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Description - Hello,Cappuccino (Cafe Manager)

KTH , the publisher behind many iOS games (TV토커스-방송순위&편성표 ,WhyKids 똥 for iPhone ,Wild Frontier ,구름빵 셋 ,WhyKids 똥 for iPad ,Usay 주소록-그룹관리,그룹SMS,초성검색,무료대화), brings Hello,Cappuccino (Cafe Manager) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Hello,Cappuccino (Cafe Manager) games has been update to version 1.6.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I can also make friends and make treats with them..
  • Add Game Center support when Award system is online..
  • this game have a nice graphic and story game :..
  • Fun cafe sim game..
  • You will not regret downloading this just adorable cafe game..

Overall Satisfactionc90
It is better than Bakery Story because the characters aren't like blocks.
Hello Cappuccino is an amazing game.
I would definitely recommend this game to all my friends.
Don't recommend this game.
MY NEW ALL TIME FAVORITE GAME ~ The characters are sooo cute.
It's a wonderful game to return to every few hours.
Need more recipes.
I truly would recommend this to my friends and family.
When I go to my friends or neighbors it crashes.
Favorite new game.
Fun & Engagingc89
Overall this is an awesome game that is easy to play.
Honestly it's just a great game to play when you're bored.
So fun and addicting and I love the cute designs.
Can't wait to see what updates will bring to this game.
Need more recipes.
This is a very fun and entertaining game.
I love it and I play it everyday.
I play it everyday :.
Amazing animations and graphics and everything.
Fun and I look forward every day to play.
Value for Moneyc83
but it takes a while to progress without spending real money.
Social Aspectsc86
This is a fun little social game with a cute design.
We all know that the game is a social game.
The characters are so cute and the social aspect is great.
The social aspect of the game is really cool and fun.
Production Valuesc91
It's a great fun addicting game with cute and adorable characters.
Cute animations.
The main reason I got this game was the adorable graphics.
A Stunning Game with Beautiful Visuals.
Causal managment with cute characters and pleasant sound effects.
Ease of Usec85
Overall this is an awesome game that is easy to play.
Would to earn more cocos faster without having to purchase them.
and it's possible to progress without spending any money.
This game is simple and adorable.
Great graphic & fun game yet little hard to earn coco.
Cute and so easy to get addicted to.
Simple yet elegant.
Updates & Supportc56
Good customer support base and very cute characters.
A fun and easier version.

This is probably the best simulation game I have ever played. found in 3 reviews
Love itttttt. found in 2 reviews
I love it and I play it everyday. found in 5 reviews
I just live this game it's so darn cute. found in 2 reviews
Graphics and voices are cuteee Gameplay is fun and addicting too. found in 3 reviews
Other than that it's the perfect cafe managing game. found in 2 reviews
I just downloaded this game a few days ago and it was working fine. found in 3 reviews
You can add Friends from all over the world. found in 2 reviews
kawaii desu ~. found in 2 reviews
I like how you get to decorate those cute characters. found in 9 reviews
hello cappucino and its awsome because its a online game. found in 2 reviews
A Stunning Game with Beautiful Visuals. found in 2 reviews
Very nice game. found in 5 reviews
And those stuff of bartender and waitress was soo cute. found in 6 reviews
Omg this is such a fun game. found in 1 reviews
This game has a definitely reasonable cash shop. found in 2 reviews
This is a fun little social game with a cute design. found in 5 reviews
& I love going & visiting my other coffee shop friends. found in 11 reviews
The characters are so cute and the social aspect is great. found in 4 reviews
Lacks ability to let me have a normal life. found in 2 reviews
Crashes/ Data Loss. found in 1 reviews
It crashes at some points but it's amazing. found in 2 reviews
so we don't have to block the door. found in 3 reviews
nice game a little glitchy at times but fun to play. found in 2 reviews
The only complaint is that sometimes it closes out without warning. found in 2 reviews
Just wish it wouldn't crash all the time. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't save your progress. found in 1 reviews
Everything is great except the fact that it needs Internet connection. found in 4 reviews
No ingame purchases necessary. found in 1 reviews
but refuse to spend real money. found in 17 reviews
Just needs more recipes that takes 4 or more hours to make. found in 7 reviews
Crashing bug was fixed. found in 1 reviews
Fun but not without performance issues. found in 1 reviews
Fun but time it takes to cook is not always correctly timed. found in 8 reviews
However it's crashing on iOS 8 so it's difficult to play. found in 1 reviews
Fun but doesn't let me connect to Facebook or add friends. found in 4 reviews
Only wish I could play through Facebook or my kindle. found in 5 reviews
Crash while in beach theme. found in 2 reviews
Can you please fix the game. found in 2 reviews
Please and thank you c:. found in 3 reviews
Please make the food fresher longer. found in 3 reviews
Keeps saying I can only register 5 times a day. found in 3 reviews
Game needs update. found in 2 reviews

