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SwEng Corp. , brings HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker app has been update to version 4.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This app has been a super time saver for me..
  • This app makes it so much easier to keep track of my BP and weight..
  • Easy interface for entering data..
  • especially time of day..
  • the customer service is quick and helpful..

Overall Satisfactionc90
I enthusiastically recommend this app to anyone and everyone.
Fantastic my doctor loved the report.
One of the best apps I've found for the iPhone.
Does a great job tracking your heart measurements and easy to use.
Love the reminder feature.
This program is the best blood pressure and weight monitoring app out there.
This application is easy to use and very helpful in tracking my BP.
This application is very useful for tracking your blood pressure results.
This app makes you want to check your BP everyday.
This app does everything it claims and more.
Great app use it every day.
Production Valuesc100
Easy interface for entering data.
Easy to use and great functionality.
Easy to use and great graphics.
Does what it claims with a robust interface.
Ease of Usec81
I line being able to track BP and HR on a graph.
It's very easy to enter data and the graphical and tabular results are excellent.
It is so easy to show a doctor the BP history.
Thanks for providing the perfect tool to record my blood pressure.
I am unable to record my blood pressure.
Great charts that are easy to read and accurately calibrated.
Easy to input data and easy to see the different graphs.
Ability to review historical data.
This application is easy to use and very helpful in tracking my BP.
Updates & Supportc100
the customer service is quick and helpful.
Great customer service too.
Latest Update makes it perfect.

Was able to easily share data with my doctor. found in 3 reviews
It works exactly as advertised and is extremely easy to use. found in 2 reviews
I'd recommend it to anyone needing to track their BP and HR. found in 5 reviews
I like bring able to export to spreadsheet program and email results. found in 3 reviews
I've been using it for a couple weeks now. found in 1 reviews
best health app i have bought. found in 5 reviews
Great tracking and reporting tools to periodically update my doctor. found in 9 reviews
Great tool to keep track of my vitals for a very low price. found in 1 reviews
This app allows me to keep track of my daily readings easily. found in 2 reviews
One of the most useful applications. found in 1 reviews
Use it twice a day and email the doctor the results weekly. found in 2 reviews
keeps all my readings together and encourages me to keep track. found in 2 reviews
This program is the best blood pressure and weight monitoring app out there. found in 16 reviews
Worth the small cost. found in 2 reviews
I've been using it for over a year. found in 4 reviews
I am very happy with my purchase. found in 2 reviews
A physician on 3 BP meds with quite variable pressures. found in 4 reviews
intuitive and the email feature is great. found in 4 reviews
great graphs and historical information. found in 6 reviews
Lacking 1 major feature. found in 1 reviews
now UT does not work with iOS4. found in 4 reviews
A way to get back and edit mis-entries would be nice. found in 2 reviews
Nice But Doesn't Import and No TS. found in 1 reviews
I bought it because it said it was compatible with IPad. found in 1 reviews
Easy to input but needs place for multiple users. found in 3 reviews
Needs a little polish. found in 1 reviews
rendering it impossible to record the data. found in 2 reviews
but needs one improvement. found in 1 reviews
needs to be re -designed from ground-up. found in 2 reviews
3 Import doesn't work. found in 5 reviews
Unfortunately there is ZERO tech support for this app. found in 4 reviews
Great piece of software. found in 1 reviews
Stopped displaying graphs in landscape. found in 1 reviews
IPad - cannot enter data with this ap on my IPad. found in 1 reviews
Was looking for bp log after heart attack and found this. found in 2 reviews
Great app- if only they'd answer emails. found in 1 reviews
Problem with iOS 4. found in 1 reviews
You Can't Track Data this App Destroyed. found in 3 reviews
but you cannot enter a NOTE -AND- you cannot RECORD the data. found in 2 reviews
Export / import doesn't work. found in 5 reviews
Cannot send reports very very dissatisfied. found in 2 reviews
Also missing many important features. found in 2 reviews
Abandoned App. found in 2 reviews
Since the company's tech support is non-existent. found in 4 reviews

The HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker is now available for $0.99 for iPhone owners. The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.1.1 has been released on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker check developer SwEng Corp.`s website : http://www.swengcorp.com/products/heartwise/

