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Description - Hornet - Gay Social Network

Hornet Networks Limited , brings Hornet - Gay Social Network with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Hornet - Gay Social Network app has been update to version 1.1.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Really good app meet lots of hot guys and great hookups..
  • Love the explore feature and how the guys seem nicer on this app..
  • It picks and chooses when it sends push notifications..
  • Better and faster customer service than any other app..
  • Nice combination of best practices from other social apps..

Overall Satisfactionc86
This app is SOOO much better than Grindr simply thanks to push notifications.
I don't even know if it's better than grindr anymore.
This app is simply the best gay app out there.
this is the best gay social networking app around.
Love the explore feature and how the guys seem nicer on this app.
Probably one of the best social media apps I have used.
Millions of times better than Grindr.
Fun & Engagingc56
Super awesome better then most apps I seen.
Thanks for the awesome update.
Simple and fun to use.
Fresh and fun.
It's basically everything Grindr should have been.
Everything Grindr Wishes It Were and More.
Social Aspectsc94
this is the best gay social networking app around.
Nice combination of best practices from other social apps.
this app makes it easier for me to meet new people.
Having a great time meeting new guys from all over.
Ease of Usec46
the ability to send pics in chat.
make sure to send a bug report.
Simple and fun to use.
Quite Convenient.
Ads not Intrusivec10
Security & Privacyc23
Updates & Supportc36
Better and faster customer service than any other app.
zero customer service.
Great app does drain battery.

So kudos to Hornet for putting together an excellent product. found in 8 reviews
find great dates and make new friends with this free gay app. found in 8 reviews
This feature has helped me find new friends and new cities. found in 38 reviews
Love this app hope it beats Grindr this year. found in 5 reviews
this is the best gay social networking app around. found in 65 reviews
Way better app than grindr and jackd. found in 5 reviews
Probably one of the best social media apps I have used. found in 10 reviews
The best dating app I've seen as far as user interface. found in 17 reviews
The best gay social network app out there. found in 59 reviews
Love this app great way to meet friends and or more. found in 32 reviews
Also the explore feature is cool. found in 4 reviews
The best gay chat and dating free app out there. found in 6 reviews
Needs bugs squashed and iOS 7 optimization. found in 2 reviews
Crashed a few times within an hour of first downloading. found in 2 reviews
Pretty good but needs to fix the glitches. found in 13 reviews
Great but always server issues. found in 5 reviews
Nice features but experience frequent keyboard issues that require restart. found in 3 reviews
Major fake profiles issues. found in 3 reviews
It's a good app except it lags out of no where. found in 2 reviews
there are no new messages. found in 4 reviews
Profile / pics load then disappear. found in 3 reviews
It's a good app alittle glitchy at times but it's great. found in 2 reviews
Sometimes the messages don't show up. found in 5 reviews
Really no problems except alerts of messages from people I've blocked. found in 4 reviews
Spam bots all day. found in 4 reviews
Sometimes glitchy but overall easy to use. found in 2 reviews
They need to work on the loading speed though. found in 14 reviews
Meh it's ok. found in 2 reviews
Needs an iOS7 compatibility update. found in 1 reviews
Lacking messenger with great pic options. found in 3 reviews
Way too many spam bots. found in 4 reviews
I keep getting messages but can NOT open them. found in 4 reviews
but I think I'm going to delete this account. found in 11 reviews
How much bandwidth do all these video ads use anyway. found in 3 reviews
Can't get it to work any more. found in 14 reviews
Invalid credentials " I don't understand what that means. found in 4 reviews
Messages don't send. found in 5 reviews
Always crashing and ads on premium membership. found in 5 reviews
It's unable to load profile pictures can ya fix it please. found in 15 reviews
Password errors and home screen just like about a million others. found in 6 reviews
but it's useless if the servers are down half the time. found in 4 reviews
Perpetual server issues. found in 5 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Hornet - Gay Social Network for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 6.6 MB to download. The new Hornet - Gay Social Network app version 1.1.6 has been updated on 2014-11-30. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Hornet - Gay Social Network in Hornet Networks Limited`s Official Website : http://

