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Sawbuck , the publisher behind many iOS app (HomeSnap ,Sawbuck Real Estate), brings HomeSnap with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. HomeSnap app has been update to version 1.11 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Quickest results of all other home search sights I've used..
  • My absolute go-to- app for house hunting/viewing..
  • and a great time saver..
  • A great productivity tool to have at your fingertips..
  • snap a photo of any home to find out all about it..

Overall Satisfactionc90
love the stealth function Much better than Zillow.
Love being able to see home values from just a picture.
Amazing how fast this ap can find a house.
Amazingly Useful & Comprehensive Real Estate App.
Thanks home snap team.
Love how easy this app is to use.
Great app fast and accurate defiantly recommend everyone to use this.
I love using this ap to search for homes.
Fun & Engagingc91
A fun and informative app.
Best version yet and just fun to play with.
It is an awesome site.
Amazingly accurate and super fun app.
Great app use it all the time.
Awesome and very helpful App The best.
Fun application.
Hours of fun.
Love to show off I'm up to date with technology.
It is incredibly helpful and provides useful information.
very very helpful and accurate.
I love using Homesnap--it provides useful info in an instant.
It really saves time & stress.
Ease of Usec100
Love how easy this app is to use.
Incredibly easy to use.
Cool and easy to use.

This has been the single most useful tool for house hunting. found in 82 reviews
love the stealth function
Much better than Zillow. found in 12 reviews
informative and a real time valuation tool for buyers. found in 14 reviews
We have been using it for home shopping and its been amazing. found in 11 reviews
Great tool for Realtors that want to be tech savy. found in 38 reviews
It is incredibly helpful and provides useful information. found in 12 reviews
House values listed seem more reliable than other real estate apps. found in 63 reviews
but it's completely bugged for me. found in 1 reviews
This ap seems to have a few problems with GPS accuracy. found in 2 reviews
Good app but it's not accurate. found in 2 reviews
Though it isn't extremely accurate with the estimated value. found in 11 reviews
And when u try to sign up with FB it doesn't do anything. found in 4 reviews
Mkt value doesn't match current market values. found in 14 reviews
Search needs improvement. found in 1 reviews
Good app needs work. found in 1 reviews
except it ALWAYS. found in 2 reviews
Difficult to register or sign in. found in 6 reviews
Inaccurate information. found in 2 reviews
gps needs some work in rural areas. found in 3 reviews
Neat app and fun to use but values are way off. found in 3 reviews
Couldn't figure out if we can search by address. found in 2 reviews
A lot of incorrect informations or missing information. found in 1 reviews
Wish there was more ways to filter. found in 4 reviews
you can't filter based on lot size. found in 10 reviews
Worthless in rural areas. found in 3 reviews
Why do the need us to register. found in 6 reviews
Terrible no customer service. found in 3 reviews
My house shows the incorrect number of bedrooms. found in 10 reviews
Horrible search function. found in 4 reviews
In my experience they never respond or correct inaccurate information. found in 2 reviews
neither my 7 year old house. found in 3 reviews
Doesn't show my house. found in 3 reviews
The spy mode has 100% inaccurate data about my neighbor's house. found in 8 reviews
it kept location services on even when I killed the app. found in 7 reviews
Will not send a confirmation email. found in 3 reviews
way off the mark on property taxes: incorrect lot size. found in 10 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download HomeSnap for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 11.4 MB to download. The new HomeSnap app version 1.11 has been updated on 2014-11-16. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about HomeSnap check developer Sawbuck`s website :

