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Zynga , the publisher behind many iOS games (Zombie Swipeout Free ,Zynga Slots ,Gems With Friends ,Mafia Wars Shakedown by Zynga ,Super Bunny Breakout™ Free ,Word Scramble Challenge Edition by Zynga), brings Hanging With Friends HD Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Hanging With Friends HD Free games has been update to version 4.20 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Hanging With Friends HD Free for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 15.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.20 has been released on 2014-11-07. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Hanging With Friends HD Free check developer Zynga`s website : http://zyngawithfriends.com

Hanging With Friends HD comes complete with Missions Continue your quest to rescue the Princess and unlock exclusive content from games you`ve been playing on your iPhone The creative geniuses behind Words With Friends are pleased ...
Last update caused black screen as many others have said                 Needs to be fixed please
When you earn your coins it adds quite When you spend your coins on a new letter or any help to figure out or to create a word it can not subtract right A new letter is 20 coins but this thing will take 50 The creators of this game need to teach it to subtract              IT CHEATS
Since this upgrade I am unable to play at all I have used the app on my iPad I have tried to open it from the apps appit just kicks me out I have 16 games waiting and cannot play them whTs up with that     Ios8
Current version crashes upon opening iPad Mini iOS 706           Crashes
App wont open and I cant play my turn     Wont open
Since the last update it keeps freezing then exiting I uninstalled then installed it again It played one game then started again Boo     Keeps freezing
Terrible Closes out every time u go on the app Doesnt work     Hanging
I loved this until the last update The app would not open I deleted the app and reinstalled and had to choose a new character Also the background I paid for was gone Will not make any more purchases        Update
Does not work due to ads must restart constantly Ads everywhere during few seconds of gameplay are obnoxious DO NOT DOWNLOAD     STOP
Finally put in new missions What Ive been waiting for Now a fun game made more fun Keep em coming please                 Hurrah
Fun but have been left hanging PLEASE FIX THE BUGS           Game needs to be fixed
This app is fun but it gets hung up sometimes Please fix this                 Fun but Buggy
Ads when you open the program ads on the play screen and ads when you make a move And an awful user interface to boot What a mess     Assaulted by ads
Game goes black after the update Is anyone reading these reviews It hasnt been fixed since the update FIX IT     App wont open
Great game but now it crashes every time I try guessing a players word Help       
The app freezes I have deleted and reloaded three times and it still wont work Please fix     App crashes
Cant play closes immediately Not happy     Crashes wont stay open
Ive had to delete this game one other time and it was running quite smoothly until this morning In the middle of a game all I could get was a white screen Will have to delete it again           Squeezeboxlady
Awesome word game                 Fun
I think this s fun and another great way to play those word games with friends                 Fun
Love this game But it started not adding coins won to bank Per their web advice uninstalled and reinstalled Have lost all games and coins Cannot find a rep to talk to Please help     HELP
Its obvious that Zynga put just about zero effort into this iPad app Its better than using the blown up iPhone version though barely     Horrible UI on iPad
Every time I try to play the game on my iPad it comes on then immediately disappears        Disappointed
Used to be good but now constantly freezes     What happened
Fun game but keeps crashing during play Please fix           Fun game
Updated kept crashinguninstalled and reinstalled Not crashing but I won one game although on the home screen it told me I lost Also when messaging friend in game the keyboard covers where I am typing so cannot see what I am typing Please fix the last update for bug fixes              Last update for bug fixes but seems to have caused more bugs
Look I super love this gameits really great seriously but please please please fix the little annoying problems The game will freeze randomly it wont always update when it its your turn and it doesnt always do the notification Please fix those problems I want to buy the better one but not till I know its fixed Please fix thanks so much and all the with friends games are so great Make more I will surely download                 Please fix
Just bought 850 coins to help play the game but i cant use them Whats up with this     Cant use coins bought
Just deleted my game because I was told to The formate of my game changed I am elderly and this board everything is very small having a hard time reading it I just bought coins Now I cant get back in Please help Julianwest                 Mad
I have had this game for a long time At one time you could purchase out of the ads I did this yet something changed and the adds came back I stopped playing for a long time then my friend asked be to start back I really like this game and I really hate all the ads I would be willing to pay to opt out of ads AGAIN        Great game Way too many ads
Its really a fun game But dont waste your time interrupting your game to take a survey and watch a video for a rescue they took my info and it crashed              Dont take their surveys or watch the videos for rescues though
Would like some new balloon designs and more little people to choose from They havent brought any new ones out in a VERY LONG TIME Keeps the game more interesting and fun           Boring
Unless the purpose of the last update was to kill the game they messed up The app starts to open then crashes Update deleted and reloaded game After resetting my password and wasnt that annoying the game works again              Delete and reload To make it work
Wont let log in but I put in email and they say theyre going to email me but they dont     HeP
This game is soooo slow to open and when I go out and then return it reopens sooooo slowly again first the initial page then a black page and then wait for xxx seconds then it comes back up Then I have to click on the space to being it up to date again as though I have just opened the game What a process to pay just one game Can you not speed up the process I love the game but get really frustrated           Hanging with Friends
I have Hanging with Friends on my IPhone but cant use the same profile on my IPad because I was given a zyngawfand a number as my email address which my IPad doesnt recognize It does know that the user name and mobile are in use but they are mine and because of the problem with the email I cant use it I order to play the same games on my IPhone and IPad        Zynga doesnt offer support
The game is excellent but the game sponsors to earn coins is screwed up a bunch of the ads will hang the game or not give you coins after you view them They need to fix that           Tclev2023
Cant even play because it force closes as soon as it updates     Update crashes
Love the game but I have to keep deleting it and reloading then signing in over and over Please fix           Keeps crashing
wish I could rate it zero I open game and it closes down I deleted it and installed it and that did not work trying to contact zynga is useless and pointless STAY AWAY FROM ZYNGA GAMES Another zynga failure     BAD UPDATE ios7 will not run it
Was fun until the iOS update Now it just crashes on me before opening a game           Fun
Way to many ads They take all the fun away from the game     Terrible
My absolute favorite game Great spelling tool Same dictionary as Words With Friends which was my favorite Now I play both and have improved on each Would really like game stats so I could see exactly how I rate Will give five stars when stats are available              Please add stats
Since you have fixed the bugs the beginning of August I have had nothing but problems Takes forever to update games and goes off continuously Please fix     The pits
I love this game I just wish there were both male and female avatars for each character Id love to be able to use a female lifeguard I also think it would be nice to earn some gold coins when you win a game But like I said I love the game and really enjoy playing it              Love it
Omg The game itself is great lots of fun However It is PAINFULLY sooooo SLOW to load the game Continually closes and then I have to sit and wait again for the game to load So I gave up and dont use Please Please Fix these issues and maybe Ill update my review and add more stars There is NO reason this cannot be fixed at your end so please     Painfully SLOW FRUSTRATING
I dont know what dictionary you use but you allow some proper nouns and some foreign words but disallow others Also recently game allowed the word enzym Cant find any evidence that is a word not spelled that way           Allowed words
This game really opens up your mind to new words Im glad that Zynga has made other games like for example Whats the Phrase and Words with Friends Thank You Charlotte Junge jungegirl on hanging with friends                 Brain thinker
They should rename this CRASHING with friends Cause lately thats ALL it does     Crashing
Love the game Despite an update earlier in the month AND notifications to support game still has problems when a played word completes a mission the mission box immediately invokes the old mission is automatically swiped away and the points for the word are NOT added to the accumulated points I liked the older version better where missions required manual removal           Not perfect

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