Looking for gay guys in your area? Hornet lets you browse guys with an easy sliding motion that is natural and fast. This is a 100% free application for dating. Download and start browsing, if ...
Adorei fácil de mexer                 Perfeito
I met my future husband on this app                 Great App
I have new friend from this yess              love
Some guys message you that are far away but anything is better than grinder                 Very good app
Something about this app has me at ease I really dont expect much from it but its good to have aroundHornet guys are the type of guys you take home to mom              Guilt free socializing
One of its features alloes anyone anywhere to find you not just people nearby It can be used to triangulate your position in a few seconds with minimum effort For privacy concerns I give it a 1 star Otherwise if privacy is not your concern its fine     Seriously Flawed
I honestly love this way more than Grindr                 Love it
Better than grindr                 Cool
Better than other apps out there                 Better than other apps out there
After update ads has become intrusive and irritating You just not respect us     a lot of ads Im really angry
Using this more than Grindr now Great design and doesnt crash nearly as often                 Best Gay Mobile Dating App
Very nice                 Great
I have tried million times to send picture on iPad but impossible to attach pictures I hope this bug get fixed           Picture sending
nice app i love you developers and i hope hornet stays freemium forever                
Its A Great Chat And Dating App But Have A Few Bugs Which Make The Page If Guys Refresh If You Switch Between Another AppBut It Doesnt Make Me Leave This Review Without A 4Star              Good With A few Bugs
New problem with update Every time I click a profile or clicks the one next to it Please fix           Decent enough
Excelent better than Grindr                 Good
Its a great app I met a lot of guys thanks to it But its need more flexibility in using Its good in general           Good
Useful app but not everywhere I give u 5 cuz u deserve it maybe find a way to advertise in areas where u r not well covered ie Balkan countries                 Nice app
This app is horrible     Awful
Thank you                 Thanks
Lots of hot guys and better ui than grindr                 Awesome app
The ads are almost as bad as the spam profiles        Ads and Spam
Love it                 Great app
Theres no reason why an ad should be in the middle of the page Its huge unsightly and poorly handled The scroll up ads from the bottom were annoying enough but this is just awful        Ads are ridiculous
The app is really good Much better than other alternatives Try it out youll like it                 Great
Works well but just found that to many older guys are there and that theres just not a big community but on grinder Ive just got it a day ago and already meeting someone my age 17 and he is cool and the community on there is just over the top good Hopes it gets better              Great app But needs more younger crowd to much older guys
Great app                 Dazzzzzzzzz
Great app with cool features but limited access as you have to buy membership to get access to some of the app features Thats why I am giving it 3 stars           Needs to be free
Good i like it                 Good good
So far enjoying it              Fun app
I find making notes on profiles GREAT feature but there is no way for me how to view them So whenever i talk to the same person even tho I know i have made a note previously i cannot remind myself of a content cos there is no way how to viewbrowse them If there is please make better documentation cos i spend some time googling around with no success              Can enter NOTES but unable to find them ever
Данный социальный сеть для определеной социальной группы людей может нам помочь найти друг друга мы не единственные вместе мы можем быть сильнее и быть не одинокими Разработчикам большое спасибо за данное приложение успехов вам Не бойтесь скачать данное приложение ведь рядом с вами может быть именно тот кого вы ищете вы можете тайно встречатся и ни кто другой не узнает о вашем секрете за исключением тех кто тут есть но те кто тут есть это значит что и он такой как вы и боятся вам нечего России еще далеко до официальных однополых браков Но мы можем пока жить в своем тайном мире тут ни кто нам не в праве диктовать наши права                 Найти друга не сложно
Only gay chat app that gets it right Nice UI good UX Notification badges dont clear until you force a refresh though wish thatd get fixed But other than that its quite great                 Pretty great
Very good for me I like thank you hi how are you                 Somchai
Done upgrade unless you want a gigantic Facebook ad in the middle of your page        Do not upgrade
This was the best and most active gay friendly dating app I have ever used I highly recommend you give it a try                 Great app
Hornet has revised and updated with faster responses and expanded network with features such as Explore so one can search make connections prior to travel to different parts of the world Check out premium version for unlimited photos leading to more connections Have fun xoxoxo                 Great updates and features
Love it                 Perfect
Take up the entire screen     Full page ad
This is one of the better hook up er uh dating apps out there Would still like to see more free stuff I get it but most of these are not worth spending the money on but this might be an exception              Good as they go
Nothing special I guess if you are into thinks or African Americans this is the app for you Other than that dont waste the space on your device     Just like all the other social media apps
Get rid of it in the profile page and on current convo page Disruptive especially when you already have Facebook installed     Facebook test ad
برنامج ممتاز ورائع والعجيب انه الصور تكون خاصه لازم دعوة البرنامج كالكل ممتاز واتمنى المتابعه بتنزيل كل ماهو مفيد للبرنامج                 Kwt
Pretty good app imo Lots of different guys which means lots of people to talk to and get to know                 Great
Pretty convenient that you easily take my payment but I have to go through Apple to cancel auto bill pay Maybe you should list that BEFORE we pay instead of having to go to FAQ to find out Even after I paid your app said to cancel auto bill pay just go to settings and turn it off Funny how there isnt such a feature on your app Way to screw people out of money dicks     Horrible
Always wants to take to pay areas too restrictive only allows 2 pics to share that you can open if in free version Always wants you to rate it which is pia Time for some improvements again           Too restrictive in its current version
Nice                 Nice
Its ok              Not perfect but good enough

Hornet - Gay Social Network Social Networking Photo VaultHornet - Gay Social Network Social Networking Photo VaultHornet - Gay Social Network Social Networking Photo VaultHornet - Gay Social Network Social Networking Photo VaultHornet - Gay Social Network Social Networking Photo VaultHornet - Gay Social Network Social Networking Photo VaultHornet - Gay Social Network Social Networking Photo VaultHornet - Gay Social Network Social Networking Photo VaultHornet - Gay Social Network Social Networking Photo VaultHornet - Gay Social Network Social Networking Photo VaultHornet - Gay Social Network Social Networking Photo VaultHornet - Gay Social Network Social Networking Photo Vault

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