Just snap a picture of any home, nationwide, to identify it and find out what it`s worth Use HomeSnap to answer these questions with a single tap... What`s MY house worth? How much did they pay ...
Very cool                 Great app
Most accurate user friendly app for real estate                 Best real estate app
I rarely write reviews but I have to say this app is by far superior I am waiting anxiously for our MLS board to offer the app so I can take advantage of the PRO features My buyers and sellers are amazed with the features and how they can determine a propertys value and past mortgage records by simply taking a snap of the house User friendly and blonde compatible Very up to date Excellent tool for buyers and Realtors                 Excellent
Great for consumers and agents Packed with features you would expect to pay for Give it a try You will not be disappointed                 An Incredible App
I have used this app in various cities Always interesting to find out the housing prices Never know when a property might be interesting to buy                 Great for getting property info
I life this not too sure about the selling prices from past histories but this is a great app I love it love it love it Couldnt ask for more                 Realtor Caz South Florida
Comes in very handy Love it                 Great app
Fast easy impressive                 Awesome app
I love this I wish it had an option for real estate investors And for some reason it would not let me snap the pic of the house we bought last year and are selling it this year I figured for sure it would be on there bc it was built in 2013 It looks as though they got the information for this app around about that time bc of the Ariel view of my house and it was still under construction I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see an option for investors also           Love it but could use a spot for real estate investors
Great format froze within 5 mins every time Doesnt have anyway of searching for keywords ie 3 car garage waterfront Not for me sorry           Ehhhh
Awesome app easy to use A quick figure 8 and it knows where I am every time Got leads from it the very first week                 HoemSnap is a Snap
I have the upgraded pro version through my broker Fantastic tool Very informative for onthego requests With any tool its up to the user to get the most out of it For anyone having trouble with the snapshot feature try altering your figure 8 motion Try using wide open motions with your arm The snapshot works only if your gyroscope and compass are calibrated properly The figure 8 motion helps calibrate it On a side note many thanks to the Homesnap team for not destroying the experience with a popup asking for a review I recieved a separate email asking for the review and I am much obliged                 Fantastic Tool my go to
This app provides a ton of info that other sites do not provide access to such as Sold prices in Texas                 Great app
While on vacation in Wilmington NC we used the app to see homes and determine whether we wanted to actually tour the home                 Awesome App
I love the app and use it very often I have encouraged many of my clients to down load it as well The only down side for me as an agent is I work out if two MLSs It would be awesome if I could sign into both of them through a single app                 Awesome
Awesome app                 App
This is an awesome app that delivers instant information for Realtors Easy to us provides loads of useful information especially when youre on the road However the camera feature needs some improvements like adding a flash feature and getting rid of the wave your phone in a figure eight motion I took some pictures that were in direct sunlight but with the sun facing the camera it makes the pictures very dark and now I have to come back to those properties and retake those pictures again Waving my phone in a figure eight motion does not work I would have to hit the stealth mode then switch back just to be able to snap the home Other than these 2 annoying things this is a great tool to have on be field              Awesome
This app is awesome All agents should use it                 Great app
Love this app These guys are geniuses                 BEST APP EVER All agents need this
Excellent app                 A
As an agent the apple watch extension is fantastic About the only app I use on the watch While Driving by a home for sale that I think I may have a buyer for it gives quick and easy access via glances instead of fumbling with my phone and driving The app is fantastic Better than Redfinzillowtrulia One thing that would make it better is a better UI when trying to share properties with clients Also the smartzip school rating system couldnt be more wrong Even the zoning system can be wrong which is really bad Though the schools ratings are higher than they should be and always works out in my favor greatschoolsorg is a much better system so I wish you would use that Otherwise I have to open the Redfin app and I hate that company Other than that great interface for clients They love it And I love that I can see commission splits and showing instructions                 Best RE App Great apple watch add on
Its the only app I use when I want to know the info I need when I drive for dollars Thank you for making this app                 Awesome
I heard an ad for this app and I thought I would give it a try It is the perfect tool for house hunting you can get instant information on houses for sale as well as past history on properties that are not on the market and their estimated values                 Fantastic app
Unreliably AccurateWe Are Out Looking At Homes every dayI can not tell you how handy this App has beenI LOVE THIS APPJohn                 I LOVE THIS APP
Amazing app enjoying it thoroughly fun easy to navigate and my clients love it Highly recommended for all real estate professionals                 The app to die for
You are looking places for life or investment Homesnap its your best choice Easy Fast Friendly                 Excellent opportunity
This app is a game changer To have this much accessible information and data at a snap is beyond amazing                 Revolutionary
Love this app when on the road Just take a quick snapshot and get information you need Thanks home snap                 Great app for realtors on the go
It is awesome You just need to take a picture of the house to know everything about it                 Love it
This app is great for agents and buyers Its accurate quick and a must have in todays crazy market                 Great app for your home search
This is a phenomenal app I use it more than my mobile mls and realtorcom app combined I am able to pull up info in other states as well Its a huge help                 Most used real estate related app
Dont know what Id do without it Thanks                 Great app
Ive had no issues with the app it is great when my boyfriend and I drive around looking at homes I just have to make sure he stops so I can snap the picture                 Fun simple quick works with all homes
I love this app however recently the outline of the property lines has disappeared Bring it back              Where did property lines go
This app is pretty great Works very well in established neighborhoods when you get into newly built neighborhoods and point to a home it says no home I like this app and will continue to use this as we house hunt Thank you                 Abode sweet abode
Love this app Saves me a ton of work Great reports in a instance Highly recommend                 Real Estate Professional
Super friendly ap Quick                 TCUunderdogMom
Love this app it is so helpful and quick every house I have gone to and snapped a picture of it was completely accurate great app                 Yay
Love this app You will too                 1 real estate app
Hard to understand Barely any listings The listings that do come up only have one pic of the house They had the nerve to say it was better than trulia Terrible app     Horrible
These guys know what their doing Ive been in this business for 15 years and they have finally cracked the code on how to deliver the most relevant and accurate information in a very simple and user friendly layout                 Finally real data real simple
I love it and my clients love it Some homes that are listed dont show up and Im working on the photo part The figure 8 takes a photo of the corner of the house but correct info always Keep tweaking              Homesnap is my new favorite RE app
A must have                 Great App
Cant wait for this app to sync with the MLS Even without it this app is by far the fastest most robust and easy to use real estate app                 Amazing Technology
An App I actually like to use when cycling past properties that appeal to my eye Just started using the camera functionality can use improving as I have trouble getting the whole property in view and it seems the App is just for portrait mode I suppose a utube video may be out there on usage I give it a 5 for innovation                 Great App
Great app                 Very helpful out in the field
Just started this app and I find it a great tool to help me promote my business                 Licensed salesperson
We love using this app It has the most accurate information about for sale real estate listings because it comes directly from the real estate agents MLS database The integration with agents connecting with their clients in a seamless mobile app makes it really easy for everyone to use together Its a perfect combination of easy to use consumer software and big broad data on the back end                 Outstanding mix of accurate listings and sold data
Great for viewing listing details search and seeing comps Wish the zoom results were little faster                 Best app for realtors
Easy to use great for sharing with buyers for quick info                 Great App

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