The Hello,Cappuccino (Cafe Manager) is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Korean. It weighs in at only 47.2 MB to download. The new Hello,Cappuccino (Cafe Manager) app version 1.6.0 has been updated on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Hello,Cappuccino (Cafe Manager) in KTH`s Official Website : http://allstarmobile.co.kr/g.php?n=526

Let s design stylish caf s that you have dreamed and desired Tons of d cor interiors and costumes are waiting for you Inviting friends to the yours Delicious coffee, sweet and tasty desserts, a variety ...
Finally a game where you can customize the look of your characters I just wish the skin tone could be customized pretty sure a bunch of people want that too                 Love this cafe sim game
The game is a good way to spend any extra time                 Awesome game
Ive looked for little games to pass the time for years and this is by far the cutest Ive seen It has wonderful gameplay and absolutely adorable characters Im totally addicted                 Cutest game Ive found
I just got this game the other day and like it but its saying I dont have wifi connection Other apps work perfectly and I have tried powering off my device turning my wifi on and off on my iPad and on the modem Nothings working              Connection
I really like this game and it quickly be my best choice ever Im so excited that Ive opened my beach cafe Waikiki Theme So yeah the only problem is that it requires Internet if the drinkpastry is finished and Im at the middle of nowhere its spoiled for sure hope you quickly fix it for me                 Love it but
Cute game good for all ages                 Cute
This app is so Awesome                 Awesome
This is a great game and I absolutely love it but the game just wont let me play cause of unstable internet connection No matter what I try I cant play and its been a few days that this has happened I hope this gets fixed soon              Internet Connection
I love the game                 Enjoy it
Its cute              Cute
Cute game              Luv I T
Amazing game           Cafe
Please fix food spoiling at least make it stay fresh longer Please give us unlimited likes so we dont make our friends mad or feel left out And please let us play the game offline too thank you So its nice to have friends in the game but I have two problemsone is that people actually get mad if you dont give them a like but you only get 5 likes a day so if youre gonna encourage people to have friends and do the social thing then likes should be unlimited and also a big problem is on the friends houses pagethe friends dont stay in order so unless you write all their names down you dont know who you sent a like to that day so some people get lost in the shuffle since you have it programmed where the friends houses move around each day Please fix this in your next update thank you           Please fix these issues
I love it                 Awesome
It honestly sounds like such a dumb game but for whatever reason I just got so hooked Like I keep saying how stupid it is but I love it Its actually really fun even though its pointless              Addictive
Very fun game But it would be nice if we could play offline              Fun
Very addicting at the start Good game to pass the time I wish you had to pay the people though or have them have more emotions and if treated badly they can quit Its a good incentive to treat them well otherwise you can just keep the same basic stuff throughout the whole game              Not bad
Great love Tyson                 Awesome
nice game              Addicted
This is the kind of game you play as a pass time but dont really devote yourself to You dont particularly play because you LOVE it but you dont hate it either it really can be kinda fun Its pretty slow moving if you dont have a lot of cocos and diamonds types of currency in the game but its fun making friends without having to use Facebook helping each other out with each others cafés Also great art style and well put together gameYou wont regret getting it           Not bad
Best game but need some fix like it glitches           Fix it
Love this game Its cute fun fantabulous This game quickly became my second favorite game which is pretty big since theres not that many games that satisfy me I login every day level up at least 2 times per day and I just love everything about itexcept that it requires internet The only thing that requires internet is the social stuff right Cant you just disable the social options when offline Also PLEASE allow us to change the name of our cafes if the option is already available please let us know how                 Love it