There is a reason our software is one of the highest-rated Apps on the App Store - with more than 1,000 ratings and reviews, our customers have been quite clear: HeartWise is the easiest-to-use application ...
This app is attractive and user friendly but the export function doesnt work and there is no longer any support available Without the functional export and app support it isnt worth the 299 Save your money for another app with full functionality        good for record keeping but buggy and no support
Has been great helping track BP during retirement for me the doc Worth every penny                 retired
I have used this app for some time now I find it easy to use and record your vitals Periodically I send to my cardiologist and he is very appreciative of the information I recommend this app highly                 Heart Rate
Great app easy to use and keep accurate record when going to doctor                 EMS
App works well enough but it appears the developer has abandoned further supportdevelopment As a result it should probably be removed from the App Store     Abandoned App
Good app but it doesnt have iPhone 55s support Please utilize the bigger screen           Great but
I love this app Ive been using it for over a year It very easy to use I would like to see an update allowing the iCloud to sync my devices                 iCloud support please
Use it every day              Great functional app
Has all the features for me my doctors                 Heartwise
This is an excellent app Hard to imagine a better one for this purpose Information provides all the support I need Highly recommended                 Amazing
Very helpful to track these data I would also like to track blood glucose with thiss app              RN
This app works very well for me I keep my BP pulse and weight stats in it and show them to my doctor at each visit It gives me the overview I need to monitor my BP health                 Excellent app
Been using this app for a year and generally quite satisfied with it No problems exporting data as some reviews have mentioned or features working Wish you could set a range of dates for export After a year the export file is multiple pages on printing out to hand to my doctors Never tried to contact developer                 Good app
I have been using this app now for two years and it worked great Just what I needed but I just upgraded to the latest iPhone and cannot import my data into the new iPhone All the links to the developer no longer work so it looks to be abandoned Be for warned if you are going to depend on this app for you medical history           Worked great but no support
It works fine until you get a new phone and cant import all the data youve collected     Export import doesnt work
I learned recently that my health would improve significantly if I reduced stress and reduced blood pressure My physician gave me mild med and I began exercising This app is excellent for both recording and reporting I periodically send him the data Gave 4 stars because the landscape view for charts that was advertised does not seem to actually be in the software Otherwise excellent I highly recommend              Personal Physician and I Love It
I really like the charts with this program generates When I have a doctors appointment I print the charts and take them with me                 Great program A
Been using for couple years now Sure Ive showed it to my MD and yes I rely on it regularly Its great to keep a record without worrying especially if you had 3 heart stacks 11 stents Tracking your BPPulse Weight is not only important but fun with this app Even bar charts great Great app easy to use excellent record keeping I use it not only daily but twice daily                 Review Heart rate app
Ill start by saying I had been using HeartWise iPod app for 3 years It works great and I had no problems with it Then I got an iPad Heartwise charged me an additional 299 just a few weeks ago for the iPad app which I later found out would not import data even its own I tried to contact HeartWise recently on two accounts regarding this no response I tried to go to their support page and got some error message Thats when I found iBP I got iBP 2 weeks ago I had some issues importing my HeartWise data However iBP support not only contacted me back within a day but took care of my issue and I now have all my data in iBP and using it without issues and am very pleased Lastly I heard that the HeartWise app was abandoned although unconfirmed they last updated their apps in 2010 I would rate HeartWise 5 stars as I had no issues for 3 years However due to issues noted above I lower my rating of to 1 star I hated having to choose another app but was left no option Sorry HeartWise Thanks iBP     Was great no support now
This is a great app I have an issue with White Coat Syndrome whereas my blood pressure readings are alarmingly high when I go for checkups My Doctor has been on me to visit regularly to get some useful history and I have resisted knowing that the results would be problematic showing a trend that would lead to a regimen of medication beyond what I already take to control my blood pressure problem My readings are much more normal at home and show that I dont really have a significant problem This app has allowed me to chart the data and demonstrate that there is no real concern The report function of the app is very easy to use and convenient to email to my Doctor and she now sees that all is good Thanks for such a great and convenient application                 Got my Doc off my back
Ive been using this app for almost two years and like it However it has become slow in generating the 90 day and year chart formats My guess is this is because of the volume data entered So I wanted to export the data 22 mos into an Excel spreadsheet then import a smaller subset 3 mos back into the app and continue But it wont export and the SwEng LLC support websites wont load Orphaned I do have the option of deleting all the data but that defeats idea of trend monitoring           Good But Orphaned App
Great app So easy to use and share or export data                 Could not ask for more
So easy to use yet has all the data you need easily accessed by the doctor                 Simple yet comprehensive
I have 4 yrs of bp info exported as CSv data Wipe and attempting to reload it wont take it Company is out of business No support        Company out of business
The export of the formatted report needs corrected The blood pressure statistics section is wrong It is repeating the same thing for the systolic diastolic mean arterial pressure and pulse pressure It would be nice if you could do a date range to select the appropriate data using a min and max date range I like your program and use it daily              HeartWise Version 351 export report wrong
