Yesno advertisements
Coolio                 Coolio
It is entertaining and I do feel like it is correct most of the time It definitely makes you think about the answers and how it relates to you and your question              I like it
Accurate enough              Blown away
App                 Excellent
I asked it if I was pregnant and it said NO RAISE THA ROOF                 Better than going to the doctor
This app actually kind of freaked me out The accuracy scares me a bit a lot of it I did not want to hear But have known for year Just refused to admit it                 WOW
This app Is amazing                 Awesome
Can this app truly predict the future Totally joking maybe kind of joking am I joking Its like these cards can read your mind I take it kind of seriously maybe to seriously no seriously I blame too much Libra influence in my chart decision making not my forte Now I just ask the tarot problem solved Totally kidding or am I                 Is this thing for real
Sooooooon Its scary how accurate this ish is              Accurate AF
This app is spot on and lots of fun                 Great Fun
I didnt give it 5 stars because the card I pick doesnt always flip over the cards are so close that its possible that the card next to the card you wanted gets flipped over instead Other than thats its a pretty cool app              On point
Great                 Like it
Okay Ive had this app for 2 yearsI love it Its entertaining to say the least                 FUN
This the best yes or no app                 Great
Love                 Love
Good helps me                 Me like
Ive never gotten an answer that doesnt make sense                 Very accurate and insightful
Easy but useful                 Awesome
Great app very very fun and entertaining scary accurate                 Great App
Everything was true                 good
Accurate my husband gave me the reminder on finances just like it said lol                 Accurate to the t

Horoscope.com: YES or NO Tarot Entertainment Career MoneyHoroscope.com: YES or NO Tarot Entertainment Career MoneyHoroscope.com: YES or NO Tarot Entertainment Career MoneyHoroscope.com: YES or NO Tarot Entertainment Career MoneyHoroscope.com: YES or NO Tarot Entertainment Career MoneyHoroscope.com: YES or NO Tarot Entertainment Career MoneyHoroscope.com: YES or NO Tarot Entertainment Career MoneyHoroscope.com: YES or NO Tarot Entertainment Career Money

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