My favorite game                 Great
Cute but hard to get cash              Very fun
There is definitely nothing wrong with my internet connection Someone needs to update this game so it doesnt close on me all the time I cant even visit other cafés anymore           Crash issue
This game is so cute Love everything about it                 Love itttt
The game is loads of fun but it crashes and disconnects a lot Make sure to save often You can also leave for 5 minutes to find out your dish that takes 2 hrs has already finished and expired Not sure if Im just unlucky or its a common bug Moneywise the game is pretty playable without using any but it will drag and take a fair amount of play time to get anywhere You also can only get pets with money which is a bummer The selection is way too small I would be willing to spend more if they added new customization options and ability to change the names of waiters and servers Animated items would likely be very popular It is fun and calming if youre willing to spend Worth a download either way Also if youre into baking and pretty drinks as much as I am youll fall in love with how cute the food items are              Constructive Review Worth a DL
I found this game and so far im enjoying it But this game keeps crashing all the time I play for a minute or two and right away it crashes I cant spend longer than 3 minutesmax Please fix this Thank You        Love the Game but It keeps crashing
I believe its an amazing game that I would recommend to anyone                 Wow
This game is very cute and fun              Fun
Ever since the update its been force closing the app before it even loads Please fix              NEED FIX
I enjoy playing this game every chance I get But the clock dose not change unless I shut it down and open again please fix           Love it
Love this game I play every day its fun and cute just love it                 5 stars
Fun game One les star because it always closes the app out if I go check notes                 Fun
An enjoyable game if you like coffee if not download Hello Seafood It is a nice pass time and good reminder in the morning of your achievement              Hello Cappuccino or Hello Seafood
Cute characters and gameplay                 Hello Cappuccino
Love the game its awesome but need to offer more coco please                 Awesome
I love this game              Coco
Love this game it is so fun and adorable                 Kawaii
I love the graphics cute characters decorations Just a few recommendations 1 the longest wait time for a coffee is 4hrs and then it spoils in 1hr make a coffee that is finished in 1012hrs that way we can make a coffee overnight 2 coffees spoil quickly this could also be solved with coffees with longer wait times maybe around 68hrs the average hours a day school is in session 3 I also agree with the other reviews about difficulty moving objects maybe make it so that we can tap the objects image not just the place it is sitting on the floor Thank you              Great game
The game said I could get 3 cocoas if I wrote a comment they bribed me Cool game tho           Cocoa
Its really cute but Id prefer buying customizations one time and be able to use them on all of my staff I would also like to see more styles for my staff Other than that its a pretty addicting game              Love it
This game is a very fun game                 Very good
Love it and so easy to play              Cute App
if you loved cafe world youll like this game pretty cool                 awesome
Fun and addicting Can be improved still Crashes a lot Doesnt take away from fun of it anyway              Fun addicting game
So fun and cute                 Addictive
I stumbled across this game when I was looking for something new to play Hello Cappuccino pleasantly surprised me                 Addicting Fun
I love this game because its so cute and lovely                 Love it
This game is amajing XD 3 youll het it once you play it p its so cute 3                 Kawaii caffe X3

Hello,Cappuccino (Cafe Manager) Games Waikiki BeachHello,Cappuccino (Cafe Manager) Games Waikiki BeachHello,Cappuccino (Cafe Manager) Games Waikiki BeachHello,Cappuccino (Cafe Manager) Games Waikiki Beach

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