It is with much regret that I write this review as I feel like Ive abandoned a best friend Just getting in the routine of taking my BP and HR daily pulse ox too sometimes has been a great benefit to my health Ive 14 stents and a triple bypass under my belt and my cardiologist was delighted when I found this app But Ive never been able to delete info as at times Ive recorded under wrong date And after reading the review where the person lost 2 yrsworth of data trying to import Im done And no support updates Sorry Heartwise see ya Angie           Leaving Heartwise
This app is a wonderful tool to track blood pressure                 Excellent
Good app in tracking blood pressure been using for some time now Recently had to import olf data only to find it wasnt working Contacted vendor for support using inApp contact option which opens email program and weeks later no responsewould have given 5 stars without the unresponsiveunavailable support              Good app no support
The entry is very easy the display is clear and simple I use this to show my doctors to help adjust my blood pressure meds It gives them a quick clear view My life is better because of this app                 Love it
Easy to use app with good features However after a few days use it stopped displaying graphs when the iPhone was turned sideways This is a useful feature Deleted app reentered data now after about a week same thing happened again App is in need of a fix        Stopped displaying graphs in landscape
Not a very useful app Others do the same thing and are free     Not very useful
Simple intuitive I really like the export function I can email myself a summary and its got my notes in there for each BP entry so it almost works as my journal too I can look back and see how I was feeling eating exercising etc at different points and look for parents The only bad thing about this app is they dont seem to support it anymore Still no iPhone5 support it works fine but has the black bars I just worry someday something will go wrong with the app and they wont fix it Never any issues to date knock on wood                 Fantastic app
I love it                 Heartwise
My life is so overwhelming and over complicated Thought this app would be the ticket to simplicity NO FRACTIONS OF AN LB CRUCIAL FOR DADs lasix and heart HAVE TO KNOW IF HE RETAINS MORE THAN 5 lbs cmon ALL weight tracking software has this Im screwed How am I to know til after the purchase Dont have time for this     HATE ITalso they dont listen there is no website click on it and see
No updates in 2 years Import doesnt work No response to support requests Company website wont load Dont spend your money here     Zombieware
Ive just started using this app and really like the graphs and charts it produces My bp is always slightly elevated at the doctors office so this is a great way to establish a trend of more accurate readings Im still learning all of the functions but I find that its quite easy to just jump in and start using it Very satisfied                 Very nice app
Very nice app the issue is when you enter your weight the decimal move to the wrong location you have to backspace and reenter Improvements would be adding blood glucose reading              Issues and Improvements
Quick and easy entry without a lot of fuss My doctor loves the BP readings this app exports Charts show great trend data And the price is right                 Great App
App does not record your BP as advertised Forget about it     Not a recorder
I have lost data twice for no apparent reason since I started using this app I really love using it and the graphs make it easy to show my Dr However I have not been able to get the import feature to work after many usuccessful tries My iPhone suggests 5 other apps that I can copy the file to but Heartwise does not show up in the list I will try some other app for tracking my BP I cannot afford to lose two years of data     Import Does Not Work
I use this daily to track weight and blood pressure Charts and graphs of the data are useful to me and provide trend lines to share with my cardiologists Very easy to recommend this valuable little tool                 Simple clear useful The doc likes it
Love this app Easy to record BP and pulse Easy to export reports Brought a paper copy record of my BP with to see my cardiologist He said he wished all his patients did this                 Solid App
After many years of using this app to keep track of BP heart pulse and weight its time to move on Developers have neglected the maintenance of this app since 2010 They did not care to enlarge its screen to fit the iPhone 5 and now in iPhone 6 looks ridiculous Never expect them to do anything to make it talk to the new Health app in iOS 8 So thanks for the faithful service and goodbye     Totally neglected and outdated
This does what it sets out to do well Would like to see the rotating chart function restored to the current program              Nice app
Wish I could get my money back but it was only a dollar App is quite ancient and outdated Also missing many important features Steer clear     Abandoned App Outdated
Ease of entry for keeping up with BP recordings One small bug after a week of use turning iPhone to landscape mode it will not display the graph that is did              Excellent for recording
Both my partner and I have been using this app for a couple of years now Its a simple and convenient way to track blood pressure and weight over time Also very glad that it will export the data to a CSV file for when we need to take it to the doctor                 Good simple app
Easy to use and to read              Do the job
This is a great app to monitor your blood pressure What I especially like about this app you can transfer the data into MS Excel to do your own charting The charts that are available on this app work well too                 Great App for Blood Pressure Charting
This app really impressed my Dr and has asked me to continue to use it going forward Only issue I have is that I am unable to delete my old readings after I have exported the info The app locks up Still a great way to track my BP              My Dr Really liked

HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker Medical Blood PressureHeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker Medical Blood PressureHeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker Medical Blood PressureHeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker Medical Blood Pressure

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